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How To Clean Printer Head Hp

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Printhead Cleaning Just By Buttons On The Printer


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The thing isn’t copying well, there’s bits missing, and parts are streaky. The cartridge indicators don’t read as being low. The printer is not connected to a computer at the moment. It is being used to copy things.

I’d like to trigger a printhead cleaning cycle, without hauling the printer to where there’s a computer, or taking a computer to where the printer is. However, I cannot figure out how to do this. Presumably there’s some way that involves holding down one or more buttons while powering it up, as it is with some other printers, such as a Lexmark I used to use.

What is the method for triggering a printhead cleaning, just by using the buttons on the printer itself?

How Do I Clean My Hp Printer Heads

As every desktop publisher and computer user knows, the ability to print legible documents on demand is a necessity. Unfortunately, there comes a day when initiating the print command generates a pile of papers on which only half the letters are visible. While changing the printer cartridge is the obvious and immediate cure, the day your HP printer refuses to print is usually the same day you first realize you’re out of ink cartridges. The good news is that you can often save the day by cleaning your HP printer heads.

Recognize that your printer is probably not completely out of ink. HP inkjet printers come equipped with a sensor that warns you when you’re running low on ink, which is measured by the weight of the ink cartridge. However, many times this sensor gets thrown off track when the ink can’t move forward onto the printer heads. This is usually because the tiny holes on the printer heads have become clogged with dried ink, especially if the printer hasn’t been used for some time.

Run the automatic utility tool that comes with your HP printer. This might remedy your problem. Move on to Step 3 to manually clean the printer heads if this doesn’t work.

Firmly grasp the cartridge on the left with your thumb on the top and your forefinger on the bottom and pull in a downward motion. This will release the ink cartridge from its bay so that you can completely remove it. Once removed, place the cartridge on its side on a paper towel or piece of paper.


How To Clean Hp Officejet Printheads

Like any inkjet printer, HP Officejet printers are prone to periodic clogging. When their printheads clog, the quality of their printed image suffers as ink fails to reach the paper, leaving vertical white stripes. If the printer doesn’t get cleaned when it first clogs, the ink can build up inside the printhead, requiring more ink-consuming cleaning and even ruining the printhead. To help you maintain your printer and its performance, HP designs Officejet printers with three levels of printhead cleaning and a final priming stage, if necessary.

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Three Main Parts Of Hp Inkjet Printer

If you are a HP Inkjet printer user, you must know its crucial to clean the surface of the Inkjet printer, its inside and the slot of paper tray regularly as these three surround the print head. Therefore, this article is going to inform you about cleaning these three parts first. There are many HP printer users who mention on the technical support group that they struggle to find the easy how-to steps to avoid their print heads from clogging. To maintain your HP printer print heads, simply follow these steps mentioned below:

HP Inkjet Printers surface Cleaning whenever you see any dust on the HP Inkjet printers surface, just take out a paper towel or an antistatic wipe or you can just use a compressed air can to spray and clean the dust.HP Inkjet Printers insider Cleaning in the HP Inkjet printer, when you open its top, you will see toner cartridges, simply take out the cartridges and use compressed air to remove any dust stuck on the printer tray. Also, take out the small paper pieces if you see any, at times these particles come off the paper jams. In the end, put the toner cartridges back to its place.Paper Tray Slot Cleaning this part of the printer also collects dust that is why its recommended to clean it. For that, you need to take out the tray and same as printer surface cleaning, use a paper towel or an antistatic wipe or you can just use a compressed air can to spray and clean the dust.

How To Clean An Hp Deskjet Printer

How to Clean HP Printheads

If you regularly print documents for your business, you’ll need to perform frequent maintenance to keep your printouts sharp and clear. Over time, dried ink and dust can clog the ink nozzles and cause streaks or blank spaces on the paper. HP Deskjet printers have a built-in process that cleans dried ink from inside the cartridges, which may eliminate missing lines or dots on your printouts. If you notice ink streaks after printing, you’ll need to manually clean the cartridges to remove any external debris.

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Why Clean Hp Printer Regularly

Regular cleaning of the HP printers tends to increase your products life as well as save itself from all printer malfunctioning trouble that hinders your due task. Like every inkjet printer, HP printers are also prone to clogging at some point. Printhead clogging depreciates the image quality as the ink do not reach the paper and it ends up forming white stripes.

You must clean your printer print head the first time your printer clogs, otherwise, the ink builds up inside the print head, demanding more and more ink-consuming cleaning and at times it ends up ruining the print head.

Even though HP print heads are very easy to clean through its utility drivers but if your printer is having issues like color fading, streaking or missing text, then those drivers wont help. You need to clean it manually and require a good print head cleaning solution. Manual printer print head cleaning requires special care so that you do not damage the print head contacts or cartridge contacts.

