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How To Find Epson Printer Ip Address

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How Do I Keep My Ip Address Static

How to find my epson printer IP address

How do I set a static IP address in Windows?Click Start Menu > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center or Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.Click Change adapter settings.Right-click on Wi-Fi or Local Area Connection.Click Properties.Select Internet Protocol Version 4 .Click Properties.Select Use the following IP address.

Find The Printer Ip Address Using The Printer’s Built

On most printers, the network setting is found in the printer menu under Preferences, Options, or Wireless Settings .

The IP address for the printer may be displayed at the top of the network settings dialog box. If you don’t see it, click through the submenus, such as View Wireless Details, to find the IP address.

In most cases, you can’t manually set this IP address. Your wireless router assigns IP addresses automatically to devices that connect to your home network.

Log Into The Epson Config Page

Once you have changed your computer’s IP settings, check that you are directly connected via Ethernet to the printer and that the printer is powered on. We can now navigate to any web browser you prefer, and in the URL address bar, type in the IP address of your printer and hit enter. . Example above:

If you are prompted to input a username/password, the username and password is default set to:username: epson

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Descriptions Used In This Manual

Screenshots of the printer driver and the Epson Scan 2 screens are from Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra. The content displayed on the screens varies depending on the model and situation.

Illustrations of the printer used in this manual are examples only. Although there may be slight differences depending on the model, the method of operation is the same.

Find Your Printers Ip Address From Your Router

How to find out your printer IP address

If you have yet to install the drivers for your printer, or if you have already installed the drivers but you dont want to use Control Panel, use this router method to find your printers IP address.

This method gives you access to a list of all the devices connected to your network, including your printer. Keep in mind that the steps will be slightly different depending on your router model, but you will get the general idea.

To start, find your routers IP address and enter it in a web browser on your PC. This will open your routers settings page.

Tip: For most routers, you can access the settings page by entering or as the IP address.

Your routers login page will open. Here, enter the username and password for your router to log in. If you have forgotten your routers password, reset it.

When the routers settings page opens, in the sidebar on the left, select Network.

In the expanded Network menu, click LAN. Then, in the pane on the right, click the DHCP Client List tab.

You can now see a list of all devices connected to your network, including your printer. Find your printer using a matching name. For example, if your printer is from HP, you will see HP in the list.

Next to your printer, you will see its IP address.

And thats how you go about locating your printer on your network using your router. Its very helpful when setting up and fixing issues with your printer.

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Printing From The Printer Driver On Windows

Accessing the Printer Driver

When accessing the printer driver from the computer’s control panel, the settings are applied to all of the applications.

Accessing the printer driver from the control panel

Windows 10/Windows Server 2016

Hardware and Sound. Right-click on your printer, or press and hold it and then select Printing preferences.

Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows Server 2012 R2/Windows Server 2012

Select Desktop > Settings > Control Panel > View devices and printers in Hardware and Sound. Right-click on your printer, or press and hold it and then select Printing preferences.

Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008

Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 R2/Windows Server 2003

Accessing the printer driver from the printer icon on the task bar

The printer icon on the desktop task bar is a shortcut icon allowing you to quickly access the printer driver.

If you click the printer icon and select Printer Settings, you can access the same printer settings window as the one displayed from the control panel. If you double-click this icon, you can check the status of the printer.


If the printer icon is not displayed on the task bar, access the printer driver window, click Monitoring Preferences on the

Maintenance tab, and then select Register the shortcut icon to the taskbar.

Printing Basics

Operations may differ depending on the application. See the application’s help for details.

1.Open the file you want to print.

3.Select your printer.



How To Find A Printers Ip Address From The Router

  • If you have access rights to your router, you can find your printers IP address in the routers setup menu. First, youll need to log in.
  • Open any web browser and type in into the address bar hit enter.
  • Enter your router username and password. If youve forgotten them, ask your admin to remind you or try our tips here.
  • Once youre in, look for a DHCP Client Table or a client list .
  • Open the client list and find and click on your printer to see its IP address.

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Introduction To The Manuals

The following manuals are supplied with your Epson printer. As well as the manuals, see the help included in the various Epson software applications.

Start Here

Provides you with information on setting up the printer, installing the software, and so on.

Quick Guide

Provides you with instructions to ensure the safe use of this printer, and basic information on using the printer, solving problems, and so on.

User’s Guide

This manual. Provides overall information and instructions on using the printer, on network settings when using the printer on a network, and on solving problems.

You can obtain the latest versions of the above manuals with the following methods.

Paper manual

Visit the Epson Europe support website at, or the Epson worldwide support website at

Digital manual

Start EPSON Software Updater on your computer. EPSON Software Updater checks for available updates of Epson software applications and the digital manuals, and allows you to download the latest ones.

