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How To Make Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink

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Epson Printer Common Problems While Printing

EPSON XP-640 wont PRINT in BLACK without COLOR INK

The following are common problems faced by users of the Epson printer while printing. In this section, these problems will be highlighted, and solutions to these problems will be provided.

01. Clogged nozzle

This problem is very common with Epson printers. It is easy to know if your printer is faced with this type of problem.

Once the nozzle is clogged, your prints start coming out unclear, unfinished or imperfect and affected by streaked lines.

When any of these identified signs are perceived, it is important to get your printer checked for a clogged nozzle.

This problem cant be avoided, you can only manage it. Once the ink residue dries off and is retained in the nozzle, then clogging is bound to occur.


Whenever you perceive a drop in the link level, it is important to get the cartridges replaced. A replacement is known to be a perfect solution to preventing the ink residue from drying off in this area .

Dont be surprised if you still experience clogging even after the replacement of the cartridges. Other reasons may lead to the clogging of the nozzles.

If you dont operate your printer regularly and if you hardly switch off your printer, clogging is inevitable. Once you dont make use of your printer from time to time, the ink dries up.

To put this under check, you can just turn on the printer occasionally. This helps to initiate a small cleaning round which allows the ink to flow.

02. Paper Jam


03. Paper gap


04. Ink low


Is The Cartridge Really Empty And How Does The Printer Know

The funny thing about computers is that sometimes we think that there is a really complicated technology behind it, but its basically just zeros and ones. An example with printers is this, when you buy a cartridge, this cartridge comes with a chip on its back. The chip is being read by the printer and is signaling him hey, look, Im new, and heres a certain number of pages I can print, which, for the sake of this article, is 300 pages and now the process goes like this:

  • The black ink cartridge has a chip
  • The chip signals the printer that it has ink for around 300 pages
  • You connect the printer to the computer and install the drivers/its software.
  • The computer is sending the print jobs to the printer
  • The printer software is calculating the amount of pages from a certain color
  • The printer software is deducting the amount of printed pages from the number of the available pages.
  • Once the software figures out that you printed out 150 pages of black text, it tells you that the ink cartridge is at 50%.
  • Finally, as you probably figured it out, once the software calculates around 290 to 299 of printed pages, it tells you that there is no ink, but
  • There is still ink for a few pages left, which is used for the print head and regular printer cycles and is not available for actual printing.
  • Few Other Steps To Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer

    Understanding the criticality of the concern and to make things easy for you, here in this part of the blog, we have listed few other steps on How to Print Without Black Ink on Epson Printer?. These are some of the easiest steps that you can perform on your own without any external support:

    Step 1: Start the process by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Printers and Devices.

    Step 2: Choose Epson Printer > Properties.

    Step 3: Now, under the Ink Set option, choose Black Colour.

    Step 4: Hit the color settings option and press Apply.

    So, these were the steps by which you can print any document, file, or anything without using Black ink on Epson Printer. All these steps are mentioned after complete research and testing. Thus, you can try out these steps and fix this issue at your home.

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    A Simple Trick To Save Black Ink While Printing Large Print Jobs

    Hello fellow reader, do you see the difference in this color text in comparison to the above? No? Well, its because I put a dark blue color on it.

    Some websites call it the ultimate hack for printing!!11 but its just basic knowledge. If youre having a large project and a low black ink cartridge, just turn the text in to dark blue, dark green or dark brown, its going to combine shades of the color cartridges and spare you problems in the middle of a print job.

    The best thing, if you do it probably, its not going to be noticeable at all, but there is a downside it doesnt work with powerpoint presentations and PDF files, since you cant edit those. Ok, now since we solved this, lets go to the first solution, which is how to print without black ink on an Epson printer, lets start!

    Canon Printer Wont Print Black Without Color Ink

    How To Print Without Black Ink Epson

    Set Grayscale in Print Options

  • Make sure the print job is canceled. When the Epson Status Monitor status appears click Cancel or Stop.
  • Load plain paper in the tray.
  • Click File.
  • Select the appropriate Quality Option settings.
  • Select Plain or Envelope as the Type setting.
  • Choose the Grayscale checkbox in Print Options.
  • Click OK to close the printer settings window.
  • Now try to print your file to see if the Epson printer can only print in Black and White. Epson Status Monitor will appear on your computer screen, simply click Print in Black to print with black ink.

    Note that, according to Epson, this workaround will only work on SX420W/SX425W/NX420 series printer. If you have a different model, give it a try to see if it works.

