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How To Clean Printer Head Canon Pixma

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Canon Pixma Print Head Cleaning

How to clean Canon PIXMA print head, flushing clogged nozzles on a print head

Clogged nozzles on a Canon Pixma are annoying and running the print head cleaning routine consumes quite an amount of valuable printer ink. We suggest a process to clean the Canon print head as long it is still installed inside the Pixma printer and without wasting any ink. More recent Canon Pixma models have their print head installed without the feature to take out the print head easily. Especially for these inkjet printers our process is a quick and easy solution.

When opening the upper cover on a Canon Pixma printer the print head compartement moves to the position for exchanging the PGI and CLI inkjet cartridges. For our suggested process it is necessary that the print head compartment remains in the exchange position until the nozzle cleaning is finished. To ensure that we unplug the printer´s power cable. Otherwise the print head moves back into its parking position after a certain time automatically despite that the upper cover is open.

For cleaning the printer nozzles of the CLI Canon cartridges we use a 10 cm long piece of soft plastic tube that has an inner diameter of 4 mm. The plastic tube is pushed on the protruding round ink port carefully. You can do that by hand or it is helpful to push the tube by the help of tweezers.

How to remove the remaining nozzle cleaner out of the print head?

Printer Head Cleanings Not Working

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After running the printer head nozzle cleaning and the “deep” cleaning several times, I still get uneven printing and white lines running through colored sections.; What can I do to fix this?;

Hello mrkprinter,

Since you have already performed multiple cleanings and deep cleanings on the unit and are still experiencing the same issue, we can perform a print head alignment on the unit to see if this will fix the problem.; Please follow the steps below to perform a print head alignment:

S For Manual Print Head Cleaning

Step 1;- Remove the ink tanks and printer head. Remove the ink tanks from the printer head and seal them in a zip lock or other sealable plastic bag. Set them aside, preferably propped upright.

Next remove the printer head . NOTE: You may want to wear latex gloves to help keep ink off your hands.

Step 2;- Soak the printer head. There are multiple suggestions on ways to clean the printer head and all have some variation on the following:

  • Get a small, shallow pan and lay down a layer or two of paper towels in the bottom of the container to protect the printer head circuitry from contact damage.
  • Heat up enough purified/bottled water to cover the paper towels. You can also use a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and distilled water . Heat the mixture in the microwave for about a minute or so – it should NOT be boiling.
  • Slowly pour the water or mixture over the paper towels so that you have approximately 1/2 inch of liquid in the bottom of the pan.
  • Set the printer head into the container on top of the towels. You should see ink ‘bleeding’ out. Move the print head to several different spots and shake gently. This will dissolve the ink clogs.
  • If the printer head is badly clogged let it soak for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. You can move it slightly to a different spot every hour or so.

Step 3 -;Flush the printer head with water.

Variations on the Above Steps

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Canon Printer Deep Cleaning Not Working

Canon printer deep cleaning not working? It’s okay, we can help! If you’re looking for a professional service that will clean your Canon printer from the inside out and make it work like new again, then look no further.

We have been servicing printers since 2000 and are experts in all things related to printer maintenance. Contact our team today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Canon printers are not always perfect. They may require deep cleaning to get rid of any ink residue that is left over from printing your documents.

The Canon printer deep cleaning process can be difficult for some people, but I’ve got the step-by-step guide on how to do it so you don’t have to worry about it.

How To Clean Printer Head Canon Pixma

Cleaning Canon printhead FHD

The Canon Pixma MG7520 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One printer is a great printer for printing and scanning.

Here are some tips on how to clean the printer head canon pixma. First, you need to make sure that your printer has been turned off while cleaning it with water or another liquid will damage the machine.

Next, remove all of the ink cartridges from inside of your device then use a cloth dampened in warm water and soap to wipe down any exterior surfaces until they’re completely dry.

