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How To Build Your Own Dtg Printer

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The Print Won’t Last As Long

Homemade DTG printer.

Yes, it’s true, DTG prints typically aren’t as durable as screen prints.

Because of the ink that DTG printers use and the way that the ink is applied, the end customer will eventually see the print fade significantly from repeated washing and drying.

Some industry estimates say that DTG prints on garments last anywhere from 25% to 50% as long as screen prints.

This doesn’t mean DTG printing is inferior. After all, screen prints can survive hundreds of wash cycles if they’re cured and applied correctly. DTG prints can still survive 50+ washes and be acceptable to the customer certainly “good enough” for most customers!

The bottom line about quality: DTG prints are typically made for customers that have different demands than customers that place high-volume screen print orders. DTG prints aren’t ideal for something like uniforms but they’re perfect for a unique souvenir.

What Is The Best Dtg Printer On The Market

This is a difficult question to answer. No DTG printer is perfect for every application.

We coach shops to consider their business model when purchasing a DTG machine. If they have built a consistent flow of low-volume orders, DTG printing can be a valuable investment. If they do not have an infrastructure to handle the order intake, printing, and shipping then DTG can be a bank-breaking headache.

However, the most trusted brands for DTG printing are Brother and Epson for desktop-style DTG printers. For high-end DTG printers, Kornit, ROQ and M& R are considered top-of-the-line.

A word to the wise: buy something nice, or buy something twice.

All of these brands put out high-quality DTG printers if they’re purchased new. You may find a deal on used DTG equipment, but remember that DTG printers do not hold their resale value like screen printing presses do.

Most experts don’t recommend purchasing used DTG equipment since the maintenance and upkeep are so important .

Be prepared for additional repairs, costs, maintenance, and troubleshooting if you buy used DTG printers and beware that you likely won’t benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty!

Dtg M6 Industrial Direct To Garment Printer:

Price ~ $39,995 onwards


  • Industry Type:This DTG printer is suitable for printing multiple garments at a time. A single machine that can print three numbers of XXXXL oversized garments, six numbers of standard garments, or 12 numbers of smaller garments. From small to large-scale printers, the DTG printer is suitable for all custom decorators.
  • Technology Used:DTG M6 incorporates IQ Interweave technology that can even give a perfect print even at lower resolutions. You get enough flexibility to print a wide range of garments, textiles, and fashion panel prints.
  • Print Speed and efficiency:It utilizes a maximum print space of 1150mm x 750mm to its full capacity that prints more than one t-shirt at a time.
  • Ink Configuration:The printhead with 180 nozzles per channel with eight dual CMKY independent ink channels that can give a high print resolution of 2880dpi. The 4-2-1 platen system enables the opportunity to gain maximum profit. You can print any garment that comes to your mind like apparel, towels, blankets, and many more.
  • Panel Size:The panel size of DTG M6 is 1100 x 980mm that you can easily decorate multiple finished garments at just under 100 square feet per hour with the dual CMYK piezo print head with a minimum 3.5 picolitre drop size. It prints more than one image at a time.
  • Product Dimension:Moreover, the DTG M6 printer has a physical dimension of 1810 x 1250 x 1300mm, weighing 170 Kg.


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Video Tutorial How To Make Dtg Printer Explains :

  • Raw materials required.
  • How to Modify Ink Cartridge dumper.
  • How to modify ink infusion.
  • How to clean the clogged Head Printer.
  • How the analysis of print problems.
  • DTG printers is very great business opportunities, in addition to the worlds new digital printing technology, this machine is able to attract attention due to the very simple and easy in operation. We also accept service modif printer, DTG printer price in Indonesia is around US$ 1224, if you can make your own it would be more efficient. Printer prices of its course the range of US$ 275 to US$ 417, this is why many people who want to assemble or create their own DTG Printer. Then that you should also read this article tutorial how to make DTG Printer.

    Regular Maintenance Of Nozzle:

    DIY DTG: complete PDF tutorial

    Perform a nozzle check every day before printing your t-shirt. It helps to keep your printing and your business in its best performance. While, if the nozzle is not at its best, it has to be taken care of immediately. Moreover, clogs left unattended will become a permanent blockage making your printer unusable.

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    Funding Your Custom T

    Financing and Your New T-Shirt Printing Business

    There is plenty of information on this site about leasing options, the cost of the machines and packages, etc., but thats not the only expense youll incur while starting up your custom t-shirt business! Dont forget about the following: Marketing Expenses online marketing expenses might include a website, maybe some well placed online advertising and some social media efforts. Whether or not you do these yourself or hire a professional, make sure you assign some monetary value while you price the cost of starting up.

    Event Marketing Expenses just a reminder that if you choose the event or tradeshow marketing niches above, youve got to allow for costs like renting a booth, t-shirt inventory, and travel.

    Taxes and Accounting Taxes and Accounting many people are great at focusing on great designs, or even selling in person, but dont neglect the paperwork side of your business. Will you need an accountant, bookkeeper, tax pro, or just a copy of QuickBooks?

