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How To Replace Printer Cartridge

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Inkstallation Guides: How To Change An Hp Printer Ink Cartridge

Replacing the Toner Cartridge | HP LaserJet Printers | @HPSupport

Welcome to the second installment of our INKstallation guides series! This guide will walk you through properly replacing ink cartridges in HP printers.

There are many different types of printers in the HP range including All-In-Ones, inkjets, laser jets and high-end design jets which are primarily manufactured to produce top quality photographic prints. No two HP printer models are exactly the same and as a result of this, the ink used from printer to printer can vary. For example, the HP DeskJet 3050 operates on a tri color and black ink cartridge system, whereas the HP Officejet 4620 printer uses individual cartridges for each ink color. As you may have guessed by now, there is more than one way to change an HP ink cartridge, but never fear, were here to cover all bases.

To offer a step-by-step guide that suits the two main installation styles, we are going to focus on two popular HP printer models: the HP Photosmart 7520 and HP Officejet Pro 8600.

Replacing The Ink Cartridge On The Sendpro C Lite Sendpro C Sendpro+ Sendpro C Auto

  • Scroll down and tap Mail Printer Maintenance or Envelope Printer Maintenance.
  • Tap Install Ink.
  • Lift the top cover. The ink cartridge moves to the front position.
  • Remove the ink cartridge as shown on the label next to the cartridge holder.
  • Insert the new ink cartridge then close the ink cartridge guard.
  • Close the top cover.
  • The cartridge repositions itself and the Mail Printer Maintenance or Envelope Printer Maintenance screen appears.
  • Print a test pattern to ensure that your ink cartridge installs properly.
  • Related topics

    When To Change The Toner

    If you dont have a managed print partner, its up to you to know when to replace your office printers toner. Most of the time, the default setting alerts users when toner supplies are running low. Usually, this goes off when about 10%-20% of the toner supply remains.

    This little reminder is better than nothing. However, its often not the most financially sound advice for your machine. Thats because, depending on the printer and the type of toner cartridge, there could be thousands of pages or months of toner remaining before it’s really out.

    So, if you are paying out-of-pocket for your toner cartridge, youre basically throwing money away if you swap them out too early.

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    When Should I Replace My Printer Cartridge

    An out of ink message on your printers display screen is the first sign its time for new cartridges, but you may not have to replace them the moment your printer breaks the news. If you want to be absolutely sure your cartridges are ready for replacement, there are a few easy ways to check. Here, we show you how and offer a few tips on extending your cartridge life too so you can delay that inevitable replacement order!

    Check the ink levels on your printers display

    When in doubt, check your printer cartridge levels! Almost every printer includes a cartridge level monitoring system on the printer display screen that tracks the remaining ink or toner. Most cartridge levels can be found under the maintenance section of the display screen. If a particular color is running low, move on to the print test below.

    Run a print quality report

    The print quality report breaks down the health of each cartridge. When you run the test, your printer prints a color sample of each cartridge and with that, you can tell which cartridge is performing poorly. This test can also be found under the maintenance section of the printer display, or it can be accessed through the software that was downloaded when you installed the printer.

    If you own an inkjet printer, run a printhead cleaning, then try printing again

    If you own a laser printer, prime the cartridge, then try printing again

    Still getting poor prints? It may be time to replace!

    When To Replace A Printer Toner Cartridge

    How to Replace Toner Cartridge TN210 From Imaging Drum ...

    Within a busy workplace, one of the most common printer-related questions posed to the tech or IT team isdoes the printer or copiers toner need to be replaced?

    It seems like an easy enough question to answer. Once the toner running low alert flashes on, its time for a new cartridge, right?

    Not quite. There are actually several factors to consider before making the switchand understanding exactly what these factors are can save your business a surprising amount of money. Over time, these savings can easily reach into the thousands!

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    Test Your Hp Cartridge

    After youve installed your ink cartridge, its time to carry out that vital print test to check the print quality. Fire up a document, press print, check the results and check that the ink is printing correctly. If the ink does come out streaky or smudgy, consult your HP printer manual to check how to align the printer heads.

    You can also watch the entire video here:

    We hope you enjoyed our step-by-step guide on how to change HP printer cartridges. Stay tuned for part three of our printer installation guide series which will talk about how to replace Epson cartridges.

    Replacing An Empty Ink Cartridge

    This printer uses ink cartridges equipped with IC chips. The IC chips accurately monitor the amount of ink used by each cartridge. Even if a cartridge is removed and later reinserted, ink reserves can be measured and fully utilized. Please note that some ink will be consumed during reliability-confirmation operations each time the cartridge is inserted into the printer.

    You can replace an ink cartridge using the printer’s control panel or using the Status Monitor utility. Refer to the appropriate section below for instructions.

