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How To Install Brother Printer Without Cd

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Configure The Printer To Your Network

How to Install a Printer Without The CD/DVD Driver [Tutorial]

Having the drivers installed is really only step one. Most printers are on wireless networks these days, working with multiple computers or devices that simply don’t plug into the printer, and the printer is not always hard-wired into the wireless router. Configuring the Brother printer to your network is essential for proper functioning.

Gather the wireless network information, including the network name and passwords. The network name is also referred to as the SSID. Passwords are sometimes referred to as network keys or encryption keys. This information is located on a sticker at the base of the wireless router. You will also need a USB cable for the installation process.

Connect the Brother printer to power but don’t connect the USB cable yet. Turn on your computer if it isn’t already on. You should already have installed the printer drivers. Open the printer network driver and select the configure option, choosing the “Brother Peer-to-Peer Network.”

Connect the USB cable to the printer and computer. The prompts will ask to change the firewall settings and potentially make adjustments to the antivirus software. These changes are needed to give the printer access to the network. Be sure to select “Wireless Setup” to ensure the printer will work over the network rather than the USB hard wire. The driver setup should recognize your network, select it and follow the remaining prompts for setup. Unplug the USB and test the setup.

Begin The Installation Process

Some printers will automatically search for the necessary drivers as soon as the unit is connected via USB. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

If the drivers dont automatically start installing, you can complete a manual search and start the installation:Windows Open Control Panel and click Devices and Printers. Click Add a Printer and the system will begin seeking the printer. When the printer you are looking to install is displayed, select it from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.

Mac OS X In the Apple menu, click System Preferences. Select Print & Fax and click the + button on-screen at the bottom of the printer list. Select your chose printer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

How Do I Connect My Brother Printer To My Computer Wirelessly

Set up the wireless connection manually with the printer driver installed

  • Make sure that the printer driver, Printer Setting Tool, and P-touch Editor are installed on your computer.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Make sure the printers Wi-Fi LED is flashing.
  • Connect the printer to the computer with a USB cable.
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    How To Setup Brother Printer Without A Cd

    The need to acquire a printer nowadays is undeniably high whether in commercial or residential sectors. Brother Industries has manufactured printers with unique features to help promote efficiency in printing jobs. Many people I know find it wise and practical to install a Brother printer. Printers come with everything you need to facilitate the installation of the drivers on your computer. However, not everyone can use the CD-ROM to install Brother printer in present time because of the great possibility of losing the CD installer. I personally experience losses on this stuff and I bet pretty much the same is true with many other users, too. Moreover, recently manufactured computers and laptops no longer have CD-ROM drives. So whether you are setting up an existing printer on a new computer but you no longer have the CD or your computer doesnt have a CD-ROM drive, to install Brother printer is to offer remedy on this drawback through an online method as it has a comprehensive support center website with for most of its printers. Downloading the software from the website and installing it on your computer is really necessary.

    I have enlisted below the steps that you may follow.

  • Be sure to connect the printer to your computer. The printer is automatically detected and may auto retrieve and install the software for you depending on your printer model. If not, select the Downloads, Printer Driver or Software options after you locate the printer.
  • Helpful tips:

    Brother Printer: How To Install The Driver Without A Cd

    How to install the Brother Printer Drivers Without CD ...

    Cds has probably lost its sting among users because recently released laptops and computers no longer carry cd-rom drives. Since most driver installation instructions are etched into cds, getting out the information becomes a problem.

    Although, Brother printers right out of the box contains everything needed to install the driver right into the computer, if it does not have a cd-rom drive all comes to naught. To remedy the situation, Brother the printer manufacturer developed a brother printer software precisely for this. Though this software, users can now install the driver through the online system. One is only required to access and look for the driver at the Brother Support Solutions Center.

    The comprehensive support center website of Brother, contains downloadable drivers for most of its pinters. A thorough search in the support system could provide all the details, only users must be aware of the exact printer model. In fact, the support is so special that users have options, whether it is for Windows or McIntosh. Speaking of after sales reliability, Brother delivers and never leave minions of its clients in the dark.

    Remember, never worry when the computer or laptop does not have a cd-rom drive, the Internet gives the driver installation protocols through the brother printer software.

