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How To Make Business Cards With Printer

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Using Word Processing Software With Templates

How To Print Business Cards From Home

Many word processing programs include templates that will automatically format the page for you. If your software includes templates:

Access the Envelopes and Labels templates.

If necessary, specify the Labels templates.

In some cases, you have to set the labels left margin to .075.

Within the list of Label products youll see a Business Card template.

Follow the programs cues to print your Southworth Business Cards.

Note: These programs may require adjustment to fit the templates provided

Printing Business Cards On A Home Printer

Business cards printed on a personal printer can be just as effective if not more so than professionally printed business cards.

You can make the design your own, change it up whenever a new logo or slogan strikes you.

You can print your own business cards in small, trackable batches, include special offers, links, unique access codes you name it.

Dont be locked into the name, address, phone number format of traditional business cards.

You can use your printable business cards to create appointment reminders, calendars, recipe cards, checklists, and more.

Designing Your Own Business Card

Heres where the fun begins. Start by selecting a background for your business card from Canvas sidebar. The best business cards use simple backgrounds, so choose a solid color that reflects your brands values and identity.

In our example, weve kept things really simple. Our background is pure white no color whatsoever. Remember that its often better to keep your card minimalist and simple, as cluttered cards can be difficult to read due to information overload.

Now, lets add your name and company. In our example, weve designed a business card for an independent banker with an international presence named John Doe.

Choose Add text from the sidebar menu and add your name. Select Add subtitle text and add your title below it. From here, select Add a little bit of body text to add your contact details in this case, weve added a phone number and email.

Select your body text element and click Copy. Bring this new text element over to the right side of your card and add your social media contact information. The more options people have to contact you even via Facebook or Twitter the better.

If youd like to give the personal side of your business card some branding, select Uploads and upload your logo. In our example, weve put the Doe Investments logo right in the corner of the card to avoid taking attention away from the content.

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Make A Business Card Thats Unique And On

We know that your brand image matters to you. Thats why Canvas free business card maker makes it easy to brand your business card. Upload your logo, use your brand colors, and choose complementary fonts to showcase your brands look and feel.

Weve also got a huge library of free images, icons, and illustrations to help you customize your design further. Browse and choose exactly the right imagery you need to showcase what your brand and business are all about.

Your business card is what people will remember you by. With Canvas business card maker, youll be remembered for all the right reasons.

Printing Business Cards Through Personal Printer

Custom standard business cards, business card printing

Note: Canva recommends its users use the CMYK colors so your business card designs printer-friendly.

Step 1: On the editor page, head over to the File button on the menu bar. Click on it.

Step 2: In the dropdown menu that appears, choose the Show margins and Print bleed options. You will then see a border composed of broken lines surrounding your design pages.

Step 3: Adjust the elements inside the canvas so none of them exceeds or goes beyond the margins.

Step 4: Tap the Download button on the menu bar.

For the file type, select the PDF Print option.

Step 5: To add some guide for cutting your business cards after theyre printed, you can tick the Crop marks and bleed box.

Then, tap the Download button to begin exporting your business card design to your computer.

Step 6: After the business card files successfully saved on your device, head to the Downloads folder. Double-click on the file to open it.

Step 7: Inside the PDF reader, tap on the Print button or the Printer icon

You can also press Ctrl/Cmd + P to jumpstart the printing process.

Step 8: Select the printer model from the options that appear.

Step 9: Check the printer settings, making sure to use the 100% scale so that your business card will be printed in the correct size.

Step 10: Tap the Print button to jumpstart the printing process.

And, all you have to do now is wait for your printer to finish printing your business cards.

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Top 6 Best Business Card Printers

  • HP PageWide Pro 477dw – Solid performance
  • Choosing the right device for printing business cards is just as important as designing them. Print quality affects the overall look of your business cards and can enhance or ruin the impression of them. Below, I look at six worthy options that can provide quality business card printing.

    How To Print Business Cards In Microsoft Word

    If you are running a relatively small business, cutting down on costs is a very wise decision. You will definitely find yourself in need of business cards. Using a powerful word processing programme such as Microsoft Office Word, you can design and print your own business cards, eventually saving invaluable money. However, basic computer knowledge is a mandatory prerequisite in you plan to print your own business cards. All you will need apart from that is a computer with Microsoft Office Word installed on it, a coloured printer and a few sheets of business card quality paper.

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    Purchase Business Card Sheets

    Purchase perforated business card sheets at your local office supply retailer. You may have several color and finish options to choose from depending on the brand and sheet type carried by the retailer. Purchase and install the business card design program on your computer by following the instructions, or check your word processing program for a business card or label design template.