    • Keep ink cartridges out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to drink from or otherwise handle the cartridges.
    • Be careful when you handle the used ink cartridges, as there may be some ink surrounding the ink supply port. If ink should come into direct contact with your skin, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water. If ink should come into direct contact with your eyes, flush them immediately with water. If you should feel discomfort or if vision is impaired, see a doctor immediately.
    • EPSON recommends the use of genuine EPSON ink cartridges. Other products not manufactured by EPSON may cause damage to your printer not covered by EPSON’s warranties.
    • Leave the old cartridge installed in the printer until you have obtained a replacement. Otherwise, ink remaining in the print head nozzles may dry out.

    For more information about ink cartridges, see .

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    Finish Installation And Test Your Hp Cartridge

    Once your cartridge is physically installed in the printer, a confirmation message will appear on your desktop. Press confirm to allow the printer to initialize and prime the system with the new cartridges. Once this is done, your printer will prompt you to do an all-important alignment test. Load paper into the printer and press okay to start the alignment process, before examining the page to check the print quality.

    You can watch the full video here:

    In the event that the print quality is poor, you may have to clean the clean the cartridges dont worry, you wont have to take the cartridges out to do this. Simply go to your printer settings and follow this route to carry out the task:

    settings > tools > clean cartridges

    How Do I Know Which Printer Cartridge To Replace

    Replace the Print Cartridge | HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (G510n) | HP

    4.9/5How to Know When to Replace Your Ink Cartridge

  • Check that the printer is turned on.
  • Locate and open the cartridge access door, which is on the right side of the printer.
  • Press down on the old cartridges in order to release them from the carriage, and remove them.
  • Take the new cartridges out of the packaging and remove the protective tape.
  • Regarding this, how do I know which ink cartridge to buy?

    The ink cartridge’s number is also printed within your printer’s manual. Look for the number next to the wording Cartridge number or Cartridge type. Write down the numbers on a piece of paper or take the manual with you to the store so you can locate the ink cartridge quickly.

    Secondly, can I replace just one ink cartridge? Do I have to replace all of the cartridges at the same time? Printer cartridges can be replaced on an as needed basis! If one cartridge is running low, you do not have to replace the other colors at the same time. However, you do need to have all of the printer cartridges installed in the printer for it to work.

    Beside this, does it matter what number ink cartridge you buy?

    Printer ink cartridges are usually numbered according to their suitability for certain printers. Changing them will not work, as the number is integral to the functioning of the printer.

    How do I know if my toner cartridge is empty?

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    The Exceptions To The Rule

    Like with anything else, there are always exceptions to the rules. So, even if youre doing all of the right things when it comes to maintaining and exchanging your toner cartridges, things can still go wrong.

    One common issue is those times when cartridges run out earlier than expected, or without warning. This kind of cartridge failure does happen, and its not something you can accurately predict. Unfortunately, defective cartridges sometimes just happen.

    Think this might be happening with your printer? We suggest visually inspecting your most recently printed pages. If your print jobs have been consistently printing too light, then the cartridge probably has reached the end of its life even if it seems to too, or whether the alert light is on or not.

    To prepare for this occasionalbut potentially headache-inducingproblem we always recommend having a backup set of toner on hand. You can order extra toner cartridges on your own, or if you have a they should be happy to ship a backup set.

    Do keep in mind that toner quality diminishes while on the shelf. Therefore, we would not recommend replacing a set of toner that has been in storage for six months or more as it will increase the likelihood of running dry early.

    Insert Your New Cartridge Into The Printer

    To insert your new cartridge into the printer, hold it by its sides, then gently slide the new cartridge into place and push forward gently until it makes a clicking soundalways make sure you insert the contact side of the cartridge into the machine.

    Close up the access door and wait for the printer to initialize.

    Please note, if youre using a remanufactured cartridge and you get an error message after installation, gently clean the contact point with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth. More often than not, this will solve the error message issue.

    If youre using genuine HP cartridges, the printer will acknowledge that you are using genuine ink. However, if youre using remanufactured cartridges, you may get a message notifying you that non-genuine HP cartridges have been installed. But dont worry, this message should not prevent you from printing you should be able to print as expected .

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    Replace The Ink Cartridges

  • Press the Power button to turn on the printer, if it is not already on.
  • Load plain white paper into the input tray.
  • Open the exterior door.Figure : Open the exterior door
  • Open the ink cartridge access door.The carriage moves to the center of the printer.Wait until the carriage is idle and silent before you continue.Figure : Open the ink cartridge access door
  • Lightly press down on the ink cartridge to release it, and then pull the ink cartridge out of its slot. Figure : Remove the ink cartridge
  • Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging, and then remove the plastic tape.

    caution:Do not try to remove the copper electrical strip.Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or the ink nozzles.Do not replace the protective tape on the contacts. Handling these parts can result in clogs, ink failure, and bad electricalconnections.

