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How To Get Free Label Printer From Ups

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Use The Matching Avery Label Template

How to Get Free Shipping Labels from UPS | Thermal labels for Rollo Thermal Printer

A common mistake that leads to print misalignments is using the wrong label template with the wrong product. Check the packaging or the sheet of Avery labels itself to find the 4-5 digit product or template number. You can then use that code to search our site for the exact label template that you need. If you need a little more help with searching for templates, you can take a look at our help center article on how to find templates on avery.com for more assistance.

You can also use our in-browser design software, Design & Print Online, which will automatically optimize your design experience to display the safety area, provide warnings when your design is incompatible and offer a variety of editing tools. Our software also allows you to choose from thousands of pre-designed templates that are already optimized for the best print experience.

How To Create Ups Bulk Shipping Labels

To create UPS shipping labels in bulk, you can use UPS Batch File Shipping. You can create up to 250 shipping labels at once using a file upload. Here are the steps to create bulk shipping:

  • Prepare your document that lists the recipient details. You can download the template here. The template contains instructions and guidelines on how to encode the receiving addresses.
  • Log in to ups.com, click on Choose File, and navigate to your file.
  • Please make sure the Ship From address is correct.
  • Select your mode of payment.
  • Click on Process Batch to print all labels. You can also click on Preview Batch to check each shipment.
  • To ensure a smooth process, see to it that your browser has the following configurations:

    • Accept cookies
    • Secure Socket Layer encryption enabled
    • Allow Save encrypted pages to disk
    • Any pop-up blocker software should be disabled. To display, print labels, and enter new addresses, UPS Internet Shipping uses pop-up windows.

    Upscom Setup For Rolloprint

    Modified on: Thu, 30 Sep, 2021 at 10:28 AM

    Note: The easiest setup would be to connect your UPS account to Rollo Ship Manager. You can then skip steps below.

    UPS provides free software for all UPS customers called WorldShip. This application is optimized for printing labels in a 4 x 6 format at high-speed and with efficiency. The UPS.com website, on the other hand, has more limitations. Please see this article for setting up WorldShip with Rollo.

    If you don’t like using WorldShip, we would alternatively recommend using Rollo Ship Manager or another commercial solutions discussed in this article. They connect to UPS.com and print your label in a 4 x 6 format using your negotiated shipment rates. They are online, user-friendly, and you can set them up in just minutes.

    If you definitely want to ship directly from UPS.com, then there are a few ways to print from UPS.com:

    1) You may leave the settings as default on UPS.com and crop the label using the steps in this article.

    2) Install Rollo as a UPS Thermal Printer. Please note UPS.com Thermal Printers only print to 4 x 8 label sizes, so you must ensure that you have the correct label. This size limitation does not exist with UPS WorldShip or Commercial Solutions as discussed above. To install the UPS Thermal Printer, please follow this guide from UPS and install Rollo as the UPS Thermal 2844 printer.

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    Order Free Shipping Supplies From Ups Savings Amount: Varies

    UPS, FedEx, and USPS all offer their customers free shipping supplies for certain services delivered straight to your desired address for free. These free supplies are for express and expedited services like UPS Express Envelopes, FedEx Medium Boxes, and USPS Priority Mail boxes, respectively.

    UPS offers free UPS supplies including packaging, forms, and labels for customers logged in to UPS.com®. You can also swing by The UPS Store® or a customer center to purchase additional packaging materials in person.


    • A My UPS account
    • A valid physical address to receive packages

    Type of items you can order:

    • Generic thermal shipping labels
    • UPS branded boxes and specialty boxes
    • UPS related tags and forms
    • Shipping Reference Manual

    How to get your free UPS shipping supplies:

    In the UPS.com sidebar menu, theres a link to Order Supplies. Click the link and you will be sent to a login page for your My UPS account. Sign in and it will pull up all the various supplies you can order for free. You need a My UPS account or you wont see the supplies to order.

    UPS limits the amount you can order at one time and will contact you if they think youre abusing the free supplies they provide. The blank labels UPS offers work on any carrier, as they are generic blank labels. Everything else has UPS branding or works specifically with UPS shipments.

    Look Into The Resolution Capabilities Of The Printer

    How to Get Free Shipping Labels from UPS

    The resolution capabilities of your label printer should also be taken into account when making a decision about which model to invest in. The higher the resolution capabilities of the printer, the clearer and more high quality your printed labels will be. If you plan on having several different pieces of information included on each label , then it may be wise to purchase a high-resolution label printer for maximum clarity.

