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How To Change Printer From Offline To Online

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Reasons A Printer Goes Offline

How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

When your printer goes offline, you’ll know it because a message will typically pop up on your computer, or it simply won’t work.

The problem usually has to do with your printer’s Wi-Fi or its connection to your computer. All sorts of issues can ariseâyour PC and printer aren’t communicating or an incorrect setting may have forced your device to appear offline.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to troubleshoot.

How Do I Change My Canon Printer From Offline To Online

A print and fax control panel can be found in the Hardware category. On the left side of the screen, choose the printer you would like to use. You will be redirected to an open queue by clicking on the Open queue button. You can choose if offline or online canon printing should be applied by clicking on Resume from printer at the top of the queue.

How Come The Printer Is Always Showing Offline In Windows 8

When your printer is showing an “offline” status, several different issues might be at play. You may have checked the option to use it offline, you might have a connection problem, or you may need to install updates or a specific tool to address the offline status problem. Windows 8 finds and installs most printers automatically, but sometimes requires manual adjustments or installations.

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Check The Printer Cables And Connections

When tech breaks, always start by checking the basics. Is your printer turned on, and is there paper in the input tray? Is there enough ink or toner? Are there any error messages or blinking lights on the control panel?

Next, assess your printer, cables, and ports for physical damage. Be sure your printer is connected to a power source and all wires are plugged in firmly. If you’re connected by cable, test it in all the ports on your device, and try a different one to be sure that cable isn’t the problem. If you’re connected by Wi-Fi, run a cable between your printer and computer to see if your printer is working. If it is, the issue could be your network connection.

How To Change Your Printers Status To Online In Mac

How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

If you are using a Mac laptop, this is how to go about it. First, you need to open the System Preference setting. You will find this icon in the Dock. Once this window opens, you should go to the Print and Fax option. Click here. A window will open up now and here, you will be able to select the printer that you want to switch to the left side. Select what printer it is you want to switch so you can move on to the next step. Once selected, click the Open Print Queue button. Click Resume Printer. This option will be visible on the top of the window. Clicking this option adjusts the state to online.

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How To Change The Printer To Online

To change the printer to online follow these steps

  • Click on the start menu and type in Control Panel then hit enter
  • Click on devices and printers
  • Right click on the printer you want to online and select See whats printing
  • From the menu select printer
  • Select Use Printer Online
  • Make sure Pause Printer is not selected
  • Close down all the screens we opened
  • Try to print, if you still have issues printing continue to the next step

How Do I Get An Offline Printer Back Online

Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen then choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers. Right click the printer in question and select See whats printing. From the window that opens choose Printer from the menu bar at the top. Select Use Printer Online from the drop down menu.

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Installing Drivers Or Third

Drivers for most printers are included automatically with Windows 8, but new hardware comes out all the time, and there may be some lag between the time a new printer hits the market and the time when the drivers will be available as Windows updates. Many manufacturers sell installation DVDs or CDs with their printers, or they have a driver installation file for your printer available on the manufacturer’s website. If you cannot find any other reason for your printer showing an offline status, reinstall the printer with the most current manufacturer driver you can find. If the driver you download is not self-installing, open the Device Manager on your computer, find your printer in the list of installed devices, select it, click the Driver tab and click “Update Driver.”


For Windows 7 8 And 81

How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

In these newer versions of Windows, the clickable option in the drop-down menu that is generated when the printer icon is right-clicked, to Use Printer Online is not present. Instead, to complete the same action, you have to either select the option to See whats Printing, or otherwise, double-click on the icon itself. This will open a window, and in the menu bar, open the Printer menu, wherein you can uncheck Use Printer Offline.

Your Print Spooler may be running an error, and in this case, you will have to restart the service.

To do this, typeservices.msc in the Search Box of the Start Menu, and press the Enter key. It will open up the Services window containing a list of all the services running on your computer at the moment. Search for Print Spooler in the list, and right-click on it. In the drop-down menu, click on Restart.

If there is more than one printer on the network, and each of them has been installed on your computer, check whether the printer you have selected is the Default Printer on your computer. If it isnt, you may be served a printer offline error message.

