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How To Change Printer Settings On Mac

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Print Quality And Improvement Settings

Set Default Printer Settings for Mac

Change print quality settings to suit your print job. Most text-only documents require normal or lower print quality settings, while photos often benefit from higher quality settings.

Print Quality: The main setting to improve the quality of printouts is print resolution. Print resolution is measured in dots per inch . Higher DPI produces clearer and more detailed prints, but slows print speed and might use more ink or toner. See printer specifications for print speeds .

Change print quality on the Paper/Quality, Advanced, or Printing Shortcut tabs, or in Advanced Options.

Settings and options



Lowest DPI, used when cartridge levels are low or when high quality prints are not needed


Uses less toner per page and reduces print quality for printing drafts or proofs


Produces draft quality at the fastest printing speed


Includes a number indicating DPI

Normal or Everyday

Default quality setting suitable for most print jobs



Highest DPI setting available

HP Real Life Technologies or HP Real Life Digital Photography: Select an editing level to improve the quality of digital photos with resolution or exposure issues, washed out colors, or dark areas. HP Real Life settings can be changed in the Features, Advanced, or Paper/Quality tab, or in Advanced Options. The Printing Shortcut tab might also include shortcuts with this option.

Adding Advanced Mac Printing Options

Manually configuring SCS printers on macOS may require advanced options during setup. This optional toolbar icon can be added to enable additional configuration types. Once this process is completed, follow the instructions to configure the public or private printer of choice.;

This process is a pre-requisite for manual configuration of SCS printing . Once completed, you can proceed with the manual configuration instructions.

Its Not In System Preferences

One would assume that printers would be easily modified on your Mac OS X box using the System Preferences / Printers & Scanners tool. ;But we are not so lucky. ;Instead, you need to browse to your Mac OS Xs cup server at:


If your cups web administrator is not running, you will get the message telling you that the Web Interface is Disabled. ;Luckily, it gives you the directions to enable it.

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How Do I Change The Print Settings On My Brother Printer

4.2/5To adjust the default settings of the printer driver, complete the following steps:

  • Open the Printers Folder. Click here to see how to open Printing Preferences.
  • Right-click on the Brother printer driver and left-click on Printing Preferences. You can change the following settings: Basic tab. Advanced tab.
  • How do I setup a custom or user defined paper size?

  • The printer driver for Windows has an option to select the Paper Size.
  • Open the document.
  • Next to Paper Size, select the desired Paper Size.
  • Beside above, how do I change the settings on my Brother printer Mac? Configure the default printer settings – Macintosh

  • Select the Brother printer driver from the Printer List. For Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12. – For more page setup options, click the Show Details button.
  • You may configure the following settings: Print Settings. a.
  • To save these settings as a preference for future printing: a.
  • Keeping this in consideration, how can I adjust my printer settings?

    Open Start > Settings > Printers & Faxes.

  • Right click printer, select Properties.
  • Go to Advanced tab.
  • How do I change the paper on my Brother printer?

    To change your Brother machine’s Paper Type setting, follow these steps:

  • Press the MENU key.
  • Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select General Setup.
  • Press the OK key.
  • Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select Paper Type.
  • Press the OK key.
  • Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select the paper type you want to use.
  • Load and Print Thick Paper Using the Paper Tray

    Change Your Printers Name And/or Location

    Changing Printer Settings On Mac

    You can change the name of your printer, its location, or one or the other. Youll take care of this in the same area as setting the default. So if necessary, head back to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.

    To rename your printer quickly, you can right-click or hold Control and click the printer in your list and select Rename printer. Give it a new name and click OK. Youll notice that you can change the location in the pop-up window too.

    Alternatively, select the printer in your list and click the Options & Supplies button. Make sure youre on the General tab, give your printer a new Name and Location, and click OK.

    When you finish, close the Printers & Scanners window.

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    Selecting Basic Print Settings

  • Open aphoto or document for printing.
  • Selectthe print command in your application.Note: You may needto select a print icon on your screen, the Print option in the File menu, or anothercommand. See your application’s help utility fordetails.
  • Selectyour product as the Printersetting.
  • Ifnecessary, click the arrow next to the Printer setting or theShow Details button to expand theprint window. You see the expanded printer settings windowfor your product:Note: The printwindow may look different, depending on the version of Mac OS X andthe application you are using.
  • Selectthe Copies and Pages settings as necessary.Note: If you donot see these settings in the print window, check for them in yourapplication before printing.
  • Selectthe page setup options: Paper Sizeand Orientation.Note: If you donot see these settings in the print window, check for them in yourapplication before printing. They may be accessible by selectingPage Setup from the Filemenu.
  • Selectany application-specific settings that appear on the screen, suchas those shown in the image above for the Previewapplication.
  • SelectPrint Settings from the pop-upmenu.You see these settings:
  • Selectthe Paper Source you wish to printfrom. If you use the AutoSelect setting, you need to set a paper size for eachsource. See the topic on setting a paper size for each source.
  • Selectthe Print Quality setting you wantto use.
  • Selectany of the available print options.
  • How To Print Double

    If your printer can handle double-sided printing, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the File menu at the top of your screen, to the right of the Apple icon. Choose Print. You can also go straight to the Print window by hitting Command + P. If printing from Google Chrome, you’ll then also need to click “Print Using System Dialogue.”

