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How To Hide A Printer

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Install Another Shelf Under Your Desk

How to Remove a Printer from Your HP Smart Account | HP Web Application | HP

Depending on your printer size and desk width, you may be able to get away with an extra shelf under your desk. This is a practical DIY solution if adding another piece of furniture isnt feasible in a tight room. A no-frills floating shelf is easy to install and costs less than another bookshelf. This one measures 15.7 inches by 5.9 inches by 1.5 inches and can hold up to 22 pounds.

Invest In An Armoire Or Secretary Desk

Traditional desks are practical, but theyre not exactly discreet. An armoire desk keeps your desk supplies and miscellaneous gadgets out of view while saving you much-needed space. This white and natural oak-colored armoire has an overall measurement of 67.3 inches in height, 31.5 inches in width, and 20.3 inches in depth. More importantly, the interior cabinet measures 33.1 inches in height, 30.2 inches in width, and 19.7 inches depth.

If you want a smaller desk, consider a secretary desk like this manufactured wood desk that can be placed in any part of the home. It measures 30 inches in height, 31.49 inches in width, and 20.07 inches in depth while the cabinet interior is 19.55 inches in height, 26.54 inches in width, and 18.98 inches in depth.

Note that accurate printer measurements will help determine if it fits inside a specific desk cabinet youre considering.

How To Hide Local Printers

    If you have one or more printers connected to your office computer and the computer is connected to the network, everyone has access to the printers. This is like sharing the printer with the entire office. To prevent your employees from erroneously printing their documents on your local printers, you must hide them by removing your employees’ printer permissions from the printers’ Security menu.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Right-click the printer you want to hide and select “Printer properties” from the context menu.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Select any other users that have access to the printer, and then click the “Remove” button to remove permissions from all users except you.

    Step 7


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    Checking Your Print Queue Permissions

    Its handy that Microsoft has covered off hiding the document names, but its also important to make sure users have the right permissions on the print queues to ensure PaperCut retains primary control of each print job.

    During the installation of PaperCut MF, I recommend checking the permissions and setup of all of your print queues to ensure users only have the read permission on the print queue.

    If you missed this step during your installation, we cover this in more detail in Windows Print Queue Configuration in the PaperCut Knowledge Base.

    Hide Shared Network Resources In Windows

    10 Sneaky Ways To Hide A Printer

    In this Daily Feature, Greg Shultz shows you how to hide a shared folder and a shared printer in Windows. He also shows you how to connect to a hidden, shared resource and hide shared resources from local users.

    Figure A

    Figure A
    You can hide a shared folder by appending $ to the share name.

    Figure B

    Figure B
    The shared resource is indeed hidden.

    Figure C

    Figure C
    To connect to a hidden resource, you must use the Map Network Drive dialog box.

    Figure D

    Figure D
    If you’ve assigned a password to the shared folder, Windows prompts you to enter it before you can access the folder.

    Figure E

    Figure E
    To hide a shared printer, you append $ to the share name.

    Figure F

    Figure F
    Since the shared printer is hidden, it doesn’t appear in the Browse For Printer dialog box.

    Figure G

    Figure G
    To connect to a hidden, shared printer, you must use the UNC format.

    Figure H

    Figure H
    If you’ve assigned the printer a password, Windows prompts you to enter it before you can access the printer.

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    Discover The Magic Of A Dust Cover

    If youre somewhat of a crafts master , take up the challenge and make your own dust cover. This lets you customize a cover that fits your home office. You cant go wrong with this simple DIY machine cover sewing pattern. And get this: You can choose any color, design, or material you want instead of settling for ready-made covers. On the other hand, if your printer is a similar size, check out this microwave cover that is available in 10 different colors and designs. It is only 11 inches long and 11 inches wide, so it might only cover the top of your printer.

    Do Printer Scanners Have Radiation

    All printers not just Xerox machines emit radiation, it is a fact and nobody can deny it. Since it uses high-voltage electricity, radiation also happens, but the mechanism and cabinet contains and insulates the printer operator from it. The process does not emit harmful x-ray radiation but only noise during printing.

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    Remove The Printers From The Spool Folder And Reinstall The Kb5005565 Update

    If the printer has become inaccessible after reinstalling the update, then deleting the printers from the Spool folder and reinstalling the update may let you keep the update.

