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How To Get An Hp Printer Online

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Set The Default Printer

How To Get Printer Online In Windows 10/8/7

Set your printer as default on your Windows 10 computer to make sure print and scan jobs use the correct printer.

  • In Windows, search for and open Printers & scanners.

  • Make sure the box next to Let Windows manage my default printer is not checked.

  • From the list of printers, click your printer name, and then click Manage. If there are multiple printer names that match yours, select the printer that is idle or online.

  • Under Manage your device, click Set as default.

  • Solution 4: Check Your Connection

    Depending on how your printer is connected to your computer, you may have various other reasons Why is My HP Printer Offline;problem still appear. If you use a USB cord to connect, make sure that it is securely in place. If the issue persists, consider using a different USB cord. But, in case you use a wireless network to connect to your printer, follow the beneath steps accordingly:

    • Restart your printer by turning it off first, waiting almost 10 seconds, and disconnecting the power cord from your printer
    • Then, turn off your operating system
    • Connect the printer power cord to the printer appropriately and turn the printer back ON
    • Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router
    • Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting it
    • It may take a couple of minutes for your internet to come back on
    • When it does, power on your computer
    • Using the HP wireless setup wizard or the HP Smart software, connect your printer directly to your network
    • Print a wireless report to check what connectivity issues may still exist
    • Find this report in the Network settings or the Wireless menu of your printer

    Troubleshooting Offline Printer Issues With Mac Os

    Here are the troubleshooting methods you need to apply if the printer is showing offline on your Mac operating system.

  • Get the Printer Ready

    • The printer says offline when it is off or not available for communication. To make the printer ready to receive a print job, follow the given steps:
    • Inspect the printer, if it is off or in sleep mode and press the Power button to turn it on.
    • Next, ensure that the printer has papers loaded into the input tray, the ink or toner cartridges have been correctly installed and there are no errors or no lights are blinking on the control panel of the printer.
    • Now, restart the printer and make it ready to print.
    • Check if it prints or if still, it shows offline, go to the next method.
  • Try Resetting the printing system

    • You can even try resetting the print system as it will clear all the errors by removing all HP and non-HP printers, print jobs, as well as printer preferences.
    • Launch the Apple menu and click on System Preferences.
    • Then click on any one of the following: Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners.
    • Next, right-click on the Printers window and click Reset printing system.
    • Click Reset in the confirmation window; enter the Administrator name plus password.
    • Click Ok to complete the reset process of the printing system.
    • After this add your printer back to the list and check if it prints.

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    Another Way You Can Get Your Hp Printer Is An Offline To Online

    Physically Checking the Printer and Cables

    • Check that both ends of the USB cable are properly inserted. And, if the printer has networks, then check the proper insertion of Ethernet cables. And, if your printer has a wireless connection, then check for the internet connection and printers connectivity to the router.
    • If the printer is connected with the help of cable, try by inserting the cable in different sockets on your computer.
    • To make sure that there is no fault in the cable, you can check by using another cable.

    Check Printer Network Connection

    Ive seen so many individuals dealing with the hp printer in my service moment as an offline issue to the issue of network connection.

    They usually connect their laptop and printer to various networks. Thats why they cant print anything from their printers and get an offline error message from the printer.

    Thats why the link needs to be checked first. Make sure that your printer and computer connect and ping successfully through the same network.

    Remove All Pending Print Jobs To Get Printer Back Online

    • From the option of see whats printing, right-click and press Cancel option. It will cancel all the print jobs.
    • After removing the print jobs, select the option of Use Printer Online again.

    Setup Hp printer as a default Printer

    You may be able to install various printers on your desktop; you give the incorrect printer a print command.

    It may also be the reason for hp printer offline error message.

    How To Solve The Hp 2540 Offline Issue

    Hp printer offline how to turn it online

    The HP Deskjet 2540 offline problem can be easily solved if the user follows the proper method. The steps for the solutions are incredibly convenient and easy, which makes things more straightforward and effortless. Let us move forward and know more about how to solve the HP Deskjet 2540 says offline issue and get back to normal functioning.

    • Ensure that the printer, device, and wireless router are switched on for the first step.;
    • The printer should be connected to the device without any issue with the wires. The internet connection must be stable and should not lose communication with the device or printer.;
    • Now print a sample document from the HP Deskjet printer and check if it has the IP address gets printed.;
    • In case these basic steps or instructions do not work or help you prevent the HP Deskjet 2540 printer offline issue, you should remove the USB cable from the printer and the device.;
    • Now in the search bar of your device, present at the bottom left corner of the screen type control panel.;
    • Next, click on the same and select the options program and feature in the new window.
    • Now restart the device and again download and install the printer drivers.;
    • Make sure the printer drivers now installed are updated and compatible with the device.;
    • To make things more manageable, you can disable the antivirus and firewall settings on the device that you use with your HP printer.