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    Using A Usb Cable On Mac

  • 1Ensure that your printer is compatible with Mac. Not all printers can run on a Mac’s operating system. Before you spend hours trying to install a printer on your Mac, look up the printer’s model name and number to see if it is compatible with your Mac.
  • 2Make sure the printer is close to your computer. Most printers come with relatively short USB-to-printer cables that allow you to connect your printer to your Mac for direct communication between the printer and your computer. To attach this cable, your printer and computer must be close to each other.
  • 3Make sure you have a USB adapter if needed. Most modern Mac computers don’t have traditional USB portsâinstead, they have smaller USB-C ports. If this is the case, you will need a USB-to-USB-C adapter from Apple to attach a USB cable to your Mac.
  • 4Plug the printer’s USB cable into your computer. It should fit into one of the USB ports on the side of your computer or on the back of the iMac display .

    If you need an adapter, plug the adapter into the USB-C port first, then plug the cable into the USB adapter.

  • 5Turn on the printer. Press the printer’s
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    Way : Install Brother Printer Via Usb Cable

    Alternatively, you can use a USB cable to install Brother printer on Windows 10.

    Firstly, you should prepare a compatible USB cable. Check the ports of your Brother printer and your computer to see which type of cable can connect the two devices. Generally, there are three types of printer cables:

    • The USB AB cable
    • The parallel cable
    • The Ethernet cable.

    Then, you can attach a compatible cable to your Brother printer and your router. After that, your computer will detect the connected printer and install the corresponding driver for it automatically. If it does not, you can repeat the steps about how to add a Brother printer to Windows 10 PC.

    Using A Usb Cable On Windows

    How to install a printer without the cd driver
  • 1Plug the printer’s USB cable into your computer. It should fit into one of the USB ports on the side of your computer or on the back or front of the CPU box .
  • If your printer doesn’t have a USB cable, you may have to buy one for your printer before continuing. Look up the printer’s model number followed by “USB cable”. If there isn’t a USB cable available for your printer, you’ll need to install the software manually instead.
  • You may also have to plug the non-USB end of the cable into the printer.

  • 2Turn on the printer. Press the printer’s
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    Connect Your Brother Printer To Wi

    There are two methods to connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi.

    # 1: Connect your brother printer to Wi-Fi manually

    Step 1: Go to your Brother printers control panel and then open the Wireless settings.

    Step 2: Enter the Wi-fi network name and password.


    # 2: Connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi automatically

    Compared to the first way, this way is much simpler. However, this way is feasible if there is a WPS button both on your Brother printer and your router. WPS aims to help communicate routers with other wireless devices.

    So, check whether there is a WPS button on these two devices. If the two devices have such button, you can start to connect your printer to Wi-Fi:

  • Press the WPS button on the Brother printer.
  • Keep your Brother printer near to the router to make it in the range of the Wi-fi connection.
  • Press the WPS button on the router in two minutes.
  • What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Printer Installation Cd

    When you first bought your printer, you got a CD with it, but since then, youve probably moved your computer or gotten a new one. If you trashed or lost your original CD, you can still install or re-install your printer so your computer will be print-capable as you meant for it to be.

    Printers need software and drivers to work with computers, whether you have a Mac or a Windows operating system. The easiest thing to do if youve misplaced your disk is to visit the website of the printer manufacturer. Below find links to some of the common printer company websites. Select your specific model from their list, and download the drivers youll need. If you want another hard copy of the disk, you can contact the manufacturer via their contact information from the websites below, and request that they send you one. This method is slower, but if you must have the hard copy for any reason, most companies will comply.When you first bought your printer, you got a CD with it, but since then, youve probably moved your computer or gotten a new one. If you trashed or lost your original CD, you can still install or re-install your printer so your computer will be print-capable as you meant for it to be.

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    How To Install Brother Printers Without A Cd Rom

      If you’ve lost your Brother printer installation disc or if you acquired a used Brother printer for your office and it didnt come with the installation disc, you will still be able to install the printer. Printer manufacturers like Brother expect people to misplace or disregard the CDs that ship with their printers, and they provide all drivers and installation software available to customers on their websites. Windows 7 also ships with a large library of drivers, so you might not need the CD or Brothers driver download at all.

      Step 1

      Connect your Brother printer to the computer.

