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How To Make Money With A 3d Printer

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Creates Props For Movies

How to Make Money with a 3D Printer

Big fan of movies? This could be a really high-tech way to generate income. Movies have extremely realistic props that are loved by their hard-core fans. However, you can create those props and sell online.

But, before doing this you will have to check the legalities of selling props. It may differ from one Game/Movie to another. You wont believe but a fan would be willing to pay high prices for famous character props. So, create an amazing and sell it online.

Pros of 3D Prinitng

  • Should Stay Updated with the Trend
  • Time Consuming

Dont Lie Dormant With Your Creative Abilities

You should be thinking up new ideas daily and implementing them to see if you can truly create helpful items that give people value. This can range from items that you personally think will work, to ideas that you might think of through normal conversations with people throughout your day.

For example, if one of your friends complains about how he always drops an item of his, you can design a stand or an anti-movement product that solves this issue. Its these small things that put you in that entrepreneurial mindset that keeps you ahead of the curve.

Invest In Companies Related To 3d Printing

3D printing has grown in this century, and analysts project that 3D companies will continue to grow. The entire industry is worth several billions of dollars, and that is just projected to rise.

Even if you dont own a printer or dont have any idea about how to operate one, you could still make money from it by investing in companies that created 3D printers and related services and products. You could buy stocks or shares in these companies and wait for the dividends.

Before choosing the company to invest in, though, it is expected that you carry out due diligence, doing a lot of research to know the best options.

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D Printed Slippers & Flip

The concept of 3D printed flip flops is one of the most random concepts in the market. Slippers? Really?

Youll be surprised by the number of people who are willing to pay money just to buy a customized, ultra-comfortable pair of flip flops to use in their daily lives. It makes sense though, foot pain is one of those things that everyone deals with at one point or another.

Flip flop manufacturers usually mass-produce their products in uniform. The lack of customization causes discomfort to wearers since we all have different sizes, shapes, and builds on our body. This is also the reason why worn-in flip flops are more comfortable to use after some wear and tear as it accommodates the real form of the feet.

But with 3D printing slippers, you can create a pair of flip flops that takes the shape, size, volume, and curves of the wearers feet right away. Its easy to get materials that would offer immediate comfort.; With the variety of materials that can be used, customers can also opt for a more durable or more comfortable option based on their preference. Users also reported that customized flip flops improved their posture and feel better overall than mass-manufactured ones.

In addition, creating a digital 3D design of your feet can be done via a tap in your smartphone, which makes the process easier and more convenient. Customers can also submit any custom designs that they want, so you can have an Avengers-themed, Game of Thrones-themed, or any theme that you want.

Architecture And Building Archetypes

How to Make Money With 3D Printing  Hackster Blog

Today most prototypes for buildings and other architectural designs are made on 3D printing. It becomes easy for the stakeholders to evaluate the designs and make a decision based on a variety of factors.

Most of these archetypes play an important role in the approval process, as they provide a conceptual idea for a possible implementation.

Some of the architectural and construction archetypes include such large buildings as shopping malls, smart homes, and other structures such as highways and bridges, among others.

This sector is growing enormously, making it one of the most important things you can make and sell using 3D printing technology.

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Educate: Share Your Skills With Others

You may not find many people who will be interested to learn 3D printing. However, the numbers can increase if you can generate little curiosity by spreading awareness.

The 3D printing concept is not very popular with locals, as they are unaware of the benefits. Moreover, there are very few sources to learn 3D printing. Which however will give you the upper hand in your city.

Advertising yourself on various social media platforms will grab you a lot of attention. You can also offer classes online or can make arrangements for a regular class.

These simple advertising steps will spread awareness, and curiosity to learn. Moreover, you can teach others how this technology can help them earn. The business may take some time to establish but will be very productive if you have the skills to train others.

The truth is, it is easy to sell skills than selling end products. In addition, it is a respectable niche. So, go for it if the option interests you.

Start A 3d Design Service

Now, you may be good at creating 3D models and enjoy that more than printing, or better yet, you may not have a printer, but you can make some killer designs. The good news is, you can still make money by starting a 3D design service.;

3D modeling is not easy, and theres a learning curve before you can design something good, from learning how to use the modeling software to putting in the hours and having a creative eye. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to get to a point where you put out good 3D designs.;

Offering this service serves a community of enthusiasts and clients who have a vision but dont know how to bring it out. You can work with clients to create 3D models for them, or you can create 3D models and list them on an online marketplace for sale.;

Some of the best marketplaces to sell 3D models online include Cults3D, Turbosquid, CGtrader, MyMiniFactory, Skrimarket, and Pinshape.;

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You Will Have To Keep Motivated To Thrive

It will take time to start making money. You have to spend time in designing your product, printing it, post-processing, taking pictures of it, then appealing to the buyer enough for them to purchase.