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    Hp Photosmart Printer Offline

    HP is a world famous brands for its wide variety and range of products it manufactures for different user base. Among all such products, printers are quite famous. People buy these printing machines to print hard copy of their important documentations and files. These machines are very complex in its builts and are assembled with different hardware devices.

    Due to limited knowledge of people about its working, they find it difficult to troubleshoot even the simplest of issues. We at HP Printer Support forum receives hundreds of queries from worried customers regarding their printer problems. We with the help of our experienced printer engineers provide efficient troubleshooting assistance as well as complete software solutions.

    Among all the queries we receive, one common query which stand out from the rest is regarding the HP photosmart printer showing offline. I will discuss a detailed description about how to troubleshoot this issue in the following section. Kindly go through it to remove the problem. You can also post your queries on our HP Printer Support Forum.

    We provide detailed steps and pictorial solution to printer problems with the help of our printer engineers. So visit the forum whenever in need of technical help and resolve your issues on your own.

    Tips To Deal With Hp Printer Says Offline

    Below are some easy strategies that will help you in changing the status of the HP printer offline to online. This method can be applied on any device, if you are a Macbook user and looking for solutions for HP printer offline Mac, this method will definitely come in handy.;

  • Go to the Network Settings section and check the internet connection.
  • Delete or cancel the pending print jobs
  • Restart your device, laptop or personal computer;
  • Restart the HP printer
  • Delete the HP printer from your device and reinstall it again;
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    Method 4 Update The Printer Properties

    In this forth solution, I will suggest you update your printer properties. Lots of users claim that they fix Printer offline messages by updating or changing their printer properties. If you are using a HP network printer, then you can use this solution easily.

    Follow the below given instructions to do so:

    • First, press Windows + R key together.
    • Now, the run command will execute, in the box type: control and click on the enter button.
    • Control Panel will open
    • After that, uncheck the SNMP Status Enabled
    • Click on the OK to save all the changes you made.

    After doing that, you can easily fix the Offline message problem on your PC.


    In this blog, I tried my best to provide you all the information related to;the HP printer offline issue.;I hope with the above effective and easy-to-use solution you can fix the;Printer Offline error message in Windows 10.

    But in case, after following all the above solutions, if you are still facing the;printer offline problem then you can read;Troubleshooting offline printer problems. Or you can also try printing from another printer to see if it is a printer problem or if the problem is with the;hardware.

    Sometimes this problem occurs with wired printers due to a loose USB connection. So it is recommended to check your USB port or use a different USB or network cable to connect.

    If you have any questions regarding;HP printer offline fix windows 10,;and then feel free to comment below.

    Good Luck..!

    Make Printer Online Using Device Manager

    #1 How to Change HP Printer from Offline to Online | Toll Free HP 1-800-845-0360 Call Now for Help!

    If you prefer using Device manager, you can follow the steps below to make printer online on your Windows computer.

    1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager option in the WinX menu.

    2. On Device Manager Screen, click on the Action tab and select Devices and Printers option in the drop-down menu.

    Note: If Devices and Printers option does not appear, retry again after sometime.

    3. On Devices and Printers screen, right-click on the Offline Printer and select; See whats printing option in the contextual menu.

    4. On the next screen, select the Printer Tab and click on Use Printer Offline option to remove the check mark on this item.

    5. Wait for the printer to come back online.

    Once the printer comes back online, it should start printing whatever was in the print queue.

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    Fix Offline Error Through Updating The Hp Printer Driver

    Drivers are critical to the wellbeing of your apps and apparatus.

    If you search fordrivers in your taskbar, among those choices which should pop up would be yourDevice Manager. The Device Manager, once clicked, will record elements of your computer that operate with drivers.

    When one of those options is chosen individually, youre attracted to a little window which could tell you anything about the device and it features a tab especially for drivers.

    From here, you can assess if you have to upgrade the driver. If the driver needs an upgrade to keep on functioning properly, you are able to do this from this display.

    Clear The Printer Queue

    Most people notice that their printer is not connected when they attempt to print a document. If youre like me, you may even try to print that same document 4-5 times before realizing that your printer is offline. This printer queue can make it difficult for the printer to resolve the issue. Canceling print jobs will allow your printer and computer to focus solely on reestablishing their connection.

    To cancel print jobs on Windows:

    • In the window that appears, select Devices and Printers .
    • Right-click on your HP printers icon and select See Whats Printing.
    • Right-click each print job and select Cancel.

    To cancel print jobs on MacOS.

    • In the Apple menu, click System Preferences and select Print & Scan.

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    Use Hp Print And Scan Doctor

    Use HP Print and Scan Doctor on your Windows computer to help diagnose and fix printing and scanning issues.