      Step 2

      Power on the printer and wait while it goes through its routine initialization procedure.

      Step 3

      Power on the computer.

      Step 4

      Log in to the computer using an administrator account. Windows will attempt to locate an appropriate driver and install the printer for you. If it succeeds, youll see a message in the system tray at the lower-right corner of your desktop stating that the installation was successful. If this doesnt happen, you will need to install the drivers manually.

      Step 5

      Visit Brothers downloads page and download the appropriate driver for your printer model. Follow the instructions on the download page to install the driver. If the installation package just extracts the driver files to a folder and doesnt install the printer, you will have to install the driver after it is downloaded.

      Step 6

      Step 7

      Step 8

      Select Add a local printer.

      Step 9

      Step 10

      Step 11

      Step 12

      How Do I Uninstall And Reinstall My Printer

      How to Install a Brother Printer Without The Installation Disk

      Then follow these steps to remove and reinstall the printer.

    • Select the Start button, then select Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners.
    • Under Printers & scanners, find the printer, select it, and then select Remove device.
    • After removing your printer, add it back by selecting Add a printer or scanner.
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      How Do I Install The Printer Driver From The Cd

      • Please do not connect the printer to your computer via the USB cable until you have installed the printer driver. If you accidentally did so, cancel the “New Hardware Wizard”, disconnect the printer, and install the printer driver as described below.
      • To use the Bluetooth® interface , install a Bluetooth driver on the computer before installing the printer driver and PJ-600 Series Utility.
      • You can also download and install the latest version of the printer driver from the section of this website.

      To install the printer driver from the CD-ROM, follow the steps below:

    • Insert the CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
    • For PJ-622/662: Printer driver and PJ-600 Series Utility
    • For PJ-623/663: Printer driver, PJ-600 Series Utility and P-touch Editor
    • For PJ-673: Printer driver and PJ-673 Utility
    • Select the model.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
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      Why Is Brother Printer Not Connecting To Wifi

      Primary Guide to Solve Brother Printer WiFi Connection Problem. First of all power off the Brother printer and router for minimum one minute and then power on it back. Then turn off the Wi- Fi on your Brother printer and then again turn it on. Try to connect your Brother printer to the Wifi using WPS method.

      Add Your Brother Printer To Windows 10 Pc


      Step 1: Turn on your Brother printer.

      Step 2: Open your Windows 10 PC, hit the Windows key on the keyboard, and click the Settings icon.

      Step 3: On the Settings window, click the Devices option.

      Step 4: Select the Printer & scanners option on the left side and then click the Add a printer or scanner option on the right side.

      Step 5: Find your Brother printer from the list and click the Add device button.

      Step 6: Wait for Windows 10 to install the corresponding driver for your printer.

      Now, you have finished installing Brother printer on your PC and you can print something you want.

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      How Do I Install A Brother Hl 2270dw

      Configure the wireless settings:

    • Place the Brother machine within range of your WPS or AOSS access point/router.
    • Make sure that the power cord is plugged in.
    • Turn on the machine and wait until the machine is in the Ready state.
    • Hold down the WPS or AOSS button on your WLAN access point/router for a few seconds.
    • Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I setup my Brother HL 2270dw wireless without CD?

      Connect the Brother printer to power but don’t connect the USB cable yet. Turn on your computer if it isn’t already on. You should already have installed the printer drivers. Open the printer network driver and select the configure option, choosing the “Brother Peer-to-Peer Network.”

      Beside above, how do I reset my Brother HL 2270dw wireless? Reset a Brother HL-2270DW printer to it’s default settings

    • Reset network to defaults. Power off printer, hold GO button, power on. Hold GO button down until all lights are off.
    • Press GO button 6X.
    • Print configuration. Press GO button 3X within 2 seconds.
    • Print WLAN config. Press GO button withing 4 seconds.
    • Enable or disable wireless network. Hold GO button for 10 seconds. Share this:
    • Additionally, is Brother HL 2270dw compatible with Windows 10?

      We have HL2270DW in our environment. Duplexing and printing works. There’s a reason why Brother’s download page lists the drivers as compatible with Windows 10. It’s because they are compatible with Windows 10.

      Where is the IP address on a Brother 2270dw printer?

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