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How To Clean Epson Printer

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From Your Computers Utility Settings

Epson EcoTank | Cleaning the Print Head via Windows

Open Printers & Scanners , select your printer model and click Printer Utility. Select Nozzle Check and check for spots and gaps in the color line.

Most printers have cleaning functions similar to the Epson printer, so, if you are considering how to clean Epson vs. HP printers, these instructions may apply more broadly. If the low ink light is blinking, no nozzle check is required. This light simply means the cartridge needs replacing because youre out of ink.

If there is no ink light, you can start the cleaning process by holding down the ink button for three seconds. The ink and power lights begin flashing as the printer starts the cleaning process. To avoid damaging your printer, do not switch it off. Perform a nozzle check again to ensure that the printhead is now clean. If not, you can repeat the process, but leave the printer overnight for the ink to settle.

Tip #: Use Flush Cartridges Or Dye Ink Cartridges

  • Remove cartridges or disconnect dampers to access the print head- you should write down the cartridge or damper order before disconnecting from the head, to know which channel you need to clean and how to put it back together after cleaning. There will be a 1/2″ plastic point sticking up for each ink channel in the print head- these points are where the cartridges or dampers connect with the head.

  • Fold a paper towel just like in the print head scrub procedure and moisten it LIGHTLY with PiezoFlush or distilled water.

  • Place moist paper towel in the printer were the print head moves back and forth, make sure to push the edges down so the print head can slide over it without catching.

  • Carefully slide the print head over the paper towel .

  • Insert the dummy cartridge into the position to be cleaned, making sure the tip is snugly over the point in the print head.

  • Pull 1-2ml PiezoFlush into the syringe then put the tip of the syringe firmly into the hole in the dummy cartridge.

  • Push the syringe plunger to push the PiezoFlush thru that position of the print head .

  • Pull the syringe plunger up to pull air up thru the head, then gently push fluid thru again .

  • Slide the print head over a different section of the paper towel so as to not over saturate one area .

  • Push fluid and pull air thru a few times until you can feel the fluid is able to flow thru the print head.

  • Absorb any excess liquid in the print head using Q-tips.

  • Slide the print head off the paper towel and throw it away.

  • System Cleaning With Service Fluid

    This method is not suitable for original and disposable compatible cartridges. The flushing service liquid is poured into the shut-off device or CISS instead of ink. This approach is only slightly better for removing blockages than conventional system cleaning . Its main advantage is the low cost of the service fluid compared to ink.

  • Pour the service fluid into the slam-shut valve or CISS . Put some ink in the liquid to see the result on the nozzle test. Liquid can only be refilled into the cartridge of the problem color.
  • Run head cleaning, print some high-fill images, then let the printer stand for 10-15 minutes.
  • Do a nozzle test. If the printer prints the template as expected, go to the next step. Otherwise, repeat the cleaning of the steam generator after 30-60 minutes and return again to this point. But if there are no improvements after 3-5 cleanings, move on to more complex cleaning methods.
  • Pour the cleaning liquid out of the cartridge, and immediately refill with ink without drying out. If you want to rinse the cartridges , then you can rinse with distilled water, then blow everything with air and dry it. Do not leave the printer without cartridges for more than 15 minutes the fittings in the carriage of the device air dry.
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    Clean Epson Printer Head Manually

    Epson L385 Ink Tank have a print head that can be uninstalled and be manually cleaned. This also applies to Epson printer heads of L551, L550, L385, L381, L375, L365, L360, L358, L353, XP300, XP400, XP415, PX405, PX435 printer models.

    Please only take the steps below if the Cleaning Cycle is not effective after 3-5 tries.

    Tools You’ll Need

    91% denatured isopropyl alcohol is effective in breaking down ink of a clogged print head without breaking down the ink cartridges’ sponge component.

    Dropper for cleaning installed print heads first.

    Steps to Clean Installed Print Heads

  • Properly uninstall the cartridges.
  • Drop 8-10 drops of 91% denatured isopropyl alcohol into the print heads’ ink receptacle.
  • Install the cartridges again.
  • How To Remove Ink Cartridge From Epson Printer

    Epson L210 Clean How to Head Cleaning

    Changing ink cartridges is an important aspect of printer maintenance. It ensures your supplies are always topped up and helps you to keep print quality standards high. Replacing ink cartridges on time and with quality ink can also reduce printing costs in the office.

    Choosing a reliable brand, such asEpson ink, not only prevents smudges, smears and streaks, but it also lasts longer, reducing average print costs. Epson is one of the most popular globally, known for manufacturing high-quality products. Although Epson printers have a higher price point than some other brands, they are highly efficient, enabling users to save money over time.

    But to avoid damaging your Epson printer, you need to understand how to remove ink cartridges from your Epson printer correctly so you can replace your ink cartridges and maintain printing efficiency.

