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How To Clean Brother Printer

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Opening The Printer And Viewing The Components

How to clean your Brother Inkjet printer

Once the printer is cooled down, you need to move on to the next step: opening the printer and viewing the components inside. Take your printers reader manual and see the instructions for opening up the printer.

Each printer is different, some might have latches or an opening hinge, and some might require a screwdriver to open up. Here is a link to the video guide for opening up the printer with a screwdriver.

Wiping The Toner Cartridge With An Activated Toner Cloth

Once the components of the printer are out, it is time to divide and conquer. You need to start with the toner cartridge first.

Thus, you need to follow the steps while wiping the toner cartridge with an activated toner cloth.

  • Spread one activated toner cloth on the floor and place the toner cartridge over it.
  • Now take another activated toner cloth and start wiping the toner cartridge slowly with minimal pressure.
  • One activated toner cloth will be enough to wipe the whole toner cartridge, but you must be careful while cleaning the toner cartridge. Here are some pointers that you should consider:

    • First, make sure your face is fully covered the toner particles are harmful if they enter the lungs.
    • Second, make sure no toner particles are left on the floor, as they can be dangerous.
    • Finally, it is recommended to cover your hands as well while cleaning.

    Here is a link to the study highlighting the various effects of toner particles on the lungs if they enter the respiratory tract.

    How You Can Cancel Automatic Cleaning Of The Brother Mfc

    Video taken from the channel:

    Every Brother inkjet printer that uses cartridges can be cleaned with this method. The cleaning kit is available from

    Video taken from the channel:

    Sick of that Cannot DetectReinstall Slowly problem that never goes away and cold reset will never solve? Its actually because of a stupid chip that prevents me from using Original Brother print cartridges I got from Japan for 1/3 the price, forcing most people to buy only overpriced local cartridges. Heres my solution to beat this scam! Comment below if this works for you!BTW Be super careful in detaching that chip. I wont be responsible for non functional cartridges from your carelessness in taking off and attaching the chips!

    Video taken from the channel: The Binary Lab

    Video taken from the channel: Tiberio Photography

    How to easily clean all Brother inkjet printers using inbuilt and manual cleaning methods. The kit is available at

    Video taken from the channel:

    Video taken from the channel: Paolo Marcelli

    Video taken from the channel: Refresh Cartridges

    Press Cleaning. Select BLACK, COLOR or ALL depending on what you want to clean. The machine will clean the print head.

    Cleaning of the printer head of the Brother MFC 6490CW. Isopropanol is used only for cleaning of excess ink. DO NOT use this to clean the printer head!

    I only changed the.

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    Brother Printer Maintenance Mode Deep Clean

    A Complete Guide Brother Printer Maintenance Mode Deep Clean

    Brother is a well-known printer brand that is famous for its high-quality scanning devices and printers. It is known for giving amazing prints. It is the best option for printer users who frequently take prints for important work. Brother printers can be clean using different methods. To know how you can deep clean your Brother printer, you may read further.

    How to Deep Clean Maintenance Mode in Brother Printer?

    Running Clean Cycle for Inkjet Printers:

    • First, you need to select the ink option that you will find on the screen of the printer.
    • Now you need to select the Clean option that will start the cleaning cycle.
    • Now, leave the printer for some time and then try to take a print again.
    • If the print is not perfect then run the clean cycle again. Run it at least 3 to 4 times.

    Clean the Inkjet Printer Rollers:

    • First, you need to turn off the printer and then unplug it from the power source.
    • Now, with a piece of damp cloth, wipe the separator pad present in the paper tray.
    • Also, wipe the pick-up rollers with the same cloth.
    • Now you can test the printer again.

    Cleaning a Laser Printer:

    By using the above-given methods, you can deep clean maintenance mode on Brother printer within no time. If you still have this query, How do I service my Brother printer? Then you can contact the printer repair technician for assistance.

    How Do I Get My Brother Printer To Print In Color

    Cleaning Brother printer head

    If you want to get your Brother printer to print in color, there are a few steps you need to follow. Typically, color issues happen for one of three reasons:

    • Ink color cartridges have run out If youre not printing any color, the most obvious reason is that youve already used all of your color ink and it needs to be replaced. Dried ink can also happen if you have not used your machine in a long time. You can either check the ink status on the printer or simply remove and replace the cartridges.
    • Printhead is blocked or jammed If the printhead is jammed, that can impact its ability to operate normally. To fix this, remove the ink cartridges and carefully give the printhead a manual cleaning. Or, you can run the printer through the automated printhead cleaning cycle.
    • Ink cartridges are improperly installed Should the ink cartridges be installed improperly, your machine wont work. Typically this results in an error code, but if it doesnt, it may be worth taking them out and then reinstalling them to see.

