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How To Get Hp Printer To Recognize Refilled Cartridge

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How To Reset An Ink Cartridge

Cartridge Is Not Recognized – Solution!


  • Hard Reset Method
  • Its a fact jack: Sometimes ink cartridges stop working even when theyve still got ink left inside.

    Worse yet, when one color quits working the entire inkjet shuts down, even if you only need black text. Arrgh!

    Fear not, printer warrior. Well show you how to handle a pesky printer ink cartridge, regardless of brand and model. Read on

    How To Bypass Hps Used Or Counterfeit Printer Cartridge Error

    Did you ever get a flashing Used or Counterfeit Printer Cartridge message on your HP inkjet following a compatible cartridge install?

    Yeah, we hate that. As already mentioned above, HP inkjets are famous for refusing to accept third-party cartridges. However, heres how to bypass that flashing message.

    In the Windows operating system:

    • Open Devices and Printers

    Received A Printer Driver Update

    Ifyou received a driver updatefrom Epson or HP, downloaded printer drivers from Brother, Epson or HP or even updated your operating system AND your printer has stopped working with cannot recognize following cartridges error for more than one cartridge, you may have received a firmware update and your cartridge recognition problem could well be permanent.

    All printer companies periodically offer registered printer users driver updates to patch newly found issues with printer hardware and/or software. Great..!

    The problem is that some printer makers have started using driver updates as a vehicle to deliver unwanted files to unsuspecting customers .

    And if a customer accepts the update in good faith, the firmware virus installs to the printer and can tweak it – to stop recognizing certain cartridges. This can take effect straight away, at some pre-set time in the future or even when a cartridge is replaced or refilled next time.

    To make the situation even worse, printer firmware can not be uninstalled in most cases, not easily anyway. Re-installing printer drivers, restoring system from backup or even moving your printer to another computer are all waste of time. Firmware installs directly to the printer memory so there’s no easy way to get at it.

    The only sensible way to fix a firmware problem is to replace the printer with a more user friendly brand.

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    How To Program The Printer To Ignore The Ink Level

    Something else you can do is Disable Low-Ink Warnings, though this will not really get you any extra pages or print out of your printer, you will no longer see the annoying warning messages on your printer screen.

    To disable the low ink warnings:

    • The first thing you should check for is an option that says Dont Show This Again on the low ink level warning message. If there is such an option, simply check it off and you will be done. Otherwise
    • From the Start menu of your Windows computer, look for and select Printers and Faxes.
    • Find your HP Printer and right-click on its icon to select the properties menu.

    How To Override Hp Printer Ink Cartridge Error

    HP Printer does not Recognize Refilled Ink Cartridge ...

    Hewlett-Packard has introduced this cartridge protection system on its original ink cartridges to lock the genuine inks to a specific printer so that you cannot use that cartridge in any other printer.

    Customers may want to use compatible ink cartridges or remanufactured ink cartridges in their HP printer instead of the original genuine HP ink cartridges because they are too expensive for some people.

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    Hp Printer Does Not Recognize Refilled Ink Cartridge Heres How To Solve The Problem

    Some of the commonest problems pertain to refilled ink cartridges for printers. HP Printer does not Recognize Refilled ink cartridges is a common refrain some several users. There are higher costs for printing these days and refill kits are attaining widespread popularity as a result. These kits can help you fill up cartridges at lower costs as compared to buying an entirely new cartridge. However, the HP Printer will most probably remember whenever there is an empty cartridge, thereby preventing it from recognizing the same cartridge even when you have refilled it. This is where the problem arises.

    The first step is to remove the cartridge carefully. Refill the cartridge based on instructions given in the kit. You should first have the extra cartridge inserted into the printer. Power on your printer and wait till it recognize the cartridge prior to printing out your alignment page. Get the extra cartridge removed before inserting your second added cartridge into your printer. Power on the printer and wait till it prints the adjustment page.

    You should then follow the procedure for removal used for the first cartridge in order to get the second cartridge removed. The refilled cartridge has to be then inserted and you should power on the printer. The refilled cartridge has to be identified as full then by the printer. You should keep the extra cartridges at hand whenever you have to get the ink cartridge refilled for the printer.

    Is The Error Limited To One Colour

    If the recognition error always involves same cartridge position in the printer, other colours recognize ok and you’ve replaced the suspect cartridge already, the printer/cartridge chip connector could be damaged. Remove all ink cartridges and compare the chip connectors inside printer . If any look different, there’s your problem.

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    Why Is Hp Printer Not Printing Black

    Why is my HP 2600 Printer not Printing Black Ink: Clogged ink or old cartridges can cause printers not printing black HP, you need to check for both possibilities. Remove the cartridges and clean them with a soft paper towel along with the print track. This will easily resolve the HP color printer not printing black.

