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How To Dispose Of Printer Ink

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Can I Get Money For Empty Ink Cartridges

How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

If you are wondering why it seems more profitable to recycle ink cartridges than say your aluminum cans, its because accepting your used cartridges ensures you will need to buy more. These companies will pay to buy back your used cartridges ensuring you will be purchasing new ones, at a much higher price. This is referred to as Manufacturing led recycling. Companies like HP have large programs for re-manufactured ink cartridges, up to 75% closed loop recycling is used, they even use recycled plastic hangers which are notoriously difficult to recycle. Keep this in mind when debating whether to purchase a re-manufactured ink cartridge. It is always a good idea to recycle or reuse whenever possible, as well as purchase items manufactured using previously recycled items, ensuring these programs remain profitable and hopefully leading more companies into eco-friendly production processes.

Recycle Hp Toner Cartridges For Cash

If your HP toner cartridges are unused and in good condition, you can sell them to Cash 4 Toners. One benefit of selling unused toner cartridges is that toner cartridges dont expire, unlike ink cartridges, which have a definite shelf life.

Toner is dust, man, and dust doesnt age, brah!

To learn more about recycling HP toner cartridges for cash .

Take Empty Cartridges To A Local Retailer

Many office supplies stores make it easy for customers to recycle old ink and toner cartridges directly in the store. They often encourage customers to recycle cartridges by offering a rewards program for future purchases in the store. If you print frequently and live near an office supplies store, this is probably the way to go.

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Refill At A Cartridge Refill Shop

If you can’t find somewhere to recycle your cartridge, you may like to have your cartridge refilled at a cartridge refill shop, like Cartridge World shops, saving the need to send it away and saving money on your new cartridges.

Most cities have shops dedicated to refilling cartridges, and will normally be happy to take your empty cartridges if you get them refilled there.

How Should I Dispose Of Waste Ink From My Printer

4 Ways to Properly Dispose of Ink Cartridges

When your Roland DG printers waste ink bottle is full, you will be prompted by your machine to EMPTY DRAIN BOTTLE. To store discharged fluid temporarily, place it in the included drain bottle or in a durable sealed container such as a metal can or polyethylene tank. Be sure storage containers are sealed securely as spillage or vapour leakage may cause fire, or physical illness.

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Leave Them At A Supply Store

Supply stores will gladly accept any used cartridge you have. Some of them may even give you discounts or other products in exchange.

What these supply stores will do is to re-use them or simply sell them to plastic manufacturers. You can always ask the supply store employees and/or manage to know what will happen with your cartridges.

If youre a businessman or a person who uses tons of cartridges a month/year, then you may even be able to join their reward programs. Stores like Office Depot and Staples will sign you up for their reward systems so you can keep disposing of the cartridges with them and enjoy discounts.

In case you dont find supply stores with these programs, you may ask them to recycle the cartridges. And they will surely accept them as a donation. This way, you wont receive anything in exchange, but prevents you from disposing of them improperly.

Bottom Line: Always Avoid The Trash Heap

I won’t go into detail here, but remember that, other than the buyback programs noted above, you have plenty of options for selling your used printer if it’s still in decent condition. This is especially true of well-built, higher-end business-oriented printers and AIOs, as well as professional photo printers. Beyond the buyback programs mentioned here, the web is loaded with sites for selling your used tech, with the most common and recognizable being Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay.

But if your printer has hit the end of its life, or you’re looking to do something altruistic, donating or recycling are easy options. Legislation has been enacted in 25 states establishing electronic-waste recycling programs, and many printer manufacturers and sellers have gone to great lengths to be responsible about disposing of their customers’ second-hand wares. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to find a way to keep these machines and the material from which they’re constructed from doing more damage to the environment than necessary. Whether donating, recycling, or selling it for cash, there is no shortage of ways to keep your printer out of the dumpster. Do the right thing when the inevitable end of its service life comes.

Once your printer is recycled and you’re ready for a new one, you’ll want to check out our roundup of the best printers you can buy right now, as well as our deep dive into how to save money with low-cost printer ink programs.

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Easy Ways To Recycle Your Used Ink Cartridges

  • Bring them to a local big box retailer like Best Buy, Costco, or Target.
  • Drop them off locally at an office supply store like Staples.
  • Check online for a recycling program that accepts them like Toner Buyer or e Cycle Group.
  • Bring them to your local recycling facility.
  • Consider refilling them ink refill kits are available at most office supply stores

Ink cartridge recycling is now available as part of regular recycling in most municipalities. Find more info here: Recycle ink cartridges near me. If it’s not available in your area, consider using eCycle Group, a recycling program for empty ink cartridges and laser toner. If you have empty cartridges, you can send them to eCycle in exchange for cash, or a donation to the charity of your choice.

eCycle Group manages all aspects of the collection and payment process, so please reach out to them directly with any questions. The process is simple: once you have located your printer cartridges on their list, fill in the number of cartridges you are returning and calculate the amount due. Be sure to fill in your contact information and preferred method of payment.

