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How To Clean Brother Printer Heads

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How to clean Brother inkjet printer´s print head clogged nozzles?
  • Locate and select the ink key. If you do not see this on the controls, it can be found under a menu key. Use OK to select.
  • Use the up or down arrow to find and select Test Print and then press OK.
  • Using the up and down keys, locate and select Print Quality with the OK key.
  • Press Color Start to print the quality check sheet. If there are gaps in the patterns, it is time to clean the printer head.
  • Brother Lc 223 Xl Print Head Cleaning


    Cleaning Printheads Built Into Ink Cartridges

    If your printer uses cartridges with an integrated printhead, you can try the paper towel method to resolve your print quality issue.

    Required supplies: A warm, damp paper towel and a dry paper towel

  • Take a warm damp paper towel or coffee filter and blot the cartridge with the printhead facing down onto the paper towel. This will remove any dried ink on the printhead.
  • Then, hold the cartridge with the printhead facing down against a dry paper towel for 2-3 minutes. A dry paper towel will wick the ink out. Do not wipe the print head as this may cause damage.
  • Reinstall the cartridge and try printing again. If you are still getting poor print results at this point, you may need to replace your printer cartridge.
  • Now that you know how to clean your HP printhead you have all the tools you need to ensure your cartridges remain in top shape. If you try these cleaning steps and still have trouble with print quality, you may need to replace the printhead. For printers that use integrated cartridges, that means buying a new printer cartridge. For printers that have a built-in printhead, youll need to buy a brand new printhead, which can be a bit expensive. Like we mentioned earlier, most consumers just end up buying a new printer since its usually cheaper than a printhead replacement! If you have any questions about cleaning your HP printhead, feel free to drop us a line in the comments.

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    How To Perform A Nozzle Check

    You can perform a nozzle check either from your printers control panel on the machine, or via your computers utility settings.

    Via the printers control panel:

  • Youll need to locate the maintenance screen this is usually through the setup page via the printers home button.
  • Select Print Head Nozzle Check and make sure you have paper in the loading tray.
  • The printer will print a CMYK colour chart made up of lines. If these lines are blotchy, with gaps, youll need to clean the printhead.
  • Via a computers utility settings:

  • Locate and open the printer utility. This can usually be found through System Preferences, or Settings, via the task menu.
  • Once youve opened Printers & Scanners, select your printer and open the Printer Utility.
  • Select Nozzle Check and see if the printout is clean with no gaps or blotches in the lined colour chart. If the printout is not precise, youll need to clean the printhead.
  • Brother Print Head Cleaning Nozzle Cleaning

    Brother MFC

    Due to several circumstances it may happen that the print head inside a Brother inkjet printer dries out or that several nozzles in the nozzle plate are blocked. In some cases the cleaning function of the Brother printer is not capable to free the print head again and to flush all of the blocked nozzles. Beside that the cleaning uses quite some of the valuable ink from the Brother inkjet cartridges.Our tutorial provides a simple way to flush the print head manually without wasting Your printer´s ink.

    The majority of Brother´s desktop printers uses flexible tubes to feed their inks from the cartridges to the print head. The idea of the here shown method is to flush the ink system from the entrance of the ink, we call it ink ports, towards the nozzles in the print head. Dissolved cloggings and blockings get rinsed out through the print head´s nozzles into a suction pad. Our setup for that cleaning is quite simple but well adjusted to the Brother inkjet printer´s needs – we use gentle nozzle cleaner containing a special Surfactant + refill syringe with LuerLock connector + silcon tube with LuerLock connector. The parking position for the print head does barely provide any opportunity to work on the print head directly. Therefore the aim is to get the print head out of its parking position to the print area.

    How to remove the remaining nozzle cleaner out of the print head?

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    What Is A Print Head Cleaning

    A print head cleaning is exactly what it sounds like it is simply the process of removing excess ink from the cartridge or printhead to improve the flow.

    Printhead cleaning is often compared to car maintenance. The most common analogy is the notion of driving your car for an extended period of time without getting an oil change. You can absolutely drive your car more than 5,000 miles without an oil change, but it’s risky, and the performance of the engine will suffer greatly.

    The same can be said about your printer as routine maintenance is required to keep it functioning at its full potential.

    There are a few ways that you can clean your printhead. Depending on the severity of the clog, you’ll be able to fix your printer in a click of a button

    How To Clean A Clogged Printhead

    We all have hectic schedules, but some of us use our home printers more than others. The frequency of printing plays a vital role in the functionality of your printer cartridge. Those who print more often usually will not experience any problems in performance. For those who print sparingly and over long periods, you might notice that your printed pages might come out faded, streaked, or even blank.

    But you have a set of full printer ink cartridges, so what could be causing this problem? One of the biggest culprits of this problem is simply a clogged printhead. A clogged print head is caused by dried up ink that settles and obstructs the flow within your cartridge. This could lead to a less than stellar performance and should be fixed immediately.

