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How To Find Brother Printer Ip Address

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Find Printer Ip Address By Printing Configuration Page

How to Find your Printers IP address

It doesnt matter whether you want to find HP printer IP address, Canon printer IP address, or Epson printer IP address, this method should work in most of the cases because almost all the modern printers do come with the Configuration Page.

Check and see if your printer also has one and permits printout of the configuration page. In order to take print out of a printers configuration page, usually, you have to hold the Power button for around 5-10 seconds.

While the settings differ from printer to printer, you can find the option to print Configuration page in the System Menu. In the majority of printers, you will be able to print the configuration page by clicking the Menu > Information > Print Configuration option.

From here, you will be able to see your printer IP address;along with various other things like general information, wireless information, and much more.

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Check The Ip Addresses Of Your Pc And The Brother Machine

Follow the steps below to check the IP addresses of your PC and the Brother machine:How to check the IP address of your PC

  • Click Start => ;Windows System;then;choose Command Prompt.
  • On the Start screen, click . If is not on the Start screen, right-click somewhere on an empty spot, and then click, All Apps from the bar.
  • Click Command Prompt.
  • StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesCommand Prompt StartMS DOS Prompt

  • Enter ipconfig. and press Enter.
  • Check the IP address and Subnet Mask.;
  • Enter exit and press Enter to close Command Prompt.
  • Click Apple Menu and;choose System Preferences…;
  • Click TCP/IP and check the IPv4 Address and Subnet Mask.;
  • Please make sure that the Subnet Mask is “”. If your Subnet Mask is different, please consult a network administrator to solve the problem.

    How to check the IP address of your Brother machine

  • The address numbers shown in bold text should both be the same:PC IP address: machine IP address:
  • If The Ip Address Is Not Connected To The Printer

    Then select the printer you purchased from the Brother company from the list of detected devices, which shows up all the local printers around your area in short range. Many times the printer you have may not appear in the list; all you need to do is from the options available, click on the one which says the printer that I want isnt listed after that, select Add a printer using the IP address or just your hostname. Enter whatever the static IP address is assigned to the printer, and its done, click next.

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    How To Find The Ip Address Of The Brother Printer By Using The Router

    If your computer is connected with the same network provided by the router then, you can find your IP address with it.

    • Go to the web browser on your computer and open the official page of your router.
    • Login to your router account by providing them your username and password.
    • You will see the section local network. Under that section, find the DHCP client table.
    • Finally, you can see your IP address under the loss of network option.

    If You Are Unaware Of Your Password

    How to find or change IP address of Brother laser printer ...

    For Brother printers, at present, the default login password provided by the company to manage any of the machine settings is initpass.

    Not just we but the company itself personally suggests that once you buy the machine and its being used, the default login password should be changed because it is much safer, gives you a personal touch of access to your machine, and prevents any unauthorized access, making the printer much more secure to work with. find default Brother Printer password.

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    Dealing With The Different Printer Protocols Of Macs And Windows Pcs

    Connecting to your wireless printer should be nice and easy. Click on Start, then head into the Control Panel, and then into Printers. Right-click your printer and select properties. Head into the Ports tab and the first column you’ll see will display the IP address of your printer.

    If your printer is connected to your router via USB then the router will be acting as a printer server. Your iMac won’t connect directly to the printer, which has no IP address of its own, but to the printer server on the router.

    The IP address of the printer server will most likely be the same as the IP address of the router. To find your router’s IP address, open up a command prompt from Windows’ Start menu Search box. Type ipconfig and hit Enter. The IP address will be listed under the entry marked Default Gateway.

    ;If your printer is connected to a Windows PC and needs to be shared with an iMac, the process is a little more involved. Because it’s connected via USB, it must be shared by the PC to which it is connected. The Windows PC must also be turned on for the shared printer to be accessible via the network.

    Macs use a different protocol to Windows PCs, called LPD, to print via a network. For the iMac to be able to see your printer you’ll first need to enable this protocol.

    Make sure file- and printer sharing is enabled by selecting ‘Turn on file and printer sharing’, then save your changes and exit. You may be prompted to enter an Admin password to complete this step.

    How To Find Ip Address If Brother Printer Ip Address Keeps Changing

    Follow the steps to find an IP address via Microsoft computer:-

  • Firstly, you have to click and open Devices and Printers from the Control Panel.
  • After this, you have to right-click on the Brother Printer icon and then select the Printer Properties option.
  • In the third step, go to the Ports tab and then search for the IP address.
  • If you are still unable to find the brother printer IP address, then look for it in the System Info Tab.
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    How To Find Your Printers Ip Address Fromthe Network Configuration Page

    Almost all printers can print out anetwork configuration page, which will include the printers IP address.

