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How To Connect Wifi To Brother Printer

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Use Printer Drivers To Connect Brother Printer To Wifi

Connect Brother printer to wifi – wireless tutorial

You can easily Connect Brother Printer Wireless via installing drivers and Softwares. For that, simply follow the instructions below:

  • First, Access your system with administrator credentials. Abort all the programs running in the system background before you initiate the driver installation.
  • Disable your antivirus till your software setup is in progress and you can enable it after installation.
  • You must have got a CD with your Brother Printer instruction documents.;
  • Use the CD and initiate the setup procedure.
  • When your system initiates the setup process, it will ask you to choose the nearby Brother Printer that you want to connect with the network. It also gives you the choice to choose your preferred language.;
  • A window will appear on your screen with the various installation processes.;
  • We recommend Pro-suite as it provides a full Drive & software package. It includes both wireless and wired network options for you.
  • After selecting the suite, click on the Next button.
  • Now, choose the wireless network to which you want to connect your Brother Printer and Select Next.
  • If any antivirus window appears on your system screen, It will provide two options:
  • You can alter the antivirus port and initiate network connection to continue the installation of setup.
  • You can continue without altering the port
  • Set Up A Wireless Network

    1. Follow the instructions in the video to set up your Brother machine, and then go to the next step.

    2. Follow the instructions in the video to set up your computer, and then go to the next step.

    The wireless network between your Brother machine and your computer has now been set up.Go to the next step to install the driver.

    3. Start the installer:

    Before You Set Up Your Brother Machine

    You must find out the wireless network settings of your wireless router or access point. Check and write down the current wireless network settings below :;

    • Network Name
    • Network Key

    How to find the Network Name and Network Key

  • Check the base or side of your wireless router or access point.
  • See the documentation provided with your wireless router or access point.
  • Brother cannot provide this information. If you cannot find your wireless Network Name and Network Key, contact your Internet service provider or router manufacturer.

    If you cannot find the Network Name and Network Key of your wireless router or access point, see the following FAQs:

    After checking the network information of your wireless router or access point, go to step 2 to set up your machine on a wireless network.

    If your wireless router or access point uses WEP encryption with multiple WEP keys, write down and use only the first WEP key.

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    How Do I Connect My Brother Printer To Wifi Via Control Panel

    Let us learn how to connect printer to wifi Brother with the help of the Control Panel. This method is quite simple to understand and can be performed in just 9 steps.;

    1. On your Brother printer, go to the Control Panel.

    2. Press the Mouse button.

    3. Next, select All settings.

    4. Then navigate to Network and hit Ok.

    5. Now, go to Network reset and tap Ok.

    6. For yes, press 1. For confirming the same, press 1 again. Then your Brother printer will begin to reboot.

    7. You will be asked to set up the wifi once your printer has been rebooted. Hit Ok thrice to see the Setup Wizard.

    8. From the list of wifi networks available, choose the one that is yours and fill in the Wifi password.

    9. Now, tap Ok and then hit 1 for applying these settings.

    That is all! Once you have performed the above-mentioned steps correctly, your Brother will be connected to the wifi and you will receive the printed connection report.;

    Brother Hl L2340dw Connection Failed

    Brother DCP T500W Wifi Setup
  • If you have connected the Brother to the network of a router, ensure that the router is working properly.
  • Also, examine if the router is providing an active network connection.
  • If you have linked your printer and computer using a USB cable, check if the cord is connected correctly.
  • Delete the software of your Brother HL L2340DW Setup printer.
  • Execute a printer operation and check if the issue is fixed.
  • For more solutions to fix the connection issue, call our techies.
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    How To Setup Wifi On Brother Hl

    Before we start with the process of;how to setup Brother HL-L2380DW Wireless, you need to make sure that the wireless network name and the network key are available with you since you will require the information later. For;Brother HL-L2380DW Wireless Setup, follow the steps mentioned below

    • First, you need to turn on your Brother Printer after connecting the power adapter to an electrical socket. Next, you need to select the Network option by pressing the Up and Down arrow key and then press OK.
    • You need t select the WLAN option by pressing the Up or Down arrow key and again pressing OK. Use the Up or Down key to select the Setup Wizard and press OK to continue with the Brother HL-l2380DW wireless setup.
    • After you are through with the above steps, you need to enable the wireless network by selecting Yes when the question appears on the printers control panel as WLAN Enable? Next, your printer will search for your wireless network and the list of SSIDs available. Select your SSID that you jotted down earlier and then press OK. The final step will be your wireless password, which you need to enter and again press OK.

    Once you are through with the steps mentioned above, download the Brother Printer Driver HL-l2380DW and install it on your computer by following the on-screen instructions. Finally, you will find the solution to your;Brother HL-L2380DW wireless Setup.

    Brother Printer Wont Connect To Wifi Network Why

    • Post comments:

    The brother printers are built in with the 802.11N WiFi technology. Which adapts the wireless settings quickly.