    This is by no means a big problem you don’t need to get your printer repaired or even buy a new cartridge. In fact, oftentimes, this can be remedied by a simple solution called a printhead cleaning.

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    Use Your Printer Cleaning Solution To Clean The Printhead Nozzles

    If you use your printer regularly, theres usually no need to clean the printhead nozzles. But if its been a while, you might just have a clogged nozzle caused by dried-out ink. Sometimes, even if you do use your printer regularly, the nozzles can clog. The culprit here is often cheap ink. There are very few products where generic or bargain brands are truly inferior to name brands. Still, you need to stick with high-quality inks from your printers manufacturer or known alternative and reputable inks when it comes to printer ink.

    If you need to clean the nozzles, unplug the printer and take out the printhead. Then, use a lint-free cloth and your cleaning solution to remove dried ink gently. You can purchase kits that force the cleaning through the nozzles to clean them, but you can get the same results with a syringe.

    How To Clean Dell Printer Heads

    Brother MFCJ5910DW – How To Clean Printhead

    Cleaning the printhead on a Dell printer is fairly straightforward. Dell printers have a detachable print head similar to Canon models.

    Start by opening the top of your Dell so you can access the printer cartridges. Pull those cartridges out and set them aside.

    Now, pull right lift the print head assembly up and out of the printer.

    Soak the print head assembly in a cleaning solution for about 15 minutes. Then pull it out and pat it dry with a clean paper towel.

    Reinstall the print head assembly as well as the ink cartridges and run a test page.

    Hopefully, you got it all unclogged! If not, repeat until satisfied.

    Cleaning Dell printheads video:

    Perhaps the best way to avoid printhead clogs is to stop them from happening.

    Keep your ink flowing free by:

    • Using your inkjet printer at least twice a week
    • Running head cleaning cycles at least once a month
    • Occasionally run paper of differing thickness through your printer to clear excess ink off the heads
    • Stick with genuine OEM cartridges
    • Occasionally use a cleaning cartridge or maintenance cartridge if available for your model printer

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    Nozzle Cleaning On Printers Without Touchscreens


    Press your printer’s “Ink” key. If it does not have one, press the “Menu” key, scroll to the “Ink” option with the up or down arrow, and then press “OK.”


    Scroll with the up or down arrow key to the “Cleaning” option, and then press the “OK” key to activate it.


    Use the up or down arrow key to select whether you want to clean the “Black,” a single “Color” or “All” print heads, and then press the “OK” key to begin the process.


    Allow the printer to clean the print head and return to its Ready state. You can now generate a Print Quality Check Sheet to check the effect of the cleaning process. If the print head is still not clean, Brother recommends that you clean it at least three more times.


    • Cleaning your inkjet nozzles uses ink.

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    Printing A Print Quality Check Sheet On Printers Without Touchscreens


    Press the “Ink” button on your printer’s control panel. If it does not have an “Ink” button, press the “Menu” key, use the up or down arrow to scroll to the “Ink” option, and then press the “OK” button.


    Use the up or down arrow to scroll to “Test Print,” and then press the “OK” key to select it.


    Use the up or down arrow to scroll to “Print Quality,” and then select it with the “OK” key.


    Press the key labeled “Color Start.” Wait for the sheet to print.


    Look at the sheet for any gaps in the test patterns. If any appear, your print heads need cleaning.

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    How To Clean Brother Printer Heads

    Your beloved Brother printer needs a head cleaning!

    This is how to clean Brother printer heads:

    This process is a little more tricky than cleaning the print heads on an HP since the print heads on a Brother printer are mounted to a fixed carrier inside the printer.

    Therefore, you cant simply pull out the ink cartridges and soak them in a cleaning solution like with HP cartridges.

    Still, removing and cleaning the Brother print heads is not difficult.

    For starters, run a print cleaning cycle. As soon as the carriage moves to the center of the printer, yank the power cord out of the wall outlet. This will shut the printer down with the printheads centered in the middle of the machine so you can easily access them.

    Position a folded piece of paper towel beneath the printer heads. Youre going to be pumping a cleaning solution through those Brother print heads and you dont want a mess inside your printer.

    Speaking of cleaning solutions, you can either buy a print head cleaning solution online or make your own.

    Also, you may want to invest in a Brother printer head cleaning kit. Either way, youll need a small syringe and a rubber tube to clean Brother printer heads.

    Open the front panel of your Brother printer to access the ink cartridges. Remove the ink cartridges and youll see the ink port behind each cartridge.

    Fill the syringe about halfway with the cleaning solution and connect the end of the flushing tube to the ink port you wish to clean.

    Here is the video:

    Clean The Printer’s Interior

    How to do Head Cleaning in a Brother MFC


    Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cord. If you have just used the printer, wait a few minutes before cleaning it. The parts inside get hot when the printer is used.


