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How To Install Toner Cartridge In Hp Printer

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Installing Non Hp Cartridges In Hp Printer

Replacing the Toner Cartridge | HP LaserJet Printers | @HPSupport

01-14-201802:06 PM

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As I understand there’s an error message – “Non-HP cartridge installed” on your printer,

Don’t worry as I’ll be glad to help, however, to provide an accurate resolution, I need a few more details:

Did you ensure its a genuine HP Ink cartridge?

Have you attempted to reset the printer?

While you respond to that, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Use genuine HP ink cartridges

HP recommends that you use genuine HP ink or toner supplies. HP cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-HP or refilled cartridges. If you do not use genuine HP cartridges, the steps in this document might not resolve the issue. To check the authenticity of your cartridges, go to

Visit HP SureSupply to check ink or toner cartridge compatibility or purchase replacement cartridges and other supplies.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to order new supplies or check cartridge compatibility with your printer.

  • You can also purchase genuine HP cartridges and supplies from other retailers.

    If using genuine HP ink cartridges resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.

    Step 2: Acknowledge the message, and then continue with the print job

    You might have to dismiss the message every time you print.

    If these steps resolved the issue, you do not need to continue troubleshooting.

    Check The Level Of Ink In The Cartridge:

    Before rushing to buy a new pair of cartridges for your printer, I recommend that you look at your ink level in advance, especially if your decision is due to less than perfect printing. : In fact, the latter may be the case. Cleaning up the headlines and/or cleaning up is enough to get everything back to normal.

    S To Install Ink Cartridges In An Hp Printer

  • Check the ink levels of the cartridges installed in your printer.
  • Take out the empty or low-level ink cartridges from the slots.
  • Purchase new ink cartridges from an HP Store.
  • Ensure that the new cartridge is genuine and compatible.
  • Unwrap the packaging and take out the new cartridge.
  • Hold the cartridge on its sides and in a slight upward angle.
  • Insert the cartridge into the appropriate slot.
  • Wait as the printer aligns the installed cartridge.
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    Insert Your New Cartridge Into The Printer

    To insert your new cartridge into the printer, hold it by its sides, then gently slide the new cartridge into place and push forward gently until it makes a clicking soundalways make sure you insert the contact side of the cartridge into the machine.

    Close up the access door and wait for the printer to initialize.

    Please note, if youre using a remanufactured cartridge and you get an error message after installation, gently clean the contact point with a Q-tip or lint-free cloth. More often than not, this will solve the error message issue.

    If youre using genuine HP cartridges, the printer will acknowledge that you are using genuine ink. However, if youre using remanufactured cartridges, you may get a message notifying you that non-genuine HP cartridges have been installed. But dont worry, this message should not prevent you from printing you should be able to print as expected .

    Can You Use Remanufactured Ink Cartridges In Hp Printers

    Replacing an Ink Cartridge in HP OfficeJet Pro 6900 ...

    Remember that printer manufacturers like HP are prohibited by law to prevent you from using compatible or remanufactured cartridges in your printer. Nevertheless, they have successfully got around the rules by devising clever systems like the cartridge protection setting, which renders generic ink cartridges useless.

    But you may prefer using generic HP ink cartridges over original HP ink cartridges as they are cheaper while generally offering comparable print results. If such is the case, disable the HP cartridge protection or trick HP ink cartridges using the steps above.

    Learn More:

    It will depend on what type of other ink cartridge you intend to use on your HP printer. If its a third-party or generic compatible/remanufactured ink cartridge of the same model number, then yes, it will work. Sometimes, you will encounter some error message warning indicating your use of a none-OEM ink cartridge. If this happens, just hit OK to bypass the message and continue printing using your generic ink.

    If youre using a different brand, then it wont work. You cant use Canon ink cartridges to replace HP ink cartridges and vice versa. You also cant interchange different ink cartridge models, even if they are from the same brand. Thus, you cant use HP 301 inks in an HP 304 printer even if theyll fit. The printer will display an inks not recognized message and the like, and there/s no way for you to bypass it.

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    Clean The Electric Contacts On The Toner Cartridge

  • Open the toner cartridge access door.
  • Remove the toner cartridge from its slot.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the toner cartridge contact on the top left of the toner cartridge.


    Figure : E-label on a toner cartridge

  • Insert the toner cartridge into its slot, and then close the toner cartridge access door.
  • Use The Printer With One Empty Cartridge

    The settings on your printer may allow you to print when one cartridge is empty. Numerous HP printers, however, block-printing when one cartridge is empty. Consequently, you have to purchase an ink cartridge replacement to get back to printing if your printer model doesnt allow for this. Changing your printers settings to override HPs empty cartridge blocking mechanism is the only way to override this obstacle.

