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How To Fix Epson Printer Ink Problem

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Use Reliable Hp Ink Cartridges


If none of the above methods has worked for you, your last option would be to replace the ink cartridges. If you are using third-party consumables, there is a big chance that your ink cartridges are incompatible with your printer. If you choose to buy consumables for your printer from third-party suppliers, choosing the cheapest one is not wise. Buying low-quality cartridges from unreliable suppliers will get you into bigger problems.

As a well-known supplier of ink and toner cartridges for various printer brands including HP printers, YoyoInk can provide you with high-quality compatible and remanufactured HP Deskjet 1112 ink cartridges. Our products are chosen by many users not only for their cheap prices but also because of their quality that is comparable with that of OEM consumables.

Correct Port For Epson Printer

Due to lack of proper port during printer installation Epson printer not working problem may occur. You can change the printer port for Epson printer without reinstalling the printer. Follow these steps to reassign a correct port for the printer

  • Search Control Panel in the search box on the Taskbar and open it.
  • now click on Device and printer.
  • Select your Printer and Right Click on it and Go to printer properties.
  • In the properties Window Select Ports Tab and click on add port.
  • Select the Standard TCP/IP port and click on the new port.
  • Now click on the Apply button.
  • Restart the computer and the printer.
  • When you will restart the computer and the printer, it should work fine.

    Check The Printer Head

    You have to check the printhead if the replacement if the cartridges dont work and then make sure that the printheads arent clogged. To get of this error you have to run the automatic printhead cleaning functions on the Epson printer. If running printhead doesnt work then you have to run it the second and the third time. However, there are limited times to run the automatic cleaning feature and it uses a lot of ink to running the automatic printhead cleaning function.

    To troubleshoot the clogs, the automatic printhead cleaning feature is the easiest way and you have to try to clean it manually, you have to remove the printhead from the printer.

    Realign the printer, where for the HP printers, on your printers LCD display screen you can also fond this option: Setup > Tools.

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    The Inevitable Problem Of Clogged Print Head Nozzles In Epson Printers

    Heres a myth: You will never get clogged printhead nozzles if you use genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturers cartridges.

    Heres another myth: You will not get clogged printhead nozzles if you keep running print head cleaning cycles.

    Both these myths have misled most printer users. Theyre both wrong, of course. If you use generic or compatible cartridges from a reliable aftermarket company or third-party seller, it will be just like youre using genuine cartridges. It is only a box containing ink, after all. The majority of printer users have already discovered this and have ended up saving a lot because of it.

    The other myth is more difficult to debunk because of the nuances involved. Printhead cleaning cycles are useful to push out air blocks from the nozzles. In some cases, they can even help with dried ink but the problem has to be minor for them to help. Solids will always be able to hold back liquids provided theyre thick enough. With regular use, dried ink will get thick enough in your nozzles.

    If you run loads of print head cleaning cycles to counter it, youll get some temporary reprieve. All that ink that the print head cycle is pushing through the nozzle to unclog it, where do you think it goes? It stays and dries up again in a day or two. This is why you get clear prints after running multiple print head cleaning cycles only to face the same problem again the next day.

    My Printed Photos Are Low Quality

    how to fix Epson l 550 printer Scaner problem / scanner ...

    Specifically for inkjets, make sure that you are printing on the right type of paper. For printing detailed photographs youll want to use photo paper. Make sure you have selected the paper type you are using in your software settings. Cleaning the nozzle and aligning the print head will again help to improve print quality.

    You may be running low on one colour which may cause for discoloured prints, in which case its time to change the cartridge. It is also worth noting the old ink cartridges should be checked and replaced where necessary.

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    Causes Of Printer Error After Ink Refill

    Ink Insert error:

    The first error may have been due to the ownerâs inscient ness when it came to putting ink in the ink tube or into the printer cartridge. The color of the ink is exchanged, not according to the color it should be.

    This will cause an error on the printer you have. If you have encountered such an error, then you should fix it immediately by emptying the wrong cartridge.

    Then just refill it with the appropriate ink color. For more details, you can read the printerâs ink drain guide on the cartridge here.

    Imperfect Cartridge Installation:

    the latter issue is a problem with the installation of cartridges after refilling the ink. Usually this is because the cartridge is not properly attached to the mount. Thus the position of such cartridges makes it unreadable by the printer system.

    This problem also occurs frequently. Therefore, when installing the cartridge make sure the position is fit and properly in place. The solution to this error problem is to fix the cartridge position. And make sure the installation is correct.

    Such are the various errors and damages that often occur after recharging the ink. In order for the error not to occur or not repeated, then you must perform maintenance on the printer. Especially careful when filling printer ink so that your printer does not suffer damage.

    Your Epson Printer Is Not Selected As The Default Printer

    Install the printer driver if it is not installed yet, and follow the steps below to select your Epson printer as the default printer.

