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How To Dispose Of Printer Cartridges

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How To Dispose Of Ink And Toner Cartridges

Computers Programs & Accessories : How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges

It is a fact that most used by consumers contain harmful components. If not disposed of properly, printer toner cartridges pose a significant threat to the environment. Many factors are tasking the environment every single minute, so do you want to contribute to these factors by landfilling a substance that will be there for the next 500 to 1,000 years? I bet not. When you think about all these factors, keeping them in your waste bins will be a no for you. When you dispose of them, the right way, youre doing something great for the coming generations. Below are some of our tips on how to dispose of used cartridges without affecting the environment.

Send Them Back to the Manufacturer

You can quickly send back your used ink and toner cartridges back to the Manufacturers; simply get in touch with the company and inquire about recycling your empty cartridges at a nearby location. The best part is that some companies will give you up to 10 on your next purchase. Youll probably get a more attractive rebate.

Donate to a Non-Profit Organization or Charity

Ask around if some non-profit organizations or charities around your area accept used ink and toner cartridges and review their policies. What this organization will do is, they will contact the manufacturer and get some cash back for sending them in.

Cash In

Check Out Office Supply Stores

Set Up a Neighborhood Recycling Program

Refill At A Cartridge Refill Shop

If you can’t find somewhere to recycle your cartridge, you may like to have your cartridge refilled at a cartridge refill shop, like Cartridge World shops, saving the need to send it away and saving money on your new cartridges.

Most cities have shops dedicated to refilling cartridges, and will normally be happy to take your empty cartridges if you get them refilled there.

How To Recycle Used Toner Cartridges

Do you have a collection of used toner cartridges that you are not sure quite what to do with? Are they still usable or recyclable? And how do I find out where to recycle them? These are all questions we receive pretty often at Office Interiors and the good news is that theyre fully recyclable, and toner cartridge recycling is now easier than ever.

Toner cartridges are full of chemicals that take a long time to break down, which is why you dont want them to end up in a landfill. Recycling your used toner cartridges is not only good for the environment, but its also an excellent way for your company to be more sustainable. So, keep reading to get the scoop on how to recycle used toner cartridges and why its important to do so.;

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Hp Printer Cartridge Recycling

HP;uses recycled plastic from old HP cartridges and also;recycled bottles and hangers to create new ink and toner cartridges. They call this closed-loop recycling.

HP claims more than 4.7 billion plastic bottles and 114 million plastic hangers have been recycled into new HP ink and toner cartridges.;

The HP recycling program has collected more than 875 million ink and toner cartridges through its HP Planet Partners program.

Here is a great video from HP about their Closed Loop recycling and the life of an HP print cartridge:

The Hewlett Packard recycling program is dedicated to keeping ink and toner cartridges out of oceans and landfills. The HP Recycling Program allows customers to drop empty cartridges off at any Walmart, Staples, or Office Depot.

You can also mail cartridges back with free HP shipping labels or request a pickup if you have more than 76 toner cartridges or more than 1,000 ink cartridges.

Tips And Cautions When Recycling A Printer Cartridge

We help you dispose of your empty Ink and Toners ...

1.; If you are recycling cartridges that hold more than one color of ink, make sure to rinse the nozzles for each compartment or pour out each color before disposing or recycling.

2. It is okay to place your cartridge inside of a plastic shopping bag but make sure its sealed up well so ink doesnt leak and soak through it.

3. After removing the metal casing in step four, you may see a black material left on your work surface . This is often what holds the ink in the cartridge and can be placed back into your recycling bin along with everything else once you are finished prepping it for recycling.

4. If youre not sure if your cartridge can be recycled, contact your local recycling center or printer manufacturer for more information.

5. A lot of people like to turn their old cartridges into new DIY products . If you plan on doing this, make sure to check with your local recycling center first before throwing the cartridge into your recycling bin.

6. If the cartridge is broken or damaged, do not use it for anything else and contact your local recycling center for proper disposal options.

7. Do not put any cartridges in the trash, even if they are empty! Trash is only accepted by most landfills at a certain size so regular household printer cartridges cannot be thrown away.

8. Remember, the more cartridges you recycle, the less likely they are to end up in a landfill where they will take hundreds of years to decompose.

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To Reduce Your Screen Printing Shops Environmental Impact And Avoid Potential Penalties You Have To Understand How To Properly Dispose Of Your Ink

To make sure youre disposing your ink properly, you have to stay up-to-date and maintain a current knowledge of federal, state and local regulations and ordinances. Ignorance of these requirements and the resultant penalties is no excuse, and an unacceptable defense. Its just as important to make sure all your employees are aware that ink cannot just be poured down the drain or tossed in the garbage.

So whats the proper way to dispose of your screen printing ink?

Xerox Ink & Toner Recycling

The Xerox Green World Alliance has kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills over the last two decades.

