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How To Hook Up Printer To Android Phone

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Everything You Need To Know About Printing From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

How to setup printer on Android

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If youre an Android newcomer, printing probably seems like a no brainer: click a menu, tap a command. But if youre a longtime Android user, you probably remember how printing from your mobile got its start. The good news is its easier than ever to print from your Android device.

Printing on Android used to mean installing the janky Google Cloud Print app, then sharing whatever it is youre trying to print with that app. It was a really roundabout and not-at-all-intuitive way to go about printing things from mobile. It just didnt make sense.

Today, in the modern world, printing is so much simpler, because its baked into the operating system and most of your apps. Really, thats the only limitation you need to consider: the app has to support printing. For example, you wont be printing any Facebook posts from the mobile app, because it doesnt support that feature. Youll really find it in places that make sense: Gmail, Google Docs, photos, and so on.

So, while printing on Android has gotten significantly easier over the past few years, there are still some things to be aware of.

Check Your Phone For Issues

You first need to ensure that the plugin message pops up on your phone when you connect it to the printer and you selected OK. You can also try to reboot your phone and ensure that it has the latest updates. Another technique to solve issues is to select the option Forget Your Printer as Bluetooth Device and then try to reconnect it.

How Do I Print A Text Message From My Samsung Phone

To do that: On your Samsung Galaxy, go to the Messages and find the conversation you want to print. Take a screenshot of your text. Simultaneously press and hold Power + Home/Power + Volume Down. Connect your Samsung Galaxy to a printer via OTG. Send your screenshot to the printer and print it out.

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Mobile Printing Through Portable Printers

Are you constantly on the move or need printouts in a hurry? Consider investing in a portable printer. Most have wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and near-field communications to facilitate a smooth printing process. Their wireless connectivity to your tablet eliminates the need for unsightly cables. Instant photo printers allow for quick printing of photos and documents straight from smart devices. They come in compact layouts and use unique paper with ink crystals that the printer activates. Adding a portable printer to your computing arsenal offers added flexibility.

With varying printing options, the route you choose largely depends on your printer and device. Enjoy the convenience of mobile printing and benefits such as reduced printer traffic and bolstered productivity.

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How To Print From An Iphone And Android Phone

Top 15 Uses Of OTG Cable That You Should Know 2017

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way people store their most essential personal items. Many people today keep the majority of their photographs on mobile devices, stored either in their photo library or collected on apps like Instagram. Necessary documents can go with you anywhere, anytime, thanks to cloud data storage, which makes quickly accessing relevant documents from anywhere quick and easy. Nowadays, if you can access WiFi or a strong 4G signal, you can be instantly transported to your office from anywhere in the world.

Its no surprise that the convenience of mobile technology is changing the way people print as well. Having the world at your fingertips comes with perks, but sometimes you want to have a physical copy of something, whether it be an extra special snapshot, a resume, or a document you want safely tucked in your records.

In keeping with the times, new printers come preinstalled with software designed to make printing a breeze from a range of different tablets and smartphones. Many newer models dont even require additional apps or software to work you can just print directly using Apples AirPrint or Google Print technology. How you get started may vary between manufacturers, however, and knowing where to start means less troubleshooting down the line.

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How To Print From Iphone To Brother Printer

Brother offers several options for direct-to-mobile printing, depending on which device you choose to connect. Depending on which mobile device you choose to connect to your printer, several apps and software connections are available for free . Most new Brother printers feature pre-installed AirPrint and Google Drive Print software, which accesses the printer via shared network access.

Brother iPrint& Scan is a free app that works with Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad, as well as Windows Phones, and the Brother iPrint& Label add on connects Android phones and Kindle products for free as well. Each helps manage documents for printing and makes a range of document types and apps available for printing quickly and easily.

Printing From A Mobile Phone To A Printer Without Wi

There are several methods you could try to complete wireless print jobs without the use of a traditional Wi-Fi connection. First of all, ensure that your to secure it from cyber-attacks, which is very important if you have a printer thats used for work, like the best printer scanner for a small business.


Bluetooth is one of the oldest wireless connection types and, as such, it can be used to complete standard wireless print jobs. You will have to make sure that the printer you are using features a Bluetooth receiver. After you have confirmed the existence of Bluetooth, activate the Bluetooth connection. Head into your phone and pair the device with your best wireless printer for home using the Bluetooth section of the settings app. Once the two devices have been paired, you should be good to go and well on your way to completing wireless print jobs. Some devices can also accept print jobs via the cloud.

