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How To Add Printer To Google Cloud Print

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Adding your printer to Google Cloud Printer

Setting up an IT infrastructure that will enable all of your PCs to be connected to a single printer using a printer driver can be costly and a lot of hassle to set up. With cloud printing, however, the need to set up this kind of infrastructure is eliminated. As long as the device and printer are registered to the Google Cloud Print service, any device that is permitted to access that printer will be able to carry out print jobs. The process of setting up your Google Cloud Print and devices also just takes only a few minutes . In other words, you will be able to enjoy not only convenience, but huge savings as well. Offices can save thousands of overhead cost and IT infrastructure maintenance too!

Google Cloud Print continues to take the printing industry forward and it is definitely an edge, especially in business environments. It simplifies the printing process while expanding your printing capabilities at the same time.

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Registering A Printer To Google Cloud Print

To use the service, you need a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you need to create one first.

  • Load paper in the printer.

  • Check the printer’s IP address.

    You can check the IP address by printing a network connection report.


    If you want to know IPv6 information, print the network status sheet.

  • Run a Web browser from a computer or smart device, and then enter the printer’s IP address.


    IPv4: http://the printer’s IP address/

    IPv6: http:///


    IPv6: http:///


  • When accessing Web Config via HTTPS, a warning message will appear in the browser since a self-signed certificate, stored in the printer, is used.

  • Using the smart device, you can also run Web Config from the maintenance screen of Epson iPrint.

  • The following pages are example. For details, see User’s Guide or Administrator’s Guide for your product.

  • When you cannot click or tap Firmware Update, click Administrator Login and then enter the password first.

  • A confirmation screen is displayed.

  • Sign in to Google using your account.

  • When registration is complete, an information sheet is printed from the printer you registered. You can now use the Google Cloud Print service.

    To use this service, select the printing menu from a Google Cloud Print compatible application.


  • You can access the Google Cloud Print maintenance page by signing in to Google and accessing the account settings page.

  • Through Your Android Smartphone

  • After installation, you will be prompted to enable the service.
  • You should then see a list of all your connected printers.
  • Open the document or file you wish to print.
  • Go to the menu options and tap Print or the print icon from there.
  • Finalize the printing settings, such as paper size and number of copies.
  • Once ready, simply tap Print or the print icon.
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    Why Cant I Add My Printer To My Chromebook

    If your printer doesnt appear under Available printers to save, you can also add your printer manually. Important: If youre using a Chromebook at work or school, and youre not able to add a new printer, contact your administrator. Under Printing, select Printers. Next to Add printer, select Add printer .

    Registering Printer With Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud Print dejará de funcionar esta semana

    The printer can be registered to Google Cloud Print with the following two methods.

  • LAN connection with the printer and internet connection are required to register the printer to Google Cloud Print and to delete it.Internet connection fees apply.

  • Depending on the device or application you are using, a message urging you to register the printer to Google Cloud Print may appear while the printer and your device are connected to the same network.When you register the printer to Google Cloud Print, press the Wi-Fi button after the Wi-Fi lamp flashes 3 times.

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    Benefits Of Cloud Printing

    The instructions above should have you using Google Cloud Print in no time. The concept of cloud printing is truly changing the way people process and print documents these days. It is more than just a fad in fact, it is the new trusted way of printing for businesses because of its reliability, convenience, and ease of use.

    How To Connect To Google Cloud Print

  • Open up Chrome on your desktop computer and Sign-in with your Gmail account.
  • Access Settings .
  • Go to Advanced Settings .
  • Choose Printing.
  • Select your Printer of choice.
  • Now take out your Android device. Youll need to have the Google Cloud Print app installed on your phone/tablet. Some handsets already have it onboard, but if yours doesnt you can always download it from the Play Store. You wont have to run the app once you install it, because it functions as an add-on.

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    Setting Up Google Cloud Print For Use With Any Computer

    With a Google Account, you can print from your Apple or Android device to your Epson product. You can also print from Chromebooks and the Google Chrome browser without drivers or cables. Set up your Epson product for network printing, then follow the instructions below. Note: Make sure your Epson printer and computer are connected to the same network before starting the Google Cloud Print setup.

  • Connect your device to the same network that your Epson product is using.
  • Print a network status sheet.
  • Locate your product’s IP address on the network status sheet.
  • Enter the IP address into the address bar of a web browser.
  • Select the Google Cloud Print Services option. Note: If you don’t see the Google Cloud Print Services option, turn your product off and back on. If the option still doesn’t appear, select the Firmware Update option and follow the on-screen instructions to update your product.
  • Select the check box to agree to the Usage Advisory and click Next.
  • Click OK to launch the sign-in page. A separate browser window opens.
  • Enter your Google Account username and password and click Sign in, or, if you don’t have an account, click Sign up for a new Google Account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Click Finish printer registration to complete setup and print a test page. Your product is now linked to your Google Account and can be accessed from any Chromebook, computer, Apple or Android device with Internet access.
  • How Do I Use Google Print

    How to setup Google Cloud Print

    How to print from an Android using Google Cloud Print

  • Select Print from the menu. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider.
  • Select a printer and tap the yellow Print button. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider.
  • Select Share.
  • Scroll down and select the Print icon.
  • Choose your printer and tap the Print icon.
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    How Do I Connect My Printer With Google Cloud Print

    Before using the Cloud Print service, you must first connect your printer. The steps between Cloud Printers and Classic Printers will vary.