Afterward, put a few drops of distilled white vinegar into a cup filled with hot water and soak both ends of an old toothbrush in this solution before vigorously scrubbing at each nozzle on top of your cartridge.


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Cleaning The Print Heads Using Computer

The Printhead cleaning function enables you to automatically clean the clogged Printhead nozzles using your system that is connected to your printer. Canon has two automatic cleaning cycles; Cleaning and Deep Cleaning. Follow the steps mentioned below if your prints are faint or printer is not printing at all.


  • Navigate the windows menu and click on printer driver setup window.
  • On the maintenance tab, click on the cleaning button.
  • When the print head cleaning box appears, choose the ink group which you can to clean.
  • Also, open the initial check items to check the items you need to check prior cleaning.
  • Do not shut the printer tray or paper output during the cleaning process.
  • After confirmation, a nozzle check dialog box will appear, you can check whether the printing quality has improved or not by clicking print check pattern. If you dont want to check then cancel.
  • The image below will help you determine if the problem has been fixed or not. If you see the pattern lines are missing shown as , it means the print head nozzles are not yet clean, even if you see the colored lines shown as , you need to run the cleaning cycle once more.
  • Note: Please perform cleaning when you really need it, because to clean the Printhead the absorber absorbs the ink, thus quickly deplete your printers ink supply.

    Deep Cleaning

  • Click and open the printer driver setup window.
  • On the maintenance tab, click on the cleaning button.
  • Then, deep cleaning will start.
  • How To Remove The Printhead From Canon Printers

  • Open the top cover of the printer to get to the ink cartridges
  • Wait for the ink cartridges assembly to come to the middle/front
  • Unplug the printer
  • Lift up the gray lever on the right side of the ink cartridge assembly
  • Remove all ink cartridges
  • Lift the black plastic printhead up and out
  • Diagram of Locking Lever / Printer with Removed Printhead

    Diagram of Printhead Before Cleaning with Removed Rubber Gaskets

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    How To Clean Dell Printer Heads

    Cleaning the printhead on a Dell printer is fairly straightforward. Dell printers have a detachable print head similar to Canon models.;

    Start by opening the top of your Dell so you can access the printer cartridges. Pull those cartridges out and set them aside.;

    Now, pull right lift the print head assembly up and out of the printer.

    Soak the print head assembly in a cleaning solution for about 15 minutes. Then pull it out and pat it dry with a clean paper towel.;

    Reinstall the print head assembly as well as the ink cartridges and run a test page.;

    Hopefully, you got it all unclogged! If not, repeat until satisfied.

    Cleaning Dell printheads video:

    Perhaps the best way to avoid printhead clogs is to stop them from happening.;

    Keep your ink flowing free by:

    • Using your inkjet printer at least twice a week
    • Running head cleaning cycles at least once a month
    • Occasionally run paper of differing thickness through your printer to clear excess ink off the heads
    • Stick with genuine OEM cartridges
    • Occasionally use a cleaning cartridge or maintenance cartridge if available for your model printer

    What Is A Printhead

    Canon PIXMA Mg-5620 How To Clean Printhead

    A printhead is a nozzle where ink is transferred from the ink cartridge to the paper.;

    These printer head nozzles are usually a series of small, almost microscopic holes. As you might imagine, these tiny holes can clog easily, especially if you dont use your printer frequently.;

    To avoid printer head clogs run routine printer maintenance once a month and use your inkjet printer at least once a week.;

    The first step you should take when you think you have a clogged printer printhead is to run the automatic cleaning cycle on your printer. You may want to do this two or three times to see if it clears the clog. The automated cleaning cycle forces extra ink through the print heads to loosen any clogs or blockages.;

    Automated cleaning is a good place to start but its not always enough. Sometimes you have to get in there and manually clean your printer heads.

