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How To Print 5×7 Photos On Hp Printer

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How Do I Print 5×7 Invitations

Print Photos from Windows 10 | HP Printers | @HPSupport

4.1/5How to Print 5×7 Invitations

  • Set your page size to 5-by-7 inches.
  • Design your invitation, adding all necessary graphics and text until it looks the way you would like it to.
  • Use Print Preview to verify how your invitation should print.
  • Load your printer with 5-by-7-inch paper.
  • Print a sample copy.
  • Re: Printing a 5×7 photo on an 8.5×11 sheet of photo paper.

  • Go to File> new> blank file.
  • Crop picture A to 5×7, then copy/paste A to the blank file.
  • Crop picture B to 5×7, then copy/paste B to the blank file.
  • Use the move tool to position A & B.
  • You should have 3 layers: Background layer, Layer with A, and Layer with B.
  • Likewise, how do I print a 5×7 size? Click on the top button in the left corner. Select “Print” from the drop-down box. A pop-up box will appear on the screen. Open the Scale to Paper Size option and select the 5-by-7 box.

    Correspondingly, how do I print a 5×7 PDF?

    In Pages, leave the page size set to Letter, and in the Print dialog choose “Open PDF in Preview” from the PDF menu in the lower left corner. Then in Preview. print with the page size set to 5 x 7 and the option “Scale to Fit.”

    What size is 5×7 on printer?

    ANSWER: Our A7 cards are 5 1/8 x 7 inches, following standard A-card size guidelines. However, we often refer to them as our 5×7 paper size, as this is what customers commonly refer to them as.

    Print multiple postcards on a single sheet in Publisher

  • In the Printer list, select the printer you want to use.
  • Printing 5×7 Photos On Hp Photosmart 7260 And 7450 Printers

  • First, list the main cover of the printer and slide the paper width guide to the left as far it will go.
  • Then load the printer by lifting the lid with a stack of papers
  • Ensure the side to be printed is facing down.
  • The shortest edge must be feeding into the printer.
  • Use a considerable number of papers to stack the printer- do not overload or underload the printer.
  • Do not mix paper types. Use a particular paper in a stack at a time.
  • Do not bend any edge of the paper while pushing it into the paper as far as it goes.
  • Choose the photo you want to print and right-click on it.
  • Can’t Print 5×7 Or 4×6 Pictures

    04-17-201702:59 PM – edited 04-18-201706:11 PM

    Can’t print 5×7 or 4×6 pictures on 5×7 or 4×6 paper. When that size is put in the printer, it says out of paper. It will print a 5×7 or 4×6 photo on 8×10 paper. I also notice that when I print from Windows Live Photo gallery on the right hand side it says full page photo despite the fact that I list the paper size as 4×6 or 5×7.

    04-18-201703:30 PM – edited 04-19-201704:26 PM

    This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips,

    Thank you for posting your query, I’ll be more than glad to help you out

    As I understand you are unable to print 5×7 or 4×6 pictures,

    No worries, as I’ll be glad to help you, that said, I’ll need a few more details to dissect your concern & provide an accurate solution:

    Have you attempted to make necessary changes to the print settings?

    If you haven’t yet, please try the below steps:

    Making the Printer print on 4×6 paper for single print job

  • FilePrintSelect respective Printer driverPropertiesPaper/Quality Tab
  • Change the paper setting to 4 x 6 & Source to Photo Tray
  • In case you wish to print on Borderless paper, Select Borderless Printing
  • I would advise you use 4 x 6 photo papers with tabs to print borderless
  • Is the image formatted before printing the 4 x 6 image on a 4 x 6 paper
  • Does the customer use right paper for printing 4 x 6 with Tab / without Tab
  • A single print job change in printer driver setting will not be saved once the application is reset.
  • You may need to select it again
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    Best 57 Photo Printers

    Do you need to find the best 5×7 photo printer? Are you looking for one thats easy to connect to many devices and wont cost you a fortune? Well, youre lucky you stumbled upon our website because we have 5 great printers that will certainly get the job done, so keep reading for more surprises!

    At a Glance

    Up to 10 ppm

    Epson Expression Home Xp

    5x7 HP Advanced Photo Paper Glosy 60 Sheets Inkjet Printer ...

    Were typically skeptical about plastic printers, but the Epson Expression series never fails to impress in both build quality and print quality. And the Epson Home XP-400 is no exception. For one, the printers buttons are highly responsive, and the printer is easy to navigate for both printing and scanning.

    As for the cartridge system, the printer functions best when using Epson cartridges, and theyre pretty affordable and easy to replace. Moreover, the printer has multiple color cartridges, so youll be good to go for a long time.

    Lastly, the printing speed of the Epson Expression Home XP-4100 is good for its price range and the type of projects the printer targets. Thats especially evident when you compare it to many other options.

    Nonetheless, its worth mentioning, though, that this isnt the most dependable printer in terms of scanning, so keep it for occasional, basic scanning needs. Also, youll notice that the colors arent that accurate, but the photos come out colorful and flattering, after all.