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    How To Use Manual Shipping Labels

    The quickest and easiest way to create shipping labels is with our online tools. But for some shipments, you may need a manual label, which is an airbill provided by FedEx.

    For most domestic express packages, you can use the FedEx Express Package US Airbill. To request preprinted peel-and-stick airbills, go to the Order Supplies page. Or you can call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say âorder shipping suppliesâ at the prompt.

    or FedEx Express® Freight shipments. These shipments have their own airbills.)

    For most express international shipments, you can use the FedEx International Air Waybill. These labels work for shipments up to 150 lbs., including shipments to and from Puerto Rico.

    To request preprinted air waybills, go to the Order Supplies page. Or you can call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say âorder shipping suppliesâ at the prompt.

    You can use the FedEx Expanded Service International Air Waybill to send international shipments, including documents, express freight, dangerous goods, those covered by a letter of credit, or to use specialty services like FedEx International Broker Select®.

    To request preprinted air waybills, go to the Order Supplies page. Or you can call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say âorder shipping suppliesâ at the prompt.

    Air Waybill or IATA Neutral Air Waybill. To request these air waybills for international shipping, call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 and say âinternational servicesâ at the prompt.)

    Arkscan 2054a Shipping Label Printer For Windows Mac Chromebook Linux

    We will be starting our list of reviews with one of the best options for printing shipping labels for UPS by the brand Arkscan. The 2054A is a compact option that takes minimal space on your table but delivers excellent speed and performance for the price.

    With a print speed of 130 millimeters per second, the unit might not be the fastest on the market. However, it is extremely consistent and can use both roll papers and fanfold papers loaded at the back. The maximum print resolution of the unit is 203 DPI, which is enough to deliver crisp and clear texts.

    The unit is capable of printing shipping labels, product labels, barcodes, or any other labels for all platforms. Not only is it a great choice for printing UPS labels, but also for other shipping platforms online, such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, and many more.

    With your purchase, you will also get access to the BarTender UltraLite label editor software for free. This will help you customize your labels according to your requirements and the platform that you are using. It might seem like a non-factor, but it does add a nice touch to your investment.


    • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux
    • Can print labels for all shipping platforms
    • Can use both roll and fanfold paper types


    • Mediocre print speed

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    Make Money Every Time You Ship Savings Amount: Varies

    Shipping is covered by, or at least partly subsidized by, your customers. Money on postage is something youre always going to spend as long youre running an e-commerce business, so why not have that money work for you?

    If you use shipping software like ShippingEasy, you have a postage balance that gets refilled by a credit card. By using a credit card that gives cash back rewards or frequent flyer miles, youre having a portion of each dollar paid toward postage benefit you. Before you know it, you will rack up points to fly anywhere, or make a bit of an extra return from your shipping costs. The more you ship, the more you can earn using a reward-based credit card.

    If youre not currently using a credit card with some kind of reward system and you run an e-commerce businessget one soon! You can even use a card with a smaller limit since shipping software allows for automatic refills.

    To get started finding a suitable frequent flyer or reward credit card to start earning points, check Nerd Wallets post on the best credit cards, they go into a lot of detail.

    Faqs About Return Shipping Labels

    How to get FREE UPS Thermal + Half Sheet Labels

    Can I ship a package without a return label?

    Yes, you can, with these options:

    Do return shipping labels expire? How long is a return label usable?

    Printed return labels do expire, but expiration dates vary by retailer. Typically, emailed return labels are printable for up to two years. Once you print the label, you usually have two weeks to use it before it expires. Whether you’re using a printed or emailed label, be sure to check your retailer’s return policy for details on how long they’ll accept the return, or to request a new return label if needed.

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    Editors’ Picks: Top 5 Popular Thermal Printer For Ups Labels

    • #

    Comparison Chart Of Top Thermal Printer For UPS Labels

    • Industrial-grade with great continuous printing.
    • Four Non-slip mats on the bottom to prevent the printer from skidding.
    • Comes with a button to adjust the paper size
    • No restriction on label height
    HP OfficeJet Pro 9015
    • DYMO Label software for prints address, file folder, and barcode labels.
    • Prints 4-line standard address labels at up to 51 labels per minute.
    • Prints crystal clear barcodes and graphics.
    Epson EcoTank ET-2750
    • Able to print minimum of 0.75 & maximum of 4.25 in width, minimum of 0.4 & maximum of 90 in length.
    • The printer supports Arkscan’s labels, Zebra compatible labels, and Dymo compatible labels
    • About 1 second to print one 4×6 shipping label.
    Brother MFC-J805DW
    • Only need 5 minutes to install.
    • This shipping label printer only has 1 button.
    • Works 24 hours without any worrying about damage.
    Brother QL-1100 | UPS WorldshipCompatible Printers
    • Geared towards your online shopping needs.
    • Auto Crop Function.