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    How To Clean Brother Printer Heads

    Your beloved Brother printer needs a head cleaning!;

    This is how to clean Brother printer heads:

    This process is a little more tricky than cleaning the print heads on an HP since the print heads on a Brother printer are mounted to a fixed carrier inside the printer.;

    Therefore, you cant simply pull out the ink cartridges and soak them in a cleaning solution like with HP cartridges.;

    Still, removing and cleaning the Brother print heads is not difficult.

    For starters, run a print cleaning cycle. As soon as the carriage moves to the center of the printer, yank the power cord out of the wall outlet. This will shut the printer down with the printheads centered in the middle of the machine so you can easily access them.

    Position a folded piece of paper towel beneath the printer heads. Youre going to be pumping a cleaning solution through those Brother print heads and you dont want a mess inside your printer.

    Speaking of cleaning solutions, you can either buy a print head cleaning solution online or make your own.;

    Also, you may want to invest in a Brother printer head cleaning kit. Either way, youll need a small syringe and a rubber tube to clean Brother printer heads.

    Open the front panel of your Brother printer to access the ink cartridges. Remove the ink cartridges and youll see the ink port behind each cartridge.

    Fill the syringe about halfway with the cleaning solution and connect the end of the flushing tube to the ink port you wish to clean.;

    Here is the video:

    An Alternative Method For Cleaning The Print Head

    1- Prepare a mixture of warm water and a glass cleaner such as Windex, and place it in a shallow wide container.2- Pour enough water in the container that covers the print head base and all the ink ports.3- Leave it there for 2 hours and then remove the print head from the mixture and gently scrub the base and ink nozzles with an old brush with soft bristles.

    4- Do not scrub the metal contacts on the print head and dont worry if they get soaked in the mix.5- Now, put the print head unit back into the mixture and stir it gently.6- Flush the print head with clean water.

    7- After rinsing the print head with clear water, shake it dry and place it on a dry paper towel. You can use an air dryer on minimal settings to dry the print head.8- Reinsert the printer head and cartridges back into the printer and perform a print head alignment.

    9- If necessary, you can also perform printer head cleaning using the printers utility.10- Perform the nozzle checks to see the progress and repeat, if necessary

    see if all these steps help you fix the Problem & clean the print head. if the Canon printer is not responding after cleaning do contact us.

    Please comment below & let us know if you need more help.

    Good Luck

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    What Can I Clean A Printhead With

    First, you need to make a solution of 50% water and 50% isopropyl alcohol; this will create a solvent that will break down those pesky dried ink chunks. Place your cartridge on a paper plate with the printhead facing down. Apply the solution to the paper plate until your printhead is completely submerged.

    What Is The Best Material To Clean An Inkjet Printhead

    Canon PIXMA MG5420 Print Head Cleaning

    The best material to clean an inkjet printhead is a mixture of water and ammonia. This is because the ammonia will remove any oils or dirt, while the water will dissolve any dried-on residue.

    Ammonia can be purchased at most grocery stores and hardware stores in both liquid and gel form, whereas distilled water can easily be found at your local grocery store.

    The solution should always be mixed with distilled water before use to avoid oversaturation of either ingredient; for every cup of distilled water you mix in one tablespoon of ammonia.

    Rinse out the container that you mixed it in afterwards so that no leftovers are left behind, as these could cause damage to your printer if they remain on the surface for too long.

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    Excercus Printhead Cleaning Kit Compatible For Epso Hp Canon Nozzle Inkjet Ecotank Officejet Deskjet Pixma Printers

    • ãWide CompatibilityãCompatible for HP, EPS and Canon printers. EPS WF Models, All EPS EcoTank Models, HP Officejet, HP Deskjet, Canon Pixma.
    • ãPackage Includedã2Ã100ml Liquid Printers Head Cleaning Kit Solution,5ml syringes, silicone tubing, white nozzle, yellow nozzle, 2 of L-shaped tubes,a pair of disposable gloves and instructions. A complete cleaning tools kit makes printhead cleaning easier and more convenien
    • ãPowerful Cleaning & Printhead ProtectionãThe inkjet printer head nozzle cleaning kit contains enzymes,which can dissolve and clean dry ink efficiently,as well as moistens and protects the print head well,extend print head life.
    • ãEffective & Qualityã95% success rate,save money. Easy to operate via included instruction. No contain harmful printer ingredients absolutely.
    • ãGuaranteed ServiceãISO9001, ISO14002,MSDS and RoHS Certified. The printhead cleaning liquid has passed strict test before delivery to ensure the excellent effect of cleaning.