    If you’re unsure if your printer is a Cloud-ready printer, you can check right here.

    For Classic Printers, follow these instructions:

  • On your PC or Mac, go to your system settings and locate your Printing Options
  • Add your printer to your computer
  • Open your Chrome web browser and type in chrome://devices
  • Under the Classic Printers option, select the printers that you want to connect and hit Add Printer
  • For Cloud-Ready Printers, follow these instructions

  • On your Desktop or Laptop, open your Chrome web browser and type in chrome://devices
  • Under New Devices, find the printer that you want to connect
  • Next to your printer, click Manage
  • In the Confirm Registration box, select Register
  • Go to your Printer and follow the instructions that are given to you on the screen. This may vary depending on the printer, but you may have to select a button prompt that says Register or Ok.
  • To check if your printer is successfully registered, go to and select Printers. If your printer shows up, it has successfully been connected.
  • How Do I Use Google Cloud Print?

    Once your device is connected, the hard part is over. Cloud-printing is made easy by accessing the Google Cloud Print website or App.

    For those on PC or Laptop, you can access the site by typing in on your Chrome or web browser.

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    How To Print From Google Chrome On An Android Using Google Cloud Print

    The process for printing on is different from other apps.

    1. Open Google Chrome on your Android device and navigate to the page you wish to print.

    2. Tap on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

    3. In the dropdown menu that appears, tap “Share”

    4. Scroll down to the icon labeled “Print” and tap on it.

    5. Select the printer and print settings you prefer, then tap on the yellow printer button to print your document.

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    Why Did Google Remove Cloud Print

    Cloud Print was once crucial for Google because Chromebooks didnt have native printing supportthey needed Cloud Print to print. Times have changed, and Chrome OS now has native printing support. Beginning January 1, 2021, devices across all operating systems will no longer be able to print using Google Cloud Print.

    How To Print With A Usb Connection

    How to Print from a Chromebook: How does Google Cloud ...

    Printing from a Chromebook with an old printer without Wi-Fi hardware is still possible via USB cable. The printer should be connected to the Chromebook using the USB cable. To connect the printer to your Chromebook, just follow the steps in the previous section.

    You should be able to easily print from your Chromebook once your home printer is successfully connected. You need to press Ctrl and P simultaneously while on the page you want to print. Change the destination by selecting Change under the Destinations option. Select the printer you wish to print from under Recent Destinations or Local Destinations.

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    S To Print Documents From An Android Device

    • Open any image or document you want to print on your Android device. Press the button with three points at the top right and select “print“.
    • The file will then be uploaded to the Cloud Print app. Then, use the drop-down menu from the top and select the printer from which you want to print. Touch the printer icon and the document or image will be printed.

    How Do I Add A Device To My Chromebook

    Connect your Chromebook to your phone

  • On your Chromebook, at the bottom right, select the time.
  • Select Settings .
  • Under Connected devices, next to Android phone, select Set up.
  • Enter your password and follow the steps.
  • On your Chromebook, under Enabled, select which features you want to turn on.
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    How To Print Using Google Cloud Print

    In addition to having a Wi-Fi connection, these printers are commonly compatible with Google Cloud Print. In addition to supporting Googles online-printing service, Chrome OS comes with a number of other features.

    In order to use the Google Cloud Print service, you will need to connect your home printer to the internet and link it to the Google Cloud. It varies from printer to printer, so take some time to go over your steps and make sure youre following them correctly.

    Turn your laptop on so you can print from Chromebooks. You must connect your printer to the internet first. When you have done this, click on your Google Account logo or photo in Chrome and choose Settings, then Advanced. You can select Printers by clicking on the Printers option.

    Add Printers should be the first section you see. The printer list can be viewed by clicking on it. Your printer should appear on that list, so select it. As a result, your Chromebook should now have a connection to your printer.

    Why You Should Install Google Cloud Print

    How to Use Google Cloud Print

    If you frequently print documents and images, then it can prove very useful. Google Cloud Print lets you

    #. Share printers with friends and co-workers

    #. Print from any device like mobiles , tablets, and laptops

    #. Print without leaving applications

    Consider these two cases

    1) Suppose you have a document on your mobile that you want to print. Without Google Cloud Print, you would first save it on your mobile, and then transfer it to a computer that has a printer connected to it and then finally print it. With Google Cloud, you can directly command your phone to print at any of the shared printers.