    For Windows XP

    Click the Start button, and Printer and Faxes.
    Right-click EPSON Stylus Pro 4800.
    Select Set As Default Printer, then close the window.

    For Windows 2000

    Click the Start button, point to Settings and select Printers.
    Right-click EPSON Stylus Pro 4800 in the Printers window.
    Select Set As Default, then close the Printers window.

    For Mac OS X

    Make sure that the printer driver Stylus Pro4800 is correctly added to the Printer Setup Utility , and the correct one is selected in the Printer Setup Utility.

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    Fix : Check Your Ink Cartridges

    There are three situations in checking your ink cartridges.

    The first and most common condition is your ink level is low. You can simply replace it to solve the problem.

    The second situation is that one of your ink cartridges is out of ink. There is a sentence in the Epson manual which most of the people might ignore: You cannot print or copy when an ink cartridge is expended even if the other cartridges are not expended. If one of your cartridges is expended, you should replace it with a new one. Otherwise, you may encounter the printing blank pages issue.

    The third condition is that youve replaced a new ink cartridge but you forget to remove the protective tape. New cartridges have a protective tape. Not only that it keeps the ink from leaking, but it actually protects the print nozzles of sensitive ink cartridges. But you should be careful with the additional transparent plastic or a pointed mechanism, do not remove it or your cartridge will leak or malfunction.

    Connect Epson Printer With Correct Port/slot

    How to Fix Epson Printer | Ink Leak Problem | Epson L3110

    If you dont connect your Epson printer to the correct port. Then, it will not print what you command it. That is why be careful while connecting your Epson printer to your computer. Always insert its cables to the correct or accurate slots.

  • Open up the windows settings of your PC from the settings option available under the start menu of your PC.
  • Now, you have to tap on the Computer and Printers choice, there.
  • Right-click on your Epson printers name and Visit its Properties.
  • After that, you will need to Right Click on the Epson printer not printing option and choose the printer options.
  • Now, Pick the default TCP/IP port and click on the Epson Printer Properties on the new port.
  • After that, click on the Next option under the next tab.
  • At that point, tap on the Finish button to proceed further.
  • After that Tap on the Submit button.
  • Lastly, Restart your computer and the printer.
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    Check The Levels Of The Ink Cartridge

    You have to check the ink levels of your Epson printer cartridge if your Epson printer is not printing anything. You can check the ink levels of your Epson by following the instructions below.

  • Visit the Control Panel of your computers start menu.
  • After that, you will need to Click & choose the Computer & Printer option there.
  • Under the Control Panel option on your Windows 10 computer, press the Computer & Printer option.
  • Now, you should Right-click the Epson Printer option under the Print Preferences window and choose the Print Preferences option.
  • Right-click on your Epson printer and Pick the printing preferences option under the devices & printers option.
  • Now, just simply snap on the repair tab.
  • Select Open Status Monitor for Epson option.
  • Under the maintenance menu, Open up the Epson Status Monitor by clicking on it.
  • The amount of ink in the cartridges can be seen in the new pane.
  • If any of them display low ink amounts, you can refill your cartridges by buying a fresh ink cartridge.
  • Epson Printer Head Cleaning Does Not Work: How To Fix It

    If you possess an Epson printer, there is a common issue associated with it that the print starts to get blurry, or misprinting occurs after a few days. It can be a problem with the nozzle of the printer head. In Epson printers, a permanent printer head is used. The benefit of it is that it does not to be changed regularly and works lifetime.

    Whenever there is an issue in the printing process, most people opt for changing the cartage of the printer. But if you have changed the ink cartage and the printer is still not working, it means that there is clogging in your printer head. The clogging can occur due to dry ink patches or air bubbles.

    With the advancement in technology, all the devices are shrinking, and all of us prefer things that are smaller in size and fit in a small place. The Epson printers have made it their foremost priority to make the print fine with all the things occupying a small space within it.

    The nozzle, which is already very small in size, is much smaller in Epson printers. Due to the smaller size, the print is very fine, but the nozzle keeps blocking.

    To add to the frustration, the nozzle is permanent and cannot be detached easily from the printer. So, fixing is not an easy job for most of us. Changing the nozzle is a solution, but it sometimes gets too much expensive that it is better to get a new printer.

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    Update The Drivers Of Your Epson Printer

    Many times, your Epson printer doesnt print because it does not have updated printer drivers. It results in your Epson printer, not printing. If you update your Epson printer drivers. Then, it will remove the printing error from it and your printer will start to print.

