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How To Connect Printer To Android Phone

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Use The Manufacturers App

Connecting a Wireless Printer to your Android Device

Since were still using an Epson printer, these steps refer to the Epson iPrint app. Youll get an idea of how the process will run, though there might be some differences depending on the printers manufacturer and the apps that they provide.

Step 1: With Epson iPrint open, youll see five services: Print photos, print documents, print from the cloud, scan, and document capture. To add a registered Epson printer, tap the blue Printer is Not Selected banner.

Step 2: If youre at home, the printer should appear under the Local tab already. Since we want to print remotely, tap the Remote tab instead.

Step 3: Tap Add located at the bottom.

Step 4: Tap Yes on the prompt to acknowledge that a communication charge may be applied depending on your network environment. This refers to cellular data.

Step 5: Enter the Printers email address you created during the initial setup process. It likely ends with the address. Alternatively, tap Get Email Address if you didnt create one earlier.

Step 6: Tap Done and the app will add the printer.

Step 7: Go back to the main screen and tap one of the services, like Print Photos. Select the photos you want to print and follow the prompts.

Why Wont My Printer Connect To My Wifi

Make sure its connected to WiFi. Use a USB cable to connect and see if it works again. Move your printer to where it gets the best WiFi signal without interference. In this case, reconnect your device to the network, reconfigure security settings to include printers, and/or install updated drivers.

How Do I Monitor Or Cancel Current Print Jobs

Open the notification area to view a list of current print jobs or cancel a print job.

  • Monitor print jobs: Swipe down from the top of your Home screen to view your current print jobs.

  • Cancel a print job: Swipe down from the top of your Home screen to view your current print jobs, select the print job you want to cancel, and then tap Cancel.

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How To Connect Android Phone To Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2336

09-23-202112:57 AM

Hi, i have a problem to connect android mobile phone to Hp Deskjet Ink Advantage 2336. I had try install apps like hp printer service plugin and also hp smart apps by using otg usb cable, but my phone still cannot detect the printer..

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you.

Best Printer Apps For Android

How to connect Pixma to android phone? Ask # ...

While there are some third-party Android apps that can address your printing needs, it’s likely best to stick with Google Cloud Print. This official application, recommended by Android, provides you with the capability of printing directly from whatever program you’re in, be it a web browser, email client or document management system. Instead of having to open a separate app, Google Cloud Print allows you to print directly from your phone or tablet.

Keep in mind that your specific printer may work better using its own plugin or application. For example, HP’s printer app is a plugin you can download in the Google Play app store. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll be able to easily print.

There may be other printer apps for Android, but make sure you’re using either the Google Cloud Print app or your printer’s preferred plugin. Third-party apps may not be the best method.

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Use The Printers Cloud Service

Many printers now have a cloud print component. For instance, Epson printers include an Epson Connect service that allows you to print from anywhere by sending an email directly to the printer. Yes, it has an email address that you likely created during the printers initial setup process.

You can use any email client to print, or take the shortcut and use the manufacturers app in this case, the Epson iPrint app for Android. Well use this as an example because its the printer we have on hand.

Note: The printer must be connected to the internet to print from a remote Android device.

Everything You Need To Know About Printing From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Cameron Summerson is the Editor in Chief of;Review Geek;and serves as an Editorial Advisor for How-To Geek and LifeSavvy. Hes been covering technology for nearly a decade and has written over 4,000 articles and hundreds of product reviews in that time. Hes been published in print magazines and quoted as a smartphone expert in the New York Times. Read more…

If youre an Android newcomer, printing probably seems like a no brainer: click a menu, tap a command. But if youre a longtime Android user, you probably remember how printing from your mobile got its start. The good news is its easier than ever to print from your Android device.

Printing on Android used to mean installing the janky Google Cloud Print app, then sharing whatever it is youre trying to print with that app. It was a really roundabout and not-at-all-intuitive way to go about printing things from mobile. It just didnt make sense.

Today, in the modern world, printing is so much simpler, because its baked into the operating system and most of your;apps. Really, thats the only limitation you need to consider: the app has to support printing. For example, you wont be printing any Facebook posts from the mobile app, because it doesnt support that feature. Youll really find it in places that make sense: Gmail, Google Docs, photos, and so on.

So, while printing on Android has gotten significantly easier over the past few years, there are still some things to be aware of.

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How To Print From An Android Phone: The Top 6 Methods

Daniel SegunThis blog post may contain affiliate links

by Daniel Segun | May 17, 2021 | User Guides

This post will show you how to print from an Android phone ;and there are more than a few ways to do it. Dont worry, well cover them all

With the increasing sophistication of our smartphones, we find ourselves carrying out most of our daily activities on them.

Printing out of documents was traditionally a PC to printer activity, but it can now be done via your Android phone.

There are different methods you can employ, and below we are going to show you some of them.

