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How To Find The Ip Address Of A Printer

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Find A Printer With A Dynamic Ip

How to Find the IP Address of Your Printer

Finding a printer with a dynamic IP uses a similar command to that above but will discover dynamic IP addresses instead.

  • Open a CMD window as an administrator.
  • Type ping and hit Enter. If you previously followed the steps above, you dont need to do this again.
  • Type arp -a and hit Enter.
  • You should see a list of connected devices. Your printer will be one of those listed at the top with dynamic as Type in the third column. Again, work through the list until you get to your printer.

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    How Can I Add A Printer To My Computer

    To install a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer Click the Start button, and then, on the Start menu, click Devices and Printers. Click Add a printer. In the Add Printer wizard, click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer. In the list of available printers, select the one you want to use, and then click Next.

    Find Printer Ip On Your Router

    Seeing as your network printers go through your router, its only natural that the router contains their IP information. Log in to your router , and you should be able to find a list of all the network devices connected to your router.

    How exactly to find this information varies from router to router, but you may find the list under Attached Devices or Network Devices. Have a bit of a browse around your router menu, and you should happen upon it eventually. Find your printers name first in the Device column, then look over to the IP Address column to see its IP address.

    The above tips should help you track down your printers IP address on your network. For more networking tips, see our guide on how to reuse your old routers.

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    What Is A Printers Ip Address

    The Internet Protocol, or IP, address of your printer is a unique set of numbers assigned to the device. This series of numbers is an important part of allowing your printer to communicate over a network, so without them you wont be able to add your printer to a network to be used by multiple machines in multiple locations.

    Brother printers are designed with ease-of-use in mind, with many featuring wireless functionality that allows you to connect multiple devices without setting up your printer to run on your specific network. All you need to do is connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network in most cases.

    There are a few ways you can go about finding out your printers IP address. This will depend on whether your printer has a display or not, and the operating system of the computer you choose to connect your printer to.

    The Most Effective Method To Find Your Printers Ip Address On A Mac

    How to Find Network Printer IP address In Windows 10 /8.1/7

    There are two simple ways for you to discover your printer IP address on your Mac work area or PC. To begin with, you can discover it under System Preferences. You could likewise think that its internet utilizing Common Unix Printing System , an open-source printing framework for Apple and UNIX gadgets.

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    Find The Ip Address Through The Windows Configuration:

    The steps to find the IP address should go like this ââ¬â

    • Through the Windows Search options, type in Devices and Printers and press Enter.
    • Locate the network printer for which you want to locate the IP address.
    • Right click on this printer and then choose Printer Properties.
    • In some cases, the printer information may be available under General tab and Location

    If you are on Windows 10, choose the printer from the list of devices and then select Manage. You should find the option for the Printer Properties here.

    • Under Printer Properties, click on the Ports The printer IP address may be available here.
    • If you do not find it, click on the Configure Port You may find the option in the System Info

    For most of the printers, the IP address should be available under the Ports tab on the Printer Properties section.

    Are any Other Options available?

    Well, there are a few options to find your IP address of the printer if none of the methods above work effectively to let you see the same.

    You can attempt accessing it through the Router access if you have access to it. You can access the router and find the DHCP client table or other similar options. The printer IP address should be available under the clientâs list. However, the method to see the client list may vary from one router to another.

    Do note that your network printer should support the DHCP configuration if you want this method to work efficiently.

    Find Printer Ip Address Using Settings

    An easy way to find the IP Address of a Wireless Printer is by going to Settings on your Windows Computer.

    1. Go to Settings> Devices> select Printers and Scanners in the left-pane. In the right-pane, select your Printer and click on the Manage option.

    2. On the next screen, select you printer and click on Printer Properties option.

    3. On Printer Properties screen, you should find the Printer IP Address in Location section of the General tab.

    If you cannot find Printer IP Address in General tab, switch to Ports Tab and select the Port that has the check mark.

    Widen the first column to see if the IP Address is listed. If not, click on Configure Port option and you should be able to see IP Address on the next screen.