    S To Building Your Diy T

  • First off, you will have to take apart a printer of your choice, preferably Epson, and take out just the print head and its carriage. You will also need a paper feed motor, shaft, power supply.
  • Next, you have to cut the plywoods into pieces that will act as the structure and platen for your DTG printers. At first, you will need three sections. One will go at the base and two to the sides. We recommend you cut out a piece of plywood of 11×25 inches and two 5×25 inches.
  • Next, you have to cut the plywoods for the drawer. Cut one piece of 10×25 inches and two pieces of 1×25 inches. Here the side plywoods are mounted on top of the bottom.
  • Next, you have to create a T shaped material holder for which you have to cut out one piece of 13×9 inches plywood and another 13×3 inches plywood.
  • Now drill two holes of 13/32 inch into the shell for the shaft to roll the drawer. Make sure that the shaft rolls are straight.
  • Now mount the printer on the drawer and put the belt on the shaft. Finally, put on your t-shirt holder, and you are ready to go.
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    Why Use Dtg Instead Of Screen Printing

    Screen printing presses can print shirts quickly sometimes up to 1,080 pieces an hour!

    However, a screen printer’s setup time limits what’s possible. Screen printers can print one design at high volume quickly. But if they need to print multiple designs, or do just a few prints, screen printing can be prohibitively expensive compared to DTG printing.

    Here’s why: the extensive labor required to create, separate, coat, expose, and register screens makes the screen printing process inefficient for small quantity orders with lots of colors.

    Let’s say you want 20 t-shirts. A 4-color design usually requires 5 different screens to print .

    It takes much more time to create those 5 screens and set them up on the screen printing press than it does to actually print the 20 shirts!

    For small orders with lots of colors, DTG printing is a great fit.

    IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE: Screens and setup make screen printing too expensive for low-quantity custom orders.

    Where Can I Get Free Designs For Dtg Printing

    Reasons to NOT Do Your Own DTG Printer Conversion

    For starters, we have lots of free designs for you to use. In a bid to make it smooth and easy for you, Printify has created thousands of copyright-free designs ranging from, Mothers Day to Halloween and including the most popular sale seasons such as Christmas and St. Valentines day. We also have a very detailed blog article to help you find the best sites that offer copyright-free images and/or allow you to create your own.

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    What Is The Best Fabric For Dtg Printing

    The best fabric to use for DTG is 100% cotton. This is because the cotton material absorbs ink very well, allowing for the creation of vivid colors embedded in the fabric and set to last for longer. A 100% cotton T-shirt with a tight weave is always the optimal choice for direct to garment printing. Garments made from other materials like polyester can repel the liquids, such as the water used in DTG printer ink. In the cases where the fabric is not 100% cotton, any other garments used for DTG must have at least 50% cotton so it can absorb the ink pigment for the best results. Check out this article for fabric comparisons.

    How Does Printify Make Dtg Printing Easier

    Printify connects online entrepreneurs to both print on demand printing facilities and online marketplaces. We are a technology platform that simplifies and automates print-on-demand services. Our mission is to make print on demand processes, custom designing and DTG printing easy and accessible for every aspiring online entrepreneur.

    We currently connect over 300,000 online sellers to our network of 15 print providers who have over 90 printing facilities around the world. We also currently integrated into a large network of online shop platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Wix, and WooCommerce. These platforms not only offer the sellers a place to host their online shops, but they also provide them with marketing tools to help them build their brands. Printify also offers design guides and tools such as our free mockup generator.

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    Printing Using Dtg Printers:

    To print on the garment, you would need RIP software. This software is a printing utility that translates the image you feed into the type of image that your DTG printers can process.

    Some modern DTG printers do come with their RIP software, and for some, you can have to purchase from third-party companies. The software gives you more control and generates other essentials such as white ink under base for dark garments, amount of white color, color matching, ink cost calculation, image placement, etc.

    Therefore, RIP software also doubles up as a color management software, job management software, and a cost estimator.

    Other Notable Dtg Printers:

    How to make DTG Printer

    Some of the notable printers mentioned here are legends on their rights. Some of them may have been discontinued, but you may be able to purchase from other sources or buy a used one for your new DTG venture.

    • Brother GT-782 Price ~60,000
    • Epson SureColor F2100 Price ~20,000
    • Anajet MP5i Price ~15,000

    * The prices mentioned above are close to their original cost. However, for a used printer, the prices could be 1/3rd of the original Price.

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    Top 10 Dtg Printers In 2021 With Price For Print Business

    Last Updated on: 26th November 2021, 09:47 am

    Web-to-print innovation has launched a significant change in todays printing practice by introducing DTG printers that have transformed printing processes with increased efficiency.

    With the advancement of technology and the need for more detailed and complicated prints on t-shirts, the print industry has moved from traditional screen printing and embroidery to more digital direct-to-garment printing. Although the popularity of screen printing and embroidery is not going out of style, the DTG printing industry, on the other hand, DTG Printers sale is growing higher for its fast delivery and printing of high-quality artworks.

