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How To Print Business Cards On Canon Printer

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Does Your Printer Support The Paper Weight/thickness You Want To Print

Printing PVC Cards Using Canon MX922 Inkjet

Just like size, every printer has a minimum and maximum thickness/weight it will accept as well. Printing out side of this range may cause undesirable results.

Paper that is too thick for your printer may cause jamming or roller impressions. Paper that is too thin may not be recognized and might not print at all.

Here are three ways to judge if a particular weight of paper is suitable for your particular printer.

Pay Attention to our Printing Recommendations

Based on our testing and data received from the mills, we offer printing recommendations for every paper that we sell . If a paper is better suited to laser printing as opposed to inkjet printing or vice versa, that will be reflected in our recommendation. If a paper is too thick for most home printers, then we will not recommend inkjet or laser printing.

Keep in mind that our results cannot guarantee your results with your particular printer. However, our recommendations offer an educated first consideration.

Consult Printer Specifications

Compare our papers listed weights with the recommendations found in your printers specifications:

  • Look for keywords like thickness, paper weight, media types, etc.
  • Try to find a range of recommended paper weights* and media types
  • Contact the manufacturer if you are unable to locate this information

*Unfamiliar with paper weight? Check out our video, Text Weight Paper, Card Stock Paper, Paper Weight Explained.

3. Test a Sample Sheet

Have You Set Portrait Or Landscape Orientation Correctly

If your printed text is cutting off or printing in the wrong direction, you may have overlooked setting Portrait or Landscape orientation in your document, your print driver, or both.

Below, learn how to correctly set orientation in your document and print driver.

Step 1: Set Orientation in Document:

When printing on rectangular card stock, you will need to decide if you will print in portrait or landscape mode. Your decision will impact your document setup as shown below in these Microsoft Word documents.

If your printed piece will be tall, your document orientation is Portrait.

If your printed piece will be wide, the orientation is Landscape.

Instructions for Microsoft Word:

  • In Orientation area, click either Portrait icon or Landscape icon

Best Printer For Business Cards 2021 A Complete Guide

Imagine you are starting a business. What is the best way to attract new clients and customers?

Well, the simplest way to do this is by making a stylish business card that embodies the services that you offer. But printing a business card is not as easy as it may sound.

Sure, you can go to a printing shop and give them your design. But getting the best printer for business cards will give you the option to experiment with different designs and print as many copies as you want. Besides, for any business organization, a printer is almost always a necessity.

But choosing a business card printer might not be as easy as it sounds. First of all, you need to understand that not all printers can handle this task.

Since you are dealing with thicker papers than normal, you need a specialized machine that will not jam up when using this type of paper.


HP Color LaserJet Pro Business Card Printer


Check Price

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How To Print Heavy Cardstock With Mac Using An Epson Printer

While printing heavy cardstock paper using Mac, you can make the following changes to your printing settings.

  • Open the file that you are intended to print.
  • Open up the dialogue box and then access the page setup.
  • Now select the printer that you want to use as the format for setting. For example, in this case, you would select the Epson printer and the model you have.
  • Now make the changes in paper size by selecting one of the options from the tab given below. Make sure that the option you selected is exact as the paper weight and size you are about to use.
  • Now make the proper orientation settings.
  • You are satisfied with the print settings, then click ok and close the setup dialogue box.

After the page setting has been done, you need to make changes in print settings.

  • Now access the print dialogue box and then choose the option of ‘print settings’ from the menu.
  • Then go to the option of the media type and select the correct media type according to the type of paper you are using, matte finish or glossy, then select color and mode settings.
  • Review your settings once again and, if satisfied, click the ‘print’ option to start the printing process.

Before we sign off, we would invite you to learn hp printer cardstock setting if you own an hp printer as well.

Hp Envy 7855 Cheaper Cartridges Photo Printer

Canon PIXMA MX490 Wireless Office All

Many who are looking to buy a printer for printing flyers choose to go with photo printers because of the better colors it delivers. The Envy 7855 by HP is one of the best printer for business cards and flyers if you want to go that route. It is an entry-level option that is capable of giving you high-resolution prints without any complaints.

The unit ships with a rated speed of 15 pages per minute. When put to the test, the unit maintains the speed relatively close to its rating.

Although the speed is a bit slower than what you may get even at this price range, it is not the end of the world. After all, speed is not the main focal point of the unit.

It delivers high-quality photo graphics, which is the main reason you might want to get it. The colors are well saturated and vivid, ensuring your business card graphics look classy and stylish.

In terms of paper handling, you get a 125-sheet paper tray, along with a 35-sheet automatic document feeder and auto-duplexing options.