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    Why Do You Need An Ip Address

    • Every device that wants to connect to the internet or intranet needs a unique identifier to ensure reliable communication. IP addresses are assigned to each networking device to communicate with other devices on the network.
    • Similarly, knowing the IP address of your printer will ensure that it belongs to it and not some other computer on the network you could also have more than one printer on the network.
    • You can learn more about IP addresses in our blog here. But to explain quickly, an IP address is a 32-bit address in the case of IPv4 and 128-bit address in the case of IPv6 the former is most common today.

    How To Find Your Printers Ip Address Using The Cups Webpage

    How to Find the IP Address of Any HP printer ?
    • Open your Applications folder, and then open Utilities.
    • Open Terminal.
    • Type cupsctl WebInterface=yes and press Enter. The CUPS web interface will now be enabled.
    • Open Safari, and in the address bar, type: localhost:631/printers into the address bar.
    • Your printer’s IP address will be shown in the Location column.

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    Find Printer Ip Address Using Control Panel

    If you are unable to print the configuration page, you can find the IP Address of your Printer by going to Printer Properties page.

    1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Run. In Run Command window, type Control Panel and click on OK.

    2. On Control Panel screen, click on View Devices and Printers link located under Hardware and Sound section.

    3. On the next screen, right-click on the Printer and select Printer Properties option.

    4. On the next screen, you should be able to find Printer IP Address in Location section of General tab.

    If you do not find Printer IP Address in the General tab, click on the Ports Tab > select the Port with the check mark and widen the Port column.

    If IP Address is not listed in the Port column, click on Configure Port option and you should be able to see IP Address on the next screen.

    The Most Effective Method To Find Your Printers Ip Address Using The Cups Webpage

    • Open your Applications organizer.
    • At that point open Utilities.
    • Then, open Terminal.
    • Type cupsctl WebInterface=yes and press Enter on your console. The CUPS web interface will be empowered.
    • Open Safari.
    • Type localhost:631/printers into the location bar.
    • Your printers IP address will be in the Location section.
    • Since you realize how to discover your printers IP address, the following stage is to figure out how to include your printer Mac or Windows 10 work area or PC.


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    How To Find Your Printer’s Ip Address

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    • How do I find my printer’s IP address using CMD?
    • How do I find where an IP address is located?
    • How to find the IP address of a network printer?


    The IP address of your printer is required when you want to connect your printer to a computer or troubleshoot any other problem. When you try to make a connection between your printer and computer, you have to enter your printer’s IP address. You won’t make a connection or give a print command to your printer without knowing its IP address.

    Let’s see how to find the IP address of a printer to make a connection with a Mac or Windows PC:

    Find Ip Address Of A Network Printer

    how to find printer ip address in 2021

    Often times we see a networked printer suddenly stop working and you need to find a static ip address of the printer to diagnose further. How do we find IP address of a networked printer? There are a few different ways to go about finding it.

    1. A network printer with built-in ethernet port usually provides a menu button that will allow you to display IP address assigned to it. You may also try printing self test or configuration page from your printer.

    2. If you can’t find an IP address of a network printer from the menu display or your printer is connected to a printer server with no display, you may find its address from any networked computer configured to use the printer. To find the printer IP address from a Windows machine, perform the following.

    • Start -> Printers and Faxes, or Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes
    • Right-click the printer name, and left-click Properties

    3. If your networked printer uses DHCP, you may connect to your router and find the IP address of the printer from DHCP status page. The router displays all host machines that are assigned dynamic IP addresses.

    5. You may also use “netstat -r” command to find an IP address of all network routes. However, if your printer has problem communicating with other network devices, you may not be able to find IP address of the printer using “netstat” command.

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    Finding Your Printer Ip On Windows

  • 1Open the Start menu. Click on the Start menu, or the Windows Orb, at the bottom-left corner of the desktop.
  • 2Go to Control Panel. The Start menu will show you the programs and folders you can open. On the right panel, click on Control Panel.Advertisement
  • 3Go to Devices and Printers. Click on Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel then click on Devices and Printers on the menu that appears next.
  • 4Take note of the model number on your printers body. Under Printers and Faxes, your printer should appear. Match the model number with the one that appears in the menu.
  • 5Get the IP address of your printer. Right-click on the printer and click Properties. Under the General tab, you should see a field labeled Location. Take note of the numbers that appear at the right of the label. This is the IP address of your printer.Advertisement
  • How To Find The Ip Address Of Your Wifi Printer On Windows And Mac

    Connect to the network or fix any issues

    Every WiFi printer will have an IP address assigned to it that will allow the printer to connect to your home or office network successfully. If youre having issues printing to your WiFi printer, knowing the IP address can be helpful when you start troubleshooting. Its also useful to know the IP address if you need to install the printer on a different computer.