    2. If there is a button at the bottom of the window that appears that says “Show Details,” click it.

    3. Click on the box below Presets or Orientation and choose “Layout” from the menu that drops down.

    5. Click on the box next to two-sided printing. Choose the style of double-sided printing you prefer.;

    6. Long-Edge binding will print both sides with the same page orientation. Short-Edge binding will print the top of the pages at opposite edges of the paper. The short-edge option is useful if you need to flip up the page to read the other side. Otherwise, choose long-edge binding.

    7. Select the rest of your print options and click Print.

    The print options you set will carry over to your next print job. Remember to go into Layout and turn off double-sided printing if you want to print something single-sided.

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    How Do I Change The Printer Settings On My Phone

    You can edit your file while in print layout mode to see how it will look when its printed.

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Docs app.
  • Open a document.
  • In the top right, tap More .
  • Turn Print layout on.
  • Tap Select Printer and choose an AirPrint-enabled printer.
  • Choose the number of copies or other options, like which pages you want to print.
  • Tap Print in the upper-right corner.
  • Priority For Changing Print

    Change / Set Default Printer in Settings – macOS 10

    note:The names of commands and dialog boxes might vary depending on your software program.

    • Page Setup dialog box: Click Page Setup or a similar command on the File menu of the program you are working in to open this dialog box. Settings changed here might override settings changed anywhere else.
    • Print dialog box: Click Print, Print Setup, or a similar command on the File menu of the program you are working in to open this dialog box. Settings changed in the Print dialog box have a lower priority and do not override changes made in the Page Setup dialog box.
    • Default printer driver settings: The default printer driver settings determine the settings used in all print jobs, unless settings are changed in the Page Setup, Print, or Printer Properties dialog boxes.
    • Product control-panel settings: Settings changed at the product control panel have a lower priority than changes made anywhere else.

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    Ready To Setup Printing

  • Open System Preferences. You can get to System Preferences from the “Apple” menu.;Click on “Print & Fax” or “Printers & Scanners”;
  • Once in the Printers & Scanners window, click on the Plus icon in the lower left hand corner of the Printers pane.
  • Once in the Add window, click on Advanced .

    If you do not see an Advanced icon in the toolbar add it by doing the following:

    Secondary click in the top of the pane . Select Customize Toolbar.

  • Drag the Advanced item into a space in the top of the toolbar.
  • Ink And Toner Handling Settings

    Some printer models include settings that allow you to change how ink or toner is applied to the paper, including how much ink to use, control of individual colors, and how long the printer holds the print for drying. Ink and toner settings can be changed on the Color or Advanced tab.

    Advanced color settings: Adjust saturation, brightness, and tone, or adjust the levels of each individual color used by the printer.

    Dry time: Lengthen or shorten the time interval between the printing of two or more pages or photos. Longer dry time provides extra time for slow-drying printouts by holding onto the printout until the dry time elapses.

    Ink volume: Adjust the amount of ink printed on the page. The lighter the ink volume, the faster the dry time.

    Overspray: If part of an image printed on a borderless photo is cut off, control how much of the original image extends past the edge of the paper.

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    How To Use Printer Presets In Macos

    Pity the poor macOS Print dialog: its been around so long, and we dont really look at it much. This is likely why Mac 911 receives regular questions about print settings. The Print dialog not just reflects Apples own notion of how printing should work, it also includes functionality from third-party print drivers, the software that tells macOS all of the parameters and special settings of particular output devices.

    A recent question arose from a Macworld reader who, after upgrading to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, had their usually persistent print preferences change after each printing session. This was new for them, but you can generally avoid this by creating a preset.

  • Set all the parameters you want for a printer, such as color, two-sided , Apples four sections . You should also be able to set any printer-specific options that appear.
  • From the Presets menu, select Save Current Settings as Preset.
  • Choose a name and, if available, pick between Only This Printer and All Printers.
  • Click OK.
  • IDG

    The Print Presets menu is an often overlooked way to keep your print settings organized and set defaults.

    The readers problem could have arisen from new default settings created in High Sierra coupled with a hidden setting in the Presets menu. After selecting Show Presets from the Presets menu, see if the Reset Presets Menu to Default Settings After Printing is checked. If it is, you can uncheck that box, and the last preset you used remain in place.

    Can I Connect My Iphone Directly To A Printer

    How to Set or Change Default Print Settings on Mac OS X ...