    Once you connect the brother printer to the wifi network. It will store those settings. So whenever in future, you will reboot the printer, it will automatically connect with that network.

    But sometimes, my brothers printer wont connect to the Wi-Fi network. When the user tries to connect it through the wireless network manually. It shows them, cant connect to this network or Wi-Fi setup failed error.

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    Reset The Wifi Connection On Your Brother Printer

    If you have previously configured or attempted to configure the wireless connection, you must reset the wireless card first. If its your first time connect your printer to WiFi, click here to follow the guide.

    Heres how:

  • Turn your Brother printer on.
  • Press Menue button on the printers control panel.
  • Select Network and press OK.
  • Select Network Reset and press OK.
  • Press Reset.
  • The wireless card is now reset.


    S To Learn How Do I Connect Brother Printer To Wifi Network

    Quick Guide: How To Connect Wireless BROTHER PRINTER to Wi-Fi Network (Model: HL-L2390DW)

    Brother official channel How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

    • First, turn on your WiFi router and make sure you place your printer within the WiFi network range.;
    • Then, connect the power cord of Brother printer to electric socket and make turn it on.
    • Next click on Menu button located on your Brother printer.
    • Using the up and down arrow key, select the Network option and click on OK button.
    • Hit on the up and down arrow key to choose WLAN and click on Ok
    • Select Setup Wizard option by using Up and Down key and then click on Ok again.
    • When you see the Wifi enableoption, press Yes on it. Now Brother printer will automatically search for the wireless network from the available list.
    • Select your WiFi network name from the list and press Ok.
    • Next, it will ask for the WiFi password. Enter your correct password and press Ok.;
    • This will complete the process of connecting Brother printer to WiFi network.

    So, above these steps to connect brother printer to wifi when you are facing the trouble not connecting to wifi use these simple steps as well.

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    Brother Dcp T710w Setup

    Brother DCP-T710W is an all-in-one ADF Ink Tank Printer that can print, scan and copy for all your needs of a machine that helps with important functions at your home or workplace. Enjoy a perfect document print speed that swiftly covers your workflows helping you to do more in a much less time. Equipped with a wireless setup utility such as WPS, Brother DCP T710W Wireless Setup is hassle-free for your needs of wire-free printing. From printing professional reports to brochures, create powerful business materials with a stepwise Brother DCP T710W Setup on your own.

    Brother Hl L2340dw Airprint Setup

    • Link your Apple device to the Brother HL L2340DW Setup printer using the network of a router or access point.
    • Refer to the steps below to print using the AirPrint feature.
    • Use the Safari browser on your computer and open the page which you intend to print.
    • Find the Share icon on the Apple device and select Print.
    • Ensure that the Brother printer is select.
    • If the name of your printer is not selected, choose the Select Printer option and select it.
    • A list of accessible printers appears on the screen.
    • Choose your machine name.
    • Use the Up arrow key to view the Reset option.
    • Now the drum unit of the printer resets to its default configurations.
    • Close the access cover at the front and complete the reset process.

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    Connecting The Brother Printer To A Wireless Network

    This article will guide you through the steps to connect your Brother Printer to your wireless network.;

    First and foremost: Your corporate network needs its firewall configured correctly for Sine. Contact your network administrator to make sure this is set correctly. This step is vital for the functionality of Sine and Brother Printer function!

    Secondly: If you have and are using a cellular-based iPad with Hot-Spot functionality, follow these instructions instead.

    Connecting Via Nearby Printer List

    Installing Brother Printer using Wireless Network ...
  • Press the Cog button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad and enter your password that you use to log into the the web dashboard.

  • 2. Touch Printing from the side-bar

    3. If the Brother Printer is connected to the same wireless network as the iPad, it will display in the Nearby Printers list.

    4. Touch your desired printer to connect to it.

    5. Once connected, touch the Done button to return to main screen of the SinePoint Pro app.

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    Unboxing And Initial Configuration Of The Printer

  • Remove the printer from the box. You wont need the Brother instruction book, just follow along with these steps.

  • Assemble and insert the roll of badges into the printer. These are DK-2251 labels, and you will need this model number later when you need to reorder labels.

  • Plug the black power cord into the printer and a power socket.

  • Press the power button to turn on the printer. Make sure the green status light comes on.

  • Use the , and buttons to set your language, the time and date as prompted.

  • If youre not already on the main screen, navigate there now using the button.

  • ;Use the and buttons to select Template Settings. Set Template Mode to OFF.

  • 8. If youre not already on the main screen, navigate there now using button.

    9. Use the and buttons to select Settings. Select Auto Power Off > Adapter to OFF.

    10. Press the button.

    Connecting Your Brother Mfc

    Like any other wireless printing capable printer, the Brother MFC-L2700DW lets you print via WiFi. For anyone not familiar with this model this printer is a monochrome, all-in-one laser unit with duplex printing capability. It can print and copy as fast as 27 pages per minute as claimed by Brother. It has duplex printing feature that is useful for printing black and white handouts such as flyers, drafts and other documents that could be printed back to back to save on paper. It also haswireless printing capability which means that you can print from your mobile devices anywhere at home or office.