    • Access the printer control panel by pressing the Menu button.
    • Using the Left and Right arrow buttons, find the Service setting and press Enter.
    • Using the Left and Right arrow buttons again, find the Restore Defaults, highlight it and then press Enter.
    • Your printer has now been reset to its original factory default settings.
    • Go to your computer and click Print from the file that you wanted to print.
    • Select the Print in grayscale option by clicking on its checkbox.
    • You can now start printing in black and white.

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    How To Program The Printer To Ignore The Ink Level

    Something else you can do is Disable Low-Ink Warnings, though this will not really get you any extra pages or print out of your printer, you will no longer see the annoying warning messages on your printer screen.

    To disable the low ink warnings:

    • The first thing you should check for is an option that says Dont Show This Again on the low ink level warning message. If there is such an option, simply check it off and you will be done. Otherwise
    • From the Start menu of your Windows computer, look for and select Printers and Faxes.
    • Find your HP Printer and right-click on its icon to select the properties menu.

    Installing A New Hp 952 Magenta Cartridge

    Installing Ink Cartridges in Your Inkjet Printer | Inkjet Printers | @HPSupport

    Replacing a depleted cartridge is fairly simple. First, gently pull the latch on the left hand side of the printer to open up the inside of the printer.

    Wait for the cartridges to center. Then, press the magenta cartridge with your fingertip. It should pop out of the cartridge carrier and you can remove it from the slot.

    Open up your new OEM HP 952 cartridge, go ahead and remove the plastic wrap the cartridge came in. These cartridges do not come with any additional tape or clips, so you can install them as-is once you remove the initial plastic wrapping. Next, install the magenta cartridge. Make sure the cartridge is facing the right way, it should slide into the machine easily.

    Press the cartridge into the slot with your fingertip and it will click into place.

    Close up the printer door.

    Your printer will display a Genuine Cartridge Installed message if you used an OEM HP 952 cartridge, and you are good to go ahead and start printing.

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    Stay Stocked On Printer Ink

    Ultimately, the best option to keep printing when your printer begins to complain and display ink errors is to have spare cartridges on hand. Staying a step ahead and keeping your home office or small business stocked with office and printing supplies is easy when you shop on Thanks to their direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, Blue Dog Ink is able to offer the lowest prices on authentic printer inks and toners.

    Ways To Save On Hp 65 Cartridges

    If you are printing on a budget, shop around for less expensive cartridge options. A set of original brand HP ink cartridges costs almost as much as the printer. You can keep costs down by switching to more affordable alternatives from a reputable supplier like LD Products to ensure you get the same quality print output as name brand cartridges. Affordable HP 65 high yield black cartridge replacements are available for just $24.99*, $26.99 for tri-color HP 65XL cartridges.

    Now that you are more familiar with the basics of HP 65 series, installing your next set of cartridges should be easy. We hope this quick guide was informative. If you have any questions or any suggestions on something you would like to see covered on the HP 65let us know!

    *Savings based on price comparison between remanufactured/compatible cartridge prices on and OEM cartridge and printer prices from Staples. All prices effective as of June 1, 2021. OEM names are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are not affiliated with, and do not endorse LD Products.

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    How To Troubleshoot Install Cartridge Error

    The problem: when trying to print an Install Cartridge error message displays on the printer control panel or computer software, or the attention light blinks on the printer. With HP color laser printers, the color of the cartridge with the issue should be indicated in the error.

    This error message indicates that a toner cartridge is not installed, not installed properly, or an obstruction is preventing the toner cartridge from being recognized.

    If the specified toner is not installed, install a toner cartridge to clear and prevent this message from displaying. If a toner cartridge is installed and the message displays, use the following steps to fix the issue.

    11. Reconnect the power cord, and then turn on the printer.If checking for and removing packing materials and paper did not resolve the issue, continue to the next step.

    Step 2: Check the printer for additional jammed paperJammed paper or debris might cause the error message. Checking other areas in the printer where jammed paper occurs might resolve the error message. For detailed instructions on clearing a paper jam from your printer, check your owners manual or go to HP Customer Support. Type your printer model, and then search for paper jam under the Troubleshooting tab.If you did not find a paper jam or clearing any excess paper did not resolve the issue, continue to the next step.

    How Laserjet Pro Printers Replace The Toner Cartridge

    How to Install and Replace Ink Cartridge in HP DeskJet ...

    Have you been contemplating replacing the toner cartridge? Here, we are going to emphasize it in a detailed manner. Let us check it out.

    An EO message would be displayed and also there would be an attention light blinking on the printer control panel if you do have an HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26a Printers.

    Moreover, there would be a message saying Cartridge is Low or a Cartridge is Very Low if you have an HP LaserJet Pro MFP M26nw, M127fs, M127fw, M128fn, M125a, M125nw, M125r, M125ra, M125rnw, M126a, M126nw, M127fn, M128fp, M128fw printers.

