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How To Fix Printer Offline Problem

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I: Delete All The Pending Print Jobs

Fix Printer Offline Problem

If some pending print jobs within the print queues get corrupted somehow, then there is a possibility for you to meet with this problem. The best answer to resolve this issue is to remove all the stuck print jobs. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, press the combination of Windows + R keys together. This opens a new dialog box having the name Run will come up.
  • Within that dialog box, type in the text control panel on the empty area beside the label Open: and then, tap on the OK button.
  • As soon as you do that, then a new Control Panel window will come up. Inside that window, find and choose the Hardware and Sound category. Now, a new page will appear, in it, locate and select the Devices and Printers option.
  • Next, another page will come up, where go to the Printers and Faxes section. Under that section, locate the Epson printer that you have and right-click on it.
  • Now, from the popup menu that appears, find and click the See whats printing option.
  • At this time, a new window with a list full of print jobs will appear. Within that window, navigate to the menu bar and choose the Printer option. From the drop-down list, choose the Cancel All Documents option.
  • At last, tap on the Yes button, when the confirmation box comes up.

Disable Printer Offline Mode In Windows

Moving on, you also need to verify that the printer isnt in Use Printer Offline mode.

  • Head to Settings> Devices> Printers & scanners and select the affected printer in the Printers & scanners section.
  • Select Open queue.
  • Select Printer on the menu bar and ensure Use Printer Offline is unchecked. If theres a checkmark next to the option, select Use Printer Offline to bring the printer back online.
  • In Need Of A Power Cycle

    Just like many other types of electronic devices, your printer might just be in need of a power cycle. Turning your printer off and on again often fixes the problem at hand. Turn off the printer, unplug it, wait at least 30 seconds, and plug it back in. If it still indicates printer offline, continue troubleshooting.

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    Remove And Reinstall Printer From Scratch

    Sometimes, the best option is to remove and reinstall the printer from scratch. Unplug or disconnect the printer from your PC and follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings> Devices> Printers & scanners, select the problematic printer, and select the Remove device button.
  • Select Yes on the confirmation prompt to proceed.
  • Restart your computer, plug in the printer cable or connect it to your router/Wi-Fi network, and proceed to the next step.

  • Select Add a printer or scanner and follow the instructions on the next page.
  • If youre having trouble installing your Ethernet or wireless printer, refer to this comprehensive guide on connecting a network printer in Windows.

    Procedure 1 Check The Printer Connection

    Printer Offline Problem!! Windows 10/8/7

    When you get the Printer offline status on the Epson printer, it is possible that something is wrong with the communication between the device and the Epson printer, through the network connection.

    Therefore, you need to check if the printer is correctly connected or not with the computer. If there is a problem with the internet connection, then you should solve this issue as soon as possible. To do that follow the steps hereunder:

  • Press the Power button to turn off the printer as well as the device.
  • Disconnect all the cables from the printer as well as the device and the router.
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Connect all the cables and then press the Power button from the printer as well as the system to switch on the printer. Now check if the printer performs correctly or not.
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    Change The Printer Settings

  • Open Control Panel and navigate to your Printers window.
  • Check if the correct printer is set to Default .
  • Right-click on your default printer and select the print queue .
  • If there are any unfinished tasks, remove them from the list.
  • From the queue window, select Printer and uncheck the Use Printer Offline option .
  • Check if the printer is correctly connected to your computer .
  • If you own a network printer, try doing a connection test .
  • Turn your printer and computer off and on again.
  • If by now the problem isnt solved, reinstall the printers drivers.
  • Note: if you are using a wireless printer, then you should try to connect to its IP address. To find its address, go to Control Panel, then click on Devices and Printers, right-click on your printer, and select properties.

    Copy the address and write it down in your browsers address field.

    Printer Is Offline Error On Mac

    The reason for Printer is offline error on Mac could be due to various reasons, ranging from the simple case of printer going into sleep mode to incorrect printer settings and problems with USB ports or the WiFi network.

    In most cases, the problem can be fixed by using the option to Reset Printing system as available on Mac.

    After the Printing system is Reset, you will have to Add back the printer to Mac.

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    Solution #: Restarting The Print Spooler Service

    In this solution, we would begin with restarting the Print Spooler Service to correct the Printer offline issue in your Windows 10 PC. The printers utilize spooler service for printing purposes and as you restart the service it is possible that the error would be fixed.

    Here is how you restart the Printer spooler service:

    • Step 1: You first have to press the Windows + R key simultaneously and then type in services.msc followed by pressing Enter and then click on OK.
    • Step 2: The services window will open up. There you have to locate the option that says Print Spooler service and then right click on it.
    • Step 3: Then go to the menu bar and then choose the option to Restart.

