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How To Print Ebay Shipping Label Without Printer

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Printing A Shipping Label Without Receipt

How to Ship on Ebay Without Printing a Label | Shipping without a Printer from Your Phone QR Code

I used up all my label-making credits trying to figure out how to do this. With my next labels, I will see if the great and easy solution works for me That certainly would be the easiestif the header thing isnt a problem. Anyhow, rather than do a PDF, which I tried and it worked ok, here is a slightly quicker and easier solution. It gets rid of headers easy too.

This at least works if you have MSWord :

When you print the label in the PayPal-Ebay-Pitney Boyles whatever screen.

In the printer drop down menu scroll down and select Microsoft Document Image Writer as your printer.

In the next window, select the folder to save it in and give the file a name

Open a new document in Word and insert the picture file

On the Word Menu Bar click VIEW – TOOLBARS


Select the crop tool from the picture tool bar and drag it on the any of the resize handles to crop out the unwanted receipt and header and footer info.

From here there are several ways to move the picture around on the page.

The quickest is to open your drawing toolbar and click on the text box button. That puts the picture in a text box and both objects can be freely moved together and resized. You might have to play with the text box frame and the picture frame a bit to get both frames to resize to your desire. Remove the border lines of the text box if you want.

Easy Way To Create Your Own Custom Ebay Label

Creating custom eBay labels is super easy with Multiorders. When you pick a shipping carrier for your order, you will be able to create a shipping label.

Our software offers many options for label formats. If none of the current templates fit your needs, we will design a new template, exactly to your specifications. You can contact our customer support and get a custom shipping label format made just for you.

How Ebay Shipping Labels Worked Till Now

  • #1: In the Seller Hub/My eBay section, find the item and select the Print Shipping Label option.
  • #2: Fill in the physical details like the dimensions and weight.
  • #3: Select your carrier.
  • #4: Select the shipping method.
  • #5: Select the Purchase and print label option
  • #6: Paste the label on your shipment. Now you are ready to ship.

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What Is A Shipping Label

A shipping label, sometimes called a package label, identifies many things about your package: its point of origin, its destination, its weight, the carriers name, and so on. These labels are used by humans and their machine counterparts to understand where your package came from, where it needs to go, and what stops it may have made along the way.

Without a clear shipping label, packages can be delayed in transit, delivered to the wrong address, or lost completely. Any of these scenarios may lead to either a financial loss or a loss of customer trust, which makes the shipping label extremely important!

Can I Print A Ups Label From A Qr Code

Print Shipping Label Through Paypal Without Ebay

Using the QR code option will cost an extra $1, and you need to present the QR code at a UPS Store® counter. Go back and request the return with a UPS label. Either print or email us the label. Tape the label to your box or bring it in and we will put the label in a carrier sleeve that adheres to the box.

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Shipping An Order In Multiple Packages

When shipping an order in multiple packages, you can print a different label for each package.

Once you’ve printed the label for your first package, simply select Print another label for this order from the label confirmation page. You can then enter the weight and dimensions for the next package.

Each additional label you print will have its own tracking number and will be charged separately, based on the package weight and dimensions you entered.

How To Print Shipping Label On Ebay

The popular peer-to-peer marketplace eBay experiences around 2 billion transactions per day. Accordingly, they make it fast and simple to print shipping labels on their website.

Hereâs how to print a shipping label on eBay:

  • Navigate to eBayâs website from within your Internet browser.
  • Once logged into eBay, hover over âMy eBayâ in the upper right-hand corner and click on âSelling.â
  • Hover over âListingsâ and click on âSold.â
  • Look for the item you want to print a label for and click âPrint shipping label.â
  • Review your address and the buyerâs address for accuracy. Make sure no information is missing.
  • Follow the prompts to add package details, such as dimensions, weight, and packaging type.
  • Select a mailing date from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose a shipping service to deliver your package through.
  • If you use FedEx or UPS, shipping costs will be invoiced through your eBay account.
  • If you use USPS, youâll need a PayPal account to ship packages. Setting up a PayPal account is free and PayPal automatically deducts a fee when transactions are processed.

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How To Void A Shipping Label

How long you have to void a shipping label depends on the shipping service you used.

  • USPS: You have 5 days to void a USPS shipping label that you printed on eBay, and it can take up to 21 days for USPS to approve or reject the refund. If it’s approved, you’ll receive an email that you have been refunded
  • UPS: You have 24 hours to void a UPS label. If you don’t use the label within 5 days, the label will be automatically voided and a credit will be issued to your available funds, or back to your original payment method, depending on how you paid for the label
  • FedEx: FedEx labels can’t be voided because you’re not charged until the package has been delivered

How To Print A Packing Slip And Order Details

Printing A Shipping Label On eBay: How You Can Print A Shipping Label On eBay In Under Two Minutes.