Network printers come with a whole range of issues related to connectivity, including IP address errors, SNMP errors, being blocked by the Windows firewall, and so on. Any of these could be a seed for your problem if you are still receiving an error message after rectifying everything else.

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Why Your Printer Is Offline And How To Fix It

“Why is my printer offline?”

If you’ve ever screamed that phrase, or muttered it under your breath, then you know how frustrating it can be when your printer stops responding or chronically doesn’t work. Don’t worry though, printer problems are easier to solve than you may think.

Here at Asurion, when tech breaks, we fix itâwhether it’s a TV with no sound or a laptop battery that isn’t charging. Here’s our guide to fixing your printer when it’s offline.

Restart Printer & Check For Connectivity

If the printer had been online for some time, it might have into an idle state. While it should not set the printer offline but you never know. Try turning off, wait about 1 minute, and then on to check if that resolved the problem

Next, check on this essential tip. Make sure the printer is connected to a power source, it is turned on, and it is connected to the computer. Check the ethernet cable or the wireless connection. It is one of the reasons why you may see it offline and sometimes disconnected. Make sure to check the USB cable and the USB port and fix this first.

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If This Doesnt Work You Can Try These Simple Steps:

Right-click the icon for your printer. It may be labelled as part of the device name or printer name. Check your device if youre unsure. Click the “See What’s Printing” option.

Or Left-Click the printer and select Manage Device

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How To Change A Hp Printer From Offline To Online

How to fix Printer Offline in Windows 10 or in Window 8

Windows has a printer setting that allows you to use your printer when it is offline. The setting allows you to save the documents you want to print when the printer isn’t connected to your computer when you change it back to online, the computer sends the documents to the printer. Changing from offline to online sends print jobs directly to your Hewlett-Packard printer without waiting. Your printer must be connected to your computer before you can change the setting from “Offline” to “Online.”

Step 1

Step 2

Right-click the icon for your Hewlett-Packard printer. It may be labeled with HP or Hewlett-Packard as part of the device name. If it does not, you may have to click the printers in the window without manufacturer names to see the details of each. At the bottom of the window, next to “Manufacturer” it says “HP” or “Hewlett-Packard.” Click the “See What’s Printing” option.

Step 3


  • Make sure there are no paper jams, empty cartridges or hardware problems.

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Why My Brother Printer Is Offline But Shows Online

Many Windows users report issues related to Brother printer offline even if they are connected and fully operational. The error is usually found in the printers that function with a wi-fi network connection. Then one must follow the technical guidelines used for troubleshooting printer offline error.

Go to the start button of the desktop and right-click on that, a small screen will pop-up and then click on Devices and Printers. The next tab will open the control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers. Now look for your printer model and right-click on it and now click on see whats printing. Now, reset the printer and click on set as default.

How To Change The Printer From Offline To Online

The Printer status showing offline that means its having a problem communicating with your device. Lets first check the connectivity between your computer and printer.

Check the USB cable connecting your printer to your PC or laptop.

If you are connected to a network printer then, you should look at the network cable connecting your printer to your router.

Again check your PC on the same network, you can do confirm the same using the ping command. If you are connected to VPN network try to disconnect and check the printer status.

Restart your PC and printer that fix the temporary glitch that can set active printers offline even if they are connected and fully operational.

Try clearing all your print jobs by pressing cancel all documents on your printer. This will clear the printing queue and allow you to restart your model.

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How To Change A Printer From Offline To Online

At the point when you have included either a USB or an organized printer to your PC or Mac PC, you can begin sending reports to print.

Nonetheless, every so often, a print order will make a botch on the printer and take it disconnected, which will shield every single future occupation from printing. To decide this issue, you should change your printer settings from disconnected to on the web.

Check to ensure the printer is turned on and associated with a similar Wi-Fi organize as your PC.

Your printers worked in the menu should show which arrange its associated with, or check your printers manual for additional information.

Confirm that your printer isnt being utilized in Printer Offline mode.

  • Select Start
  • Devices
  • Printers and scanners

On the off chance that these means dont return your printer online, at that point read Troubleshooting offline printer issues.