    In the vast majority of cases, taking these steps should alleviate your color issues.

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    Turn Off The Main Switch Of The Brother Printer

    Before starting the cleaning process, it is essential to let the printer cool down first. Thus it is essential to turn off the main switch of the Brother printer. Moreover, you will not want to electrocute yourself while cleaning your printer.

    Make sure you switch the printer off at least one hour before the cleaning process.

    Clean The Print Head From Your Brother Machine

    • Clean the print head if there is a horizontal line or a blank space in the text or graphics on printed pages. Depending on the problem colour, select to clean Black only, three colours at a time , or all four colours at once.
    • Cleaning the print head consumes ink.
    • Cleaning too often uses ink unnecessarily.
    DO NOT touch the print head. Touching the print head may cause permanent damage and may void the print head’s warranty.
  • Select . Press OK.
  • Select . Press OK.
  • Select . Press OK.
  • Select , , or . Press OK.
  • Select , , or . Press OK.
  • Press .The machine cleans the print head.
    • If you clean the print head and the print has not improved, try installing a new Genuine Brother Brand replacement ink cartridge for each problem colour. Try cleaning the print head again. If the print has not improved, contact Brother customer service or your local Brother dealer.
    • You can also clean the print head from your computer.

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    How Do You Manually Clean A Printer

    To manually clean a printer, just open the front cover and remove the toner cartridge. Then use compressed air to blow away any dust in the empty space where it goes. After that, just wipe down all of the surfaces with an alcohol swab.

    down all of the surfaces with an alcohol swab.

  • Open the printer’s cover and remove any paper inside
  • Unplug the printer from power
  • Use a lint roller to clean off the top of the printer, then use compressed air in canisters or an air compressor to blow out dust particles
  • Remove ink cartridges and wipe down all contact points with alcohol wipes
  • Apply rubbing alcohol onto cotton swabs and use it to clean all parts of your laser printer that come into contact with paper or ink be sure to turn off your printer before doing this!
  • Close up everything back up, plug it in, and you’re good to go.
  • Cleaning A Laser Printer Step

    How to Clean Drum Unit | Brother MFC-9970CDW

    1. Turn off your Laser Printer one hour prior to cleaning. The laser printer needs to cool down so you don’t electrocute yourself.

    2. Put on your mask and gloves and gather your supplies. It’s time to clean your laser printer and toner cartridges.

    3. Open the laser printer. To see the best way to open your laser printer, look at your printer’s owner’s manual.

    4. Remove the detachable components. This includes the toner cartridge, the toner bottle, and the drum unit. Do not touch the surface of the drum unit and place it in an area with no light.

    5. Wipe your toner cartridge with the activated toner cloth. Remove excess toner while resting the toner cartridge on a second activated toner cloth.

    6. Place the toner vacuum in the printer chassis. Use the toner vacuum to slowly remove any spilled toner in the internal component. Make sure the toner vacuum does not touch any internal surfaces inside the printer.

    7. Clean hard-to-reach spots with a paintbrush. Remove all toner found in crevices, then use the toner vacuum to remove any dust or debris left behind.

    8. Clean the corona wires. Dip a cotton swab in Isopropyl alcohol and gently rub the wires with the cotton swab. Make sure you do not leave out the underside of the wires and change the cotton swab as needed. Never apply pressure, as corona wires are fragile and expensive .

    10. Reinsert all components and close the printer. You’re almost there.

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    Cleaning A Brother Print Head

    The procedure to clean a Brother Print Head is much the same accross the entire range of Brother Printers. Although the process is quite simple many people are still not completely sure of how its done.

    Basically the entire proccess can be done from the printers menu pad. To clean the Print Head on your Brother printer simply follow the procedure below

  • Select BLACK, COLOR or ALL depending on what you want to clean.
  • If you have tried the cleaning process 2 to 3 times and the print quality still hasnt improved then you may have to look at replacing the ink cartridge or using a print head cleaning kit.

    Usually if the printer has been used regularly and you havent run the inks untill they are bone dry the problem shouldn’t occur.

    For severe clogging of the printhead you will have to manually clean them with a professional cleaning fluid. The video below gives a very comprehensive overview of the entire process.