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    Do Aftermarket Ink Cartridges Cause Printhead Problems

    No, they do not. Printhead problems can happen regardless if you use original or aftermarket ink cartridges. Its possible to get a defective unit whether or not youre using an original or aftermarket cartridge. Apart from the cartridge, there are other factors to consider as well such as how long your printer has been sitting unused or the temperature in the room where you keep your printer.

    If all else fails, it might be time to get a new printer. And dont forget to recycle your printers! Printers not printing in black is a somewhat common problem, especially for older machines. Let us know if you have found any other quick fixes when troubleshooting your printer, we will gladly include them here!

    Set Grayscale Print Properties

    note:These steps vary by software, program, and operating system.

  • In your software application, click File > Print to open the Print window.
  • Select your printer from the list of available printers.
  • Click the Features tab, click the Grayscale drop-down menu, and then click Black Ink Only.

    note:To use even less black ink, select the Draft setting.

  • note:When you print in color, you must turn off the grayscale setting in the Printer Properties, Options, Printer Setup, Printer, or Preferences window.

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    How To Print Without Black Ink Printing Tips And Guideline

    Last Updated On By Peter

    Once in a while, everyone had faced this situation having some urgent work. And the printer cartridges run out of black ink. No doubt, this situation is very frustrating. The situation became more critical when you dont have spare time to replace the cartridges. Do not worry anymore I have a solution for you that will help you to finish the urgent tasks without replacing the ink cartridges. We are here to answer your question, that is how to print without black ink? Yes, this is possible. You can get the black printouts with the remaining color inks. Lets step forward to know how the user can do it?

    What Is Composite Printing

    How to Print Using Only the Black Ink Cartridge

    No, this isnt 3D printing although that would be an awesome way to print!

    Composite printing deals with achieving the different levels of black colors by combining different colors.

    There are various black colors that can be printed with modern composite printers:

    • 100% black this just uses straight-up black ink
    • Overprint black this is black ink used over various background colors
    • Enriched blacks

    The first two black colors are pretty easy to understand, but the enriched blacks need their own section to break down and discuss in more depth.

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    How To Make Epson Print Without Black Ink In Windows

    For printing without black ink in windows, follow the following procedure:

  • First of all, you have to stop the printing queue before initiating this process.
  • Then move to the control panel and press the option of Printers & Devices.
  • Now you have to select the printer brand which you are using.
  • Then open the drop-down menu by clicking on it and click on the properties.
  • Afterward, move to the ink set and select any other color.
  • Then apply it by clicking on the color setting option.
  • After this setting, the cartridges of various colors will be combined to make the black color. It is a very easy way of replacing the black ink, and you can use it whenever your printer runs out of black ink.

    As soon as that document will come out of the printer, check its color. If you dont like the newly made black color than you can mix up various color ink cartridges to make the unique shade of black as per your requirements.

    This straightforward solution will assist you to print your urgent documents without black ink so what else you could ask?

    How To Print Epson Printer Without Black Ink

    Present-day computer users know the actual value of printers. Whether its for office use or printing your childs next morning project you always need a smart, technologically advanced printer to support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printing without creating a lot of trouble. Like HP, Brother, Canon, Epson has created a ripple on the market by designing, manufacturing, and displaying some of the smartest printers in the inkjet or laserjet categories.

    Being a regular computer and printer user-you must be aware that the cartridges need to be replaced with the original cartridges soon after the ink is removed from the barrels. The original cartridges are also recommended to reduce the possibility of sophisticated printers. Try to stay miles away from refilling printers from local markets, as they may be threatening your amazing printers.

    If you ever notice that the black ink cartridge needs to be replaced now that youre in the middle of a dangerous job, you can use the color cartridges as monochromes without having to face a lot of trouble. You can also consider following the same step-if you fall short of cash but want to print with an existing cartridge. Know how to print Epson printer without black ink here.

    Check the steps given below, follow them and use the remaining ink for the next set of monochrome printing

    When your Epson Printer is running out of black ink, these are the most straightforward steps to run the printer in a monochrome.

    For Windows users

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    Why Is My Printer Printing In Black And White Instead Of Color

    First, check your printer settings on the file or picture your trying to print. If your page is setup to print in grayscale it will only print in black and white. Change the setting to default so it will print in color. If your settings look good from the start, the cartridge may just need to be primed.

    How To Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer

    How To Print Without Black Ink In Epson Printers [Solved ...