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    Why Is My Epson Printer Skipping Lines When Printing

    Apart from a clogged printhead, one other potential culprit is the electronic connection of your cartridges with your printer. Try removing your cartridges from your printer, and then shutting your printer down. Turn it on after a few hours and wait for your printer to recognize that there arent any cartridges installed in the printer. Install all of the cartridges back into the printer and try printing. Of course, it wouldnt hurt if you clean the contacts and nozzles of your cartridges beforehand. If your printer is still skipping lines when printing, go to your print quality settings and set it to high quality. If this still doesnt fix it, try getting new cartridges and using those to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately, Epson cartridges can be quite pricey but an affordable alternative are non-Epson ink replacements.

    Printhead problems are a common headache for most Epson printer users so the more knowledgeable you are on how to fix it, the better off youll be. Watch out for Epson printers that use pigment inkthis ink type can cause printhead problems more than dye-based ink. Have any more questions? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

    How Do I Know When I Need To Clean The Printhead

    If your printer is printing blank pages but your ink levels are normal the problem will, more than likely, be the printheads. If it has been a while since your last print, some of the ink in the cartridges may have dried out. This blocks up the printheads and allows no ink to pass through onto the paper. To fix these issues, the printheads will need cleaning.

    Another sign is if your printouts are faded and not reaching the standard youre used to, or if your documents are blurry. If this is the case, you may find that when you print images youll noticed that the image is missing one colour overall. This is due to the CMYK cartridge not producing all of its dot work.

    A printer works by layering tiny dots in various formations, using CMYK to create the broad range of colours we see with the naked eye. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key, which is usually black. Each colour has its own nozzle, so if one is blocked such as, yellow, this will alter the layering technique of the dot work and affecting the colour produced on the page. Cleaning the printhead will help improve the quality of the printout.

    Its important to try to avoid cleaning the printhead as little as possible as it consumes quite a bit of ink. Only clean the print head when the quality of the print has declined and is noticeable.

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    How To Clean An Epson Printhead Via Software

    The clogged printheads are the due to dried-up ink from less usage of printers. Therefore it leads to lumps inside the ink and as a result printer not print properly. So to tackle this problem you can usually fix clogged printhead with built-in self-cleaning printer software.

    The procedure to clean printhead with built-in self-cleaning printer software are:

  • Open Start by click on windows logo or by pressing windows button on the keyboard
  • Type Control Panel or Search Control Panel or just press Window Key + R and type Control Panel and hit Enter Key.
  • Once the Control Panel Window opens, there you find the option of Devices and Printers.
  • One the printer menu and you will find your printer name there just right-click on the name of the printer.
  • As you do right-click. You will find the option of Properties at the end of the menu. Click on that Properties option.
  • A new small window will be open with the name of the printer. There will two tabs at the top left corner. General and Hardware/Maintainance.
  • The option that will appear now if of either Clean Heads or Clean Cartridges.
  • After this, you may have an option to print a test page that will verify whether or not the cleaning process worked.
  • How To Clean The Print Head Of An Epson Printer

    How to Manually Clean Your Epson 1430 Printer Printheads

    When the print quality of the Epson printer your business relies on diminishes, dirty print heads may be to blame. The print heads are responsible for transferring the ink to the paper. Over time, dried ink may clog the print heads, resulting in light or dark bands appearing across the documents your print. Cleaning the print heads can clear these clogs and restore proper ink flow.


    Turn on the printer and confirm that no print jobs are printing. If the ink light on the front of the printer is flashing then you must replace a cartridge before you can continue.


    Confirm there is paper in the tray and add paper if necessary.




    Wait for the head cleaning process to complete. This process may take several minutes. Turning off the printer during the cleaning process may permanently damage the device. The printers power light, which flashes during the cleaning process, will stop blinking once the process completes.



    Review the Nozzle Check pattern sheet that printed. If the pattern shows solid lines without any gaps or faint printing, the cleaning process was a success and you can click Finish. If the pattern contains gaps, then click Clean to run the print head cleaning process again.


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    Run The Head Cleaning Process

    This process consumes ink. So, make sure that the ink in the tank of your printer is above the critical line. Otherwise, you wont be able to run the Head Cleaning process.

    After this process, repeat the previous step . Examine the patterns again on the paper to see if there is an improvement in the quality. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 until all the colored lines are printed properly by your Epson L3150 printer.

    Thats it! As I always mentioned, I hope this helps you in some way.

    Power Cleaning Using A Computer Utility

    Note: After running a Power Cleaning, you must turn off the product and wait at least 12 hours before running another Power Cleaning.