    How Do You Clean Canon Print Head Nozzles Which Are Blocked Or Clogged

    If the printer head nozzles are blocked or dried out you will need to dissolve the dried ink. An inkjet nozzle has a diameter of about 45 microns which is about 1/2 the width of a human hair. Normally you can clear up minor clogs and streaking by running the cleaning cycle found in your printers software utility.

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    Basic Cleaning Of The Print Head

    If the nozzles on the print head are blocked and dried out, you will need to remove the dried ink. Normally, an ink nozzle has a diameter of around 40-45 microns which is like ½ of the natural human hair.

    Generally, you can clear the minor clogged ink nozzles using the printer cleaning utility found in the Canon printer software package. However, if the cleaning of nozzles by using this utility does not do its work in clearing the ink and improving the print quality, then you need not give up and you dont need to purchase a brand new printer or a new print head .

    Also, Know how to fix ink absorber error 5b00 in canon printer.

    We will guide you through steps to troubleshoot this issue without any cost or no cost at all. Following are the steps to perform more Troubleshooting-

    Deep Clean The Print Head

    How to Unblock and Clean Printer Heads Canon MX870 Pixima

    ;;Deep cleaning consumes a larger amount of ink than normal cleaning. Perform deep cleaning;only when necessary.

  • In the Maintenance window, select Deep Cleaning.

  • When the Deep Cleaning window;displays, select the ink group you want to clean.

    If you want to clean all colors, choose;All Colors.

    If you want to clean black only, deselect;All Colors;and choose;Black.

    If you want to clean color only, deselect;All Colors, and choose;Color.

  • Select;Execute;to start the cleaning.

  • When the confirm message screen displays, select OK. The power lamp will blink green and deep cleaning starts. The blinking stops when cleaning completes.;Don’t;perform any other operations until deep cleaning;completes. This takes about 75 seconds.

  • Print the;nozzle check;again. If the printed pattern still isn’t normal, perform steps 1 through 4 of the deep cleaning;one more time.

  • If the nozzle check pattern still isn’t normal after two cleanings, turn the printer off and let it sit for 24 hours or more, then start deep cleaning again. The wait time may allow any;dried ink;clogged in the print head nozzles to liquefy, which can resolve the issue.

  • If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help, please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.

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    How Do You Clean A Clogged Head Cartridge

    Cleaning printheads built into ink cartridges

  • Take a warm damp paper towel or coffee filter and blot the cartridge with the printhead facing down onto the paper towel.
  • Then, hold the cartridge with the printhead facing down against a dry paper towel for 2-3 minutes.
  • Reinstall the cartridge and try printing again.
  • How To Clean Canon Printer Heads

    Canon printers have a removable printer head that holds the ink cartridges. It is important to print a few pages in both black and color at least once per week in order to keep the ink flowing and prevent clogging.

    Here’s how to clean printer heads. If the printer head nozzles are blocked or dried out you will need to dissolve the dried ink. An inkjet nozzle has a diameter of about 45 microns which is about 1/2 the width of a human hair. Normally you can clear up minor clogs and streaking by running the cleaning cycle found in your printer’s software utility.

    However if the cleaning cycle doesn’t do the trick in clearing up poor and incomplete output, don’t give up and assume you’ll need to buy a new printer head . Canon owners have reported multiple ways to resolve this problem at little or not cost – some of the most popular methods are described below.

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