    2) Suppose you clicked a picture with your iPhone and want to get it framed. With Google Cloud Printer, you can directly print on the shops printer without actually going there.

    As you can see, Cloud Printer makes your task easy by removing extraneous steps. If you are amongst the ones that print files in day-to-day life, then you should seriously think about this technology.

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    Set Up A Non Cloud Printer For Google Cloud Printing

    Follow the steps below to set up a traditional or a Non Cloud Ready Printer to use Googles Cloud Printing technology.

    1. Open the Chrome browser on your computer.

    2. In a new tab, visit chrome://devices

    3. Next, click on the Add Printers button This will take you to the login page of your Google Account, in case you are not already logged in.

    4. Login to your Google Account using your Gmail User Name and Password

    5. Once you sign-in, you will be redirected to . Any printer that is connected to your computer will be recognized by Google and listed with a tick mark.

    6. Just click on the Add Printer button to register your Classic printer with Google. You will see a confirmation message that your printer has been registered with Google .

    Once your Classic or traditional printer is registered with Google, you are all set up to print anything from anywhere to your registered printer.

    Printing With Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud Print is compatible with any device on which you can access your account. You can print almost any type of file this way, from images to webpages. However, be aware that you may not be able to print encrypted PDF files or keep the transparency setting on within a file. Also, if the text in a document is typed out in an unrecognized font, the copy may come out jumbled or in a different font.

    Heres how to print from your computer, from an Android smartphone, and iOS devices:

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    Connecting A Brother Printer To Google Cloud Print

    The essentials you need to get started are a Google account, a Wi-Fi network, and a connected Brother printer. If youre not sure if your Brother printer model supports this service, you can check it here, on the Google Cloud Print support webpage.

    Before you start setting up the Google Cloud Print service, ensure that your computer is connected to the same network as your Brother printer. You wont be able to pair them if theyre not on the same network. Also, make sure your printer is on, as well as your Wi-Fi.

    Once you do so, follow the steps below to set up the printer:

  • Launch Chrome on your computer and click on the three-dot in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Scroll to find Advanced and click to reveal more options.
  • Under Printing, choose Google Cloud Print.
  • From the new screen, choose Manage Cloud Print devices.
  • In the New devices section, youll see your Brother printer even though it still isnt connected to the service.
  • On your Brother printers display, youll see a message that you need to confirm to continue with the registration. Press OK.
  • Your Brother printer will now appear in the My devices section. Youre all set and can start printing right away!
  • Connecting To Your Account

    Google Cloud Print

    The developer of cupscloudprint has made this task incredibly simple. Go back to your terminal window and issue the command:

    sudo /usr/share/cloudprint-cups/

    The first thing that will happen is youll be prompted to enter the email address associated with the cloud account. Type that address and hit enter. Next youll be given a link to copy and paste into your browser .

    Figure A

    If you havent logged into your Google account from this browser, youll be prompted for that information otherwise, youll be asked to Allow CUPS Cloud Print to manage your printers.

  • Youll be given a code copy that code and paste it into the terminal window at the Code From Google: prompt.
  • The command will output the accounts you currently have configured for Cloud Print. If youre happy with that, type y and hit Enter.
  • Youll be asked if you want to add all the printers associated with your account. Type y and hit Enter.
  • Once the printers have been added, youll be asked if you want to use a prefix for the printers. If you do, type y, hit Enter, and then enter the necessary prefix otherwise, type n and hit Enter.
  • Any printer you have associated with Google Cloud Print is now available to your Linux printer server. Quite painless, wouldnt you say?

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    Register Your Printer Using Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Go to .
  • Sign in to the Google website with your Gmail address.
  • Type your printers IP address in the address field, and then press the Enter key or click Go.
  • Type the ID and Password.

    note:Make sure to use the same login ID and Password in Machine Setup.

    For instructions, see Machine Setup, and then go to the Log-in section.

    note:If the network environment is using a proxy server, configure the proxys IP and port number from the following menu settings: Settings> Network Settings> Proxy. For more information, contact your network service provider or network administrator.

  • In the SyncThru Web Service window, click the following menu settings:
  • Settings
  • Type your printer name and provide a description, and then click Register.A confirmation pop-up window displays on your computer.

    note:A confirmation window will not display, if your browser is set to block pop-ups. Make sure to allow the site to display pop-ups.

  • Adding A Classic Printer

    Adding a Classic Printer to GCP is pretty straight-forward. First, go to the computer that has the printers already installed and open Chrome. Then click on the Chrome menu button and choose Settings.

    Scroll down and then click on Show advanced settings. Scroll down some more until you see Google Cloud Print.

    Go ahead and click on the Add printers button and a popup box will appear with a list of the currently installed printers.

    You can also choose to automatically register new printers when you connect them to your computer. Thats all there is to adding printers to GCP. Now it will take you to the GCP management console where you should see your printers listed.

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