Related Information

& âSoftware Update Tools â on page 99

Finding Your Printer Ip On Mac

How to Find the IP Address of Your Printer
  • 1Access System Preferences. Click on System Preferences at the upper-left corner. This will open a window with various options.
  • 2 A separate window should open with the installed printers shown at the left pane.
  • 3Select the printer of your choice. Do this by clicking on it. At the description section on the right, you will see a bunch of information.
  • 4Get the IP address. The one we are looking for in the description section is the printers location, or its IP address. It should be shown right after Location in gray text, along with all the other descriptions for the selected printer.Advertisement
    • What if the location bar is empty?Community AnswerIt depends what kind of printer you have. It will usually tell you when you plug it into the computer.Thanks!
    • My iPad can no longer print to my network printer. How can I restore the connection?Community AnswerYou can try restarting your printer. If it does not work, you may have to uninstall the network on the printer, and then install it again. If this still does not work, you may have to make an appointment at a genius bar to get your iPad checked.Thanks!

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    Find Printer Ip Address Using Settings

    An easy way to find the IP Address of a Wireless Printer is by going to Settings on your Windows Computer.

    1. Go to Settings> Devices> select Printers and Scanners in the left-pane. In the right-pane, select your Printer and click on the Manage option.

    2. On the next screen, select you printer and click on Printer Properties option.

    3. On Printer Properties screen, you should find the Printer IP Address in Location section of the General tab.

    If you cannot find Printer IP Address in General tab, switch to Ports Tab and select the Port that has the check mark.

    Widen the first column to see if the IP Address is listed. If not, click on Configure Port option and you should be able to see IP Address on the next screen.

    Insert The Paper Roll

  • To open the printer cover, push the lever on the right-hand side of the printer away from you and lift the cover upwards.
  • Insert a paperroll with the paper pulling under and out. While doing so, make sure the paper roll stays taut and doesn’t unravel.
  • Pull the paper out past the cutter at the front of the printer.
  • Push the cover down to snap the lever back into place.
  • OPTIONAL: Place the power switch cover over the power button to avoid the printer being accidentally turned off.
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    Connect The Receipt Printer To A Power Supply

  • Make sure you AC cable is not connected to a power supply .
  • Connect the male end of the AC adapter into the circular power port at the bottom of your printer.
  • Connect the female end of the AC cable into the pronged AC adapter socket.
  • Connect the pronged end of the AC cable into an electrical power supply.
  • On top of the printer, press the power button and wait for the blue power light to appear.
  • How Do I Find The Ip Address Of My Epson Workforce 845 Printer

    Setting a static IP address to an Epson printer

    How to find the printers IP address of epson workforce 845. Nowadays, virtually any epson wf printer, with the exception of the most basic models, can be connected to the router by cable or via Wi-Fi. So that any user connected to the router within the same network can use it to print documents. This is very convenient since it avoids carrying documents to a flash drive or other computers to be able to print them, even if it also complicates the configuration of the printer ip address.

    In order to properly configure epson workforce 845 on network. You need to know its IP address because, although most printers have broadcast functions that allow the operating system to find it automatically without having to do anything else. The IP address of any device can be used to connect that device to a network, so that other computers or mobile devices can also use it.

    How to find out the IP address of your printer to make sure that you can edit in properly particularly. when youre having problems due to a wsd virtual port issue.

  • Go directly to your printer, press the menu button or go down to the administration menu.
  • Scroll down to information and print out the configuration page.
  • Once you print out the configuration page, you will be met with the page that looks very similar.
  • Start off with configuration up the top going about the Epson machine.
  • Go down on the first page about three-quarters of the way down.
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    How To Check Ip Address On Canon Printer

    If you are a Canon printer user and looking for an easy procedure to know printer IP address, then you must follow the below-mentioned instructions and just find it.

    • Turn on the Canon Printer and navigate yourself towards the right side and click on Settings and Adjustments
    • Select the option of Set or Adjust Menu and click on Ok
    • Drop down the IP Address Menu and click on the Interface Setup
    • Here, further select the TCP/IP tab and move to the next tab
    • Press the IPv4 Settings, in this dialogue box, the IP address of your Canon printer will be written. The IP address will be dependent on the type of router. Make sure that you are noting the correct IP address, your IP address could start with 192.186.XXX.XXX.

    Once you have followed the aforementioned and found the IP address of your Canon printer, use the back button to go back to the previous page and reach to IPv4 Menu

    • Here you should enter the IP address that you took a note in Step 5.
    • Once you have written the IP address correctly, click on the Back button and submit the request to Save the Changes
    • To finish the process of how to find IP address on Canon printer, click on the Ok button.