  • Firstly, remove the RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled registry key from the system and restart your system.
  • Now remove any GPO applied printers from the system.
  • Then click Windows, search for Services, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now, in the Services window, right-click on the Print Spooler service and select Stop. Stop the Print Spooler Service
  • Then right-click on Windows and select Run. Open the Run Command Box from the Quick Access Menu
  • Now navigate to the following path and if asked to, click Continue to allow access to the directory:

    Open the Printers Folder in the Spool Directory

  • Then delete all the printers present there and uninstall the KB5005565 update.
  • Now, re-add the RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled key to the registry and set its value to 0.
  • Now restart your system and upon restart, repeat the above process on the client PC as well. Make sure to stop the print spooler service on the client system.
  • Then restart the Print Spooler service on the printer server system and afterward, start the Print Spooler service on the client system.
  • Now, re-configure and re-share the printer and then reinstall the KB5005565 update to check if the printer issue is resolved.
  • Camouflage It On Your Bookshelf

    How To Delete A Printer In Windows 10

    On a similar note, you can camouflage your printer by strategically incorporating it into your bookshelf display. For instance, if your printer is black, place it on a shelf with dark book covers. Alternatively, if you have a white printer, place it against a white wall with a white bookshelf and light-colored book covers. Keeping cords out of sight will enhance this disguise.

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    Update The Driver Through The Device Manager

  • Right-click Windows and select Device Manager.
  • Now expand Printers and right-click on the problematic printer.
  • Then select Update Driver and select Search Automatically for Drivers. Update the Network Printer Driver in the Device Manager
  • Now select Search for Updated Drivers on Windows and afterward, check if the shared printer issue is resolved. Search Automatically for Drivers
  • If not, then check if reinstalling the printer driver clears out the printer problem.
  • To Hide Windows Updates In Windows 10

    disable automatic updatinguninstall the updatestep 2uninstall the driverwushowhide.diagcabKB3073930Show or hide updateswushowhide.zipwushowhide.diagcabwushowhide.diagcabAdvanced

    If you like, you can save this .cab file to where you like, and create a shortcut to add to All apps or where you like for easy usage.

    Apply repairs automaticallyNextHide updatesNextClose

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    Diy A Place For It In A Desk

    You can also create a place for your printer on your desk. However, you need to have an empty area under your desk, and it is not that hard to DIY a place. Also, the printer looks better on a working table than anywhere else. Therefore, if you have some unused space under your desk, make a compartment for the printer. This way, you will have max usage of your desk by building the place.

    Do Printer Cartridges Expire

    10 Sneaky Ways To Hide A Printer

    Printer cartridges expire, which means that they have a peak time of performance. After the peak period of an ink, it begins to clog and create printing issues. Its possible to use the ink after the expiry date, but this might create issues for your printer. Therefore, its best to use a printer cartridge before its shelf life expires.

    For an original cartridge, the shelf life is 24 months. Compatible cartridges have a shelf life of 36 months, while remanufactured cartridges usually come with an outdated expiry date. If you store your ink in the right conditions, it will last through its shelf life without clogging or drying out.

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    Can I Put My Printer On The Floor

    You can put your printer on the floor, if you dont have any other alternative. The downsides to this position are that youll have to bend over every time you print, the cables will litter the floor, and itll be susceptible to dust. Of course, bending over may give you backache over time someone is likely to trip over the cables and dust is good for the printer.

    The least you can do is place the printer on a box and tuck the cables away. You can also use a milkcrate or get a small table. Any of these will help get the printer to a more convenient height, organize the cables, and reduce the impact of dust.

    Keep Your Home Office Furniture Updated

    When it comes to working from home, the rightfurniture for your officecan make all the difference. Whether you want a cabinet that offers ample storage space while also providing a hiding place for your printer or anergonomic desk chairto help support your body throughout a long workday, updating your home office furniture can help you to work confidently in a space that fits your needs.

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    Perform A Network Reset After Uninstalling The Update

  • If uninstalling the update did not work, then right-click Windows and select Settings on the host system.
  • Now open Network and Internet and click on Network Reset. Open Network & Internet in the Windows Settings
  • Then click on Reset Now and afterward, connect the system to a network . Open Windows Network Reset
  • Then repeat the same on the client computers and check if the printer access issue is resolved. Press Reset Network Button
  • How Do You Transport A Printer

    How To Completely Uninstall And Remove Printer Driver From Your PC

    To transport your printer, turn off the power button and secure it firmly in a box. You should keep the printer in place by taping or tieing the box. Do not dismantle it if the manual doesnt specify how you can do this.

    Before you put it in the box, ensure the printhead is in the right position. Then close up other parts by putting them in their box position. Carefully put the printer back in the box, and seal it up. Remember to label the box.

