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How To Add A Printer To A Chromebook

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How to Add a Wireless Printer to Your Chromebook!

The first thing I would check is if the PDF is print-protected. Just try and print it from another device and check if you face similar issues.

Second, try printing anything else from your Chromebook to confirm its not a printer issue.

One thing you can try is to open the PDF file in Google Chrome and try printing it from there.

How Do I Connect My Chromebook To My Wireless Printer

To begin with the connection process, you should press and hold the Wi-Fi button for a couple of seconds. Now, go to the router and press the WPS button until a light lamp stats flashing for once. Move to the Chromebook option and then reach out to the Settings icon. Click the Advanced option and click on the Printers option from the Printing section. After that, you will have to click on the Add Printer option and then click the Add option. Hence, it will connect your Chromebook to your wireless printer.

Print Using Google Cloud Print

  • First open the page you want to print
  • Now, click File and then select Print. Rather that choosing print option you can also press the keys Ctrl + P simultaneously
  • Doing this, a Google Cloud Print window will appear. Click Change option
  • A Select a destination dialog box will display with a list of printers and options. Select the printer you want to print from and then select Print button

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Now You Can Print From Your Chromebook

You can print anything you need from your Chromebook, making it as full-featured as any other computing platform. If you’ve used an Android device, Chrome OS will feel a lot more familiar to you.

Planning to get a Chromebook for yourself but;don’t know if Chrome OS is right for you? The best way to make a choice is;by trying;out the operating system yourself, as you’ll gain deep insights into the system and its working.

What Printers Are Compatible With A Chromebook

How to Add a Printer to Your Chromebook

Below are the few printers of different brands that are fully compatible with the Chromebook. Have a glance:-

  • HP Envy 5055 Wireless Printer: It has the ability to produce maximum printing resolution and great printouts.
  • Canon TS9120 Wireless Printer: It is one of the best in class printer produces 5 to 6 printouts in a fraction of seconds.
  • Canon PIXMA TR4520 Wireless Printer: It helps in printing high-quality graphics and photos swiftly.
  • Canon PIXMA TS6220 Printer: It can be the one-stop printer for printing great and the lab-quality photos.
  • Brother HL-L2350DW Monochrome Printer: It is ideal for printing and legal official letters and documents
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    Connect To The Internet

    Important: Your printer and Chromebook must be connected to the same network.

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Connect your printer to a network. If you need help, follow your printer manufacturers instructions.
  • If you havent yet, turn on your Chromebook and sign in.
  • Connect your Chromebook to the same network as your printer. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Use Wifi Printer Driver Extension

    You can find a WiFi printer driver extension for Chromebooks from the Chrome Web Store. This is an extension that automatically recognizes your printer once you install it.

    You do not need to install any other programs. The only drawback of the extension is that it is not compatible with any printer and you must contact the developer to tell them to add a certain printer model.

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    How To Print With A Usb Connection

    If you own an older printer with no Wi-Fi hardware, you can still print from a Chromebook via a USB cable. After you connect the printer to the Chromebook with the USB cable, just follow the steps in the previous section to add the printer to your Chromebook.

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    If you have successfully connected your home printer, you should be ready to easily print from a Chromebook. Just go to the page you want to print and press the Ctrl and P buttons at the same time. Under the Destinations option, select Change. Then, under either Recent Destinations or Local Destinations, choose your printer and select Print.

    Check out the links below for more Chromebook tips and tricks:

    How To Choose Chromebook

    How to Print from a Chromebook | How to Add a Printer to Your Chromebook

    Google Chromebooks are great computers. However, when it comes to printing, things may get a little confusing. Back in 2001, when Chrome OS didnt have native printing support, Google Cloud Print was introduced to allow users to print from Chrome to almost any printer connected to the internet.

    Chromebooks have come a long way since then. Today, Chromebooks come with native printing support, and most will work with Chromebooks right out of the box without complicated configurations. So Chromebook users now have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a Chromebook-compatible printer.

    Follow our tips to determine which Chromebook-compatible printer you should buy.

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    The Benefits Of Printing Via Usb


    As discussed above, one of the issues experienced by Google Cloud Print users is the failure of network servers, making printing temporarily impossible. For time-critical tasks, that kind of ambiguity is unacceptable. USB printing is reliable, every time.


    The beauty of printing via USB is that its completely straightforward. Simply plug in and youre all set! Although Google Cloud Print is intuitive and user-friendly, theres nothing easier than utilizing a USB cable.


    If you share a printing network with other people, whether in a personal or business setting, there is a risk of confidential documents that are printed, falling into the wrong hands. With USB printing, you are the only person connected to the printer at any one time, which gives you full control of what is printed, and immediate collection of documents.