    How To Diy Your Own Business Card Design Using Canva

    How to make Business Cards and more Printing Tips for Digital Printers

    A great business card can open doors, help you build your personal network and set your company apart from its peers. A poor business card, on the other hand, could do the exact opposite, locking you out of potential sales and partnerships.

    Many entrepreneurs and salespeople spend hundreds of dollars designing their business cards. They hire the best designers, give them free reign to be as creative as possible and end up with a card that may not accomplish the goal of calling attention to your contact information.

    Designing a business card is surprisingly simple. The reason for this is that the most effective business cards tend to be simple. They follow the classic rules of design and ignore trends, focusing entirely on function over form and style.

    In this guide, well teach you how to design your own business card using an online design app called Canva. By the end of this post, youll have a great looking business card template that you can print and use for networking, sales and more.

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    How To Make Your Own Business Cards From Home

    These days, the field of business marketingis quick to embrace the latest ways to reach any online audience, and we often forget that offline promotion can be equally vital. Contrary to experts opinions, the physical business card is not deadâ its still a powerful tool. In certain fields and within specific age groups, these cards are a given. Even when networking in a tech-savvy environment, a unique business card can set you apart from the digital herd and make an immediate and long-lasting impression about your enterprise. And, thanks to technology, its simple to figure out how to make your own business cards from home.

    Business cards remain a key component of branding strategy and constitute a portable and professional form of advertising that you can give to anyone at any time. And yes, many business cards will get lost or tossed, but with how simple and inexpensive they are to make, you canât afford not to have some on hand. Letâs consider what type of business card is right for your enterprise and how to make your own business cards that really stand out from the pack.

    The Business Card Template

    Create a new document in Illustrator. The business cards Im used to designing come in at 88x55mm, but sizes can vary across different print firms, and of course will be created in the imperial metric system in the USA. Enter the dimensions according to your chosen printer in the width and height options, and the bleed amount below. With our cards being double sided, change the Number of Artboards option to 2. Finally, check your Color Mode is set to CMYK.

    Drag out guides and align them with the black outline of the cards . Select the bottom horizontal guide and the two left hand vertical guides then hit Enter to open the Move window. Enter 5mm in the Horizontal and Vertical fields then click OK.

    Select the remaining guides and open up the Move window once again, this time enter -5mm in the fields. Now right click the document and select Lock Guides. These guides are in place to identify a 5mm safe margin around the edge of the business card.

    Use the line tool to draw a short line with a 10% black stroke. Copy and Paste in Front , then rotate it by 90degrees. Drag a selection across both objects and drag them into the Swatches palette. Delete the two original lines left on the artboard.

    Draw a white rectangle across the first card, covering the whole template within the red bleed line. Copy and paste this rectangle, then fill the duplicate with the previously created pattern swatch. As the swatch repeats it will create a seamless grid pattern.

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    Business Card Designer Plus

    • Doesnt occupy much space
    • Fully customizable templates
    • Works with all business card styles
    • Adds a watermark in a free version
    • UI may be confusing

    Verdict: Business Card Designer Plus is a free business card program that will definitely make you enjoy the design process. It offers double-sided printing, folded cards, barcodes, and saving cards as a graphics file to use it later in other software. It supports standard letter size as well as A4 paper stock.

    To create really original and eye-catching designs, you may mix fonts, styles and text shades within one single text object. Moreover, you may display text as a bar code, an auto-increment counter or the current date and/or time.

    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    Business Cards

    During our testing, Vistaprint charged us $6 to print colors on the back of our cards, an extra cost that didnt present itself until I was already designing . The cost isnt unreasonable, but it would be nice if it were obvious up front.

    Like many services we tested, Vistaprint prints products beyond business cards. After designing your card, you can proceed directly to checkout by clicking a checkout button, but if you click a next button instead, you will be prompted with several pages of additional products, including caps, pens, car magnets, and lawn signs. If you are starting a business and want coordinated swag, that might be convenient, but if you arent, its annoying to wade through.

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    Creating Business Cards In Canva: Step

    As mentioned earlier, you dont need to fret about creating your business card in Canva as its so simple!

    Just like creating e-mail signatures in Canva, you only need to use your creativity to bring your business card design to life.

    Plus, you can always take advantage of the Canva brand kits you created to align your design with your business theme.

    So, here are the steps you need to familiarize and eventually master:

    Step 1: After logging in to your Canva account, head over to the search bar on the home page and key in Business cards.

    Step 2: Browse through the business card templates in the gallery until you find one youll use.

    Step 3: The business card template you chose earlier will then appear inside the editor page.

    Youll notice that the template comes in 2 pages. The first one is the front side, while the second one is the back one.

    You can always delete the second page if you only want a single-sided business card.

    Scroll down and select the photo youd like to use as your background.

    You can also tap the Uploads button for you to upload personal images and use them for your business card design.