A packing slip is a receipt summarizing the details of the sale. You can print one by choosing Print packing slip on the Manage shipping labels – opens in new window or tab page.

You can also print out the full order details for the item. Here’s how:

  • Go to My eBay and then Sold – opens in new window or tab.
  • Select More Actions and then View order details.
  • On the Order details page, select the printer version option, and print the page.
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    Final Thoughts On The Eradication Of Ebay Shipping Labels

    With the festive season approaching, this step is going to ease up things for sellers. This smart idea of eBay is expected to cut on the costs involved in printing the shipping labels. Also, the concept will save the time of the sellers who can go with the package to the Post Office and leave the rest for the shipping partners. Sellers can simply go to the postal offices with their shipments and the shipping partner will take care of printing the shipping labels. Beginning from USPS, eBay plans to extend the service to FedEx and UPS too.

    Plan to sell on eBay? Let us help you. Contact us . You can also begin selling on eBay with the help of WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento and Magento 2. Also, you can find us on the Shopify app store.

    Why You Might Need To Reprint A Shipping Label

    • Accidents. A lot of unexpected things can happen while selling online. It is unavoidable. Such accidents as running out of ink in the middle of printing labels or simply ruining them can happen any day.
    • Mistakes. As there are no robots managing your store, human error is inevitable. Surely you have been in a situation where you printed the wrong label. Fix any mistakes by easily printing a new label!

    Therefore, having the option to print new labels is crucial for your business in order to avoid unexpected events and human error!

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    Is It Cheaper To Print Shipping Labels At Home

    In nearly all cases, itâs cheaper, faster, and easier to print shipping labels at home. Aside from the cost of label rolls or paper and ink cartridges, itâs completely free to print labels at home. You can save even more money by using a thermal label printer, which prints with heat rather than ink.

    Itâs also cheaper to print labels at home because thereâs no business overhead. Companies that offer copying and printing services charge for each sheet printed. Even if itâs a low cost per sheet, like five cents, this adds up quickly if you have hundreds of labels to print.

    How To Print Ebay Shipping Label From Phone

    How to Print eBay Shipping Label

    If you juggle a lot in your daily operations or simply enjoy the convenience of using your smartphone, thereâs a solution for you. You can print eBay shipping labels from your phone just as quickly as you can on a desktop.

    Follow these steps to print an eBay shipping label from your phone:

    • Navigate to the eBay app on your smartphone. If you donât yet have the app, you can download it for free on the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play Store for Android.
    • Open up the app and log into your account.
    • Tap on the âMy eBayâ tab along the bottom menu on your screen.
    • Tap on the âSellingâ menu tab.
    • Tap on the âShipping labelsâ section of the Selling area, or select the product you recently sold that you want to ship. The product will display the message âPaid – Ship Now.â
    • Tap âPrint shipping labelâ within or below the product detail page.
    • Fill out the information requested by the shipping form. Verify that all information is correct.
    • Tap on the shipping service that youâd like to use .
    • Complete the shipping service and payment forms required to print your label.
    • Once the label is available on your screen, click on the âPrintâ button and select the printer you want to send it to.

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    How To Print A Shipping Label On Ebay

    1. Log into your eBay account and then hover over the “My eBay” link at the top of the screen, then select “Selling” from the menu that drops down.

    2. Hover over the word “Orders” and then click “Awaiting Shipment.”

    3. Click “Print Shipping Label” beside the order you wish to process.

    4. Confirm that the dimensions of the package in question are correct and then choose your preferred shipping method.

    5. Click the box confirming you have read the restrictions that apply, and then click “Purchase and print label” at the bottom of the screen.

    The shipping fee will be billed to your paired PayPal account, and you will get a label ready to be printed and affixed to your package.

    Now you can simply put it in your mailbox, hand it to your friendly letter carrier, or drop it off at the Post Office, and you’ll be all set.

    Paypal Shipping Label Without Invoice Vs Usps Online Shipping

    One last thing to mention. You can also create an online United States Postal Service account and create shipping labels on their website. But if you are already an Amazon or eBay seller, then its usually more convenient to use PayPal as your shiplabel provider. Plus PayPal also allows you to ship using UPS if necessary.

    There you have it. Buying postage on PayPal and creating a PayPal shipping label without an invoice are both very easy tasks. But definitely compare the rates between services before making a decision. Good luck!

    NERD NOTE: PayPal is one of the few companies in history to IPO twice. In 2002, PayPal stock went public on the NASDAQ. A few months after their IPO, eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion dollars. The deal resulted in a merging of both eBay and PayPal stock. Then thirteen years later in 2015, eBay spun off PayPal into a separate company again. This resulted in the second PayPal IPO.