  • Make sure paper is loaded in the main tray, and then turn on the printer.

  • Download HP Print and Scan Doctor, and then follow the prompts to install and open the tool.

  • On the welcome screen, click Start to select your printer and run the diagnostic.

  • If your printer is not found, click My product is not listed, and then follow the instructions troubleshoot the connection.

  • Restart Printer & Check For Connectivity

    How to get HP printer online

    If the printer had been online for some time, it might have into an idle state. While it should not set the printer offline but you never know. Try turning off, wait about 1 minute, and then on to check if that resolved the problem

    Next, check on this essential tip. Make sure the printer is connected to a power source, it is turned on, and it is connected to the computer. Check the ethernet cable or the wireless connection. It is one of the reasons why you may see it offline and sometimes disconnected. Make sure to check the USB cable and the USB port and fix this first.

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    Remove And Reinstall Printer

    Removing and reinstalling your printer on your device will allow the connection between your computer and printer to once again start from scratch.

    To remove and reinstall a printer with Windows:

    • In the window that appears, select Devices and Printers .
    • Right-click on your HP printer and select Remove device.
    • To reinstall the printer, click Add a Printer on the Devices and Printers window and follow the prompts.

    To manually set your printer as the default printer with MacOS:

    • In the Apple menu, click System Preferences and select Print & Scan.
    • Right-click anywhere in the Print & Scan window and select Reset Printing System. This will clear any errors, print jobs, and printer preferences from your computer.
    • Once the reset is complete, select Add Printer or Scanner and select your printer. Follow the subsequent prompts to reinstall your printer.

    Method 3: Check Your Printer Is Not In Offline Mode

    In this solution, you have to verify that your printer is not in offline mode sometimes by default your printer goes into Offline mode.;

    Follow the below steps to check the printer is in offline mode or not:;

    • First, click on the;Start;button.;
    • Then, click on the;Settings;option
    • Click on the;Devices
    • Next, click on the;Printers & scanners
    • Then select your printer;
    • Open the;queue;which you will get under the;Printer,
    • Now, check;Use Printer Offline;is not enabled.

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    Method 1 Run The Troubleshooter

    The first solution in order to fix;the Printer is offline error,;I will like to suggest you;Run the Troubleshooter and check the error is still exist or not.

    To run the troubleshooter, follow the instructions below:

    • First, click the Windows;Start;button.;
    • After that click on;Settings.;
    • Next, you have to click on;Devices option;
    • On the other screen click on the;;Troubleshoot;option;
    • Now, click on the;Printer option
    • On the Expanded Printer menu you have to click on the;Run the Troubleshooter;option

    After the scanning process gets over, check your HP printer problem is resolved or not.

    Why Is My Hp Printer Offline How To Bring It Online Back

    How to Get Your Printer Online in Windows 10
    • Why is My HP Printer Offline? How To Bring It Online Back?


    You are in need of some urgent document to print, but when you start print-job unfortunately your;HP Printer Is Offline. Has this ever happened to you? If you really have received this error message, it can be frustrating as the that is offline wont receive new print jobs and process them to deliver high-quality printouts. This is a very serious problem and has to be resolved as soon as possible. Lets not send any supplementary print requests to your offline printer until got becomes successful in bringing it back. In case there are print jobs stuck in the print queue, you are highly recommended to first cancel them until your printer is being Online. In this guide, you will learn how to get your printer working again quickly with some simple astounding tricks and techniques. Hence, a glimpse of the noted information!

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    Where Is The Ip Address Located On My Hp Officejet 3830 Offline Printer

    • Now again click on the desktop start menu and click on control panel.
    • Next, Devices and Printers and right-click on the officejet 3830.
    • Tap on printer properties and navigate to the ports tab.
    • Now select the IP address from the printer list and go to the configure port button.
    • Simply uncheck SNMP and click on OK and save changes.
    • Go to the officially website of printer brand and download the latest drivers version and reinstall and install the printers drivers.
    • Now, unzip the drivers folder and click on the bundle and simply follow the screen instruction.
    • After installing the drivers restart the printer and desktops all together.
    • Perform the printer job.

    Therefore, A printer faced multiple errors of offline such as HP Officejet 3830 network unavailable, HP Officejet 3830 says offline, HP Officejet wont print, My HP Officejet 3830 is offline all can be fixed by following given steps above in the article.

    Get Your Hp Printer Online Manually

    Follow the steps listed underneath to bring the printers offline status to online:

  • Turn on the device connected to your printer.
  • From the Start menu, go to the Devices and Printers section.
  • Then right-click on your HP printer and click See whats printing.
  • From the menu you see, select Printer.
  • Next, from the drop-down menu that appears, select Use Printer Online.
  • Thats how you can get an HP printer online by changing the HP printers status from offline to online. If this method doesnt help, go on with the next method.

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