    Open the front cover and slide out the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly. Avoid touching the electrodes on the assembly. Place the assembly on a paper towel to avoid stains from leaking toner.


    Flip the assembly over. Slide the green tab from right to left, and then slide it back. Repeat this process several times to clean the corona wire in the assembly. When you finish cleaning, return the tab to its home position, labeled “1” on the assembly.


    Wipe the bottom of the glass scanner window with a lint-free cloth. Dampen the cloth with water, if necessary.


    Reinsert the toner cartridge and drum unit assembly.


    Close the front cover, plug in the printer and turn it on.


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    Using The Control Panel

    Note: Not all HP printers can utilize this option, but this will cover most of the HP OfficeJet Pro series of printers.

  • Make sure that your printer has paper available to use inside of its tray.
  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Press the cancel button twice, and then the Resume button one time.
  • Release the Power button.
  • This will enact a maintenance cleaning that will hopefully clear your print head of any obstructive ink. Your HP printer will automatically print a test page immediately after this.

    Ekuten Super Cleaning Solution

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    MFC-490CW MFC-495CW MFC-5490CN MFC-5890CN MFC-5895CW MFC-6490CW

    MFC-6890CDW MFC-6890DW MFC-790CW MFC-795CW MFC-990CW MFC-J220

    MFC-J265W MFC-J270W MFC-J410W MFC-J415W MFC-J615W MFC-J630W

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    Clogged Printhead repair with ekuten Super Cleaning Solution.

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    Also, any module can be selectively activated per device , customer login status and other criteria. Imagine the possibilities.

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    How Do I Clean My Printer

    < Exterior Maintenance>

    Wipe any dust and marks from the main unit using a soft, dry cloth. Use a cloth slightly dampened with water if it is difficult to remove marks.

    Do not use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, or any other organic solvent. These may deform or damage the case of the printer.

    < Print Head Maintenance>

    Wipe the print head with a lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. Carry out the maintenance frequently.

    Use isopropyl alcohol or ethanol according to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, as applicable.

    < Roller Maintenance>

    Wipe the roller with a lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. After cleaning the roller, make sure that no lint or other material remains on the roller.

    Use isopropyl alcohol or ethanol according to the manufacturer’s safety guidelines, as applicable.

    < Paper Exit Slot Maintenance>

    If adhesive accumulates at the paper exit slot and media becomes jammed, or if the paper exit slot becomes dirty, wipe the paper exit slot with a lint-free cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol or ethanol.

    When using the Linerless Platen Upgrade , paper dust may stick to the print head.

    Clean the print head regularly with a lint-free cloth or cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or ethanol as shown in the illustration.

    After cleaning the print head, make sure that no lint or other material remains on the print head.

    < Label Peeler Maintenance>

    How To Clean A Brother Laser Printer

    Brother MFC-J870DW A Better Way to Clean the Printhead

    A Brother laser printer enables you to print letters, photos, labels and other documents for your business. Occasionally, dust builds up on the outside of the printer and inside the paper tray. Over time, the printer’s scanner window and corona wire also get dirty, and this may affect print quality. Brother recommends that you regularly clean the printer’s exterior and interior to prevent poor-quality printing.

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    Clean The Printer’s Exterior

    Power off the Brother laser printer and disconnect the power cord.


    Slide the paper tray out from the bottom of the printer and set it aside.


    Wipe the printer’s exterior with a lint-free cloth to remove dust. If necessary, dampen the cloth with cool water to remove stains.


    Remove pieces of paper and other debris from the inside of the paper tray and wipe it with a cloth.


    Slide the paper tray back into the printer. Reconnect the power cord and press the “Power” button.

    How To Clean Brother Printer Drum

    The issue with your printer may have to do with the printer drum since debris tends to build up in the drums slats and crevices over time. To check whether this is the source of the problem, you can run the Brother printer drum through an automatic cleaning process. Steps include:

  • Press the Go button to ensure that the machine is in Ready mode. You will want to have a piece of A4 paper on hand.
  • Open the front cover and the back cover of the Brother printers face-up output tray. There should be 2 green envelope levers in the upright position.
  • Press the Go button .
  • Close the front cover. The machine will start to enter the drum cleaning process, once its ready, the Ready LED will come on.
  • Open the manual feed slot cover.
  • With two hands, set the manual feed paper guides so they match the width of the A4 paper you have on hand.
  • Slide the A4 paper into the manual feed slot until the top edge of the A4 is touching the paper feed roller, and then let go. The machine will begin the automatic drum cleaning process.
  • Once the process is complete, conduct a test print to see whether or not that fixed the problem.
  • You may need to repeat the process a few times to remove lodged debris. If that debris doesnt come off, the drum may require replacement.

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