How To Add Your Printer To Google Cloud Print

How To Print from any Android Smartphone or Tablet via USB Cable. Connect a printer to Android
  • Launch Chrome on your computer.
  • Click on the menu button in the top right corner. It looks like three horizontal lines.

  • Click Advanced in the sidebar.

  • Scroll down and click Printing.
  • Under Printing, click Google Cloud Print.

  • Click Manage Cloud Print devices at the bottom.
  • Click the Register next to the printer you want to be added to Google Cloud Print.
  • Click Confirm.
  • If you happen to have a “Classic” printer that is still capable of taking advantage of Google Cloud Print, here’s where you need to go from the Cloud Print menu.

  • From the Google Cloud Print page, click Manage Cloud Print devices.
  • Under Classic printers, select Add printers.
  • Make sure your printer appears, and tap the Add printer button.
  • Once the registration has completed, a new screen will appear showing that the process was successful. This makes it possible for you to manage the “classic printer” from the same Google Cloud Print menu in Chrome.

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    Setup Google Cloud Printer To Print From Android Phone To Wireless Printer

    Google Cloud Printer is the true remote printing service that is provided;by the Internet giant. First of all, you need to set up a Google Cloud Wireless printer on any of your active PCs that has an active internet connection.

    Steps to add a cloud printer to PC:

  • Open Google Chrome from your PC and go to; to enter the Cloud Print dashboard. You must log in with the Google account that you use on your smartphone.
  • Click on Add a Cloud-Ready Printer to add a cloud-enabled printer on to your PC. You can find if your printer model is a cloud-ready one.
  • If not, click on Add a Classic Printer and connect both the PC and printer to the same wi-fi network and connect as a standard wireless printer.
  • Print using Google Cloud Print from Android:

  • Open Google Play Store and download the Cloud print app on your Android smartphone.
  • Open a document on the device and tap on the print button .
  • Choose the cloud printer which you did set up with your computer. Your file will be automatically synced with the PC over the internet, and you can remotely print the document.
  • It is now easier to print from Android Phone to Wireless Printer than dealing with wired printers on the PC. You can quickly take the prints out of the device. How do you print documents that are on your smartphones? Do you often transfer them to the PC and copy, or make a direct hardcopy over the network? Share your thoughts.

    How To Easily Add A Printing Service In Android 10

    Learn how to print from Android without relying on the soon-to-be-vanishing Google Cloud Print.

    With Google Cloud Printing going away this year, it’s important you can continue printing from your Android devices. Fortunately, with the recent iterations of the platform, it’s incredibly simple to make this happen.

    In fact, I’m going to show you just how easy it is to add a printing service from within Android 10. It is important that you have a supported printer on the same network as your Android device. Once you have that taken care of, the addition of a new printer service can be done in just a minute or so.

    • A device running Android 10;
    • A printer on the same wireless network

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    Setup Cloud Print On Android Phone & Start Printing

    The final part is to setup cloud print on your Android phone. This will ensure that the PC printer which you have setup with Google Cloud Print is accessible on the phone.

  • Make sure that youve setup the same Google account on your phone. If not, then you need to share the printer with the Google account on your phone.
  • Install the plugin from the Play Store.
  • Open your phone Settings and search for Printing. Verify Cloud Printer on your Android Phone
  • Tab on the Printing result and then further on Cloud Print.
  • If you have used the same Google account or shared the printer properly, then the desktop printer should display here.
  • You can start printing from other apps. Simply select the Print option in the respective app and choose the printer youve setup with Google Cloud Print.
  • The print option varies from one app to another. Document apps like PDF Reader, Word Processor, Excel; etc will provide a quick and easy access. The print option might be entirely missing from some apps. To overcome this, you can make use of a different cloud printing app which adds printing under the Sharing options.

    To check the status of a print job Go to Settings> Search Printing> Cloud Print> Options > Settings> Print Jobs.

    Installing A Printer On An Android Phone For The Sendpro Online Mobile App

    Connect Android Phone To The Printer

    To print shipping labels directly from your Android phone, you first need to install a printer on your phone.

  • On your phone, go to Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Printing > Default Print Service.
  • If you do not have this option, open Settings and search for printing.
  • If a list of printers does not appear, tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select Add printer.
  • To add the printer using its IP address:
  • Tap Add printer by IP address.
  • Enter the IP address of your printer. This can be found in the printer’s settings.
  • Tap Add.
  • To add the printer using Wi-Fi Direct:
  • Enable Wi-Fi Direct on your printer. Consult your printer manufacturers help if needed.
  • On your phone, tap the slider next to Wi-Fi Direct printing to turn it on.
  • Once the printer appears in the list, tap on it.
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    Can I Add Edit Or Remove A Printer Manually From The Hp Print Service Plugin

    Yes. When the plugin does not detect a printer, you can add the printer manually. You can also edit or remove a printer from the plugin.