    Try This If Hp Printer Does Not Recognize Refilled Ink Cartridge

    How to Refill Ink Cartridges DIY Refill HP Ink Instructions HP61

    Since the cartridges in HP printer do not have their self memory, thus to make it recognize the refilled cartridge, you should continue to follow the steps given below:

  • At the primary stage, remove the available ink cartridge from the printer.
  • In the empty cartridge, refill the ink that you have by following the instructions given on the refill kit.
  • If you have an extra genuine HP cartridge, then put this one in your printer.
  • Power on your printer and allow it to recognize the cartridge you have just placed.
  • Now, print an alignment page using the same cartridge.
  • Remove the same cartridge from its place and insert one more extra cartridge in it.
  • Again, wait until the printer prints an adjustment page.
  • Remove the cartridge using the same procedure that you used for the first one.
  • Finally, insert the cartridge that you have refilled and your printer will recognize it.
  • Make sure you always have that extra cartridge if you want to use this trick again.
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    What Is Hp Cartridge Protection

    Genuine ink cartridges can come with cartridge protected embedded in their chip. So, once an ink cartridge has been installed, your printer will mark it as protected, which means that the cartridge can no longer be used by any other printer except for the one that marked it.

    Hence, you wont be able to use the cartridges in a different printer as it will be locked to your current one. Meaning that the ink cartridges cannot be refilled, recycled, or remanufactured to use in another printer, and it will just end up in land-fill.

    If you try to install the original ink cartridges that have been remanufactured to be reused, you will get the message that HP Protected Cartridges installed, Replace Cartridges. This means that they will not work with your printer and can only work with 1 printer that it has been locked to.

    Hey Wheres That Button

    Just above the circuit board on most printer cartridges, youll find a small button. Youve seen these tiny buttons before on cell phones, phone chargers, etc.

    This is your reset button, and the only way to get in there is either with a paper clip or the tip of a pen .

    In addition, keep your printer well maintained for best printing results.

    The refill ports of an HP 61 tri-color cartridge. The reset is located just to the right of the magenta port.

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    Fix For Hp Printer Not Recognizing Ink Cartridge

    Here we have given 5 steps to fix the HP printer not recognizing ink cartridge error.

    1. Turn off your printer and then open its door.

    2. Remove the ink cartridge that is not being recognized and keep it aside.

    3. Put in the old ink cartridge that was compatible with your HP printer.

    4. Next, leave your printer for some time.

    5. Then, take out the old ink cartridge and install the new one.

    6. Now, restart your HP printer.

    7. The issue will have been resolved by now.

    Note: It may be useful for you to know that the new model laser HP printers come with a setting that lets only the original toners work. The non-original toners might not work if this setting has been enabled. To disable this setting, you can look for an option in the printer menus security section.

    In this blog, we discussed with you the causes of print cartridge error on HP printers. We also showed you how to bypass HP printer cartridge error. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can smoothly fix the error.

    Did you like our solutions for HP printer cartridge error? We bet you will like our other guides as well. If you are experiencing HP printer failureor your HP printer alignment failed, you can get the machine back on track with our solutions. Explore them now!

    Why Would You Want To Prevent This

    How to Get an HP Printer to Recognize a Refilled Cartridge ...

    The following reasons should convince you:

    • You will not be able to use cheaper ink cartridges like the remanufactured or the refilled ones.
    • If you buy a new printer to replace your old one and you use cartridges that you had already installed in your old printer, they will not work, even if they carry the right reference number.
    • Cartridges cannot be recycled so they will end up in landfills, which is not environmentally responsible.
    • It has been reported that some customers got the protected error message even though they were using a new original or starter cartridge.

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    Remove The Protective Strips

    In case you have not removed the protective covering or strips on the cartridge when you took it out of the packaging, then the printer will not be able to register the new cartridges and this will lead to further problems.

    Remove the cartridge from your printer and ensure that all the plastic covers, tabs, and strips are removed prior to reinstalling the cartridge.

    How To Fool An Hp Deskjet Into Thinking It Has New Ink Cartridges

    With some HP DeskJet printers, you need to fool the printer into thinking you have replaced the old ink cartridge with a new ink cartridge instead of a refilled ink cartridge that you filled yourself. If the printer keeps telling you to replace the ink cartridge or the ink level still reads empty, you can reset the printer so that it will recognize the refilled ink cartridge as new and read the ink level as full, or close to it.

    Remove the ink cartridge from the printer carriage. Turn the cartridge over so that you are looking at the copper contacts. The contacts should be the closest to you. If the contacts are at the top of the ink cartridge, turn it around so the contacts are closest to you.