This article covers HP printer print heads cleaning through automatic utility drivers and manually, both. As both cleaning methods are used for their own purposes, if your printer is new or its cartridges are filled and its still not working, has ragged color bar, or its color bars are ragged with other colour and there are white lines on the color bar, then you first need to clean it through automatic utility drivers. If, its not fixed then only move to manual cleaning.

Three: Replace The Printhead

This step is only needed when you have followed all the previous steps and issue is still resisting.

Please, do not remove the cartridges until and unless you have a new assembled print head on hand. As HP recommends, not to leave cartridges out of the printer for more than 30 minutes.

Printhead cleaning methods mentioned above are specifically for the HP printers but this article can be used to understand the unclogging of printer print heads in general.

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What Is A Print Head Cleaning

A print head cleaning is exactly what it sounds like it is simply the process of removing excess ink from the cartridge or printhead to improve the flow.

Printhead cleaning is often compared to car maintenance. The most common analogy is the notion of driving your car for an extended period of time without getting an oil change. You can absolutely drive your car more than 5,000 miles without an oil change, but it’s risky, and the performance of the engine will suffer greatly.

The same can be said about your printer as routine maintenance is required to keep it functioning at its full potential.

There are a few ways that you can clean your printhead. Depending on the severity of the clog, you’ll be able to fix your printer in a click of a button

Tips On How To Clean An Hp Printhead For Better Printing


After a few uses, you might notice your HP printer is not working as effectively as it once did. There may be fading, smudging, or missing text on your printouts. The reason behind these quality issues may be that your printhead is clogged with ink.

The printhead is the part of the printer that houses the ink cartridges and helps disperse the ink onto the piece of paper. Over time, the ink can clog the printhead or dry up, causing problems when ink needs to be dispersed evenly, so youll need to learn how to clean an HP printhead.

You can use the printer to clean the printhead or take the printhead out and clean it by hand. Whichever method you use, the result will be better, higher-quality printouts.

If your HP printer is printing blank pages, the culprit may be infrequent use or cleaning. Regularly cleaning your HP printers printhead will prolong your ink cartridges life and delay your next replacement cartridges purchase.

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Option : Damp Paper Towel Application

This is usually the most common method that we recommend to our customers. It’s simple, quick, and often the least intrusive procedure of cleaning your printhead. Most printheads are located directly on the cartridge. Simply uninstall the cartridge from the printer. Make sure you have an area that is lined with a paper towel just in case this gets a little messy. Take a damp paper towel and gently apply it to the print head nozzle and wipe it down. You will visibly see the ink disintegrate and turn into a liquid when exposed to water. The thicker pieces of ink will begin to fall off when wiped. Once the cartridge is completely unobscured and dry, you can install it back inside of your printer.

How To Clean Print Heads

If a printer has not been used for a long period of time, the many tiny holes that make up a modern inkjet printer’s head may become clogged with dried ink. Clogged printer heads greatly affect the quality of the printing job and can eventually lead to damage to the printer. It is very important to clean out printer heads when they are clogged.

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Hp Photosmart 7660 Printers

  • Make sure plain paper is loaded in the In Tray.
  • Press the Left Arrow menu button four times.
  • Ensure that the printer display indicates “clean cartridges.”
  • Press OK.
  • Ensure plain paper is loaded into the tray then press OK again to print a level one clean cartridge test.
  • Once the level one clean cartridge test page has printed, examine the level one page.If the print is not clear and/or there are lines in the color bars, continue to Step 7.If the print quality is acceptable and there are no flaws with the color bar, press the Cancel button.
  • Press OK to print the second level clean cartridge page.
  • Once the second level clean cartridges test page has printed, examine the printed page.If the print is not clear and/or there are lines in the color bars continue to Step 9.If the print quality is acceptable and there are no flaws with the color bar, press the Cancel button.
  • Press OK to print the third level clean cartridge page.
  • Once the third level clean cartridges test page has printed examine the page. If the problem persists contact HP Support.
  • Before You Clean Your Printer


    First, make sure that you are using genuine HP printer cartridges. HP printers are designed to maximize efficiency and quality with HP original components. Check to see that your cartridge is an HP ink product and is the right fit for your model.

    If you see that the cartridge shows sign of damage, has exploded, or doesnt fit correctly, remove the cartridge and insert a new one. Wait for the printer to go through the automated maintenance tasks for the new cartridge and try printing again.

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    How To Clean Printer Heads And Ink Cartridges

    Arrgh! Streaks! Missing colors! White lines!

    Nothing bums out an inkjet user more than the dreaded clogged printhead.