    • Add a printer using the IP address: Tap All printers>Add printer, and then tap HP Print Service or HP Inc. Tap On a Wi-Fi Network, type the printer name and IP address, and then tap OK.

    • Add a printer using Wi-Fi Direct: On your printer, make sure Wi-Fi Direct is turned on. On your mobile device, tapAll printers>Add printer, and then tap HP Print Service or HP Inc. Tap Directly to the Printer, select the name of your printer with DIRECT in the name, and then tap OK.

    • Remove or edit a printer: In the HP Print Service Plugin, tap the Menu icon , and then tap Add printer>Manage printers. Tap and hold the printer you want to remove or edit, and then tap Modify to edit the printer or Forget printer to remove it.

    Can You Hook Up An Android Phone To A Printer

    A number of different methods and apps can be used to connect an Android phone to a printer. Which method is most suitable for your company and its staff depends on the type of printer you are using, the processes that you may already have in place, and the types of files you need to output.

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    Print To Specific Brands Of Printer

    Many popular printer brands will also offer a companion app for their hardware, allowing you to access more advanced functionality.

    The best thing to do in this case is just jump into the Play Store and search for your specific brand of printer. Unfortunately, everything from this point forward is going to be very brand-specific, so some independent research may be necessary on your part, especially if youre trying to do something specific.

    For what its worth, Ive found very little value in most manufacturers apps, as they often just offer redundant features that can already be done directly from Cloud Print. That said, some of the apps will let you do things like scan and fax directly from the phone, so its at least worth exploring. Godspeed.

    Install Hp Smart App On Your Android Phone

    How to Print from an Android Phone or Tablet
  • Open on your phone and click on Get the App to install HP Smart app.
  • After installation, run HP Smart. In welcome screen select the checkbox and click on Start.
  • HP Smart will only detect printer connected to the same network as your Android phone. So, make sure your printer and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi router and that your printer is on setup mode. However, if your printer has been turned on for more than 2 hours, then you will have to reset the HP printer network settings manually.

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    How To Print From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

    As Android technology progresses, so does your ability to get everything done right from your Android phone or one of the best Android tablets. Google has designed a cloud printing app that works with your printer connected either to your wireless network or to your computer via USB. Here’s how to set up Google Cloud Print within Chrome on your computer and how to start printing directly from your Android device.

    Connect A Usb Scale To Your Android Device

    The Brecknell 6700U USB Scale is compatible with Android devices, Square Register, and Square Terminal, and requires the following:

    • The latest version of the Square app for Android.

    • RS-232 to USB-A cable. This can be ordered through Square Shop.

    To connect the Brecknell 6700U scale to your device:

  • Plug the 9-pin male end of the RS-232 cable into the port on your scale, and insert the USB-A male side into the hub for your Android device.

  • To check the connection, open the Square Point of Sale app and tap More from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap Settings > Hardware >Scales. The connected scale should appear in the app menu as Brecknell USB Scale.

  • Note: Your Square Point of Sale can only connect to one scale at a time.

    To disconnect the scale, simply unplug the scales cable from your device.

    For a list of all supported hardware by device, check out our hardware compatibility page.

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    Print With The Hp Print Service Plugin

    Print photos, documents, emails, or webpages from Android apps.

  • Open the item you want to print, tap the Menu icon , and then tap Print. If the app you are using does not have a Print option, tap the Share icon or look for a Share option in the Export or Send menu, and then select HP Print Service Plugin or the Print icon .

  • On the preview screen, tap the Down arrow to view the printer list, and then select HP to print over the network, or DIRECT-xx-HP to print with Wi-Fi Direct.

  • Tap the Down arrow to change any print settings, such as paper size or orientation.

  • Tap the Print icon

  • Still have a question? Find additional answers and help.

    How To Add And Manage Printers

    How To Connect Your Phone To Canon Pixma Printer

    Like I said earlier, Cloud Print is now part of the OS. In the past, this app is where youd go to find and manage printers, but since its no longer a standalone product, all that stuff is now tucked away neatly in the Settings menu.

    To check your printer situation, first pull down the notification shade and hit the cog icon. On some devices, like anything running stock Android, you may need to pull it twice. This will get you into the Settings menu.

    Now, this is where things can get hairy: every manufacturer seems to hide the setting were looking for in a different place. So, for the sake of simplicity and universal acceptance, were going to do this the easy way: tap the magnifying glass icon , then search for Printing.

    Regardless of where the setting is on your specific phone, the option should pop up. Tap that guy and be thankful for the search tool. It just saved you a lot of hassle.

    Now that youre there, some options may or may not be available. For example, Cloud Print should be there regardless of which type of device you have. But there are also some specifics, like Samsung Print Service Plugin which will be available on Samsung devices, as well as other devices if youve had a Samsung device before. Its interesting.

    If youd like to manage your printers, tap on Cloud Print, then the three-button overflow menu in the top right .

    If youre not looking to add a printer, though, just tap Settings instead of Add printer.

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