    How To Find A Printer Ip Address

    There are a few ways to find the IP address for a printer on your network. The option you choose depends on a few factors, such as what type of printer you are using or network access restrictions. To proceed, look at the following list and select the option that best pertains to your situation.

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    Why Would You Need A Static Ip

    Convenient remote access: A static IP address makes it easier to work remotely using a Virtual Private Network or other remote access programs. More reliable communication: Static IP addresses make it easier to use Voice over Internet Protocol for teleconferencing or other voice and video communications.

    Find Printer Ip Address By Printing Configuration Sheet

    How to setup the IP address on Epson L1455

    Many Wireless Printers list IP Address on the configuration page, which can be printed by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds.

    On some other printers, the Configuration page can be printed by going to the Control or Settings Panel located on the Printer .

    If your printer is different, check the User Manual to see if the IP Address is listed or if it provides a method to print Configuration page.

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    How To Find A Printer’s Ip Address

    • Open Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
    • Right-click the printer and select Properties.
    • Look in the Web Services tab for your IP address if only three tabs appear.
    • Alternatively, look in the Ports tab for your IP address if five tabs appear.

    NOTE: Your printer driver will either use a WSD to connect or a TCP/IP port. Depending on which one it uses, three or five tabs will appear in a mini window.

    How To Find Your Printers Ip Address From Your Router

    It doesnt matter if you are using aMac or a PC, you can find your printers IP address by accessing yourrouter.

  • Type your routers local IP address into the address bar of any web browser.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Your printers IP address will be under the list of devices connected to the network.
  • Note: The information will be listed differently depending on your routers set-up page. Check for words like network map, connected device list, network topology, or other similar terms.

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    Setting A Static Ip Address To An Epson Printer

    Setting a static IP address to an Epson printer will keep the printer from disconnecting from the LineSkip POS when the router resets.

    These instructions are meant for the following Epson printer models, with a wired Ethernet connection:

    • TM-T20ii

    NOTICE: Improper network settings will cause the printer to be undiscoverable by the LineSkip POS.

    How Do I Find My Epson Printers Ip Address

    How do I assign a Static IP address to my Epson Printer?

    Onboard configuration

  • On the printer, press the Menu or Setup button.
  • Use the appropriate buttons to navigate through the menu options to a networking or network setup section and press Enter .
  • Use the arrows to navigate the available network options.
  • Your printers IP address should be listed in this section.
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    Printer Advisories And Warnings

    Read and follow these instructions to avoid damaging the printer or your property. Make sure you keep this manual for future reference.

    Advisories and Warnings for Setting Up the Printer

    Do not block or cover the vents and openings in the printer.

    Use only the type of power source indicated on the printer’s label.

    Avoid using outlets on the same circuit as photocopiers or air control systems that regularly switch on and off.

    Avoid electrical outlets controlled by wall switches or automatic timers.

    Keep the entire computer system away from potential sources of electromagnetic interference, such as loudspeakers or the base units of cordless telephones.

    The power-supply cords should be placed to avoid abrasions, cuts, fraying, crimping, and kinking. Do not place objects on top of the power-supply cords and do not allow the power-supply cords to be stepped on or run over. Be particularly careful to keep all the power-supply cords straight at the ends and the points where they enter and leave the transformer.

    If you use an extension cord with the printer, make sure that the total ampere rating of the devices plugged into the extension cord does not exceed the cord’s ampere rating. Also, make sure that the total ampere rating of all devices plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed the wall outlet’s ampere rating.

    Allow space above the printer so that you can fully raise the document cover.

    Leave enough space in front of the printer for the paper to be fully ejected.

    Find Your Printers Ip Address From Your Printer

    You can also potentially find your printers IP address using a display and buttons on the printer itself. But to do that, youll probably need to consult your printers manual. Most network-connected printers include a small screen and a menu button for viewing status or changing settings. While navigating the menus on the screen, look for options such as Network and Info,Status, or IP Address, and you might find it. Good luck, and happy printing!

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    How To Find Ip Address On Hp Printer

    The only and easy way to know how to find Printer IP address on the HP printer brand is written below. If you have an HP printer with a menu screen, you must follow the below-mentioned steps. Here you go!

    • Press long on the Power button of your HP printer and let the machine starts
    • On the Menu screen, click on the Menu and further select the option of the Enter
    • Use the navigation buttons to proceed and hit the Network Setup tab or Networking tab to open
    • Hit the button of Enter and use the arrows to reach the TCP/IP option
    • Open the dialogue box and there will be information on IP Address, Wifi Status and Network Status. In front of the IP Address, the address of your hardware will be mentioned.

    Once you follow the steps and find the IP address, make sure you take note of it so that you do not have to go through the same procedure again. Use the same arrows or navigation buttons to go back to the Menu screen.

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