    And finally, the black color runs out more often than we wouldve liked and creates an undesirable contrast when its running low.


    • Reasonably priced and affordable cartridges
    • Colorful pictures with stunning colors


    • Output tray lid is a bit flimsy
    • Not the best scanning capabilities
    • Stops printing if one color runs out

    Bottom Line

    See also: Polaroid photo printer

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    Whats Better For Photos Inkjet Or Laser

    Inkjets tend to do a better job with photos and image-heavy documents because they can blend colors smoothly. And they can print on a variety of paper types, including textured materials and fabrics. Laser prints, however, are faster, but they tend to produce fuzzy, unflattering images, and they can be used with fewer paper types.

    Use A Browser Part : Chrome

    If the photos you want to be printed are located online, you can either print straight from the website or download the file to your Windows PC. In the following examples, were printing a photo stored online in .

    First, right-click on the photo and select the Open image in new tab option listed on the pop-up menu.

    In the new tab, click the three-dot button in the top right corner and select Print in the drop-down menu.

    Alternatively, you can download and print the photo using the Photos app, Windows print tool, or your printers custom software. In this case, right-click on the image and select the Save Image As option listed on the pop-up menu.

    Select a destination on your PC. Once its downloaded, locate and double-click or right-click on the file. If you right-click, select Open to launch the Photos app or select Print.

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    Use A Browser Part : Firefox

    Right-click on the image and select the View Image option listed on the pop-up menu.

    With the image enlarged, click the hamburger-style menu button in the top-right corner and select Print in the drop-down menu.

    Alternatively, you can download and print the picture using the Photos app, the Windows print tool, or your printers custom software. In this case, right-click on the image and select the Save Image As option on the pop-up menu.

    Select a destination on your PC. Once its downloaded, locate and double-click or right-click on the file. If you right-click, select Open to launch the Photos app or select Print.

    How To Print 5×7 Photos

    Prepare an photo to print at 5×7

    03-11-201811:33 AM

    how to print 5×7 photos in my mfp m477 fnw printer the list only shows 4×6 and 5×8 no one sells 5×8

    03-11-201801:30 PM – edited 03-11-201801:32 PM

    Please know that I am not the best one to answer this question.

    I can offer the following limited advice:


    I did not find anything in the Firmware notices about “Media” sizes — nonetheless, if you have not done so previously, it is generally recommended that you keep the Firmware Updated.

    Please READ all instructions carefully before updating the Firmware.

    Full Solution Software must be installed / functional before the Firmware is updated


    It appears that the printer will accomodate a wide variety of Media types .

    Paper , postcards, labels, envelopes

    The printer supports Media types in several weights / categories:

    Media Weights Supported, ADF 16 to 24 lb
    Media Weights Supported, ADF 60 to 90 g/m²
    Media Weights Supported, By Paper Path Tray 1: 16 to 47 lb Tray 2: 16 to 43 lb optional Tray 3: 16 to 43 lb Automatic duplexer: 16 to 43 lb
    Media Weights Supported, By Paper Path Tray 1: 60 to 176 g/m² Tray 2: 60 to 163 g/m² : optional Tray 3: 60 to 163 g/m² Automatic duplexer: 60 to 163 g/m²
    Media Weights Supported, Tray 1 60 to 176 g/m²
    Media Weights Supported, Tray 2 60 to 163 g/m²
    Media Weights Supported, Tray 3 Optional Tray 3: 60 to 163 g/m²

    The printer supports Custom Sizes:

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    Print Your Own Photos In Photos On Mac

    You can print photos in several standard sizes, or select a custom size. You can also print more than one photo per page using a contact sheet print format. You can print photos in black and white or in color, depending on your printers capabilities.

  • In the Photos app on your Mac, click Library in the sidebar, then select one or more photos.

    Tip: To print multiple copies of the same photo on a single page, create as many duplicates of your photo as you need, then select them all before choosing File > Print. See Duplicate a photo.

  • Choose File > Print.

  • In the print options, select a format from the list on the right.

    The preview area on the left shows the look of your printed photos.

    With some formats, such as Custom and Contact Sheet, you can resize the printed photos. Other options, such as for repositioning photos, choosing an aspect ratio, or setting margins, appear depending on the format you select.

  • Choose a printer and select any necessary printer settings.

  • Specify print options in the Print dialog, then click Print.

  • Printing A Photo On Hp Advanced Photo Paper

  • Load the photo paper into the input tray. Consult your printer user guide for specific steps to load photo paper.
  • Open the photo that you want to print, and then click Print.The Print dialog box opens.
  • Under the Printer/Name section, click your printer name from the drop-down list.
  • Select the paper size you loaded in the tray from Paper Size menu.
  • Select HP Advanced Photo Paper from the Paper Type menu.
  • Under Print Quality, click Best.HP recommends selecting Best when printing with HP Advanced Photo Paper.
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    Make Windows Photo Viewer As Default

    You require setting Windows Photo as Default if you are engaged in printing occupation and work with multiple pictures repeatedly. Apart from this, until you set it as default you may not find Windows Photo Viewer in the sub menu when you put your mouse pointer on Open with on right click context menu. See how you can do this

    • Jointly hit Win+I and at the enlarged Settings app on the screen click on System block, the choice in the beginning.
    • In the left sidebar area of System, you require pressing Default apps.
    • In the right segment, perform a click just below Photo viewer where you notice another app is existing
    • Above action opens a pop up having a list of 3 or 4 apps, hit on Windows Photo viewer.