Insider Tip

Once you have the adapter in hand, plug your phone into your printer. You should easily be able to complete print jobs via this method.

Proprietary Wireless Technologies

USB Connection


You will have to make sure that the printer you are using features a Bluetooth receiver.

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How To Connect My Android Phone To My Printer

Most Android phones now come with default print services. This makes it easy to connect your mobile device to your printer. Here is how to do it.

First, make sure both your phone and printer are connected to the same WiFi or network. Proceed to Settings on the Android phone and search for Device Connectivity or similar settings, select the Printing option.

Make sure to turn Default Print Service on. You can also add a printing service by downloading an app, like HP Print Service Plugin.

Print Using Default Print Service

Print in Android to an HP Printer Using Wi-Fi Direct | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Step 1: If you dont want to download any third-party apps or plugins on your phone to print a simple file, then you can use the default print service on your phone.

Most android phones have a default print service, which can be activated in settings.

So you have to make sure the service is enabled. And be sure that the WiFi printer and phone are connected to the same local network.

Step 2: To enable the default print service, go to your phone settings Printing section.

This option can be found under phone Settings> > Connections> > Connection Preferences or More Connection Settings> > Printing> > Print Services.

Step 3: After connecting the printer to the same Wifi network, click on Default Print Service.

The service will be started and will scan for the printers connected to your Wifi network.

Step 4: Now, the printer will show up in the list. Connect to it by tapping on the option that popped up on your screen, and the printer will be successfully connected to your phone.

Step 5: To print anything from your connected printer, just select the file and click on the Share option, a new dialogue box will pop up.

From there, select Print, and the photo or file will be printed.

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Tip #5 Dont Forget To Sharpen

If there is one thing that you dont want to skip, its sharpening your images. When printing, this makes a world of difference for your photos, making them look clearer. Make sure that you play with the sharpness before printing, finding the perfect amount that creates the look you were going for.

For access to photos instantly, a Canon printer connected to your phone is just the thing. Make sure that your printer is connected correctly and that you follow our tips on how to print better pics when using your phone for your next on-the-go photoshoot.

Use The Printer Troubleshooter

If the problem persisted after rebooting your devices then run the Printer Troubleshooter. This will help detect issues with the printer and is done using a laptop or PC. To do this go to Start and select Settings.

Then, go to Devices, Printers, and scanners and scroll down to Open Troubleshooter Settings. Then run the Troubleshooter to detect issues with the printing device. If there are any recommended fixes, apply them and try to connect your phone and printer again. If there are no issues then continue to the next step.

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How To Print From Iphone To Epson Printer

Epsons software solutions for wirelessly connecting mobile devices to their printers are called Epson Connect. Each is designed for specific tasks, easy to use, easy to install, and offers you instant access to printing on most newer Epson models.

Connect with Epson to upload apps designed for your mobile device, or select an app designed by Epson to make a particular business task easier, such as email, creative printing for images, remote printing, scanning, or general printing which covers elements from all of the above.

Here is a full list of available software, as well as how you can get started. Click on each option to get a rundown on what the app does, as well as easy installation guides, features, and specifications.

The steps should be the same when printing from an android phone to an Epson printer.

Connect A Usb Barcode Scanner To Your Android Device

[8 Steps] How To Connect My Phone To My Brother Printer

To connect a supported barcode scanner, your device must be running Android 5.0 software and youll need a micro USB to USB adaptor. To get set up:

  • Open the Square app on your device.

  • Plug the USB barcode scanner into your Android device using the adaptor.

  • The app will notify you when an accessory has been attached.

  • Keep in mind, bluetooth scanners are not currently supported on Android devices.

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    What Happened To Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud print made it super easy to print from Android devices, as well as other platforms. All you had to do is connect a supported printer to the service, and you would be able to send prints from any connected device.

    Sadly, the service has been discontinued by Google as of January 2021. We dont know if the search giant is working on an alternative, but it seems likely. It was a very convenient service were sure many loved using. For now, well have to do with other options.

    Setting Up Your Printer

    Before you get started, you need to connect your printer to your home network. However, every brand does this a little differently. Even within the same brand, the way you get the ball rolling changes from product to product.

    The best advice is to consult your printer’s product or user manual. If you can’t find yours, try searching for it online using the exact product name, which should be somewhere on the printer, either on the case or on a sticker. Only download user manuals from the manufacturer’s website. Once your printer is online, you can connect your Android or iOS devices using the following steps.

