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How To Receive Fax On Canon Printer

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How To Fax With Efax Online

How to settup auto receiving fax on Canon MX922

Using eFax online to send faxes couldnt be easier: simply create a new message, type your message subject and body, attach your files to fax, then hit Send.

To send a fax using eFax, follow these simple steps:

  • 1.Sign in to you eFax account

  • 2.Find and click Send Faxes

  • 3.In the new window, type in the recipients Name and Company or select a recipient from your contacts

  • 4.Next, go to Select Fax-To Country and choose your recipients location

  • 5.Enter your recipients Fax Number if you didnt choose someone from your contacts

  • 6.Select Include Cover Page and enter a subject and body

  • 7.Click Browse to select the documents you want to attach, then select OK

  • 8.Go to Select Quality List and choose a resolution for your fax

  • 9.Select Send Faxes

As long as you have access to an internet-enabled device, eFax online lets you quickly send faxes from any location and at any time.

How To Receive A Fax On A Canon Pixma Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer for Windows and Mac systems, the Canon Pixma accepts documents directly from your computer as well as digital photos from a memory card or microdrive. The plain-paper printer also lets you scan and fax documents to a stand-alone fax machines and other computers. Canon Pixmas fax component is accessible through the devices control panel. Before accepting faxes from another fax machine or computer, you must manually select the receive fax mode on the printer and specify the type of receiving mode you want the fax/printer to use.

How To Receive A Fax With A Printer

As long as your printer is turned on and connected to a phone line, it should automatically receive and print any faxes sent to it.

Many multifunction and corporate-level printers also include inbuilt memory, meaning if the printer is out of ink or paper, the fax will be saved to be printed at a later time.

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How To Receive Fax To Email

First of all, make sure you have completed step one and you have been already assigned an online fax number.

Now, if you have signed up to FAX.PLUS via your Google account, you can utilize the feature and have all your received faxes forwarded to your Gmail inbox automatically. But, if you have used other email addresses to sign up, such as your corporate email address, and wish to get a copy of your received faxes to your personal Gmail account, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your account and go to the Profile section
  • In the General tab, find the Notification box and click on the Edit button
  • Click on the Modify button next to the Email option to open the Email Notifications settings
  • Make sure the Received Fax Notification option is set to On
  • Toggle on the Multiple email recipients and add your Gmail account to the list of email addresses you wish to forward a copy of your received faxes to.
  • Does Your Printer Have Fax Capabilities

    canon printer support: How to Receive a Fax on a Canon ...

    Before getting started, its important to check if your printer has fax capabilities.

    The quickest and easiest way to check is to see if your multifunction printer has a fax button located somewhere on it. Typically, it will be located near the scanner.

    Alternatively, if your printer has a telephone jack located on it, that means you can connect a phone line to the printer. Once the phone line is connected, you are ready to send and receive faxes.

    Lastly, some multifunction printers do not include fax capabilities but can be equipped with a fax kit to add these capabilities. Check your printers product information to see if this applies, and if so, contact an office equipment supplier to find the right fax kit for your machine.

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    Using Your Phone And Fax Machine On The Same Line

    To use your home phone and fax machine on the same line, youll connect both devices to the PHONE port on the back of your Ooma device. This setup is great if you dont use your fax machine often, or if you usually send faxes, but dont receive them. To get started, you will need the following equipment:

    • A standard phone splitter
    • Your fax machine
    • Two phone cords

    Plug the phone splitter into the PHONE port of your Ooma device. Connect one of your phone cords to your telephone, and the other to your fax machines phone input as shown in the image below:

    If you dont want your calls to be picked up by the fax machine, you should turn the auto-answer mode on your fax machine off by putting it in manual mode. If you prefer to leave auto-answer on, you may want to set your machine up to have a long delay before pick up in order for you to answer your voice calls. You may need to refer to your fax machines user manual for more information on how to do this.

    Setting The Number Of Rings For Receiving Faxes

    Press the FAX button on the control panel, then the Menu button. The Fax menu will appear on your printers display.

    Press the right or left arrow button to select Maintenance/settings. Press the OK button. The Maintenance/settings menu will appear on the display. Press the right or left arrow button to select Device settings, then press the OK button.

    Press the right or left arrow button to select FAX settings. Press the OK button. Press the right or left arrow button to select RX settings, then press the OK button.

    Press the up or down arrow button to select Incoming ring, if using the Fax priority mode or Fax only mode. Or select DRPD: Set FAX ring pat, if using the DRPD mode.

    Press the OK button.

    Press the up or down arrow button to select Double Ring, Short-short-long, Short-long-short or Other ring type. Press the OK button to accept the ring pattern.

    Press the Back button to exit the Fax menu.


    Check your Canon Pixmas paper tray daily, if receiving a large amount of faxes, to make sure it is full so your faxes can print without interruption.