    Apples iPhone smartphone lets you print wirelessly using any Wi-Fi enabled printer on your wireless network. Printers are added to the device through the Printer Options menu. Instead you must select the Print option while viewing the image or Web page that you want to print and add the printer from there.

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    Change A Printers Name

    You can enter a new name and location for your printer if you wish. This information appears in Printers;&;Scanners preferences.

    • Choose Apple menu;>;System Preferences, then click Printers;&;Scanners.
    • Select the printer in the list at the left.
    • Type the new name and location in the Name and Location fields.
    • Name: Enter a name for the printer .
    • Location: Enter the printers location .

    To Quickly Rename A Printer:

    • Control-click a printer in the Printers list of the Printers & Scanners pane
    • Choose Rename printer from the shortcut menu
    • Enter a name and location, then click OK.

    These instructions apply, for the most part, to other versions of macOS besides Catalina. However, Im using Catalina on a 16-inch MacBook Pro for this tutorial.

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    Options To Print Grayscale Or Black & White Are Missing On The Mac

    If the printer does not support black and white printing, you will not have options to print in black and white.

    If youre going to print black and white or grayscale on a Mac but the option is missing from the Print window, yet you know your printer supports grayscale and/or black and white printing mode, you may have to perform a few basic troubleshooting steps. Typically this means either resetting the print system in Mac OS or deleting the printer, updating the driver, and then re-adding the printer.

    • Delete and re-add the printer from the Printer options in System Preferences

    Color And Black & White Settings

    Print Settings In Mac OSX

    Control how the printer interprets colors and uses ink to print. For best results, edit photos and documents in the application you created them in before changing print settings.

    Color or black and white: Select settings from the Paper/Quality, Color, Features, or Advanced tabs.

    Settings and options

    Uses ink from all cartridges for full color prints

    Black & White, Black Ink Only, Monochrome, or Grayscale

    Uses the black cartridge only for normal or lower quality black & white prints

    Hi Quality Grayscale

    Uses ink from black and color cartridges to produce a wider range of black and gray tones for high quality black & white prints

    Print all text as black

    Prints all contents of the document in black, regardless of color

    Color management: Define the range of colors printed based on industry color standards and the application you are printing from. These settings are on the Color or Advanced tab.

    Settings and Options

    Common standard appropriate for most print jobs


    Translates colors to the AdobeRGB color standard

    Managed by application, ICM Handled by Host System or Printer, or ICM Disabled

    Allows the printer or the app you are printing from to manage colors

    Advanced color settings: Adjust saturation, brightness, and tone, or change individual color levels from the Color tab.

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    Default Print Settings To Grayscale Mac Os X: Apple Safari

    How to set up grayscale printing optionson your Macintosh computer using Apple Safari:

    Apple Safari:

    1. In your web browser, select File>>Print.

    2. Near the bottom of the print window, on ShowDetails.

    3. If youve already createda printer preset, you can select it from the Preset drop-down menu byclicking on Default Settings .

    If necessary, you can createa new printer preset by on Safariand selectingColor/Qualityfrom the drop-down menu .

    4. More options will appear.Unless your department uses different settings specifically, use thesesettings listed below:

    • come out blurry, try using Lightor even Medium.

    Save Preferred Print Settings

    You can save print settings as a shortcut for similar print jobs, or as default for all print jobs.

    • Create a custom shortcut: In the Print Settings window, click the Printing Shortcut tab, if it is available, select the User Specified Print Settings shortcut at the bottom of the list, change any print settings, and then click Save As to name the shortcut.

    • Set defaults for all print jobs: Search Windows for printers, click Printers & scanners, click your printer, and then click Manage. Click Printer Properties, select the Advanced tab, and then click Printing Defaults. Change any settings, and then click OK.

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    How To Change The Default Printer On A Mac

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    To change the default printer on a Mac, click on the Apple menu Click on “System Preferences” Click on “Printers & Scanners” Click on the “Default printer” drop-down menu Then, click on the printer you want to be the Mac’s default printer.

    Set Your Default Printer On Mac

    How to Change Color Settings on Canon Printer MAC ...

    Open the printer settings on your Mac by selecting System Preferences > Printers & Scanners from your Dock or menu bar. Then use one of these options to set a default printer.

    If you have a specific printer that you want to be set as the default, you can right-click or hold Control and click the printer in your list. Then select Set default printer. Alternatively, you can choose the printer name in the Default printer drop-down box. Youll then see Default listed for the printer you pick.

    If you want the default printer for your Mac to be the one you last used, pick Last Printer Used in the Default printer drop-down box. Your Mac is smart enough to remember the last printer you used. Just be cautious if you select this option because if your Mac travels with you, you may end up printing on a printer at a different location.

    You can close the Printers & Scanners window if youre finished or continue below to change the name or location.

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