The unit is a smart and classy option that does not take up much desk space. Its connectivity options include USB, Wi-Fi, and ethernet, along with Bluetooth and HP wireless Direct for smartphone connections.

It might not be the best printer for flyers and business cards, but it is definitely a strong contender for it.

Highlighted Features:

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Works But Didn’t Solve The Problem

I’ve been struggling to get mobile printing to work with an iPad and a Canon ImageClassmf733c. The problem was that printouts came out unreadably light. Black text came out light gray and colors were either washed out or invisible. Canon support said to use this app instead of AirPrint, but it didn’t help.I finally found that the problem is due to having Toner Save turned on. Toner Save seems to be incompatible with mobile printing. Turning it off solved the problem, and now both AirPrint and this app work. It’s unfortunate that I can no longer use Toner Save, though.

Printing Business Cards With Easy

Article ID: ART173650
  • The view switches to the Select template screen.

  • Select the template you want to use.


  • The view switches to the .

  • Select the photo you want to use for item.


  • Select the Add the same image to all frames checkbox to use the same image in all image layout frames.
  • Edit item according to preference.


  • To apply the same cropping and Creative filter settings to all copies of the same image within the page, click Advanced…. For details on the Advanced Settings screen, see Advanced Settings Screen .
  • To save the item being edited, click Save.
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    Print Different Business Cards On The Same Sheet In Publisher

    Your best bet when printing business cards is to always start with a business card template. Avery stock and other perforated blank sheets work with many of the business card templates youll find in Publisher or online.

    To set up a mail merge to print different names and/or addresses on a sheet of business cards, see Create labels with different addresses. Youll find instructions for how to print the sheets in the final steps of the mail merge procedure.

    But if youre only printing a few different business cards and you dont mind typing in the information for the different cards, you can follow the steps in this article instead of completing a mail merge.

  • Click File> New.

  • Type business cards in the search box to find a template online.

    Tip: Type the Avery card stock number or other manufacturer stock number in the search box to find templates designed to work with that stock.

  • Find a template with multiple business cards per sheet and click Create, or select a single business card, click Create, and then add more cards as follows:

  • Click Page Design and expand the Page Setup box.

  • In the Layout type list, select your sheet size and then select Multiple pages per sheet. Note the number of pages that fit on a sheet.

  • Click Insert> Page to add a business card to your sheet. Repeat until you have a full sheet of business cards.

  • Type the information you want on each business card.

  • Click File> Print.

  • Click Print.

  • Click File> New.

  • Click Business Cards.

  • Click File> Print.

  • Click File> New.

  • Hp Officejet Pro 8025 Printer

    Printing Custom Note and Greeting cards on the CANON Pixma PRO 1

    The first on our list is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8025. It is a home/office inkjet printer and a best seller on amazon! The HP OfficeJet Pro is an all-rounder printer with multiple options all at once. It is a printer, scanner, copying and fax machine all at once. It has a wireless self-healing functionality so that you can print easily without the hassle of connecting it to your PC.

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    For the purpose of printing business cards, it is the best home printer you can find. With a printing speed of 20 pages per minute, it is a pretty fast business card printer. It can easily cope up with and print on cardstock paper. With the functionality of double-sided printing, you can print your business cards on both sides, which makes your business cards look more appealing and aesthetic.

    Key Features

    • It is an all-in-one printer, scanner, color copy and wireless fax machine.
    • It is made up of recycled plastic, making it eco friendly.
    • A higher Pages per minute printing speed of 20 PPM.
    • Features self-healing wifi: It keeps you connected by self-diagnosing and reconnecting up to 3 times.
    • Provides basic encryption options like password protection and wifi security.

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    What To Look For In A Cardstock Printer

    A lot of print manufactures will proudly tell you how fast their printer can print. And thats great if you need to print a lot and are up against the clock. But what is the best printer for cardstock? This is quite often overlooked in product descriptions and it can be frustrating to find that your brand new printer will only print on 90gsm paper.

    Speaking from experience as an artist and designer, I am far less interested in how many pages a printer can spew out in a minute than I am the quality of the print, and what type of card it can print on. The last thing I want to be doing is backing all my designs onto card using a Pritt Stick. It may seem obvious, but the main thing you want to look for is whether or not it can it print on cardstock. If you do a lot of hand-drawn art that you want to scan in , then youll also want one that has a scanner.

    Next, you will want to think about paper size. Are you happy with A4 or would you prefer something that can print 12×12 for scrapbooking? If its the latter, then you will want an A3 printer. Not sure about paper sizes? Take a look at our simple explanation of the basic card sizes.

    If you know you have a big project involving a lot of printing , then you might want to think about tray capacity. How many sheets can the printer hold? Its not the end of the world if its only got a small capacity, youll just need to refill it more often.