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    No Fax Machine No Problem Your Multi

    Your smartphone is one of the best tools you could have for working on the road.;Its a mobile officescanner and fax machine included. On those rare occasions when sending a document via email or text message wont suffice, you could use your camera phone to photograph a document and use a mobile fax app to send it to a fax machine. Here are some helpful mobile fax apps:

    Preparing For Receiving Fax

    How to fax with canon mf4350d laser printer
  • Flick HOME screen, and then tap FAX.

  • The Fax standby screen is displayed.

  • Check receive mode setting.

    Check the receive mode setting displayed on the Fax standby screen.


  • Load the sheets of plain paper.

  • Specify paper settings as necessary.

  • This completes the preparation for receiving fax.

    When a fax is received, it is printed on the loaded paper automatically.

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    Advanced Settings Of Receive Mode

    You can specify the advanced settings of each receive mode.


    • The * on the LCD indicates the current setting.

    • Advanced setting in TEL priority mode

      You can specify the following setting items.

    • Manual/auto switch

      If you select ON, the machine automatically receives faxes after the external device rang a specified length of time.

      You can specify the length of time until automatic reception is started.

    • User-friendly RX

      If you select ON, the machine automatically switches from telephone calling to fax reception by detecting the fax signal when you lift the handset of the telephone or the answering machine answers.When you have an answering machine connected to the machine, select ON to switch to fax reception automatically after the answering machine answers.

      If you select OFF, the machine does not switch from telephone calling to fax reception automatically even if the machine detects the fax signal .Select OFF if you want the machine not to switch automatically during a call.


  • Advanced setting in Fax only mode

    You can specify the following setting item.

  • Incoming ring

    You can specify the number of times the external device rings when incoming.

  • Advanced setting in DRPD

    You can specify the following setting items.

  • DRPD: FAX ring pat.

    Sets the distinctive ring pattern of a call that the machine assumes is a fax call.

    If you subscribe to a DRPD service, set the ring pattern to match the pattern assigned by your telephone company.

  • How To Fax Via Efax Messenger

    To fax with eFax Messenger, a driver, youll first need to download the eFax Messenger software on your computer.

    Once done, youll need to print a document to Messenger by following these steps:

    • 1.Open a document that you want to fax

    • 2.In the File menu, select Print

    • 3.Select eFax Messenger as the printer

    • 4.Click OK or Print. The file should now appear in the eFax Messenger window

    Next, follow these steps to send your fax:

    • 1.Click New Fax

    • 2.Enter the recipients information in the Create window by typing the recipients fax number in the To field or choosing a contact from your Address Book

    • 3.Select Send Copy to Me if you want to receive a copy of the fax.

    • 4.Enter the Subject and an Attention name for the fax

    • 5.To add another page, click the Add New Page button in the sidebar. There are three options for creating new fax pages:

    • 1. Blank Page – Adds a blank page
    • 2. Cover Page – Adds a preformatted cover page
    • 3. Import File – Adds an image or PDF file
    • 6.To add other types of documents, click Attach file and select the file to upload

    • 7.Click Send Fax

    eFax Messenger offers a quick and effective solution for sending faxes without requiring any expensive equipment or supplies.

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    Setting The Drpd Ring Pattern

    If you have subscribed to a Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection service provided by your telephone company, your telephone company will assign two or more telephone numbers with distinctive ring patterns to your single telephone line, allowing you to have different numbers for fax calls and voice calls using only one telephone line.Your machine will automatically monitor the ring pattern, and will automatically receive the fax if the ring pattern is a fax call.

    To use DRPD, follow the procedure below to set the fax ring pattern that matches the pattern assigned by your telephone company.


    Set Up A Multifunction Printer To Send Faxes From Your Mac

    Canon MAXIFY MB2350 All

    If you have a multifunction printer connected to your Mac, follow these instructions to set it up to send faxes.

    Note: macOS Sierra and later does not support sending faxes using legacy fax modems. If youve used a fax modem in the past with your Mac, you may be able to continue using it to send and receive faxes by installing third-party fax software. You can also try using an internet faxing service. For more information, search the internet for fax software or internet fax service.

  • Follow the instructions that came with the printer to set it up and connect it to your Mac.

  • On your Mac, choose Apple menu ;>;System Preferences, then click Printers;&;Scanners.

  • If you dont see your multifunction printer in the list at the left, click the Add button . If a pop-up menu appears, choose Add Printer or Scanner.

  • Select your printer in the list, click the Use pop-up menu, choose the version of printer software that supports faxing, then click Add.

    For information about which software to choose, see the Apple Support article .

    If your multifunction printer is compatible with macOS Sierra or later, the fax capability is added automatically when you add the printer. If you cant add the printer as a fax machine, see the documentation that came with the printer to find out how to use it to send and receive faxes.

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    What Are Its Most Important Specifications

    As we mentioned earlier, what set this printer apart are its unique features. Lets talk about some of them.

    This all-in-one printer packs many significant features in it. Firstly, The printer comes with a total of 1,792 nozzles. That includes 1,152 black and 640 color nozzles. Also, it is compatible with multiple ink types. It supports Letter size papers, US size papers, Legal papers, and so on. So you get the maximum freedom while choosing your preferred paper size. It has an automatic sheet feeder. The printouts are always of high quality. One of its best features must be the fact that it has a dedicated print application.