    Little bits of dust, debris, and dried ink block the tiny holes on the printhead, and now your prints come out streaky, with white lines where color should be. Your inkjet is only partially jetting.

    Some inkjet printers clog more often than others.

    The Internet buzzes with conjecture: the micro-holes in Epson printheads deliver sharper prints, but clog more easily.

    Canon PIXMA inkjets clog less often because they run a preemptive head cleaning cycle.

    But regardless of what brand of inkjet printer you use, clogged printheads are inevitable.

    How Can I Clean An Hp Printhead From My Computer

  • Start the process of cleaning your inkjet printer printhead by clicking the Start button.
  • Access your Control Panel which allows you to see several menus including Printers and Scanners .
  • Click on the printer icon and choose Properties .
  • If you see an indication that your ink cartridges are all full but your print jobs are fuzzy or smudged, then this is a clear indication that you need to clean the printhead.
  • Choose Printing Preferences, and then the Service tab.
  • From there, you have the option to choose Printer Services on the next window.
  • Youll see a command to Clean Printheads, which will start the process of cleaning the printhead without you physically removing it.
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    Hp Photosmart 7350 Printers

  • Ensure that the memory card has been removed from the memory card slot and that plain white paper is loaded into the In Tray.
  • On the control panel, press the left side of the Tools button until Clean the Print Cartridges? is displayed on the readout screen.
  • Press the OK button.
  • After confirming that paper is loaded into the paper tray, press the OK button.
  • Examine the printed page.If the print is not clear and/or there are lines in the color bars continue to Step 6.If the print quality is acceptable and there are no flaws with the color bar, press the Cancel button.
  • Press OK to print the second level clean cartridge page.
  • Once the second level clean cartridges test page has printed,examine the printed page.If the print is not clear and/or there are lines in the color bars continue to Step 8.If the print quality is acceptable and there are no flaws with the color bar, press the Cancel button.
  • Press OK to print the third level clean cartridge page.
  • Once the third level clean cartridges test page has printed, examine the page. If the problem persists contact HP Support.
  • S To Clean The Print Heads On A Hp 8600 Printer For Ink Clog Removal

    Manually Clean a Removeable Printhead | HP Printers | @HPSupport

    Step 1: Firstly, press and continuously hold the “Power” button on your HP 8600 printer.

    Step 2: Next, press the “Cancel” button twice and then press the “Resume” button once again.

    Step 3: Lastly, you can now release the “Power” button and begin the electronic printhead cleaning process into flow.

    Steps for Electrical Contacts Cleaning-

    Is essential to clean the print heads on a HP 8600 printer, so you can start with cleaning electrical contacts. Simply follow the given steps below.

    Step 1: In the first phase, lay down three or four stacked pieces of paper over the surface in front of your HP 8600 printer. Next open the printer cover. In case the printer carriage doesn’t automatically move to the far left side of the printer, then push and hold the “Resume” button until it does. At last, you can unplug your HP printer once the carriage has moved to the far left side.

    Step 2: In the next phase, you need to grasp and lift up on the printhead latch and lift the handle on the firstprint head. Following that, you need to pull the printhead out of the printer.

    Step 3: Next, hold down the printhead carefully in one hand over the paper at the front side of the printer without even touching the ink nozzles. Here, you can gently wipe the copper-colored square electrical contacts present on the printhead using a lint-free microfiber cloth, lens-cleaning cloth or soft, coffee filter.

    Step 4: Now, you need to set the printhead on the paper using the ink nozzles facing up.

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    The Simple And Easy Steps To Clean Your Hp Inkjet Printer

  • Use the HP Toolbox application on your Windows PC.
  • Look for HP Inkjet utility if you are using Mac computer system.
  • Start icon or press Windows key on the keyboard.
  • Go to All Programs and select HP toolbox from it.
  • Navigate to Printer services tab and click Clean Printheads.
  • Based on the printer model the application will display instructions.
  • Follow the on-screen guide and clean the printhead.
  • Prefer manual cleaning if automatic cleaning did not give you the desired result.
  • How To Clean Hp Inkjet Printer Heads

    On Mac

    Click Go> > Computer

    It will open Finder, in which click Application for Utilities and click.

    Moreover, if you want to go for shortcut. Forget the above steps, just click Finder from the Dock, click Application> > Utilities.

    Now, there open HP Photosmart and click HP InkJet Utilities to launch it.

    In that, go to dropdown, and click Clean, and do as the on-screen instructions are given. That is it. This is how you can clean HP Inkjet Printheads with Photosmart.

    On Windows

    If you have a program installed on your Windows computer. HP toolbox, launch it. If not, download it from the internet.

    Once the program is launched, click Clean Printheads, and follow the instructions.

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