Recycling your printer ink cartridges makes sense – it’s good for the environment because it reduces the amount of plastic put into landfills. And it’s good for your wallet by giving you cash back for your empty cartridges. Read the below to learn more about recycling inkjet cartridges.

Leave Your Inkjet Printer On

How To Recycle Printers & Fax Machines – ERI

Leaving your printer on at all times will avoid starting an ink-wasting maintenance cycle. According to an interview Canon did with Consumer Reports, if you turn the printer off it may do a longer clean. Even though they are consuming energy when on, inkjets consume very little power when theyre not being used.

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Local Recycling Centers For Quick Printer Disposal

If your local recycling center accepts electronic waste, your printer will most likely be an acceptable item for disposal. Many local recycling centers have dedicated electronic waste receptacles and may even offer a cash sum in exchange for materials.

If youre not sure whether your local recycling center takes e-waste, you can verify via their website or call them on the phone. If a recycling center doesnt accept your device, they will likely be able to direct you to one that does.

Dedicated e-waste recycling vendors will be able to assess your needs based on the type and amount of electronics that you need to dispose of. Our representatives at AllGreen Recycling can help to take stock of your equipment and develop an actionable recycling plan.

Why Is Recycling Empty Ink Cartridges So Important

Each year, millions of empty toner and inkjet cartridges are thrown into the trash, ending up in our planet’s landfills or incinerators. Recycling these empty cartridges is easy, profitable and environmentally beneficial. It helps reduce solid waste, conserves raw materials and the energy needed to produce a new product. Most cartridges can be recycled up to six times – they are refurbished, refilled and then resold to consumers at a lower price than brand name cartridges. Recycled cartridges produce the same quality and output as new cartridges.

Ink cartridges are constructed out of plastic, petroleum-based products and take about 1,000 years to decompose. According to recent estimates, 20-40% of ink cartridges are recycled, meaning 60-80% end up in landfills. The recovery and reuse of empty printer cartridges diverts millions of cubic feet of material from waste disposal, saving us the millions of tax dollars needed to pay for additional landfill management.

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Waste Ink Disposal Guidelines

When you see the Prepare empty waste inkbottle message on the printer’s LCD screen, you need toreplace the waste ink bottle according to these guidelines:

  • Dispose ofthe entire waste ink bottle do not pour waste ink into anothercontainer.
  • Never removethe waste ink bottle during printing, print head cleaning, ink tubewashing, or replacement of the White ink. Waste ink may leak.
  • The printercalculates the amount of waste ink in the waste ink bottle anddisplays a warning message when it is close to the limit. If thewaste ink bottle fills up during printing, replace it with a newwaste ink bottle. When you see a message on the control panel toclear the waste ink counter, press the OK button to clear the counter and continueprinting.Note: Do not clearthe waste ink counter unless you replaced the waste ink bottle.Otherwise the waste ink bottle replacement time will not becalculated correctly.
  • If ink getson your skin, immediately wash it off using soap and water. Consulta physician if the skin appears irritated or discolored.
  • If ink getsin your eyes, rinse immediately with water. Failure to observe thisprecaution could result in bloodshot eyes or mild inflammation. Ifproblems persist, consult a physician.
  • If ink getsin your mouth, consult a physician immediately.
  • If ink isswallowed, do not induce vomiting and consult a physicianimmediately. If vomiting is induced, fluid may get caught in thetrachea which can be dangerous.

Start Your Own Collection Program

How to Properly Dispose of Ink Cartridges

If you want to make a bigger difference, you too can become a Cartridges 4 Planet Ark partner. If your workplace, business, university or school uses more than three inkjet, toner cartridges or toner bottles within a month, you may be eligible for your own free Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ collection box.

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Keep Your Account When You Replace Your Printer

If you replace a printer with an Instant Ink account with another printer, you can keep your existing account and change the printer attached to it.

This is true if HP replaces your printer under warranty, or if you purchased a replacement. Printer replacement allows you to keep rollover pages, free months, prepaid amounts, account history, and other account information for the previous printer.

To replace your Instant Ink printer, make sure you set up the new printer using the HP Smart app.

  • If HP sends a replacement printer under warranty, the HP Smart app automatically replaces the printer on the Instant Ink account during printer setup.

  • If you purchased a replacement printer, look for the option to replace an old printer during set up with the HP Smart app. You are prompted to identify the existing Instant Ink account for the replacement printer.

How To Recycle Your Hardware

  • Fill out and print the prepaid FedEx shipping label below.
  • Please pack your product for return and affix the FedEx label to the box.
  • Take the box to a FedExdesignated dropoff facility. FedEx drop sites can be located through their website at or by calling 1800GOFEDEX.
  • NOTE: If you are unable to drop off your package, please contact FedEx for a home pick up.