    If your printer has a user interface display, the configuration page can generally be printed by going to theSettings or Setup page.; Again, the exact steps will vary for differentprinter makes and models.

    For example, on an HP LaserJet ProM1212n, you would need to go to the Set-up > Reports > Reports Demo Page >Config Report to print the configuration page.

    On the other hand, for CanonimageRUNNER printers, you would need to go to the Main Menu > Settings > Preferences> Network to print out a report. Check your device manual on the exact stepsto follow.

    For models without a user interface display, you will need to press and hold a certain button for five to 10 seconds to print a configuration page. Its best to check the printer manual on how you can do this.

    Now that you know how to find your printers IP address, the next step is to learn how to add your printer on Mac or Windows 10 computer.

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    Pair The Printer With Envoy

    How to find or change IP address of Brother laser printer
  • On your computer, log in to Envoy, and go to Visitors > Devices > Printer.

  • Select the Brother QL-820NWB and Bluetooth as a connection option.

  • Confirm Envoy shows the printer as Connected.

  • Note: To connect additional printers via Bluetooth, you do not need to go through the steps described above. After pairing the iPad with the additional printer via Bluetooth, you will pair the iPad to the dashboard and the printer will automatically be added and visible on the dashboard. For more detailed steps please see Multiple printers.

  • Tip: If this pairing method does not work, try this Alternate Bluetooth connection method.

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    Obtain The Computer’s Ip Address

    Not all models are compatible with all listed operating systems. To determine your model’s supported operating systems, view the machine’s specifications on our website

    2.Type cmdand press Enter.; A command prompt window will open.3.Type ipconfig and press Enter.4.;You should receive information about your computer’s network connection.; Make a note of the IP Address.;If you do not receive an IP address, this indicates that there is a problem with your computer’s network connection.; If you are unsure how to reconnect the computer to your network, contact your router manufacturer or network admin for further assistance.

    Windows Vista

    1.Click;.2.;In the “Start Search” line, type cmdand press Enter.; A command prompt window will open.3.;Type ipconfig and press Enter.4.You should receive information about your computer’s network connection.; Make a note of the IP or IPv4 Address.;If you do not receive an IP address, this indicates that there is a problem with your computer’s network connection.; If you are unsure how to reconnect the computer to your network, contact your router manufacturer or network admin for further assistance.

    Windows 7

    Windows 8 or 8.1

    Windows 10

    Macintosh OS X

    How To Check Your Brother Printer’s Ip Address

    In case your Brother printer machine was bought Network ready, then one can get to know the IP address by going to the control panel of your machine. You can go to the Network configuration or User Settings list and print the report page. If you wish to get more details on how to obtain the IP address of your printer machine on the Control Panel.

    Once you are done checking the IP address of your printer machine and computer system, then you need to see if they both lie rightly in the same segmentation. See if the points given below are applicable to the IP address of your computer system and printer machine.

    1) The bold numbers of the IP address should be the same in both PC and Brother printer.

    • Computer IP address:
    • Brother printer IP address:

    2) The last number is not the same and is unique for every single device and it lies between 2-254.

    3) The IP address of every device connected to your network is unique.

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    What If The Printer Doesnt Have The Ip Address

    If this is the case with your printer, too, then the real problem lies in your configuration. Routers and other devices are using the DHCP network protocol; by this protocol, an IP address is automatically assigned to the network device. check out how to connect brother printer to wifi and get it printing.

    After all, the process is done, restart your computer; if the IP address is not visible at once, do it a couple of times. Sooner or later, an IP address should be assigned to the printer itself.

    How To Find A Printer Ip Address In Windows 10

    How To Fix Memory Errors on Brother WIFI Laser Printers ...

    Do you want to find a printer IP address on Windows 10 without using the command prompt? Learn how to find printer IP address in Windows 10 PC.

    Where is the IP Address located on my printer?

    How to find printer IP Address in Windows 10 computer?

    If you want the answer to these questions then you are in the right place because today here we are going to share some very different ways to find IP Address of a printer in Windows 10 operating system.

    All networking devices come with an IP Address which is used to get that device connected to the network. Just like our computer and smartphones, printers also do come with an IP Address, but as we dont have any interface to view the settings of this hardware device so we end up thinking that there wont be any IP address bound with a Printer.

    Whenever you want to install your printer on a different computer, you need the IP address of your printer.;Or, if you have a wireless printer and you are unable to get printouts because of the printer not responding or issue then it becomes the necessity to find printer IP address in order to troubleshoot the printer problems.