    Figure : Remove the plastic tape

  • Hold the ink cartridge by its sides with the nozzles toward the printer, and then insert the ink cartridge into its slot. Make sure that the ink cartridge is inserted in the correct slot.
  • The tri-color ink cartridge goes in the slot on the left.
  • The black ink cartridge goes in the slot on the right.
  • Push the ink cartridge forward into its slot until it snaps into place. Figure : Snap the ink cartridge into place
  • Repeat these steps to replace the other ink cartridge, if necessary.
  • Close the ink cartridge access door.Figure : Close the ink cartridge access door
  • Close the exterior door.Figure : Close the exterior door
  • How Do I Change A Printer Cartridge

    The Ease of Replacing Print Cartridges
    Related Topics

    Most printer owners eventually will have to change a printer cartridge when ink dries out or runs low. The specific process to change a printer cartridge varies between printers, but there can be several similar steps taken to successfully change the cartridge. If a printer owner tires of purchasing new ink cartridges, he or she can purchase re-manufactured ink cartridges or simply re-ink the cartridges himself or herself.

    To change a printer cartridge, printer owners first have to identify the make and model of his or her printer. Knowing what kind of printer one owns is essential in finding the appropriate printer cartridges for the printer. Installing incompatible printer cartridges can have a deleterious effect on the device.

    Each make and model of printers is different, so how to change a printer cartridge can vary. Owners should first consult their printer manuals for instructions on how to install cartridges. Ink cartridge packages also can carry instructions on how to change a printer cartridge, although these instructions can assume that a printer owner is already familiar with his or her printer, and the instructions can be as simple as diagrams.

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    How To Change The Chip On Ink Cartridges

    Most printers use a smart chip to keep track of the ink level in your cartridge. In order to save money on printing costs, some businesspeople choose to reuse their cartridges by refilling them with ink. Many office supply and discount stores sell affordable ink refill kits. Used cartridges can be refilled two to three times before having to be thrown away. In order for your printer to recognize the newly-filled ink cartridge as full, you will need to replace the cartridge chip.


    Purchase the appropriate cartridge chip at an office supply store or online. In addition, purchase the appropriate ink refill kit.


    Remove the old ink cartridge from your printer.


    Locate the smart chip, which will always be on the underside of the cartridge. You can do this by removing the plastic tabs securing the chip to the cartridge. Use a sharp, thin tool to do this, such as a Swiss army knife or utility knife. Slide the blade of the knife under one of the plastic tabs. Gently pry up. Repeat to remove the other plastic tab.


    Lift the chip from the cartridge.


    Place the new chip over the two plastic tabs used to secure the chip onto the cartridge. Gently press down until the chip properly falls into place under the tabs. You can either use your index finger to do this or a pair of tweezers.



    Read all the instructions in the manual included in your ink refill kit.





    Remove the needle completely.






    How Can A Print Management Service Help

    Generally, you should start paying close attention to your printer once its toner levels reach about 10%. This means looking for those too-light print jobs or low toner alerts while regularly checking printer status pages.

    As you can imagine, or know firsthand, this can be a time-consuming process. Especially if youre trying to save money by using every last drop of toner, youll have to keep an eagle eye on your printersand dont you have way more important things to think about?

    Thats one reason why working with a professional managed print service, or MPS, can be a fantastic partnership. Rather than worrying about replenishing the toner inventory or watching its levels, the MPS provider will it for you.

    Most MPS providers have a general rule of thumb to auto-replenish toner when supplies read 10% via their own data collection agent. This agent provides an hourly read of your printers supplies and delivers that data to the MPS. When supplies hit 10%, the managed print service will receive an alert that its time to ship you a new cartridge.

    The only exception is for critical print devices which are usually shipped at 30%. Though any customer can ask for their machines to be considered critical, this usually applies to devices that fly through toner much faster than average. Any great managed print partner would rather have their toner arrive early than late.

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    How Much Time Do I Have Left On My Cartridge

    Before deciding when to change your toner, consider what type of toner you have in your printer. Since different types of toner can last longer or shorter than others, this can help you estimate when a switch is due.

    There are three standard types of toner:

    • A compatible cartridge is a remanufactured cartridge. It will likely have the lowest cost of the three, but the highest likelihood to dry up early or be defective. This is a great option if youre looking to save money.
    • The standard cartridge is your run-of-the-mill cost savings cartridge. It typically gives you about 10,00012,000 pages. For a home user that doesnt print constantly, this is a great option.
    • The high yield is the preferred cartridge option for most corporate printers. For busy offices, theyll give you the most bang-for-your-buck and offers upwards of 25,00040,000 printed pages.

    Also, do note that the actual size of the printer cartridge is directly related to the printers yield. A standard yield cartridge will appear smaller in size than a high yield version. The high yield will also fit more snuggly into your printer, but I assure you that it will fit your printer just fine. For more on the differences between standard and high-yield cartridges, as well as why choosing the right one can save you money, check out this blog.

    Ok. Now for how to save some money!

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