    Add An Older Wireless Printer

    If your printer doesnt appear in the list , youll need to click the Add Manually button that appears on the lower left corner of that window.

    • Give the printer any name you want.
    • Type its IP address into the Address box.
    • Leave the other two fields as they are, and click the blue Add button. Type in your printers manufacturer and model , and select the appropriate options as they appear. Click the blue Add button when youre done.

    Chromebooks also support Googles Cloud Print system, but this direct connection method is generally the simpler and more reliable route to take.

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    Immediate Connect Printing Onto Your Chromebook

    Immediately connect, whichs the simplest form of Printing to install, calls for linking a USB cable in the printer for your;Chromebook. You have to stick to the directions that came with your printer and if they change from the measures, go with the printer directions! Otherwise, follow the following measures:

  • Switch on the printer and then connect the USB cable to a USB plug-in your Chromebook.
  • In your Chromebook display, click on the status space to start the Settings perspective and click on the Settings icon.
  • The Preferences window opens.
  • Scroll down from the Preferences window and click on Advanced.
  • You Find that the Advanced settings section in the Preferences window.
  • Continue scrolling until you discover Printing; then click Tools.
  • The Insert a closeby Contractor window looks, and your printer must appear in a listing.
  • It must match the model and make of the printer your Chromebook is attached to.
  • That is all you should have to do.
  • Its possible to rename your printer if you would like. To change your printer name, click on the three small dots to the side of this printer, and after that, at the tiny window which appears, click Edit to open the Edit Printer window. From the Printer Name field, put in your printers brand new name and click on Save. .

    To Print To A Wifi Printer At Home:

    How to add a printer to your chromebook
  • Make sure your printer is connected to the same network as your Chromebook
  • On your Chromebook, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Printing > Printers
  • Click;Add Printer
  • Select your printer from the list and click;Add

    If the above method did not work for you, its likely because your printer isnt supported. But theres good news! There are multiple ways to setup a printer to print from a Chromebook.

    There are basically 3 methods for setting up a printer on a Chromebook: 1. Adding a printer via settings 2. HP Print for Chrome 3. Google Cloud Print.

    The following setup wizard will walk you through the steps of setting up your printer if that first method didnt work for you: Click here.

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    How To Print From A Chromebook

    Want to print something from your Chromebook but can’t figure out how? Here’s how to set up a printer in Chrome OS.

    Chromebooks are great for people who do a lot of work on the web, as they’re cheap and very easy to use. But as with other computers, there are times when you need to print something on paper.

    Fortunately, it’s easy to connect a printer to your Chromebook, either over the network or directly via USB.

    Finding Your Printers Ip Address

    To get your printers IP address, just go over to the tiny screen on the front of it, tap the cogwheel icon, scroll down to network, or wireless. Then, find view wireless details or something similar. Im generalizing because each company buries the address under different verbiage. You can check with HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, or any other manufacturer for step-by-step instructions via a Google search. Once you locate the IP address, it can be printed out or you can scribble it down on a piece of paper and head back over to your Chromebook.

    Okay, lets get back on track. So you tapped the printer icon and are now presented with a dialogue box that is titled Add a printer manually. Fill out all of the required fields give your printer a name, enter the IP address you just found , and then click the blue Add button at the bottom right. You can leave the Protocol box and Queue as they are.

    On the next screen, choose the brand and model of your printer. If your model isnt listed, just find something as close to it as you can. This just determines whether or not you get some settings unique to your printer in the print preview window later on. Now, click the blue Add button at the bottom right again and youve successfully added your printer!

    Settings > Printing > Printer icon > Enter name > Enter IP Address > Add button

    Choose printer manufacturer > choose printer model > Add button

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    Connect Your Printer Manually

    Sometimes they dont cooperate.

    If your printer didnt show up automatically, you will need to add it manually.

    First, go to your printer and print out your network configuration page. This page will list your printers IP address, which we need shortly.

    All wifi printers will print a network report or summary page. You may need to consult your printer manual for specific directions.

    The page will have a LOT of numbers on it and look something like this:

    Once you have the summary report, visit the settings page on your Chromebook. Search for printer like you did previously.

    This time, we are going to click the add printer icon.

    ChromeOS Printer configuration:

    • Name: this is how your printer will appear on your Chromebook. Call it office or basement, something that makes sense to you.
    • Address: this is where you need to type the IP address of your printer. Typically it will look something like 192.168.x.xx.
    • Protocol: change to HTTP
    • Queue: leave as-is

    On the next page, you need to select your printer make and model.