    How to Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer? Printers have become an essential part of everyones life. Whether it is your personal use, office use, or your childs school project, you always require a technically sound and advanced printer to accomplish these tasks. Like any other brand, Epson has taken the electronic gadget market by storm by coming up with perfectly crafted and technologically well-versed printing gadgets. Now, imagine a situation where your Epson printers run out of black ink and you are in the middle of printing a crucial document, weird situation to be in right? Dont worry, if you are looking for How to Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer?, then we have got you all covered up.

    All the regular printer users are familiar with the fact that you need to use the original ink cartridges for printing and old cartridges need to be replaced as soon as they are empty. But at times, refilling the black ink cartridges or getting a new one from the store can become a daubing task. In such a situation, it is advised to print without black ink. Through this blog, we will discuss How to Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer?

    For more information, talk to our experts by calling at 800-742-9005 or write us an email at

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    How To Make An Epson Printer Print Without Black Ink Find The Solution

    Gregory Waller 0

    It is frustrating beyond words to realize at the very last moment that the printer has no ink! If it has happened to you, you will know what we mean. It is even worse when you need a print urgently and discover that your Epson printer has run out of ink.

    Thankfully for all of us, this irritating problem has a solution! Yes, printing without black ink is indeed possible, and we are here to tell you just how you can do that. The trick is to print in monochrome instead of black ink. How do we do that, you ask? Follow our lead!

    Print Black & White On Mac

    • In the Mac devices, the first step is similar to windows in that the user has to stop the printing queue
    • Go to the print driver settings and find the Permit temporary black printing option.
    • After selecting the permit, temporary black printing goes to the print settings and selects media typesetting.
    • Now, select plain paper and grayscale in the media type settings menu.
    • Apply the changes in settings by clicking on the OK button.

    By following these easy steps, you do not have to wait for cartridge replacement to arrive. Still, you can continue to .

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    S Toprint Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer In Mac

    If you are a Mac user and wanted to print any file without using black ink, then this section is for you. Here, in this section of the blog, we will highlight How to Print Without Black Ink On An Epson Printer?. All you need to do is adhere to the below-mentioned steps in the exact same manner as mentioned and make sure not to skip anything in between to get the best outcome. Here are the steps to accomplish this job:

    Step 1: Cancel all printing jobs

    Step 2: Navigate to Epson Printer Utility.

    Step 3: Open Dialog Box.

    Step 4: Now, below Driver settings, look for Permit Temporary Black Printing.

    Step 5: Once done, go to Epson Printer Settings > Choose the Plain Papers as media typesetting.

    Step 6: Select Greyscale > press Ok > Run Print.

    Can You Print Without Black In Hp

    Epson XP 440 Won’t Print Without Color Ink And My Recommendation

    HP printer didnt allow its user for doing this. You cannot when the cartridge is full empty. You can change the settings for less consumption. So, that if you have less black ink in the cartridge, hp allows you to print more documents in black. You can change the settings for less consumption by selecting the grayscale option in the printer settings.

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    So Its Easy We Just Kill The Chip Which Signals The Amount Of Pages Right

    Well, not quite right. There are tens and hundred thousands of printer models out there, and there are thousand variations of chips, cartridge designs and sizes, so getting a universal method to work with all of them is not possible, but there are ways though. I explained on how to reset Epson cartridges in this article here: How To Reset Epson Ink Cartridges?, but other manufacturers can make it quite hard.

    For an example, there are a lot of DIY videos on how to mask the chip so that the printer cant read it, one of the examples is Andrew who showed how to take out a Brother cartridge and mask it so that the printer can read it again, you can check the photos below or watch the video under this link.

    But basically, there are several unsupported ways on how to do it, but you are taking a risk, because you dont actually know how much ink you have in a cartridge which indicates an empty status and you could damage your print head with these methods.

    Here you can see the chip on the ink cartridge which the printer uses for reading the amount of pages.

    Here you can see him putting the tape over it so that the printer cant read it.

    How To Start A New Print Job With No Black Color Ink

    This one is easy, your computer will show you a pop-up explaining that there is no black ink, and in case you have no spare cartridges near you, but need that document out as quickly as possible, then you can combine the color ink cartridges to create a special shade of black, and finish your print job with it. This solution is officially supported by Epson, so no worries, the only thing you need to do is tweak the settings a bit.

    • You first need to go to Printers & Devices in your control panel. Select your printer and right tap to open the drop down menu.
    • Tap on Properties and then tap on Color Options within the ink set field.
    • Youre going to see that the black ink is out, so you can click on the shading set choices and click Apply.

    After youre done, just start your print job and the world is back to normal.

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