  • Open the Start Menu of your computer by clicking on it.
  • In the search box, search for the Device Manager option and press the Enter button.
  • Now, Right-Click on the Printer option you see there in the list of devices & components.
  • Under System Manager, press Update driver to repair the Epson printer, not printing issue.
  • Then press on the Auto Search option for getting modified driver Apps.
  • Now, Click on the Check for modified driver software automatically to upgrade the Epson printersdriver on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Follow Directions available On-Screen.
  • Keeping Epson Printers Clean

    How to fix the feeding issues on an Epson L355

    The primary culprit in the problem of clogged printhead nozzles, whether in Epson printers or otherwise, is air. Air blockages are fairly common, particularly because nozzles are becoming smaller, with every little bit of technological advancement. The next big culprit is, of course, dried ink.

    In addition to these suspects, though, you also have to take into account dust. Dust can often accentuate the problem. Air can take the dust inside the nozzles while ink can turn into minute portions of grime when it combines with dust. It is an undeniable fact that dirty printers are more prone to getting clogged printer nozzles. This means regular cleaning of your printer becomes more important than you imagined earlier.

    Keeping the printer clear is an exercise in common sense. Keeping it clean on the outside reduces the chances of the insides getting dirty and makes it look better. Cleaning the insides is where you need to be careful though. Being gentle is the first thumb rule because some components are delicate and based on precision engineering. Next, using lint-free napkins or cloth is important or the lint itself will clog the printhead nozzles.

    The best way to clean the insides of a printer is with an air duster or vacuum. You either blog the dust away or suck it out. The latter is a better option because it is more direct and reliable.

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    Fix #: Check The Three Basics

    There are three quick checks that account for nearly all ‘Not Recognised’ errors. They may seem trivial but check them just in case:

  • Have you been using the cartridge for a while? Most compatibles say ‘not recognised’ when they are empty.
  • Are you using the correct cartridges for your printer? The wrong ink will return an error.
  • Is the cartridge in the correct slot? A black in a colour slot will say not recognised.
  • Even if you’re 100% each of these points is correct, double check them. You’d be amazed how easily a simple mistake can creep in.

    Printout Has Smears On The Bottom Edge

    Try one or more of these solutions:

    • If the paper is curled towards the printable side, flatten it or curl it slightly to the opposite side.
    • For Windows, if you use Epson special media, check the Media Type setting in the Main menu. See .

    For Mac OS X, if you use Epson special media, check the Media Type setting in the Print Settings selected in the Print dialog. See .

    For paper other than Epson’s, register and select paper thickness in the SelecType mode. Make sure it is correct for the paper you are using. See .

    • Set the PLATEN GAP to WIDE in the PRINTER SETTING of the SelecType mode. See .

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    Clean The Ink Cartridges

    Dirty ink cartridges will produce streaks on your printouts. Below is how you can clean your ink cartridges automatically:

  • Load clean paper into your printer.
  • Again, go to the Device Services tab on the HP Printer Assistant window.
  • Click on Clean Ink Cartridges.
  • After the cleaning method is done, click Print to print a test page.
  • Now, examine the printed test page.
    • For acceptable print quality, click Done and stop troubleshooting.
    • For unacceptable print quality, click on the Second-level Clean option when you are asked to. This will perform another cleaning process.


    Badly clogged ink cartridges will need multiple cleaning processes. If this is the case, allow a 30-minute gap between each cleaning process.

    What Is The Epson Printer In Error State


    To fix this issue, you must first understand it. The Epson Printer in error state is the result of a glitch where the printer will not be able to print out images or documents. This most often comes from either hardware problems or connectivity issues.

    Therefore, it is first recommended to verify that the printer is actually on and connected to the computer either by cable or wireless connection. Epson printers might also display this error if a paper jam occurs, or the 000043 error code. So youll also want to open your printers door and then check the status of the paper to determine if a jam has occurred.

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    Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink

    Learn Easy Troubleshooting for Epson Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink?

    Have you recently changed an ink cartridge from your Epson printer with a new one? But suddenly your printer has stopped printing and showing some invalid error? Then dont think too much about that as you are not alone who are facing this issue as thousand of users confront this problem after changing their ink. There could be numerous reasons behind this problem of not printing on the Epson printer and you will be supposed to fix this problem as soon as possible in order to get back to complete your printing task. In this blog, you will very easily learn about the reasons and fixes for the not printing issue of the Epson printer after changing ink.

    Why is My Epson Printer not Printing After Changing Ink?

    If your Epson printer wont print after changing ink cartridge, then it may cause due to plenty of reasons and some of them are listed below:

    • Due to improper lever position.
    • Outdated printer chip.
    • Faulty or outdated printer driver.
    • Installing cartridge with power off.
    • Low level of ink.

    All of the reasons may cause the Epson printer will not print after changing ink and there might be others. After checking these causes, you can troubleshoot your printer problems very easily and there are lots of solutions to get rid of this issue that you can apply in a very simple and effective manner.

    How do I fix my Epson Printer not Printing After Changing Ink Cartridge?

    Method 1# Check the Protective Tape

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