    Place a small piece of clear tape over the seventh copper contact in the second row of contacts from the left side. Place the cartridge back in the printer. Tell the printer to run an alignment. When the alignment is done, remove the cartridge.

    Keep that piece of tape on the contact. On the right side of the cartridge, in the second row from the right, place a small piece of tape over the sixth copper contact. Place the ink cartridge in the printer. Run an alignment page again.

    Remove the ink cartridge when the alignment is done. Remove the tape, making sure to remove the sticky residue when you remove the tape. Place the cartridge in the printer. The printer is ready.


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    How To Fix Your Cartridge Incompatibility Issues:

    Like we always say – remain calm! When you purchase a compatible toner cartridge with Quest 4 Toner, you are guaranteed success and we will certainly help you when it goes awry. Our high-quality cartridges will no doubt work – it might just take some troubleshooting to get it successfully operational.

    What Hp Printer Models Will This Work For

    HP Printer Cartridges : How to Refill HP Ink Cartridges

    Cartridge refill problems are relatively common. Although there may be specific ways to deal with this in some of the latest models, these reset methods work well across both the old and the new generation HP printer models.

    Low ink level is a situation that can make any HP printer owner worried if they dont have a replacement at hand. Being unable to use a full cartridge because the printer doesnt recognize it is even more frustrating. However, a hard reset using any of the methods discussed should solve the problem.

    Be that as it may, its important to complete a hard reset of your computer as quickly as possible because your cartridges should not be disconnected from your printer for more than 30 minutes. If that happens, the ink may dry and clog the nozzles. After removing all cartridges, remember to wipe down any excess ink before reinserting them into their slots.

    Have you tried resetting your HP printer after refilling with ink? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    How To Reset An Hp Printer After Ink Refill

    Refilling HP cartridges is an inevitable chore if you own one of their printers. While some cartridges will work without problems after using a refill kit, some models require a hard reset. This is because the printer may not detect the newly filled cartridge. Sometimes you may even encounter a third-party cartridge detected error message even though the refilled cartridge is a genuine HP product. This can be pretty frustrating.

    Whenever this happens, resetting your printer should be first on the list of your troubleshooting options. And the good thing about it is that it can also work if youve replaced HP cartridges with some other compatible option from another vendor.

    You can reset your HP printer in two ways. Lets see how each method works.

    How Can You Tell If A Printhead Is Clogged

    If your PC or the LCD screen on your printer is telling you that your ink cartridges are full but no ink is passing through to the paper, then its most likely that you are dealing with a clogged printhead. Blurry documents and images that appear faded are also signs that its time to remove the excess ink.

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    Resetting Your Hp Printer

    You might have been through this process and made the easy misstep of clicking yes when asked if you mistakenly thought your cartridge was genuine. You can still fix the problem by resetting your printer. And rest assured, resetting an HP printer works much the same way as any other brand.

    A factory reset on most HP printers involves turning the printer off and disconnecting the power cable. Once youve given it about 30 seconds, you can then reconnect your printer to the power and turn it on while holding the resume button. After ten seconds or so of holding the resume button, the attention light should come on, telling you that the printer is restoring factory settings.

    From there, youll be able to restart the process of overriding the HP cartridge protection on your HP printer and use your refilled cartridge or third-party printer.

    How To Reset An Hp Printer After Refilling With Ink

    Samsung Cartridge Refill Guide

    Aaron DonaldRead more September 8, 2021

    An HP printer is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make for your home or office. They are famous for their excellent quality in printing, which HP has built up for over 50 years. The company continues to innovate with features like high-resolution printing, faster print speeds, and faster wireless connections.

    However, HP printers are far from perfect. Although you can refill cartridges with ink to cut costs, the printer may not recognize them when they are re-installed. As a result, you could end up delaying important print work even when you have everything your printer needs.

    Luckily, resetting your printer after a refill will almost always get you back on track. But how can you do it?

    This article will show you how to reset HP printers after refilling with ink.

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    The Simple And Quick Steps To Solve Failed Cartridge Recognizing The Issue In Your Hp Printer

  • Restart the printer and check if it can able to identify the refilled ink cartridges.
  • Look if the ink level status has been changed from low ink to full.
  • Reset the internal memory to make so that the printer identifies the filled cartridge.
  • Peel off the protective strips from the nozzle part.
  • Replace the damaged toner with a new one.
  • Clean the contacts with distilled water and insert it again.
  • Check the status of the firmware and update it if necessary.
  • Stay Stocked On Printer Ink

    Ultimately, the best option to keep printing when your printer begins to complain and display ink errors is to have spare cartridges on hand. Staying a step ahead and keeping your home office or small business stocked with office and printing supplies is easy when you shop on Thanks to their direct relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, Blue Dog Ink is able to offer the lowest prices on authentic printer inks and toners.

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