    What is the best DTG printing machine? Today, the best DTG printer on the market is the M& R Maverick, which costs around $70,000. It produces some of the lowest cost per print in the industry with high-quality print on t-shirts & apparel. The second best is the Brother GTX Pro DTG printer, which costs $28,999 onwards. A professional industrial-grade DTG printing machine can cost between $10,000 to $70,000. Moreover, as we know the DTG printer price differs as per its type, quality, manufacturing & more.

    What are the top DTG printers in the industry? 10 Best DTG printers 2021-22 in the industry are:

    How to Take over your competitors? Increased Buying!

  • Summit RT Direct to Garment Printer $11,400 to $15,000
  • How To Build An Automatic A3 Dtg Printer

    Printer DTF A3 L1800 Epson Series

    DIY DTG printer instructions make it easy to assemble the DTG Printer machine, so you dont be afraid to fail. We will monitor you until finish. Why this tutorial is very important for you and you must buy this tutorial ? Because this video will make you become an expert in assembling DTG Printer machine. How to make DTG printer at home, This video is the answer.

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    Low Cost: $20000 And Up

    Typical Brother or Epson DTG printers start around $10,000. Most models range between $15,000 and $30,000. These are the “desktop” DTG printers that the overwhelming majority of print shops use.

    Interestingly, there are currently no “mid-range” DTG printers.

    In other words, the DTG market has a robust niche from $10k-$30k then jumps all the way up to $100k and more. There simply isn’t a mid-range price-point for DTG printers yet. To go up to the next level, you must spend significantly more.

    Who Makes Dtg Printers

    Step 3: OpenDTG: Building my own DTG Printer – Cutting the parts

    There are a handful of major DTG printing manufacturers with many more waiting in the wings.

    An important note: virtually every DTG printing manufacturer utilizes the “razor-razor blade” model meaning they make the bulk of their income from selling DTG ink, not selling DTG machines so check ink pricing as well as machine pricing. A higher-cost machine may have lower-cost ink .

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    Direct To Garment Printing On Blankets And Pillowcases

    DTG printing is not confined to only apparel. Home accessories and other products such as blankets and pillowcases can be just as easy to customize. With Printify, you get access to blank blankets and pillows for DTG printing. They are made of a cotton blend of lightweight woven microfiber and come in multiple sizes. The bed pillows have an envelope closure while throw cushions have a concealed zipper. and can be printed on both sides. The blankets are made of high-quality cotton blends, some often feature a fleece lining for a soft comfy feel.

    Skills You Need To Run A Dtg Printer

    Before you buy your new dtg printer, you should take an inventory of the people on your team or your own skill set to determine whether youll need help to get your business going:

    Software Skills to Create Graphics

    Are you a designer that knows Corel Draw and or PhotoShop and Illustrator? This is fundamental to producing great images onto a t-shirt with your direct to garment printer. Remember, your customers will bring you corporate logos or just ideas for you to bring to life, so if you dont have software talent you will need access to someone that does.

    There are some great graphics services that know dtg printing that can help. You can start with

    Hardware Skills to Maintain your T Shirt Printing Machine

    There is some maintenance to any piece of commercial printing equipment, but todays DTG printers are VERY simple to keep running well.

    If you purchase or lease a t-shirt printing machines from ColDesi, specifically the G4 DTG Printer, you get free training, in person or online, and the best warranty in the industry.

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    Direct To Garment Printing On T

    T-shirts are perhaps the most common item chosen for DTG printing. Recent years have seen the trend of opening a t-shirt business becomes easy and quickly popularised. Printify offers great custom t-shirts ready for DTG printing in our catalog. Our bestsellers have been a go-to pick for thousands of online entrepreneurs every year. They are loved for their unisex Classic fit, are made of 100% ring-spun cotton fiber content may vary for different colors and run true to size. Some even feature a tear-away label. These t-shirts are sourced from reputable custom t-shirt suppliers with t-shirt icons such as the Bella Canvas 3001, Gildan 5000 and Next level 3600.

    Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

    What Do You Need For Direct To Garment Printing

    Homemade DIY DTG Printer A3 EPSON Overview

    DTG printing is optimized to be quick, efficient and consistent. With a few steps, a DTG printer owner can print up to 60 t-shirts a day! To achieve high-quality results when using Direct to Garment printing, one needs high-quality fabric-friendly ink, the best fabric material and the right equipment for pre-treatment and heating the fabric. And of course a good Direct to Garment printer. However, in todays online driven world, you dont need any of the above to start a business with DTG printing. The print-on-demand business model makes it much easier to get DTG printing services without having to own a single printer.

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    What Is Print On Demand

    Print-on-demand is an online business process that facilitates the process of production and fulfillment for online entrepreneurs. Products such as t-shirts, pillowcases, mugs, and shoes are printed and shipped to customers around the world, only after actual sales. This allows the printing of singular or small quantities of custom merchandise and no inventory or warehousing. Direct to Garment printing has been one of the largest pushers of print on demand. Today, over 3million sellers are using print on demand across the globe.

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