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    Understanding The Importance Of Safe Disposal

    A handful of toxic chemicals are in printing ink and toner cartridges alone.

    The plastic housing, printed circuits, and other components also pose a threat to the environment.

    Because of this knowledge, most states have strict rules against dumping printers. In fact, huge corporations have been charged and fined over the years as they learned the wrong way to dispose of printers, states Business News Daily.

    In most cases, the materials within a standard printer can be reused in some way.

    As the globe contends with climate change, the smallest changes in your business habits make a huge impact on the world at large.

    Return Old Ink Cartridges To The Manufacturer

    How to recycle empty ink cartridges

    If you order your ink cartridges directly from the manufacturer or a seller of only genuine replacement cartridges, many come with a returnable envelope. Having an envelope makes it easy to return your cartridges directly to the manufacturer when they are empty. If you dont have a returnable envelope, simply visit the HP, Brother, or Canon website.

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    Ricoh Ink & Toner Recycling

    Ricohs been in the imaging business a long time and it takes its mission to reduce CO2 emissions and packaging materials seriously.

    The companys Environmental Contribution Toners are made from partially recycled Ricoh toner cartridges.

    Check out this video to learn more about Ricohs recycling efforts:

    Save your original Ricoh printer cartridge packaging materials!

    You can return your empty Ricoh, Savin, and Lanier toner cartridges by packing them up in the cartons they came in. Print out a pre-paid label and return those bad boys to Ricoh!

    You can recycle your empty Ricoh ink and toner cartridges in three different ways:

  • If your cartridges have shipping labels inside , remove that label, and place your empty cartridge inside the box. Seal the box, and tape the prepaid shipping label to the outside. Follow the return instruction on the shipping label.
  • If you are returning multiple empty Ricoh printer cartridges, you can pack several cartridges in one large box . Just make sure the packed box weighs less than 25 pounds and adheres to UPS shipping guidelines. Pack your empty toner cartridges into one box and seal it up. Make sure you tape the seams well. Tape the Ricoh pre-paid shipping label to the package and drop it off at any UPS shipping location.
  • Click here to learn more about Ricoh ink and toner recycling.

    How to find EDP code on Ricoh printer cartridge?

    You need only one EDP code even if youre returning multiple cartridges.

    Use Local Electronics And Office Supply Stores Recycling Programs

    Another option you have is to use big-box store recycling programs.

    These could be a good option if your printer is too big and heavy for you to load it and transport it to a recycling center.

    Two of the most popular big-box stores are Staples and Best Buy. Heres how to recycle at both of these.

    Recycling at Staples

    Staples recycles computers, printers, inks, and toners for free. Check out their website for a complete list of electronics they recycle.

    Staples is an e-Stewards Enterprise, which means they use the highest standards for electronics disposition, and the electronics will be recycled responsibly.

    You can either take the printer to your local Staples store or arrange a pick-up.

    You can also call them and ask for a box and other packaging materials if you need them.

    Read More:

    Recycling at Best Buy

    You can also use the Best Buy recycling program. This ones a little different than Staples.

    They allow you to recycle up to three household items per day free of charge.

    For a complete list of items they recycle, check here.

    If you decide to recycle a printer with Best Buy, youll get 15% off select HP printers.

    This is a good deal however, it only applies to select printers. In case these select printers dont work for you, you wont be able to use the discount.

    Best Buy’s drawback is that they charge a fee to pick- up and haul your printer.

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    Where To Recycle Printers Youre Replacing

    Use our recycling locator to find your nearest reuse and recycling point.

    Or, if youre going shopping, bear in mind that retailers now take back old electricals when youre buying new. And some larger stores will recycle your old tech even if youre not buying.

    In other words, its getting easier all the time to recycle printers and other electricals.

    What Can You Do

    Ways to properly dispose of your ink cartridge
  • When you buy a printer, choose one that uses cartridges that can be refilled easily.

  • Refill ink cartridges yourself. You can buy refill kits from several supermarkets or online.

  • Think before you print. By reducing the amount you need to print, you will save the amount of ink you use.

  • Donate them! Lots of charities collect empty printer cartridges to raise money by refilling and reselling them.

  • Recycling is constantly evolving and changing so check back for updates or try our recycling locator to find out what you can recycle at home and where you can recycle or pass on unwanted items in your local area.

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    Dispose Of Your Used Printer Ink Cartridges

    In other words, ink cartridges need to be replaced regularly. This means that the old depleted cartridges will need to be properly disposed of. As you dispose of your used cartridges and looking to install a new one, this helpful guide on disabling your printers color management option will save you alot of headaches in the future.

    Ink & Toner Recycling Office Depot

    Visit any Office Depot store with your empty printer cartridges and you can earn $3 back in Worklife Recycling Rewards.

    This offer is good for HP, Lexmark, Dell, and Office Depot brand inkjet cartridges, and HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, and Office Depot brand toner cartridges.

    Office Depot allows customers to recycle up to five ink cartridges per day.

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