    There are a few ways you can go about finding the IP address of your WiFi printer on your computer. If the printer has a display, you can usually get the IP address by printing a configuration page via the printers control panel.

    If your printer doesnt have a display, youll need to connect it to your Windows PC or Mac to find the IP address. Below are the steps youll need to take to find your printers IP address on Windows and macOS.

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    Viewing Windows Pc Configurations

    When you are using a Windows computer, there are several ways to find the IP Address of a connected Printer. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to look for the Printer properties. Heres how to check this:

  • Switch on your computer and Canon Printer, and connect the two.
  • Select the Start menu on your taskbar
  • Select the Settings button and then Devices in the new window.
  • From here, navigate to the Printers & scanners tab.
  • Select your Printer, and then select Manage from the options that pop up.
  • In the new window, select the option Printer properties.
  • You will be able to see a pop-up on your screen. Here, you select the tab Ports.
  • In this listing, you will be able to see the IP Address.
  • If you cannot see the IP Address, try clicking on Configure Port.
  • You will see the IP Address in the System info tab in this window.
  • It is important to remember that this process will only work if you have your Printer connected via a network. If you are using a USB port, it will only read that information and relay it to you accordingly.

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    Ways Showing You How To Find Your Printer Ip Address

    How to find your printers IP address | NordVPN

    As mentioned above, locating your Printers IP address is crucial if there are troubleshooting errors or if youre planning on connecting your printer to the network. Locating your Printer IP is not the same as finding your PCs IP, but that doesnt mean its difficult to do. There are a couple of methods you can use, lets get started:

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    What Is The Ip Address Of Epson Printer

    Then do one of the following: If you selected AUTO as the IP ADDRESS SETTING, press the Cancel button to exit the printer menu. Then continue with step 14. Item Settings IP ADDRESS SETTING* Auto, Panel, PING IP* to SM* to GW* to

    How Do You Find A Network Printer Name By Ip Address

    The process is a little cumbersome since most cases will have you trying to find the IP address for a particular printer given its name. But it’s straightforward enough.

  • A first step worth trying is visiting the IP address in a browser. Some printers have web-based admin tools, and you may find it helps identify at least the model of the printer.

  • If this doesn’t help, open the Control Panel by opening the Start Menu and typing control, then clicking the app when it’s displayed. Alternately press Win+r, enter control panel in the Run Dialog, and press Enter.

  • Select Devices and Printers from the Control Panel’s main screen.

  • You’ll be checking your printers one at a time to see which one has the correct IP address. First, right-click on a printer to get its context menu.

  • Select the Properties entry at the bottom. This option is different from the Printer Properties item further up in the menu.

  • In the Properties dialog, select the Web Services tab.

  • Check in the IP Address field at the bottom to see if this is the printer you want.

  • If so, make a note of the printer’s name from the top of the tab. Otherwise, move on to the next printer registered with your machine until you find the correct IP address.

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    Other Ways To Find The Ip Of A Printer

    Here are some alternate ways to find out the IP or a network printer, either it can be wired or wireless printer.

    a) Configuration Page

    Most of the printers have the ability to print the configuration page by pressing single or combination of the buttons on the printer. The configuration sheet can give the network IP of the wired and wireless connection. Since every printer has different options to get this printout, better check the user manual to learn more about your printer model.

    b) From Printer Display

    Also, we can view the IP address of the printer by pressing menu buttons, navigate to network settings and under IPv4. If your printer has the display screen, this should be possible without printing the configuration page.

    c) Check the Router DHCP leased IP addresses

    If the printer set to get automatic IP from the router or DHCP server, you can access your router or server to find out the leased IP addresses. These are the IPs given to network devices that are connected to your network. If you have a small home network, then accessing this list will easily help you to find the printer IP. You may find your computers, smartphones and any other devices which are connected to the network.

    But this method is applicable only if the printer set to get IP automatically, this is not valid if a static IP already configured to the printer manually. In this case, try the next method.

    d) Scan your network

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