    To enable wireless printing from your PC or mobile devices follow these steps to connect your Brother MFC-L2700DW to a wireless network.

    • The SSID is the network name of your WiFi. Take note of the name as you will need to input this information in the later steps.
    • If the WiFi connection is password protected, you can obtain the password from the owner of the router. If the password was never changed, default passwords are usually located at the back, opposite, or side of the router itself.

    After fulfilling the prerequisite steps above, heres what youll do next:

  • Press the MENU button.
  • Scroll the arrow key and select then press OK. Go to ;NETWORK > WLAN > SETUP WIZARD > WLAN ENABLE? Set to YES > Network Name > PASSWORD
  • Open the printer driver installation file youve downloaded earlier or from your bundled Brother Driver CD.
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    How To Connect My Brother Label Printer Via Wireless Direct

    Aside from the more traditional WiFi connection through a wireless router, these new wireless Brother label printers provide a connection that disregards the need for a WiFi hotspot.

    To connect your printer using WiFi Direct, follow these steps:

    For PC:

    1. Download the and then open it.;

    2. Connect the printer to the computer using the provided USB cord.

    3. When a dialog box opens, select Local Connection Method , then click Next, and follow the rest of the installation instructions.

    Image Source: Brother Support

    4. In the printer, press the WiFi key. This is indicated by the WiFi LED light as it turns on or flashing.;

    5. Download and install the as well.;

    6. Once installed, open the Printer Setting Tool program. Click on Communication Settings.

    7. Click on the Tab for Wireless Direct. The tool will then show your printers SSID and password . By factory settings, your SSID is DIRECT-*****_QL-1110NWB The ***** are the last five digits of your printers serial number. Take note of both the SSID and password, then click Apply. You can also change them to your liking before applying changes.

    Printer Setting Tool on Windows. Image Source: Brother Support

    Printer Setting Tool on Mac. Image Source: Brother Support

    8. On your computer, select the SSID of your printer. Enter the confirmed password as you are prompted to enter the password. Check the box Connect Automatically, then click Connect.

    Windows WiFi Settings. Image Source: Brother Support

    For Mobile:

    Update The Driver Of Your Printer

    Brother Wifi Printer: Connect to Wireless Network MFC-J6910DW

    If none of the above hacks work for you, you should try updating the brother printer driver. On the other hand, if the Wi-Fi network is working well for you and is not glitching at your end, then you need to get the printer driver assessed.

    The various issues that involve the brother printer may include the following:

    • The brother printer driver version issues.
    • Brother printer driver connectivity issues
    • Offline status of your printer
    • Brother Printer not responding issue

    You can update your brother printer driver using the following steps:

    • First, you need to confirm the model number of your brother printer.
    • Next, go to the brother printers main official website.
    • Look for the section that reads Brother printer driver.
    • Next, you need to explore the model name and look for the model name of your printer.
    • Once that is sorted, download the latest driver version for your brother printer.

    Note: The brother printer driver versions are specific to different operating systems. Be sure to choose the one specific for your operating system to avoid any inconveniences later on.

    If your problem persists, you should look into the support provided by the brother printer brand or approach printer offline tech to help you understand the issue.

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    Connect To Wireless Network

    1. Use the and buttons to select WLAN > WLAN > On in the settings menu. Press .

    2. Use the and buttons to select WLAN > Infra Manual Setting in the settings menu. Press .

    3. Your printer will search for available Wi-Fi networks. Remember, your printer and iPad will need to be on the same network.

    4. Use the and buttons to select your desired network. Press OK.

    5. Provide your password.

    6. Look in the top right of the screen. Press to switch between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.

    7. Use the and buttons to select the correct characters.

    8. If it connects, it will say Connected! Press .

    9. If it does not connect, repeat the above steps to try again or attempt connection to a new network until you receive the “Connected!” confirmation.

    10. Press the button to return to the main screen. You should see the Wi-Fi icon in the top right.

    Connecting The Brother Badge Printer To The Sinepoint Pro App

    The SinePoint Pro app for the iPad can be set to automatically print labels once a guest completes their check-in. This article outlines the steps to connect your printer to the iPad.

    Note: If your printer and iPad are not connected to the same network, please follow the Connecting your Brother Printer to a Wireless Network guide. Alternatively, if you are using a Cellular-based iPad with Hot-Spot enabled, please ensure you have connected your printer to the iPad Hot-Spot network

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    How Do I Setup My Brother Wifi Dcp T710w

    1. Before you start Brother DCP T710W set up

    To start with, you must find out the wireless network configurations of your access point or wireless router. Check and note down the wireless network settings below. This information is required at a later stage.

    • Wireless Network Name
    • Wireless Network Key

    Where to locate the Wireless Network Name SSID and Wireless Network Key Password?

    • Check and read the documentation provided with your access point or wireless router for Brother DCP T710W Setup.
    • Check the side or base of your access point or wireless router.

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