    Print Your Business Cards At Home

    Once youve created your business card, its time to print. Youll want to follow the directions of your business card template and printer, but the basics are:

  • Print a test page first. Printing business cards can use a lot of ink, so before you print your final product, print a test page first. You can print on your business card paper, but if you dont want to waste it, print on regular copy paper and then hold the printed copy over the card paper to make sure the lines match up. You may need to hold the two papers up to the light.
  • Print your cards. Check your printer settings to make sure your printer is set to print on the quality of paper youre using , and set it to high-quality printing. If youre printing two-page cards, be sure to set your printer to two-page printing. Another option is to run the paper through one side, then switch them over to run the other side. Just make sure you insert the paper back into the paper feed the right way so that the second side prints on the correct side in the right direction.
  • Let your business cards sit for a bit to ensure the ink is dry if using an inkjet printer.
  • Carefully fold along the perforated lines to loosen the bonds of the cards and pull apart. Trying to tear the cards too many at a time or too quickly can result in tears or uneven edges even if using clean-edge card paper.

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    How Can I Make Business Cards At Home For Free

    In terms of designs, there are plenty of resources online that will help you make your business cards for free.

    With some of the printers, for example, from Canon, you will even find software with free templates and help for creating wonderfully professional-looking cards.

    Best Printers For Business Cards

    Does Your Printer Support The Size You Want To Print

    Canon PIXMA TR8560 Wireless Colour Multifunction Inkjet ...

    Cant Enter Your Card Size? It May Not be Supported.

    When entering dimensions or selecting from a list of pre-defined paper sizes in your printers driver, is your card size missing?

    All printers have a minimum and maximum paper size they are capable of printing, and that range differs between makes and models. If the paper youre printing falls outside of this range, your printer will not be able to print it correctly.

    Check Printer Specs for Smallest & Largest Printable Sizes

    Before buying custom paper and card sizes, we recommend you check your printers specifications to see if the printer can handle the size you want to print. The specifications may be in a separate Specifications document or in the manual.

    For example, we found the paper size range for our Canon Pixma iX7000 inkjet printer in the onscreen manual within the section: Loading Paper > Media Types You Can Use.

    If Minimum & Maximum Sizes arent Clear, Contact the Manufacturer

    We were unable to find the paper size range in the manuals of our Epson Stylus Photo R1900 or HP Envy 100 printers. If you run into the same problem with your printer, we recommend that you contact your printers manufacturer and ask for a clear answer.

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    Using A Word Processor

    If you have a word processor like Microsoft Word, you can design your business cards in a matter of minutes. Rather than trying to format the sheet yourself, use a business card template. In Word, for example, just type “business card” in the template search field and then select a design from the results. Some companies that make card stock, such as Avery, have their own templates, which are already formatted specifically for their products.

    Depending on the template, you may be able to enter the information for your card once and have it automatically populate an entire page with the same card. If your template doesn’t have that option, design one card and then copy and paste it into the remaining blank cards.

    Have You Positioned The Paper Correctly In The Paper Tray

    Everyone knows how to load 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper into their printer, but where do you place smaller paper? How should 5×7 cardstock, for example, be loaded in your printers paper input tray?

    The Moveable Paper Guide in the Paper Tray is the Key

    Some printers have 1 sliding guide and some have 2 that work in tandem. It is important to identify your printers guide format and load the paper correctly as shown below.

    Correct positioning gives your printer the opportunity to feed the paper in to the paper path and sets proper print alignment.

    Printers with 1 Plastic Guide:

    Right Align the Paper

    Paper is loaded flush against the right edge of the tray. Moveable guide slides left to right to rest flush against the left edge of the paper.

    Printers with 2 Plastic Guides:

    Center the Paper

    Paper is placed in the center of the tray and guides are adjusted inward so that they rest flush against the edges of the paper.

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    Create And Print Your Own Business Cards In Publisher

    Publisher makes it easy to produce effective business cards, whether you create your own design or use one of the Publisher designs. You can use color schemes and font schemes to select the colors and fonts that reflect your company’s image. You can further customize your business cards for specific market segments or locales, and you can add names and job titles for new employees as your business grows.

    Brand Value And Price

    Printing Cards with a Canon Pixma Pro

    When it comes to printers, you want to avoid going with knock-off brands and stick to reputed ones. Since it is a complex machine, you want a reliable name behind your printer that has a reputation for delivering quality products. Besides, a well-known brand also cares for its customers.

    You also want to think about your budget when you are making your decision. These days, printers come at all sorts of prices, and even if you have a low budget, you can find an excellent product. Make sure you check all the features we mentioned above for the product you want in your price range.

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