    In this Windows 10 printer troubleshooting guide, you will find some very useful methods to find a printer IP address in Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer.

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    Whats My Brother Printers Ip Address

    This article details how to determine your Brother Printers IP address. There are two different methods, one for the QL-720NW and the QL-810W and another method for the QL-820NWB. Please follow the correct method for your model of printer.

    QL-720NW and QL-810W

    To find your Brother QL-720 NW or Brother QL-810W Printers IP address:

  • Ensure the printer is switched On and paper is loaded.

  • Press and hold the Cut button until the printer starts printing labels.

  • The printer will print a number of labels . One of the labels will contain the following:

  • ; ; 4. The IP address may be different to the one shown above the one on your label is the IP address of the printer. If it reads, it means that the printer is not connected to the network please follow theConnect the Brother Printer to a Wireless Networkguide, or theConnecting the Brother Printer to a Cellular iPads Personal Hotspotguide to resolve the issue.

    Using The Bradmin Light Utility To Configure Your Network Printer

    BRAdmin Light

    ; Please use the BRAdmin Light utility version that was supplied on the CD-ROM with your Brother product. You can also download the latest version of BRAdmin Light utility from
    ; If you require more advanced printer management, use the latest version of BRAdmin Professional utility that is available as a download from This utility is only available for Windows® users.
    ; If you are using Personal Firewall software , disable it. Once you are sure that you can print, re-start your Personal Firewall software.
    ; Node name: The Node name for each Brother device on the network appears in BRAdmin Light. The default Node name of the network card in the printer is BRNxxxxxxxxxxxx for a wired network or BRWxxxxxxxxxxxx for a wireless network.

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    How To Find The Ip Address With The Help Of The Printer Menu

    You can also find your IP address with the help of the printer menu. Most of the printers have their IP address on the main screen. Here are the steps to find it:

    • Go to the menu button on your printer.
    • Hit on the Network set up button with the help of buttons on your printer.
    • After that, you can see the available networks.
    • After selecting the network, go to the IP address settings to see the IP address of your printer.

    To conclude, it is very easy to find the;brother printer IP address;by following the ways mentioned above. If you have any difficulty in finding the IP address then you can contact;Brother Printer Support;and will find your IP address.

    How To Find A Printers Ip Address

    Setting static IP address on brother printer

    Finding your printers IP address can be done fairly easily if your printer has an Ethernet port and display panel. Using the display to navigate the printers menu, you should be able to find the IP address within the printers settings and information page. If the display isnt showing this, or your printer doesnt have a display, youll need to connect to a computer.

    For Windows:

  • After connecting your printer by USB, navigate to the control panel from your Windows Start menu.
  • Find your printer under printers and faxes, you can ensure youre selecting the correct printer by checking the model name and number of your printer.
  • Right-click on the printer icon and select properties from the menu.
  • Find the general tab within the properties menu and then look for the location field. The numbers that appear to the right of this field make up your printers IP address.
  • For Mac:

  • Find your printer in the printers tab, ensuring youre selecting the correct printer by checking the model number and name.
  • With the correct printer selected, click on options and supplies. The new screen will display your printers IP address.
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    How To Print Envelopes On Brother Hl

    ;You can print most types of envelopes using the Brother hl-2270dw printer. There are some designs that may show some issues like feeding and quality problems. This can be because of their construction; you need to look for the flap is closed. Another thing that you need to consider is that the flap side should be down.

    How To Find Your Printers Ip Address


  • How to Find Your Printers IP Address Fromthe Network Configuration Page
  • It is important to know your printers IP address if you want to connect it to your network or troubleshoot any problems. Your printers IP address is kind of like its street addresses. Without it, you cant send your printer any print jobs or give it any other commands. Heres how to find your printers IP address on a Mac or Windows PC.

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    How To Find Ip Address Of Brother Ql

    You can find out the IP address of your Brother QL-720NW printer as follows:

    • Make sure that the printer is powered on.
    • Press and hold the Cut button on the printer until it starts printing .
    • As a result, the printer will print 4 labels. Discard the first 3 labels and look at the fourth label for the printer IP address.
    • The label should have IP settings like below. Look for the line IP Address. e.g. for the printer below, the IP address is
    ...<IP Settings>; IP Address ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; Subnet Mask ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; IP Gateway ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
    • If the IP address is, it means that the printer is not connected to the network.;Follow the instructions;to connect the printer to your network.
    • Once the printer is connected to the network and you have obtained its IP address,;configure badge printing;in the InstaCheckin web portal.

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