    If your printer has an inkjet cartridge instead of a laser cartridge, you may need to remove the ink and store it separately. Consult your printers manual for this.

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    Cover It Up With Vinyl Paper

    Vinyl paper is usually reserved for furniture, walls, and novelty merchandise, but it may soon discover another career track in printer disguise. With numerous colors available, you can find the best hue your room calls for. Additionally, can opt for livelier prints like this geometric vinyl paper, which also comes in a floral pattern. Cutting out shapes for the front of the printer might be tricky considering the buttons and the paper exit. You can trace the outlines on white copy paper first, then trace it onto the vinyl sheet, and finally, cut out the shapes with a hobby knife or you can simply cover the top and sides of the printer for a hassle-free cover-up.

    Do Printers Take Paper From The Top Or Bottom Of The Stack

    The printer prints on the bottom side of the top sheet of paper loaded in the paper tray. If printing on numbered checks or forms you will need to re-stack the checks or forms in reverse order. When loading the re-stacked checks or forms in the paper tray, place them with the printed side down in the paper tray.

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    Home Office Ideas: How To Hide Your Printer

    The modern-day printer we know, love, and depend on, hasnt had a facelift as yet. Ever. Sure, some contemporary designs are a little sleek. Some models are still a bit dated, or vintage, but overall, a printer isnt the prettiest thing to display on your desk.

    Fortunately, there is a variety of creative home office ideas that offer trendy solutions for your printer. You can stash it like it doesn’t exist or you can incorporate it into your decor. A stylish printer? As unlikely as it sounds, its not only possible, its trendy too.

    Edit The Systems Registry

    How to Hide a Printer

    The main object of the KB5005565 update was to patch the print spooler vulnerabilities and for this purpose, the update enables the RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled registry value. But if any of your systems are not RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT_PRIVACY compliant, then the shared printer may not be accessible. In this scenario, disabling the RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled in the systems registry may solve the problem.


    Proceed at your own risk as editing the systems registry is a skillful task and if not done properly, you may expose your system to threats. Also, do not forget to create a backup of the systems registry.

  • Click Windows, type: Registry Editor, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator on the host machine. Open Registry Editor as Administrator
  • Then click Yes and head to the following path:

    Create a New DWORD Value Under the Print Key

  • Now, in the left pane, right-click on the Print key and select New> > DWORD Value.
  • Then name the key as RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled and double-click on it.
  • Now set its value as 0 and close the editor. Name the Value as RpcAuthnLevelPrivacyEnabled and Set its Value to 0
  • Then click Windows, search for Services, right-click on it, and select Run as Administrator.
  • Now, right-click on the Print Spooler service and select Restart.
  • Then check if the shared printer is accessible to the client systems.
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    Can You Store A Printer On Its Side

    Its not okay to store your printer on its side. This position will affect its ability to print well when youre working with it. It will also cause ink to leak in most printers. Always ensure you place your printer with the right side up.

    If you need to store your printer away for a while, ensure you place it with the bottom down. This is the right position. Tilting the printer will make you want to remove the ink cartridge, which is not a best practice. Removing the ink cartridge will cause the ink to dry out if you dont store it properly.

    Customise Your Office Furniture

    Add hinges to existing drawers on your desk to function as a cupboard, but look like desk drawers. Stash your printer neatly away in the said compartment. The fold-open drawer provides easy access to your printer. The bonus: Store your paper and consumables in a drawer close by. Tucking away your printer may also extend its life, its safe and protected from heavy articles resting on it. Not to mention, chances of the occasional coffee spills are eliminated.

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    How To Make Your Wireless Network Invisible

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 315,239 times.Learn more…

    Hiding your wireless network is one of the best things you can do to increase the security of your home network system. It makes it much more difficult for people to mooch off of your WiFi and also makes it harder for hackers to access your system and steal important information. Especially if you live in an apartment complex, securing your wireless network is an important consideration to make.

    Put It On A Wall Shelf

    How to Replace the Printhead | HP Printers | HP

    Another excellent storage space for your printer is a wall shelf. Awall shelfcan help you get your printer out of the way while also allowing you to decide on the number of shelves you want and the right height to use your printer comfortably. You can even use the shelf to hold other decorations, accessories, or office supplies, giving yourself more storage. And since a wall shelf doesnt typically take up as much space like a bookshelf, it can be a good choice for those with smaller home offices.

    This option, similar to the bookshelf, works well for those needing an accessible printer but who may not require it to be within arms reach at all times.

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