    Is It Cheaper To Print Your Own Shipping Labels

    If you need to print batches of address labelsor shipping labels, if youre running a businessits almost certainly less expensive to print them yourself. If you dont have a printer, dont want to buy one, and only need to print out a few labels, youre better off going to a print shop or using a friends printer.

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    What Happens If My Ups Thermal Printer Breaks

    Thermal printers have fewer moving parts than standard inkjet printers, so they are less likely to break down to begin with.

    However, if the worst does happen and your UPS thermal printer does break down, the good news is that UPS will simply replace the printer free of charge.

    All you need to do is call your account manager and report the malfunction.

    How To Get A Free Ups Thermal Printer


    Getting your free UPS thermal printer is simple you just need to follow a few easy steps:

    • The first thing you need to do to get a free UPS thermal printer is set up an online account with UPS called a UPS.com ID.

    Setting up your UPS.com ID is easy, just head over to UPS.com and enter the required details. If you habitually use UPS to ship your packages then you probably already have a UPS ID.

    • Once you have your UPS.com ID, you will need to call UPS to get your free UPS thermal printer. You can call the UPS customer service center on 18007425877 or use 18008330056 if you are hearing impaired and need TTY/TDD access.

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    How To Get A Free Thermal Printer From Ups

    If you own a small business and have to ship items on a daily basis, you obviously know the importance of a thermal printer. Moreover, you most definitely also know how expensive thermal printers and shipping can be.

    But, what if we told you we knew a foolproof way to save you a huge amount of expense when it comes to shipping? Yes, you read that right!

    UPS helps out hundreds and thousands of aspiring business owners like you who use their services by providing a thermal printer for free or almost for free. Of course, you also receive other services along with it.

    So, without ado, lets take a deep dive into it!

    How To Use Idautomation Free Barcode Label Design As Label Printer Software:

    • Open IDAutomation Free Barcode Label Design.
    • Choose the option to create a new label.
    • Here you have to make printer selection, label stock type, and preferred units.
    • Then make label stock selection form a number of options, or choose to make your own label, where you have to enter the dimensions, and the number of rows or columns.
    • In the layout generated, design your label, using several tools, like: text, barcode, image, lines, ellipse, spacing option, rotation option, alignment option, etc.
    • Finally option can be chosen to take a printout of the labels thus generated, or save it as IDA.

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    How To Get Free Thermal Shipping Labels

    If you have a UPS account , you can get a shipment of thermal shipping labels at no cost by placing an order online in just a few moments. UPS ships the labels to you, and youre ready to go. UPS says their supplies should only use them for UPS shipments, but since this is an Amazon FBA blog and UPS is the only parcel partnered carrier left, worrying about that seems like a non-issue.

    To get these free blank labels, head to this UPS.com page and log in. This requires you to have a UPS shipping account . From your profile page, choose Order Supplies.

    Choose the Labels and Stickers option from the Supplies page, then pick one of the Direct Thermal Label options. Youll see a couple: fan-fold format in 4 x 6 and 4 x 8 and roll format in 4 x 6, 4 x 6.25, and 4 x 8 variants.

    If youre a super heavy printer, grab a case of the 4 x 6 fan-fold labels. A case will come with 6,000, whereas the largest roll you can acquire at once comes with 900.

    Note: UPS informed me that itd depend on your shipping volume, whether fan-fold labels are available. The account I used to generate these screenshots doesnt do much volume, so that option wasnt available.

    Phomemo Thermal Label Printer


    While the last product that we reviewed by Phomemo was excellent, it had a few problems. Firstly, the installation on a Mac system was a bit hectic. And secondly, despite being compact enough for most workspaces, it was still a tad larger than other thermal printers that we are used to seeing on the market.

    It seems that the manufacturers took all of these issues into consideration and came up with a new unit aimed at people who have gripes with these very issues. This unit from the brand features a much more compact design and comes with a USB flash drive included, making the setup as effortless as possible.

    But there also seemed to have been no compromises in terms of quality. You will still get high-speed printing thanks to its 152 millimeters per second print speed. In addition, the quality of the print also remains the same since they did not change the print head nor the output resolution.

    Another important addition to the printer is the inclusion of Automatic Label Detection that can detect and adjust the positioning of the label precisely to make the printing process go faster. As expected, the unit works with both Windows and Mac and takes minimal time to set up.



    • A bit pricier than their previous option

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