    Read more: How to connect a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer

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    How Do I Link My Phone To My Printer

    To connect your phone via the Default Print Service, go into the phones settings, search for printing, then select it from the results. Next, tap Printing in the list of Connection preferences, select Default Print Service and turn it on. A list of compatible printers on the network should appear.

    Why Cant My Phone Find Printer

    How To Set Up Wireless HP Printer From Android, review.

    Open Google Cloud Print, tap on Settings, then on Printing. If your printer is on the same WiFi network as your Android device, it should show up in the list and add itself. Then you can print from some apps by tapping the that usually indicates more options, to find and tap on the Print option.

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    How Do I Connect My Brother Printer To My Phone

    Android Tap the Settings icon. Tap Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi is turned Off, turn it On. Find the SSID you wrote down earlier, and then tap it. Enter the network key you wrote down earlier, and then tap CONNECT. The wireless connection setup is complete if Connected appears under the SSID name selected earlier.

    Learn How To Do More With Your Devices

    • How to print from an Android tablet
    • Printing via USB
    • Printing via a cloud service
    • How to print from an iOS tablet
    • Mobile printing

    Handheld smart devices such as smartphones and tablets allow you to take photos, check emails and surf the web just as you would on a computer. Modern tablets come in sleek layouts and have powerful processors that can handle almost any computing task you throw at them. Most, however, lack features, such as wired connectivity. Although the world is increasingly going paperless, circumstances may arise where you need to print from your mobile device. If you require a quick printout while on the go, you’re probably asking yourself, “Can you print from a tablet?” Based on your device’s operating system, there are multiple options you can use to print photos, documents or web pages. This article guides you on the steps for swift and efficient tablet printing.

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    Why Wont My Bluetooth Printer Connect

    If an issue continues to persist, simply restarting one or both of the devices you are attempting to connect via Bluetooth might solve the connection problems you are having. Another quick solution to is to delete the discoverable action and re-do it, to effectively reboot the Bluetooth connection system.

    Why Wont My Printer Connect To My Wifi

    Epson WorkForce Pro WF

    Make sure the printer is on or that it has power. Connect your printer to your computer or other device. Check the printers toner and paper, plus the printer queue. In this case, reconnect your device to the network, reconfigure security settings to include printers, and/or install updated drivers.

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    Print To Specific Brands Of Printer

    Many popular printer brands will also offer a companion app for their hardware, allowing you to access more advanced functionality.

    The best thing to do in this case is just jump into the Play Store and search for your specific brand of printer. Unfortunately, everything from this point forward is going to be very brand-specific, so some independent research may be necessary on your part, especially if youre trying to do something specific.

    For what its worth, Ive found very little value in most manufacturers apps, as they often just offer redundant features that can already be done directly from Cloud Print. That said, some of the apps will let you do things like scan and fax directly from the phone, so its at least worth exploring. Godspeed.

    What If I Cannot Print To My Printer

    • Confirm your Android device supports printing from a USB OTG cable: Consult your Android device manufacturer or product specifications to determine whether your device supports printing with a USB OTG cable.
    • Make sure the app you are trying to print from supports the option to print: Look for a Print icon to confirm the app supports printing.
    • Reconnect the USB OTG cable: Disconnect and reconnect the USB OTG cable from the Android device.
    • Try a different USB OTG cable: If you do not have another USB OTG cable, go to HP Home & Home Office to purchase one. You can also purchase a USB OTG cables from other retailers.
    • Reconnect the USB cable: Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from the printer and the USB OTG cable.
    • Try a different USB cable: Use a different USB cable. HP supports USB cables less than 3 m in length.
    • Restart the printer and your Android device: Restarting your Android device and the printer can clear possible error conditions.

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    How To Print From Iphone To Canon Printer

    Setting up your Canon printer for wireless printing from any device is super easy as well. Many Canon printers come preinstalled with AirPrint and Google Drive Print, too. The Canon app offers users a range of additional perks, from the ability to print photos right after theyre taken to multiple-photo printing and more. You can also configure detailed print settings such as color mode, number of pages, and 2-sided printing in the app. Installing the app is pretty straight forward:

    • Connect your device with the network
    • Go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and select the Canon app. Download and install it onto your device.
    • Open the document or image you want to send to your printer and select print. This option will open up a print preview, which gives you a range of configuration options to customize your print.
    • On the print preview section of Canon Mobile Printing, select Printer. This option will give you a list of networked printers to choose from. If your printer isnt listed, you can also manually search for it. More detailed info and troubleshooting are available on Canons website here.
    • Tap print.

    The steps are similar when printing from an android phone to a Canon printer.

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