Click here to learn more about Xerox ink and toner recycling.;

Xerox claims customers return more than 2.5 million cartridges and toner containers annually through the Green World Alliance recycling program. While the company encourages customers to recycle their empty toner cartridges locally, you can also request free shipping boxes from the company.;

You can also recycle Xerox business machines. You pay the shipping cost, and Xerox will cover the recycling costs.;

The shipping address:;

Middletown, OH 45044

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Recycling Instructions Using A Freepost Service:

Its possible to recycle small quantities of empty inkjet cartridges via a freepost service. Heres how:

  • Simply pop your cartridges into a box
  • Visit the website and register an account. You can also choose to donate to charity for items that are successfully recycled.
  • Download their;free post label and attach it to your box.
  • Pop the box in the post
  • Lexmark Printer Cartridge Recycling

    How to Dispose of Printer Toner Cartridges

    Accepts: Ink cartridges, Toner cartridges, Printers

    Lexmark have a cartridge collection program found at the below link for different sized businesses. It boils down to different sized boxes you store your empty cartridges in before arranging a collection. If you’re looking to recycle ink cartridges, each time you purchase a Lexmark original you will find freepost details included in the box!

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    Where To Recycle Ink Cartridges Best Place To Recycle Ink And Toner Cartridges Is

    Look at the instructions in the box of your new laser or ink cartridge to find out how to recycle your old one. Many companies will provide instructions, packaging materials and free postage if you wish to recycle your old cartridge.

    The easiest way to find a recycling location is to search the Internet for organizations that accept used cartridges in exchange for cash. All sites offer pre-paid free shipping or pickup of used cartridges, and some pay up to $4 per cartridge.

    Recycling used cartridges also makes a great fundraiser for schools, church groups, charities, high school sports teams and other non-profit organizations. It can also be a significant cost savings for businesses.

    Some of the following recycling sites will give you the option to either take cash for your empty cartridges, or you can donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.

    How To Dispose Of Printer And Toner Cartridges

    Youve used a printer for years but dont have a single idea on how to dispose of printer cartridges.

    If you throw them in the trash bag with the rest of the garbage, store them in your closet once they dont work anymore, or simply dont know what to do with them, but you want to dispose of toner cartridges correctly, then this article is for you.

    Youll learn exactly how to do that with this article. Well teach you everything theres to know about disposing of, recycling, and possibly re-using the cartridges in the best way possible.

    Care to learn more about this? Scroll and find out!

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    Ink & Toner Recycling Office Depot

    Visit any Office Depot store with your empty printer cartridges and you can earn $3 back in Worklife Recycling Rewards.

    This offer is good for HP, Lexmark, Dell, and Office Depot brand inkjet cartridges, and HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, Lexmark, and Office Depot brand toner cartridges.

    Office Depot allows customers to recycle up to five ink cartridges per day.

    Can You Just Throw Away Ink Cartridges

    4 Ways to Properly Dispose of Ink Cartridges

    With Australians throwing away more than 18 million printer cartridges a year, over 5,000 tonnes of material ends up in landfill. When printer cartridges break apart in landfill, they have the potential to contaminate groundwater and the environment. To avoid empty ink cartridges ending up landfill, it is best to recycle them. Roland DGsink cartridgesare made up of fine plastics and metals that can be recycled through our Roland DG Cartridge Recycling Program.;

    In partnership withClose the Loop, we have structured our Cartridge Recycle Program to ensure simple and efficient collection of your empty Roland DG inkjet cartridges. In collaboration with our dealer network, the cartridges will be collected and returned to Close the Loop, Australias largest recycling and resource Recovery Company for imaging consumables.

    Driven by a philosophy of zero waste to landfill, Close the Loop reuses or recycles 100% of every inkjet cartridge that is collected, as shown below:

    • Ink is converted from waste to energy in a contained area. This can then be stored and used in a range of ways.
    • Plastics are sorted, broken down, and made into pellets to sell to manufacturers for re-use in new products, such as cartridges, pens and rulers.
    • Metals metals are separated by eddy current and magnets into ferrous and non-ferrous and sold to or passed on to partners/suppliers for re-use.;

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    How To Recycle Ink Cartridges

    If you’re using genuine manufacturer ink cartridges you can recycle them using your brands recycling scheme. We have listed all of the major manufacturers below to help you find them quickly.

    Unfortunately due to the present environment all of our approved recycling schemes are no longer available. We’re working hard to find ones to use and will update this page as soon as we have more information.

    Where To Recycle Printers Youre Replacing

    Use our recycling locator to find your nearest reuse and recycling point.

    Or, if youre going shopping, bear in mind that retailers now take back old electricals when youre buying new. And some larger stores will recycle your old tech even if youre not buying.

    In other words, its getting easier all the time to recycle printers and other electricals.

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    Brother Earth Free Ink & Toner Recycling

    Brother provide their Earth recycling scheme that will allow you to recycle inks, toners, drums and even old printers and the best thing of all is that its completely free to use. Similar to other brands, recycling is done responsibly and you can rest assured that nothing goes to Landfill.