  • Make sure no product lights are indicating errors.
  • Load a few sheets of plain paper in the product.
  • Do one of the following:
  • Windows: Access the Windows Desktop and right-click the icon for your product in the right side of the Windows taskbar, or click the up arrow and right-click . Select Printer Settings and click the Maintenance tab.
  • Mac: In the Apple menu or the Dock, select System Preferences. Select Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners, select your product, and select Options & Supplies. Select Utility and select Open Printer Utility.
  • Select Power Cleaning. You see a window like this:
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to run a Power Cleaning.
  • When Power Cleaning is finished, run a nozzle check.
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    Cleaning The Ink Port

  • Open your printer top and withdraw cartridges from the Printhead carriage.
  • When you remove the cartridges, there will be cone shaped and small indents, used for transferring ink from cartridge to Printhead which is called ink ports. There will be one ink port for each color or black cartridge.
  • Similar to sponge cleaning, you can use the plastic syringe or eye dropper filled with filled with to clean. However, for ink port cleaning you can put a few drops of the print head cleaner in the plugged ink port. If you are unsure of the color in the ports then do not put print head cleaner in all ports.
  • To check, which color is where look at the ink ports bottom. Typically, black is on the far left, and going right its cyan, magenta and finally yellow on the far right.
  • Before replacing the ink cartridges, make sure that Print head cleaner is not dripping off the print head and then wait for the printer to accept the new cartridge before proceeding.
  • To test the clarity, print some pages with text as well as images. Still not satisfied with the result? Move to the next method.
  • How To Perform A Nozzle Check

    How To Clean Epson Printer Heads Manually

    You can perform a nozzle check either from your printers control panel on the machine, or via your computers utility settings.

    Via the printers control panel:

  • Youll need to locate the maintenance screen this is usually through the setup page via the printers home button.
  • Select Print Head Nozzle Check and make sure you have paper in the loading tray.
  • The printer will print a CMYK colour chart made up of lines. If these lines are blotchy, with gaps, youll need to clean the printhead.
  • Via a computers utility settings:

  • Locate and open the printer utility. This can usually be found through System Preferences, or Settings, via the task menu.
  • Once youve opened Printers & Scanners, select your printer and open the Printer Utility.
  • Select Nozzle Check and see if the printout is clean with no gaps or blotches in the lined colour chart. If the printout is not precise, youll need to clean the printhead.
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    Using The Control Panel Buttons

    Follow the steps below to clean the print head using the control panel buttons.

    Make sure that the power light is on and the ink out light is off. Then, hold down the ink button for three seconds.
    If the ink out light is flashing or on, do not clean the print head. Cleaning the print head will start the ink cartridge replacement process. If you do not intend to replace an ink cartridge, press the ink button again to return the print head to its home position.

    The printer starts cleaning the print head and the power light and the

    Never turn off the printer while the power light is flashing. Doing so may damage the printer.
    When the power light stops flashing, print a nozzle check pattern to confirm that the head is clean and to reset the cleaning cycle.

    If print quality has not improved after repeating this procedure four or five times, turn the printer off and leave it alone overnight. Then do the nozzle check again, and repeat the head cleaning if necessary.

    If the print quality still has not improved, some of your ink cartridges may be old or damaged and may need to be replaced.To replace an ink cartridge before it is empty, see .

    If print quality remains a problem after replacing the ink cartridges, contact your dealer.


    Installing A New Epson Cartridge

    Always install new ink cartridges immediately after removing the old ones. If you leave the printhead empty, you run the risk of the print head nozzles drying out. Dried-out print head nozzles can negatively impact your print quality and may cause permanent damage to your printer. Clean or repair dried or clogged nozzles as soon as possible to avoid costly printhead replacements.

    To install your new Epson cartridge, complete the following steps:

  • Before removing the packaging, gently shake the cartridges four to five times to loosen the ink. Dont shake the cartridges after removing the packaging because the ink may leak out.
  • Remove the packaging carefully.
  • Remove the yellow tape from the cartridge. Depending on the type of printer cartridge, the yellow tab may be located on the top, bottom, back or side. Ensure you dont remove any other labels or tape.
  • Slide the new cartridge into position and gently push it until it clicks in place.
  • When all replacement cartridges have been installed, close the printer cover. If its a scanner printer, lower the scanner cover.
  • For some models, you must then press the maintenance or stop button to finish the process. The printer can take up to two minutes to load and charge the ink.
  • Once the ink is loaded correctly, perform a test print to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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    Different Effective Ways To Clean Printer Heads In Epson Printer

    Following are the mentioned easiest steps by which you can perform the cleaning print heads task effortlessly. Have a glimpse of the noted lines with full of concentration:

    • Print Heads Cleaning Cycles: Epson printer models have a pretty efficient cleaning cycle that will usually clear out the nozzles in one or two cycles. Keep in mind, that the newer models have longer cleaning cycles that unfortunately use more ink every time. Lets have started the procedure:
    • Press the Home button and select Setup and Maintenance as well
    • Select Printhead Nozzle Check
    • Your printer will pop up a page with four colored grids designed to clarify which nozzles are blocked
    • If no gaps are present, select done
    • If there are gaps or some lines are faint, select Clean the Printhead and continue
    • Clean Print Heads With Paper Towel
    • Turn off your Epson printer first
    • Take a single sheet of paper towel and fold it lengthwise until it is about one-half inch wide
    • Open the top of your printer and look for a rubber roller
    • Secure the paper towel to the roller with tape and apply several drops of distilled water near the middle of the towel
    • Appropriately move the print head over the paper towel and let it rest for at least fifteen minutes
    • Repeat with fresh damp paper towels until you start to see individual colors from each ink port
    • Now, turn your printer ON back and print several pages

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