This is more a personal journey where youll be making your own product in house. The way to come up with a product is by looking at where there are gaps in the market, meaning where is there a high amount of demand and a low supply.

If you hit a few of these gaps and market properly to your target audience, you can really make a good amount of money.

Once you are more established, you can reinvest your profits into more 3D printers and better material so you can boost your profits even more. When you hit a good rhythm of orders, prints and deliveries, you can really expand and look to move things into a certified business.

Its important to not put all of your eggs into one basket when it comes to ideas. Many ideas wont work as well as you think, so you need to be willing to fail, and try again, but not at a high cost.

Instead of jumping all in, simply try the idea on the surface with a few resources and see how far you can get it.

You should be able to see a decent potential to make money before using too many resources in an idea that may not work.

You wont be successful with every idea, but the more experience you have, the more likely you will be to hit that golden idea.

Can You Make Money 3d Printing A Few Tips On How To Do So

Make Money with 3D Printing in 2020 – 6 Ways 6 Tips

Once you have mastered the art of 3D printing, it is only natural to wonder if you can make money from it. After all, who would not want to share and financially benefit from their creations?

With some patience and hard work, a little experience in e-commerce, and a trusty 3D printer, you can easily turn your favorite hobby into a money-making venture.

3D printing is a fantastic creative outlet, and as they say, the best jobs are the ones you love. In this article, we have compiled some helpful knowledge and tips for making money from your 3D prints.

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Understanding Your Target Audience And Potential Clients

Once you get that first customer, its important to make a great initial impression so you can enjoy a stream of new customers through future referrals. You can rely on that customer to market your services through word of mouth as you look for the next.

Lucky for you, some marketplaces can help you source for customers. All you need to do in these market places is register as a printer service provider and start marketing your 3D Printing Designs in an online shop.

Most of the platforms accessible to you are free to use. Some even offer guides and a framework that you can use to price and print out your models. The only challenge is that you will have to pay a small percentage of the money you make from the service.

What 3d Printing Software Do I Need

3D printers on there own are not very useful unless you are capable of creating a blueprint for what it needs to create. To make this blueprint or 3D model, you will need software that is compatible with your printer.

Many printers will read STL or VRML filetypes to produce items so ensure your software if has these outputs.

Note: You should always examine the instruction manual for your printer to know which filetype is required so that you can purchase the correct software.

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What Are Intellectual Property Rights

If you are in the business of creating, you will be happy to know that your creations will be protected by law, preventing others from using and making money off your hard work. Of course, that goes both ways, and you need to ensure that you are not infringing upon someone elseâs rights with your designs and products.

There are four types of IP rights. Though it can get complicated, it is crucial to be aware of their intricacies so that you can avoid severe legal problems. Here are the basics of each type of intellectual property and how they apply to a prospective seller of 3D prints like yourself.

Design The 3d Prints For Sale To Customers

How To Make Money With 3D Printing?

The cheapest way to start a business is by selling 3D printed designs. That way, you dont even have to buy a 3D printer.

3D design is a somewhat complex task. Even the owners of 3D printers sometimes struggle with designing their own 3D files. And always ready to pay for those who are good at designing.

You dont even have to set up your own website to get started right away. There are many online channels through which you can sell your 3D designs to direct customers online. That way, you can start earning right away.

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Sell Your 3d Printing Designs

Making money with 3D printing isn’t only limited to running your 3D printer 24 hours a day. You can also make money from selling 3D models!

This might be hard if you don’t have any design skills. You can either learn or hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork.


  • You can make money while you sleep
  • More scaleable than running a 3D printing business


  • Getting traction might be hard
  • You need to spend a lot of time with community support/marketing your 3D model.
  • Can be very competitive if you don’t come up with an original design
  • You can’t sell copyrighted designs
  • Chances of people stealing your design and reposting/reselling them.

Patreon Business Model

Here’s how it works. People pay you an X amount every month for you to publish 3D models for them.

This business model is very popular among the tabletop miniature community.