    The Canon Print App makes it easier for you to control your printer right from your smartphone. It makes the printing process all the more efficient. If these were not enough, the printer also offers a wireless printing service. That means you can connect it to your computer via WiFi and take high-quality printouts. No extra wire is needed. Sounds great, right? Well, it is not finished yet.

    How You Can Get A Fax On The Canon Pixma Multifunction Printer

    To receive faxes on your Pixma printer, access the fax menu from its control panel and set up the fax receiving options. 1 Power up your Canon Pixma. The on/off button is located on the devices.

    If the machine will not switch to fax reception, press the FAX button, then the Color or Black button to receive the fax. To receive a fax without picking up the handset, set Manual/auto switch of the advanced setting to ON. RX start time allows you to specify the number of seconds until the machine switches to fax reception.

    If the machine will not switch to fax reception, press the FAX button, then the Color or Black button to receive the fax. To receive a fax without picking up the handset, set Manual/auto switch of the advanced setting to ON. RX start time allows you to specify the number of seconds until the machine switches to fax reception. You can send and receive faxes on your Canon Pixma 922 all in one printer as long as you have a phone line attached to the Line port of the device. Just follow these steps.

    Sending a Fax from Device. Press the Fax button on the Pixma. To see what mode is set, press the FAX button and look in the upper left corner of the fax standby screen.

    Check1 Is the power turned on? You cannot receive faxes if the power is turned off. Press the ON button to turn the power on.

    Memory is full. The machine could not receive a fax because its memory is full. Delete contents in memory, then ask the sender to.

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    How To Receive Fax On Canon Pixma Multifunction Printer

    Canons Pixma line of multifunction printers provides business users the ability to scan, print, copy and fax. Some models, such as the Pixma MX870, offer built-in Wi-Fi to enable the printer to connect to your network wirelessly, but the printer must still be connected to a phone line to send or receive faxes. To receive faxes on your Pixma printer, access the fax menu from its control panel and set up the fax receiving options.


    Power up your Canon Pixma. The on/off button is located on the devices control panel.


    Press the Fax button followed by the Menu button, both located on the printers control panel. Fax menu appears on the Pixmas display.


    Press the right arrow button on the control panel to highlight Receive mode settings. Press OK on the control panel.


    Select the mode by which you’ll receive your fax using the up and down directional arrow buttons on the control panel. Receive modes include Fax Only Mode, meaning the fax will be delivered directly to your printer. Select Fax only mode if your Pixma is connected to a dedicated phone line. Select Tel priority mode if the line your Pixma is connected to is used primarily for telephone calls and you’ll receive faxes occasionally. Select DRPD Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection if your phone line has a ring pattern detection service. Select Fax priority mode if you use your Pixma primarily for faxes.



    Background Information: Voice Over Ip And Fax Machines

    Fax Function and Setup

    A common question comes up – why are faxes not guaranteed reliable 100% of the time when using VoIP technology? The reason has to do with how faxing was originally developed. The faxing protocol was originally developed for regular landlines. Unlike IP networks which route VoIP, landlines are fairly lossless. This makes faxes less resilient to dropped packets and delay inherently present in all IP networks today. Ooma is currently looking into new ways to improve the reliability of faxing with the Ooma system, including use of the T.38 FoIP protocol.

    Note: If you find a need for reliable faxing, we recommend that you keep a Landline for this purpose.

    Home Phone

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    Sending A Fax From Computer

  • Ensure the are installed and the printer is turned on.
  • Open the document you wish to fax, then choose File>Print. The location of the print menu may differ depending on the application you are using.
  • When the print dialog appears, select the Canon MX920 series FAX option, then choose Print.
  • Select Display Address Book to choose a saved recipient, or Enter the recipient information in the Direct Entry area.
  • Select the Send Now button, ad the fax will be transmitted.
  • Send A Fax From Your Mac Using A Multifunction Printer

    You can fax pages directly from your Mac if your multifunction printer supports faxing.

    Note: The following options might not be available for your multifunction printer. If these instructions differ from what you see onscreen, refer to the documentation that came with the printer or app youre using.

  • On your Mac, open the document you want to fax, then choose File;>;Print.

  • Enter the fax number by doing one of the following:

  • Type the fax number in the To field.

  • If you see a Contacts button to the right of the To field, click it to select a number.

  • To paste a number into the To field when the Edit;>;Paste command isnt available, press and hold the Control key as you click in the To field, then choose Paste from the menu that appears.

  • If your phone system requires you to dial a prefix for an outside line, type it in the Dialling Prefix field.

  • If you want to include a cover page, select Use cover page, then enter a subject and message.

  • To change your options, use the print options pop-up menu .

  • The top of every page has a header that contains the date and time the fax was sent, a page number, and the fax number of the sender .

    If you include a cover page, its heading contains the faxs recipient , the faxs sender , the date and time the fax was sent, the subject line , and the number of pages in the fax, not including the cover page. The body of the cover page contains the text you entered in the Message field in the Print dialogue.

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