    Can I Get Money For Empty Ink Cartridges

    How to Recycle Printer Cartridges

    If you are wondering why it seems more profitable to recycle ink cartridges than say your aluminum cans, its because accepting your used cartridges ensures you will need to buy more. These companies will pay to buy back your used cartridges ensuring you will be purchasing new ones, at a much higher price. This is referred to as Manufacturing led recycling. Companies like HP have large programs for re-manufactured ink cartridges, up to 75% closed loop recycling is used, they even use recycled plastic hangers which are notoriously difficult to recycle. Keep this in mind when debating whether to purchase a re-manufactured ink cartridge. It is always a good idea to recycle or reuse whenever possible, as well as purchase items manufactured using previously recycled items, ensuring these programs remain profitable and hopefully leading more companies into eco-friendly production processes.

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    Cartridge Disposal And Recycling

    So what about disposing these cartridges? Whether you use toner or ink, both print cartridges can be placed with your regular household garbage. They are not accepted your household curbside recycling program. However, if you prefer to have them recycled, many local retailers, like Office Max, Office Depot, or Staples, offer discounts on new products in exchange for used ones.; Other retailers, including Walgreens and Costco, will refill cartridges for you.

    Brother Ink Cartridge Recycling

    Got empty Brother ink cartridges to recycle?

    The process is still the same reuse the shipping box your ink cartridges came in to ship them back!

    First, youll need to create an online account with Brother. This will let you print a USPS SmartLabel. Attach the label to your package, seal it up, and drop it off at any U.S. Postal Service mailbox or post office. Shipping is on Brother!

    To learn more about recycling Brother printer cartridges for cash .

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    Sharp Ink & Toner Recycling

    You have a couple of options for recycling Sharp toner cartridges.

    The first option is to mail them back to Sharp . Ship empty Sharp toner cartridges to:

    Sharp Recycling2051 Meridian PlaceHebron, KY 41048

    The second option is Order a Bulk Recycling Kit from Sharp. The free kit includes three pre-labeled collection/shipping cartons, as well as plastic bags and ties to seal your empty cartridges prior to shipping.

    The company also offers free bulk shipping to recycle your Sharp toner cartridges.

    Click here to learn more about Sharp ink and toner recycling.

    Toner Recycling Is A Better More Eco

    4 Ways to Properly Dispose of Ink Cartridges

    If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, nows the time!

    Recycling your toner cartridges, obsolete computers, monitors, printers, and other office equipment makes a positive impact the environment. If youre overwhelmed, choose one item to recycle. For example, your toner cartridges. Check out these facts about ink and toner recycling:

    • Each year over 375 million empty cartridges end up in landfills or incinerators.
    • Up to 97% of materials making up printer cartridges can be recycled or reused, making them eco-friendly!
    • In remanufactured/compatible toner cartridges the oil consumption is reduced from 3/4 liters of oil per cartridge to almost ZERO!
    • An estimated 11 MILLION gallons of oil can be saved in 7 months of ink cartridge recycling!

    Disposing of toner cartridges safely is critical. If everyone does their part in helping the environment the world would be a much better place!

    Our local compatible toner customers enjoy FREE cleanings and routine maintenance as well. This means youll never have to struggle with nor pay for the installation of fusers, maintenance kits, transfer belts, or other consumable components in your machine.

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    Why Dispose Of Printer & Toner Cartridges Correctly

    You may think a simple ink or toner cartridge doesnt have any effect on the environment. But it does. Used cartridges actually have a hugely negative impact on the soil and water because of their toxicity. This makes them one of the worst and most common contaminants in cities.

    At the same time, the plastic from these cartridges can easily last 400 years to disintegrate. And that can cause even more poisoning in the environment. Luckily, theres always a way to dispose of these cartridges properly. Or if you want, simply recycle them so they can be re-used.

    If you do this, youll be preventing several years of contamination that a single cartridge may produce. And even as a small step into preserving the world it has a lot of value in the long term.

    Lexmark Ink & Toner Recycling

    Lexmark offers free and easy cartridge recycling and has since 1991. Lexmark offers environmentally sound choices for recycling its ink and toner cartridges and disposing of its end-of-life hardware, like printers, scanners, and other peripherals.

    Click here to learn more about Lexmark ink and toner recycling.;

    You can ship multiple empty Lexmark cartridges in a single box. Click here to print a free shipping label.

    Here is the official step-by-step video on recycling Lexmark printer cartridges:

    To learn more about recycling Lexmark printer cartridges for cash .

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    Samsung Ink & Toner Recycling

    Samsung supports manufacturer responsibility and responsible recycling. As a subsidiary of HP, Samsung follows many of the same recycling procedures. HP Planet Partners Program is HPs recycling program for computer equipment and printing supplies.

    To begin recycling Samsung ink and toner cartridges, follow these steps:

  • Go to HPs Product return and recycling.
  • Scroll down the page and in the Recycle tab, select your country from the Please select your country drop-down list.
  • On the HP/Samsung Supplies Recycling page, use one of the following methods to recycle your old cartridge:
  • Method one: Drop it off

  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • ;Method two: Mail it in

  • Select the type of supplies you are returning from the drop-down list.
  • Select the number of supplies to return.
  • Type the number of envelopes or boxes required to return the cartridges.
  • In the Contact Information section, type the information required, and then click Submit.
  • Click here to learn more about Samsung ink and toner recycling.

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