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    Why Your Hp Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridge

    HP has launched what is called a cartridge protection setting on its genuine ink cartridges. This system locks original ink cartridges into a specific printer so you wont be able to use them with a different printer. If you own an HP OfficeJet Pro 251dw printer and decide to purchase a brand new HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 ink printer that uses the same HP 950 and 951 cartridges, you wont be able to use these cartridges in the new printer since they are locked to your old one. With that being said, you wont be able to refill, recycle, or remanufacture the cartridges for use in a different printer because HP and its cartridge protection system wont allow it.

    Save More! Buy Compatible Ink Cartridges for your HP Printer!

    HP OfficeJet Pro 251dw
    HP OfficeJet Pro 8600

    How Do I Know If It Is Time To Replace My Cartridge

    Most printers will notify you with an alert on the display when your ink is low and when it is time to replace your cartridge or refill your ink. For older models that don’t have this function, broken text and white streaks on prints indicate that it’s time to swap for a new cartridge. Install new cartridges immediately after removing the old ones. You should only remove the cartridges when you are ready to replace them to avoid drying out the nozzles.

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    Procedure To Install Ink Cartridges In An Hp Printer

    • When you find that the ink levels in the cartridges are low or empty, or any problem with any installed cartridges, replace that cartridge with a new one. Before going to purchase a new cartridge, learn about the cartridges and buy the cartridges that suit your printer model. Ink cartridges may vary according to various printer model and also based on the Country/Region.
    • Contact an HP Store or reliable local retail shop to buy a genuine new ink cartridge. After purchasing a new cartridge, load some paper on the main paper tray of your printer to print the alignment page. Uncover the ink cartridge from the packaging.
    • Place your finger on the sides of the cartridge and hold it. Remove the orange or yellow tape on the cartridge surface. In some cartridges, twist the colored tab and remove it. Be cautious not to touch the copper electrical contacts or any other parts of the cartridge because it may affect the print quality.
    • Take the ink cartridge that you need to replace from the slot after opening the cartridge access door. Press the cartridge slightly inwards to remove it from the slot. Place the removed cartridge in a container.
    • Now take the new replacement cartridge and shake it slowly to get the ink particles to mix up well.

    How To Change Ink On Hp Printer

    How To Replace The Toner Cartridge On An HP LaserJet Printer (P1102w)

    When you change ink on HP printers, the process is the same for all printer models. The only difference is the space where you load your ink cartridges. For some HP printers, it can be on the front or below the paper output tray. Check the different HP printers below to locate the space of your ink cartridges. Note that not all printer models are listed you can simply check if the sample printer resembles what you are using.

    HP OfficeJet 6700 HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 HP Photosmart 6520

    Once you have identified where the cartridges are, follow the step-by-step instructions on putting ink in an HP printer.

    Step 1: Ensure that your printer is on.

    Step 2: Open the printer cover and the ink cartridge access door.

    Step 3: If you are installing the ink cartridge on a brand new printer, be sure to remove the black tape found at the top of the cartridge with the label PULL before installing.

    Step 4: Take the new ink out of the packaging. Remove the plastic protective case and bright-colored cartridge tape.

    Step 5: If you are replacing empty ink cartridges, be sure to remove the old cartridges before starting. Press the front of the empty cartridge to release it. Remove it from the slot.

    Step 6: Follow the color patterns when installing the new cartridges. Push it into the correct slot.

    Step 7: Do not touch the gold contact points to avoid damaging the cartridge.

    Step 8: Repeat the same steps for each ink cartridge.

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    Replace An Hp Printer Cartridge In Macos

    If youre using a Mac, press the icon in System Preferences attached to the pier gear ) and then click on Printers and scanners residents on the proposed panel. Once working, select the printer you want to test for the level of residual ink from the left bar of the configuration panel, press the button Options and Supplies, and then click on the tab Surface and Supply Cartridge Filling Status To see.

    If you can not, thus, complete the operation, press card General, then on the button to open the printers web page and press the button estimated ink levels associated with opening the Safari window on the screen. Also, in this case, the window displays valuable indications about the model of the consumables installed on the device.

    Why You Want To Disable Hp Cartridge Protection

    It makes no sense to have such a restrictive cartridge system. Some of the reasons why you may want to disable the HP cartridge protection include:

    • Youll be prohibited to use refilled or remanufactured HP ink cartridges
    • You wont be able to use the ink cartridges on a new printer if they have already been loaded to your old one.
    • You cant recycle your ink cartridges which means they will end up as trash once they are empty
    • HPs cartridge protection setting can sometimes work against brand new genuine or started cartridges as reported by some users.

    Fortunately, theres a way to disable HP cartridge protection and make generic ink cartridges work on your printer. And the good news is its relatively easy to do on your own even without any technical know-how.

    Learn More:

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