    Step 4: Head over to the Elements button to add graphics, icons, and even shapes to fill a particular text box with color.

    Dont forget, though, to add the logo you designed to make your business card more official or legit.

    Keep adding elements until youre satisfied with how your business card looks.

    • Business address
    • Social media accounts
    • Contact details

    Top 7 Free Business Card Software

  • Adobe Express – Access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Font
  • Jukebox – Create business cards in 5 minutes
  • Business Card Designer Plus – Supports all business card styles
  • As have been mentioned above, some business card design software provides the possibility to save the designs as a graphics file and use it later in other programs. Some business card software offers a user-friendly interface while others provide a more elaborate one.

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    Business Cards That Stay

    Your business card design is saved to your Canva account, so you can make changes when you need to.

    Changed your phone number? Moved office? Got a new title? Our business card maker takes the hassle out of changing your details. Simply open your design, click on the text and change anything you like.

    Printing Images In High Quality

    Photoshop Tutorial – Printing Business Cards At Home

    As the printer resolution is much higher, than that of the monitor, you need to use high-resolution images to make sure they come out well on printed cards. Try to use the largest possible image then the print quality will not degrade. Also, try to use vector images whenever possible. For raster images, at least 300 dpi resolution is recommended.

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    How To Create And Print Business Cards In Canva 2 Methods

    Oh! It was nice meeting you! Would you mind leaving your business card with me so we can discuss the details further?

    If youve got one with you, well and good. You simply need to hand it to your client or prospective customer.

    But, what if you dont?

    Well, you dont have to worry, as today well learn how to design and print business cards using Canva.

    Set Your Business Apart From The Competition

    Design and printing services can be very expensive, but Creative Cloud Express allows you to make your business cards for free. In just a few minutes, you can create something that will resonate with new and prospective customers. The huge range of design options available ensures your cards can be unique which is essential when youre trying to differentiate your business from the competition.

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    Best Value Option: Gotprint

    You’ll pay just over a nickel per business card on glossy stock through GotPrint.

    • Free sample kit, no credit card required

    • Limited fonts

    • No snap-to-align design tool

    Although GotPrint doesn’t offer as many fancy papers, the price for a 16pt business card is roughly $0.09 per card compared to $0.24 per card for Vistaprint. Its budget-friendly options make GotPrint the clear winner for the best value option.

    With hundreds of templates and a friendly user interface, you can pick any template and quickly customize it. Most design elements can be resized or moved, and you can add text or logo image boxes. Like other services, you can start from scratch, upload a file, or use a template. Card options include:

    • Premium shapes: Circle, leaf, half-circle, slim, wink, and oval
    • Finishes: Raised UV or foil on the front
    • Card stock: Glossy, matte, or trifecta
    • Specialty options: Rounded corners and folded business cards

    GotPrint offers plenty of print-on-demand products such as stickers, puzzles, and shirts. Professional design services start at $30. Standard 14pt business cards start at $7.70 per 100, premium 16pt cards are $9.80, and trifecta cards start at $28 for 250. You’ll pay $5 to $7 extra to print in full color or grayscale on the back of your cards. Rounded corners cost $3 extra while raised foil or UV adds $16.30 per 100 cards. For unusual shapes like circles or ovals, pricing starts at $26.70.

    Fighting The Printing Offset On Inkjet Printers

    Business Cards Printing

    Inkjet printers have a nasty habit of slightly zooming the print output. For this reason each next row of cards may be slightly offset up or down with respect to the previous one. By the end of the sheet the offset may come up to 0.51 mm. This doesnt seem to happen with laser printers. How to fight this? Use the Scale field during the printer calibration process. This additional setting helps to avoid this problem.

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    Make Diy Business Cards

    When deciding how to make your own business cards, you might choose to design and print cards yourself. To do this, youâll need a high-quality laser or inkjet color printer. If you own a laser printer, select a black and white template for best results. You will also need proper business card paper, either pre-perforated so you can separate each card with ease or a heavier card stock that you can carefully cut apart yourself with a ruler and a utility knife.

  • First, check that the template youâve chosen matches the layout of the paper you selected. While most pre-perforated business card paper holds 10 cards per page, they can be arranged differently. Print a test page on regular paper, and hold it up to the business card paper to ensure that the design and your paper properly align.
  • Next, set your printer to produce the highest quality results. Double-check that youâve selected in your settings the type of card paper you purchased, i.e. the proper size, type of finish, etc. If youâre printing on both sides, choose that option as well.
  • Finally, manually feed the business card paper into your printer, and print one page of cards. If you like the results, print more, but only a few pages at a time. Multiple pages might jam your printer, and you may find that printing cards quickly drains your ink and lowers the quality of the card.
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