    Materials You Need To Prepare

    The cleaning process of Brother printer drums is a complex one and demands advanced equipment for cleaning.

    Some of the tools are quite advanced, and it might be difficult for a newbie to get the hang of it. Here is the list of materials you need to prepare before you start cleaning the Brother printer drums.

    • Toner vacuum: They are specifically required to clean the toner cartridges and trap the toner particles.
    • Clean paintbrush
    • Two toner cloths: They are necessary to trap the toner particles, and the activated nature can catch every little particle left in the toner cartridge.
    • Cotton swabs: Regular cotton swabs can be used for wiping the cartridges.
    • Rubbing alcohol: It is the main cleaning agent in the process, it works great for numerous applications like cleaning Juul pods, N64 cartridges, and card sleeves.
    • Microfiber cloth: It is required to apply the rubbing alcohol in the cartridges.
    • Face mask: It is necessary to protect yourself from any type of toner particles. These particles should enter your lungs.
    • Latex gloves: They are necessary to keep your hands clean during the process.

    The materials mentioned above are easily available in the market and are quite pocket-friendly and safe to use while cleaning.

    On the other hand, the toner vacuum might be a bit expensive as it is one of the most advanced equipment that we are using in the cleaning process.

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    How To Clean Your Laser Printer And Toner Cartridges

    How to clean the Brother MFC Printhead
    Jump to the Infographic

    Cleaning your laser printer is a simple way to extend its shelf life and improve its performance level.

    Laser printers contain a lot of complex moving parts, most notably the toner cartridge, that need to be well-maintained over time to continue to perform their role in the laser printing process.

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    Cleaning Up The Corona Wires

    Once the toner particles are removed from the printer, it is time to clean up the wiring. Do not be afraid, and you will not be electrocuted, as the printer is switched off.

    Here are the steps that you will need to follow for cleaning up the corona wires:

  • Take a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol.
  • Dip the cotton swab directly onto the rubbing alcohol.
  • Now identify the corona wires they can be easily found around the paper rollers.
  • Now rub the cotton swab on the wires and twist it when one side of the swab is covered with soil.
  • The main role of the corona wires is to attract the toner particles by releasing a static and help in printing, thus making sure you clean them well for seamless printing.

    How To Clean Corona Wire On Brother Drum Unit

    If you are experiencing quality problems with your Brother printer, clean the corona wire following the steps below:

  • Open the front cover and leave the machine turned on for 10 minutes to cool down
  • 2. Slowly take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.

    • We recommend that you place the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly on a clean, flat surface with a sheet of disposable paper or cloth underneath it in case you accidentally spill or scatter toner.
    • Handle the toner cartridge carefully. If toner scatters on your hands or clothes, immediately wipe or wash it off with cold water.
    • To prevent damage to the machine caused by static electricity, DO NOT touch the electrodes shown in the illustration.

    3. Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times.

    Be sure to return the tab to the home position . If you do not, printed pages may have a vertical stripe.

    4. Put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the machine. Close the front cover.

    If the Drum Error is displayed on the LCD after you cleaned the corona wire, the drum unit is near the end of its life. We recommend that you obtain a new drum unit to replace the current one.

    If you would like to order a drum unit or get a price, please give us a call at 760-431-3756 or email:

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    What Is A Printhead

    A printhead is a nozzle where ink is transferred from the ink cartridge to the paper.

    These printer head nozzles are usually a series of small, almost microscopic holes. As you might imagine, these tiny holes can clog easily, especially if you dont use your printer frequently.

    To avoid printer head clogs run routine printer maintenance once a month and use your inkjet printer at least once a week.

    The first step you should take when you think you have a clogged printer printhead is to run the automatic cleaning cycle on your printer. You may want to do this two or three times to see if it clears the clog. The automated cleaning cycle forces extra ink through the print heads to loosen any clogs or blockages.

    Automated cleaning is a good place to start but its not always enough. Sometimes you have to get in there and manually clean your printer heads.

    Clean The Printer’s Exterior

    How to Clean Brother MFC and DCP printers

    Power off the Brother laser printer and disconnect the power cord.


    Slide the paper tray out from the bottom of the printer and set it aside.


    Wipe the printer’s exterior with a lint-free cloth to remove dust. If necessary, dampen the cloth with cool water to remove stains.


    Remove pieces of paper and other debris from the inside of the paper tray and wipe it with a cloth.


    Slide the paper tray back into the printer. Reconnect the power cord and press the “Power” button.

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