The above picture is from LordOfThePrint‘s Patreon. They’re one of the popular designers focused on building 3D designs for tabletop gaming. They currently have 1,933 subscribers as of this writing. Assuming only 5% of that is merchants, that’s $3,866 of monthly recurring revenue!

Take this WallStreetBets 3D model by ChaosCoreTech for example. We spent $50 to have the rights to sell their design for a month. Imagine having 10 Etsy sellers wanting to sell your 3D model. That’s have $500 of passive income every month for a few hours of design work!

Merchants/Etsy sellers are great target to sell your 3D models to because:

Designing Your Own Prints

If you are a designer and have skills to create your own prints, check out this article on our site, its about 3D Printing for graphic designers.

Actually designing your own models requires advanced 3D modeling skills. However, as a beginner you probably dont have any 3D Graphic design skills. Thats not a problem to be able to get started printing 3D items. You can scan items around your home, adjust right in the app, and print them out with the 3D Catch App. You can also use;low-cost services like Fiverr;where 3D model designers can create the print you need for you. Check it out, you can;get it done for only $5;depending on who you choose to do it.

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Create Movie Prop Recreations For Fandoms

Selling movie props is a serious market. Many fans are willing to pay top dollar for quality 3D prints of their favorite prop. If you have the skills, and equipment, to print high ticket, quality models, then this could be the market for you.

Printing props can be work worth thousands, even tens of thousands, depending on the client. For people who pursue trying to get something like this made, they often do not care about the price, they care about the quality and accuracy of the print.

So, if you can show clients that you can print to their specifications, and show examples of quality prints youve produced before, then youre now able to set a price that is truly worth your time.

Producing these props will require some skill, and perhaps even close to industry grade equipment .;

The 3D printed items can be fun. Ever wanted to print a full-sized Blade Runner car? There is a client for that.

Perhaps youve always dreamed of making an expensive full Iron Man suit print? There is, without a doubt, a client for that.


  • Can work with some exciting designs and create some high-end 3D printed models.
  • The work is often lucrative.
  • Allows you to employ some of the highest-grade materials, and methods, to print a model. Something that may not have been feasible on your personal budget.
  • The work is fun. Youre connecting with excited fans and bringing their dreams to life. You get to enjoy seeing someone really appreciate your work.


Sell Printed Products Directly

Make Money 3D Printing in 2021 | Over $100K Per Year

If you are already printing products yourself, and have an existing design that may appeal to others, then you can sell your products directly. This is different from the 3D printing service because youre selling 3D printed items and not just services.

Selling is often done through Esty or other e-commerce platforms. Theres real money to be made if you have social media marketing skills because theres a lot of interest in made crafts.;

Printing products directly for the customer can come in many forms, depending on what you like printing. A good example is how many airsoft players will print custom airsoft equipment and sell it to others, or how some on sites like Esty will print miniatures of popular games, character figurines, and even mugs.

The possibilities are endless, and only limited by your own creativity. Depending on what you enjoy printing, there may be a market for that product just waiting to be taken advantage of. Keep in mind that youre not the only one with your interests.;

A good tip for anybody looking to sell their products directly: Consider your niche, your target audience, and how to reach them. And remember to take product photos of everything you make for those photos on your online shop.

Will airsoft players be looking at Etsy? Unlikely. So, make sure to always build a storefront around the people who would want to buy 3D printed products. Cosplay costumes and props are popular in the 3D printing ecosystem.



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Selling 3d Print Models

If you get far enough into 3D printing you may be interested in learning how to create models and sell the prints as digital products. There are tutorials online teaching how to create 3D models if you are interested. In order to seamlessly sell your digital products, we highly recommend Ecwid eCommerce. This platform facilitates the sales of digital goods! And Ecwid integrates Amazon, eBay, Instagram and Facebook so you can sell in multiple places across the web. We have an awesome passive income resource on eCommerce for beginners, check it out.

D Printers The Business Opportunities

It is important to understand that, if you have a working idea of what you want to offer or sell, and you have done the market research and are ready to commit yourself to the fulfillment of your vision, then 3D printers will no doubt enable you, with all their potential, in achieving just that.

Be it a startup manufacturing businesses, prototyping, designing services, or niche uses such as fashion, food, construction or even medicine and bio-printing. 3D Printers have merely served as tools to fulfill the design wishes of their users. Detailed below are the ways one may profit from 3D printers.

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