    Using Airprint To Print Various Photo Sizes

    Cannot print 5x7 photos

    AirPrint makes it very easy to print photos from your iOS device to an AirPrint capable printer. But because the Photo app doesnt offer a paper size selection it gives the impression that it can only print photos at one size. This is not the case and printing different size photos is very easy.

    In order to print a photo from within the Photo app choose the photo and then tap the action icon located in the lower left of the display.

    Tapping Print will show the print panel. For most printers there will only be a single option: the number of copies to print.

    So, how to change the printed photo size? The answer is simple, just change the photo paper in your printer.

    Using our HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One as an example

    we usually have 4×6 photo paper loaded in the printers photo tray. When we print from the iOS Photo app the photo is printed on to the 4×6 paper scaled up to completely fill the paper.

    In order to print 5×7 photos we just load 5×7 photo paper in to the Photosmart and print again. Theres no need to change any settings on the iOS device. AirPrint works with the printer, sees that there is 5×7 photo paper loaded, and prints a 5×7 full-bleed photo.


    In order to properly adapt to a change in the loaded photo paper size the printer needs to have the necessary sensors. Some low end printers do not have these sensors and they always try to print 4×6 photos. The HP printers that include photo trays do include the required sensors.

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    Won’t Position 5×7 Photo Paper To Print Correctly

    01-18-201801:21 PM

    C309g-m printer

    Printing 5×7 prints after changing ink and installing new software from HP website.

    Printed the first one fine, every one after that has lined up wrong to print the image correctly, and no two are alike.

    Only the bottom half of the image prints on the top half of the page. 4×6 prints are printing fine.

    I’m printing through a USB connection from a dell desktop computer.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software/drivers, this did not fix the problem.

    The top image is the whole picture, the bottom image is what prints.

    Hi ,

    Good Day. Thank you for posting your query in the HP community. I read the post regarding issues with printing photos on 5 X 7 photos. I will be delighted to assist you here.

    Superb description and spectacular troubleshooting and commendable diagnosis of the issue before posting. Kudos to you for that.

    For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this:

    • Did you uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers?
    • Did you try making copies of images using 5 X7 paper size directly from the printer?

    For now, try these steps:

    Please make 2 copies of images using the same size photo paper directly from the printer without any communication from the computer.

    If it copies correctly simply uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers by following these steps:

    Also check this link:

    Take care and have a blessed week ahead.


    Hi ,

    For now, try these steps:

    Activate Windows Photo Viewer

    Before you initiate the Print regarding operations it is reasonable to obtain Windows Photo Viewer, hence, perform a click on -> WPV.

    • After the downloading process ends up, make a right click and choose Extract files.
    • Open the extracted folder, do a double-click on the item placed inside it and this will complete the rest job.
    • Now copy the command written underneath

    rundll32.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscreen

    • Strike the combination of Win+R at a time, paste the copied command into provided area and click on Enter.
    • You notice that the awaited Photo viewer has arrived on your Screen.

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    Select A Default Image Viewing App

    This is a simpler method that assumes you already have the photo stored on your computer. However, it requires configuring Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewing app on your PC. Without this config, Windows Photo Viewer will not appear under the Open With menu when you right-click on an image with your mouse. But how can you achieve this?

    Double press the Win+I keys, a dialog box will appear. Next, click on the System menu, the first option from the left. Next, on the bottom left side of the screen, click on Default apps. Next, click on the photo viewer and select Windows Photo Viewer as the default image opening app.

    Loading 5 X 7 Inch Paper In The Hp Photosmart 7260 And 7450 Printers

    Printing Photos with Windows Photo Viewer | HP Printers | HP

    note:The photo paper cassette cannot be installed when printing on paper loaded in the in tray.

  • Lift the main cover of the printer, and slide the paper width guide as far to the left as it will go.
  • Lift the Out-tray and place a stack of paper in the In-tray.
  • Load the paper with the side to be printed facing down.
  • Load paper in the portrait orientation with the shortest edge feeding into the printer.
  • Do not use too much or too little paper. It may be difficult for the printer to pick up a sheet of paper when there are only one or two sheets in the in tray.
  • Use one type and size of paper at a time. Do not mix paper types or sizes in the In-tray.
  • Push the paper into the printer as far as it will go without bending.
  • Lower the Out-tray.
  • Adjust the paper width guide to fit snugly against the edge of the paper without bending the paper. The paper width guide holds the paper straight as it feeds into the printer.
  • Close the main cover.
  • note:The 7260 and 7450 printers support 5×7 media only when printing from a computer with the printer software installed.

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