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    How To Print Ebay Shipping Labels With A Shipping Label Printer

    If you are using a label printer to print out your postage labels directly from, it is very common to run into some issues.

    Some of these printing issues can include but is not limited to:

    • Shipping label is too small
    • Shipping label is not centered
    • Shipping label is stretched
    • Shipping label is not printing out correctly
    • General sizing issues with the label
    • The entire label is not displayed on the paper
    • Poor label quality
    • Instructions are included with the shipping label

    The reason why most sellers experience this problem is because by default, eBay assumes that you will be printing your shipping label using a normal sheet of paper. Regardless of the settings that you change, it may be very difficult to get the perfect shipping label onto your label paper.

    Fortunately, we can show you how to fix it! This method can work for any thermal shipping label printer!

    The video guide below is easy to follow and will walk you through step by step on how you can start printing the perfect shipping labels using your label printer when printing from

    Ship Without The Ebay Shipping Labels Now Learn How

    How to Print an eBay Shipping Label From Home and Save Money

    Ship without the eBay shipping labels now. Learn how

    Running short of time? Get PDF of the blog in your mail.

    Play Now

    This news is significant for the eBay sellers. Ship like a pro, without printing shipping labels yourself. As an attempt to simplify the shipping process for sellers, eBay labels are no more a necessity now. You can use a QR code at the shipping center. That will be equally good. As an alternate to eBay shipping labels, the marketplace sends QR codes to the sellers via e-mail.

    Now you can use eBay Labels to get digital QR codes that allow you to print shipping labels at participating post offices or shipping retailers,eBay announced on Friday.

    After you receive the QR code through the e-mail, use it at the shipment drop-off center. You can then produce the QR code on your mobile device. The carrier will print an eBay Shipping label for your shipment. Therefore, you can now ship without a printing device. This method is quick and also saves money.

    The sellers who do not have a printer can pick the shipping labels at the Post Offices. This service is named Click-N-Ship. The USPS has come up with the idea in association with Label Broker.

    According to USPS, Now, when a customer uses Click-N-Ship to create an online shipping label, he or she will have the option to receive an e-mail that includes a Label Broker ID as a specially formatted QR code. reports ecommerce bytes.

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    A Handy Guide To The Fine Print

    The eBay Label Printing Service operated by eBay on the eBay Website enables eBay Users to purchase Australia Post Delivery Services and print Postage Labels for these services.

    These terms and conditions apply to the provision and use of Australia Post Delivery Services and Postage Labels purchased through the eBay Label Printing Service. If you select and purchase Australia Post Delivery Services through the eBay Label Printing Service, these terms and conditions, in addition to the Australia Post Terms and Conditions, will form a contract between you and Australia Post to govern the provision of the Delivery Services and use of the Postage Labels.

    Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not agree to this contract please do not select the Australia Post Delivery Services.

    1. Definitions

    1.1 Except where a word or phrase is expressly defined in these terms and conditions, all words and phrases shall have the same meaning, if any, given to them in the Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 and in the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.1.2 In these terms and conditions, unless the context dictates otherwise:”Agreement” means the agreement between Australia Post and a Customer formed when a Customer accesses the eBay Label Printing Service, selects and commences ordering the Delivery Services, and is presented with an electronic request to accept the Terms and Conditions and clicks “Accept”

    3. Specific Conditions for Delivery Services and Postage Labels

    How To Reprint Shipping Label On Ebay

    Lets say you have purchased a single label from eBay. Now you are wondering how to reprint that eBay label. Fortunately, you can do it easily. Just go to My eBay > Sold > Shipping labels. However, if more than 24 hours have passed, then you have lost your label. Though you can void the current shipping label, no refunds are available.

    In this case, you must purchase a new eBay postage label in order to be able to reprint it. The process of buying and then failing to print or reprint eBay shipping labels can get really frustrating. Yet, it doesnt have to be.

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    I Want To Print Shipping Labels Without Printing The Packing Slip Is There A Way I Don’t Use Them

    04-09-201509:20 PM

    I think what you’re asking is how to print just the label without the receipt on the other half of the page?

    Here’s how to turn that receipt off:

    In the print label window , up near the right corner, click on PRINTER AND LABEL RECEIPT PREFERENCES.

    A window will open, look for #2: “Shipping Label with receipt and instructions.” You want to be sure that the box is NOT checked.

    If you have multiple labels to print at one time, you can use the bulk shipping tool:

    If you are only printing one label, you can put that sheet through the printer and it will only print the label, the other half will be blank. .

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