    There are a LOT of printers on this list. If you cant find your exact model number, dont panic! Just get as close as you can.

    This step will give you access to the features of your printer . As long as your printer is in the same family as one on the list, you should be fine.

    For example, I have a Brother MFC-L2715DW. That model isnt listed, but MFC-L2700DW is, which is close enough!

    You can leave the printer PPD field empty.

    Option : Saving The Picture To A Flash Drive And Printing Directly From A Printer

    How To Add Printer To Chromebook [Tutorial]
  • Insert a Flash Drive into a USB port on the Chromebook.
  • Select Camera.
  • Take a new picture and then click Gallery or just click Gallery to access an existing picture.
  • Double-click the picture you want to print.
  • Click the Save to disk icon.
  • From the list select your Flash Drive.
  • Change the name of the file as desired, and click Save. Note:
  • The document can now be printed from a computer or service that has a connection to a printer.
  • Many Dell All-In-One Inkjet Printers has a PictBridge Connector , that allows you to print directly from a Flash Drive. Refer to the for more information.
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    I Followed The Steps But Its Still Not Working

    • Make sure your Chromebook and your printer are on the SAME wifi network
    • Double check the IP address that you entereddont use the subnet mask or IP gateway
    • Try switching the protocol to HTTPS

    Other issues or problems? Drop a comment on this post and Ill do my best to point you in the right direction!

    Use Google Cloud Print System

    • Open a Chrome browser.
    • Type chrome://devices in the address bar and press Enter.
    • Under New devices, find your printer > click on Manage.
    • In the Confirm Registration box that appears, click on Register.
    • Follow the steps to finish registering.

    Google Cloud Print is a service available that connects your printer to the web. Similar to the previous method, while connected to the same network with the printer, you should be able to view and print any document.

    If your printer is wireless, you must first connect it to the Internet. Then, in your Chromebook, use the WiFi or Google Cloud Print printer driver extension to connect your devices. Adding the printer through the Settings menu is also an option.

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    How To Print On A Chromebook Laptop Without Cloud Print

    Google retired their Google Cloud print service starting this year. This has caused issues for lots of users who relied on the service to be able to print from their Chromebooks. Googles decision was based on the information that the Chromebook now supports lots of printers and users should be able to use their printer directly. If you are one of these users, this is a step-by-step guide on how to print on a Chromebook and how to add a printer to your Chromebook.

    One thing I would like to point out is that there are only a handful of printers that can be configured with Chromebook. The printer manufacturers need to step up and make sure they make their printers compatible with Chromebooks. At the time of writing this article, HP printers seem to have more compatibility as compared to other printers.

    Rip Google Cloud Print

    How To Add A Printer To Chromebook?

    For a while, Chromebooks didn’t have printing built-in. Since Chromebooks can’t download and install the tens of thousands of printer drivers in existence, Google created the service. Google Cloud Print was an internet-enabled printing standard that allowed users to print from any of their devices Chromebooks, Macs, PCs, Android phones, iPhones, and iPads whether they’re trying to print from the next room or the next state over.

    Google Cloud Print was around for the better part of a decade, but unfortunately, as great a service as Google Cloud Print was, it was deprecated in early 2021.

    Thankfully, Google introduced a native print management tool to Chrome OS that allows you to print directly from your Chromebook to a printer on the same Wi-Fi network with no complex setup or shenanigans. We’ll show you how to add your printer to your Chromebook and start printing in no time!

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    How Do You Add A Printer

    On your very first step, you should click the Start button and then navigate to the Control Panel option. Here, you need to click on the Devices and Printers and then opt for the Add a Printer option. Now, you will come across the Add Printer wizard and go to Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer option. Select the printer from the list of available printers and then click on the Next option. Doing so will help you to add your printer and you can easily add a printer with optimum ease.

    The Benefits And A Step

    One of the Chromebooks many innovations is its approach to printing. Instead of a direct connection to a printer, the default option for the Chromebook is to use Google Cloud Print. With Google Cloud Print, you can print from any device sharing the same network allowing you to print from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

    While this represents a significant advance in printing technology, with the goal of making print tasks more convenient, there are occasional problems. Most often, this is an issue with the Google Cloud Print servers, which can lead to substantial delays. This is simply an inconvenience for casual tasks, but if you are using a Chromebook for urgent business or regular personal printing, the issue is highly problematic.

    In these circumstances, its crucial to have a backup process in place. Fortunately, there is now functionality to print to compatible printers using a good old-fashioned USB cable. It may not be the future, but it certainly is reliable!

    We are going to take a look at the three key benefits of printing via USB, and a simple step-by-step guide to show you how to print from Chromebook via USB.

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