Removing The Use Offline Option

How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online in Windows 10/8/7 [Solution]

The “Use Printer Offline” option allows you to send jobs to your printer when you are not connected to it, but when you reconnect, it does not automatically send those jobs. Once you are connected to it again, disabling the option brings the printer online and sends those jobs. Under the Printer menu in the Control Panel, right-click on the printer that is offline. Scroll down the menu to the “See what’s printing” option, which brings up a new window showing the printer queue. Click the “Printer” menu and remove the check mark labeled “Use Printer Offline.”

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Solution One: Restart Your Printer And Check Its Connectivity

If you printer has been online and yet not in use for some time, it may have gone into an idle state. The simplest solution here would be to turn it off for about one minute and then switch it back on. See if the problem has been resolved.

Then, check if the printer is properly connected to its power source: it has to be on and connected to your computer. One of the main reasons your printer may show as offline are connection issues: so, its best to double check that everything is properly connected first. If it is, move on to the next solution.

Follow The Given Set Of Instructions Carefully To Get Canon Printer Online From Offline:

Step 1: Click on “Windows” key of your computer and then go to control panel of your computer system.

Step 2: Click on “Devices and Printers”, this will take you to a tab where your printer will be listed. Look for your printer name and right click on it. From the drop-down menu make sure that your printer has been set as the default printer.

Once that is verified go down and see the option for “Use Printer Offline”, if this option has been checked, uncheck it and save the settings. Restart your printer and see if the problem is resolved.

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Why Is My Canon Printer Saying Its Offline When It Isn T

There is a chance that your Canon printer will turn off automatically due to a wrong printer settings selection. Therefore, make sure the Default Printer status indicates that your printer must be selected. While enabling Offline Enable Printer you wont see a Nod message when clicking Offline Enable. This may prevent the printer from restarting in offline mode.

How Do I Switch My Printer From Offline To Online


Go to the Start icon on the bottom left of your screen then choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers. Right click the printer in question and select See whats printing. From the window that opens choose Printer from the menu bar at the top. Select Use Printer Online from the drop down menu.

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How Do I Turn My Canon Printer Online

After you click the Start button on the bottom left corner, choose Control Panel and then Devices and Printers. Look up whats printing in the printer where you are right clicking. You must select Printer from the menu bar at the top of every window when opening it. Simply drop down the menu and select Use Printer Online..

Set Your Printer As The Default Printer

  • Select Start > Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners .Open Printers & scanners settings

  • Select your printer and then select Set as default. If you don’t see the Set as default option, the Let Windows manage my default printer option may be selected. You’ll need to turn that off before you can choose a default printer manually.

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    Add A Second Printer Device

  • Follow Steps 1-2 from Solution 5.
  • Select the Ports tab and click on Add Port button.
  • Select the Standard TCP/IP Port and click on the New Port button.
  • Click on Next after the Printer Port Wizard starts.
  • Enter the required information. You can get them from your printers instruction manual. Click on Next.
  • We hope this guide helped you solve your printer problems in Windows 10. If youve tried all of them and your problem still persists, then you might have a hardware-related problem.

    In this case, try printing from another computer or try a different printer. Also, if youre running a wired printer, use a different USB / network cable.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

    Checking Connections And Sharing

    How To Change Printer From Offline To Online In Windows 11 [Tutorial]

    If your computer is connected to the printer through a wired connection, ensuring the cables are firmly connected can fix an offline printer status. Even if your computer is connected wirelessly, if it is shared from another computer, those cables may be loose or disconnected. Ensure the computer it’s connected to is on. Check the sharing settings on the computer it is connected to as well: Go to the computer the printer is connected to and open HomeGroup. Click “Printers and devices.” Check the box next to the printer that is showing an offline status on your computer.

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    How To Fix Canon Printer Offline On Windows 7

    When windows 7 users face printer offline error on computer then check the WLAN or USB cable and reboot the printer. Windows 7 must be enable with updated version of printer drivers if not. Download printer softwarefrom the official website of the printer as per computer specfication and printer model. Further, Follow the steps and fix printer offline error.

    • Turn ON the printer and Desktop.
    • Go to the Desktop start Button and click on Devices and Printers.
    • Open the printers list windows and check your printer model in the printers list.
    • Right-click on your printer and click on troubleshoot.
    • Now download the latest version of drivers on computer windows 7.
    • Follow the windows screen and click to YES.
    • Now, reboot the printer and computer and test a printer page.

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