    Once the Print Spooler service restarts you should check and verify if the printer offline error in your Windows 10 PC has been fixed or not. It should be noted that this is not a permanent fix for the issue and if the problem occurs again, you can simply repeat the entire process.

    Add A Second Printer Device

    Printer Offline Problem – How to Fix
  • Follow Steps 1-2 from Solution 5.
  • Select the Ports tab and click on Add Port button.
  • Select the Standard TCP/IP Port and click on the New Port button.
  • Click on Next after the Printer Port Wizard starts.
  • Enter the required information. You can get them from your printers instruction manual. Click on Next.
  • We hope this guide helped you solve your printer problems in Windows 10. If youve tried all of them and your problem still persists, then you might have a hardware-related problem.

    In this case, try printing from another computer or try a different printer. Also, if youre running a wired printer, use a different USB / network cable.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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    Check For Copy Of Printer In Devices And Printers

    The printer can automatically create a copy of brother printer on the system. This copy of printer will have similar name and same properties and settings as of original brother printer. This situation will give rise to a conflict between printers on the computer and will eventually lead to brother printer offline Windows 10 error on the computer.

  • Type Control panel in the search box.
  • See whether there is a copy of your Brother printer.
  • It should be named like Brother Model Name .
  • If yes then immediately delete that copy.
  • If there is no copy of printer created on your computer then you may be facing problem with print queues. Read the next paragraph to know more.

    The Printer Itself Is Out Of Order

    There are frequent cases of breakdown of the printing device itself. It should be remembered that the repair of old equipment will not always be justified. Perhaps buying a new one would be the best option.

    Signs of printer breakdown can be not only its complete failure to work when it does not print anything at all. If the device begins to wrinkle the paper, emit blank sheets, does not print all colors, not the entire pattern is transferred to the paper, toner does not fix, the text is applied unevenly, then the probability of a malfunction is very high.

    Some models may signal problems by flashing lights on the case. These are often yellow or red indicators. Pay attention to this even if the printer continues to print.

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    How To Clear Print Queue

    Another possible cause why your printer is offline is the loaded print queue. Have you experienced clicking print several times because you thought it was not working? Only to find out that you have a stuck print queue. It may happen quite a few times, but the solution is pretty simple. If your printer seems to be stuck at a task, avoid clicking print all over again. Restarting the print spooler will enable your printer to continue printing your documents correctly instead of canceling them. Here are the steps on clearing printer queue.

    Step 1: Make sure to save the document first. Turn off your printer and unplug it.

    Step 2: On your search bar, type Services.

    Step 3: Choose Print Spooler in Services , then right-click it.

    Step 4: Click Stop to pause the printing job instead of canceling it.

    Step 5: Open a browser and paste C:\Windows\System32\Spool\PRINTERS in the address bar.

    Step 6: Click Continue to access this folder.

    Step 7: Once accessed, delete all the files.

    Step 8: Go back to Print Spooler , then click Start . This final step should allow the print queue to start working again.

    If restarting the print spooler did not work, you can cancel all the documents in the print queue this time. The steps are easy, but they will also require you to start the process again. The steps below will show you how to delete the print queue.

    Step 1: Type in Devices and Printers on the search bar.

    Step 2: Choose the printer model and then right-click it.

    Check Brother Printer For Any General Errors On Computer

    Fix Printer Offline Error in Windows 10 [8 Quick Solutions]

    As it happens, many times a different error related with brother printer can also result in brother printer offline Windows 10 problem. Common errors with Paper jam, ink or head alignment can also cause this problem. Check your computer for the following errors.

  • Make sure there is no error displayed on the LCD screen
  • Check for any paper jam errors
  • Check for any ink / toner related errors
  • Make sure there are no head alignment related errors
  • Once you have encountered any of these above errors follow these steps given below

  • Remove and reinsert all papers from paper tray for paper jam error
  • Replace the ink cartridge or take appropriate action according to the ink related error
  • Align the print head from settings in brother printer settings menu
  • Read the next paragraph if you do not find any error with brother printer.

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    Make Printer Online Using Device Manager

    If you prefer using Device manager, you can follow the steps below to make printer online on your Windows computer.

    1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager option in the WinX menu.

    2. On Device Manager Screen, click on the Action tab and select Devices and Printers option in the drop-down menu.

    Note: If Devices and Printers option does not appear, retry again after sometime.

    3. On Devices and Printers screen, right-click on the Offline Printer and select See whats printing option in the contextual menu.

    4. On the next screen, select the Printer Tab and click on Use Printer Offline option to remove the check mark on this item.

    5. Wait for the printer to come back online.

    Once the printer comes back online, it should start printing whatever was in the print queue.

    How To Change The Printer From Offline To Online Status

    These instructions will address several issues. If your problem is resolved, dont feel you have to continue through all the steps. Its best to do them in this order, however, because the simplest fixes are listed first and require the least effort and tech knowledge.

    Option 1 – Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor application to identify and solve errors. You can find this special version thats designed to resolve offline issues by clicking this link.
  • Open the application called HPPSdr.exe by clicking it from the download location and allowing it to run. You may need to be in administrator mode to do this
  • If you are prompted, choose Yes to trust the file source because it comes directly from the HP tech support team
  • Click Start and choose your printer
  • If your printer is not listed, restart your printer, then click Retry in the Print and Scan Doctor application
  • The application will identify potential connection issues. Follow the prompts and click Yes if asked to turn on printer updates
  • Continue through the prompts and click Yes if asked to make this printer the default printer
  • Did these instructions help you? Youll know it worked if your printer status changed from offline to online. If not, continue to the next section.

    Option 2 – Set the default printer

    For Windows 10 users

  • Click Set as default
  • For Windows 8 users

    Now try printing again. If your device still displays an offline status, move on to the next section.

  • Select Add Port
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    Restart The Print Spooler Service

    The print spooler is a service that handles interaction with the printer. Restarting this service can get your printer back online.

    Open the Start menu, search for Services, and open the relevant app. Scroll down until you see Print Spooler in the Name column. When you find it, right click it and click Restart.

    First Step Check The Connections Between Your Computer And Printer

    Fix Printer Offline problem in windows 10 / 11

    When something goes wrong with your technology, always examine the basics first. Is your printer powered on, and do you have paper in the tray? Is there sufficient toner or ink? Is there anything flashing on status lights on the printer that indicates there is a problem?

    Next, look for physical damage to your printer, wires, and ports. Ensure your printer is powered and all cables are securely attached. If youre using a cable, check it in all of your devices ports and try a cable one to make sure the cable isnt the issue.

    If youre using a wireless printer, connect your printer directly to your computer with a cable to verify if its working. If thats the case, the problem could be your network connection.

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    Set The Default Printer

    Set your printer as default on your Windows 10 computer to make sure print and scan jobs use the correct printer.

  • In Windows, search for and open Printers & scanners.

  • Make sure the box next to Let Windows manage my default printer is not checked.

  • From the list of printers, click your printer name, and then click Manage. If there are multiple printer names that match yours, select the printer that is idle or online.

  • Under Manage your device, click Set as default.

  • How To Switch My Printer From Offline To Online In Windows 10

    Your printer is offline apparently due to no communication with the attached computer. The reason behind this error may be related to the software or hardware. To further narrow down the issue, we are sharing few list of steps to get your printer back online.

  • Search Printers and Scanners in the search menu bar as shown in the image, and click on open.
  • A new window for Printers & Scanners will open.
  • Select your printer in the provided list and click on Open queue.
  • A new window will open for your selected printer.
  • Uncheck Use Printer Offline.
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    Create A Tcp/ip Port In Windows

    Add a printer port to Windows that matches your printer’s IP address.

  • Print a Network Configuration or Wireless Network Test Results page.

  • Printers with a control panel menu: Print the page from the Wireless, Network Settings, or Setup menu.

  • Printers without a control panel menu: Print the page using button combinations on the printer control panel.

    For most printers, press the Wireless and Information buttons at the same time, or press the Wireless and Start Copy Black buttons at the same time.

    For HP DeskJet 6000 and 6400, ENVY 6000 and 6400, and Tango printers, touch and hold the Information button until all control panel buttons light up, and then touch the Information and Resume buttons at the same time.

  • On the Network Configuration page, find the printer’s IP address.

  • In Windows, search for and open Printers & scanners

  • On the Ports tab, click Add Port.

  • Select Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click New Port.

  • Type the printer’s IP address, and then click Next.

  • Select the new Standard TCP/IP Port from the list, and then click OK.


    You might see two printers in the list of devices. Do not remove or uninstall either printer.

  • Change The Printer Properties

    Learn New Things: How to Fix Printer Offline Issues In Windows PC ...
  • Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
  • Right-click your printer and choose Printer properties from the menu.
  • Go to the Ports tab, select your printers IP address from the list and click on the Configure Port button.
  • Uncheck SNMP Status Enabled and click on OK to save the changes.
  • A user also suggested that you can also leave the SNMP as it is and change its device index to #.

    Note: This solution works only if youre using a network printer. If you encounter any configuration problems with your printer, weve prepared a simple guide to help you in that situation.

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