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How Ink Jet Printer Works

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How inkjet printer work

In reality, there is no clear answer as to;whether laser printers are better than inkjet printers. Both types of printers have their inherent strengths and weaknesses. However, if you closely examine every aspect that makes each one unique, the ideal option becomes clear.

Since weve already presented the advantages and disadvantages of a laser printer, it only fits that we also do one for the inkjet printer. That way, youll have the information you need to make the right decision.


  • Significantly smaller and lighter, making it perfect for portable and personal home use.
  • The ideal option for creating photos, graphics, and images
  • More affordable than laser printers
  • You can print immediately without waiting for the machine to warm-up
  • A broad range of;compatible and remanufactured cartridges;are available, which can potentially lower your printing costs.;
  • It can work with an array of media, including numerous types of paper and even fabrics.


  • Genuine ink cartridges are very costly, sometimes even more expensive than the inkjet printer itself.
  • The natural composition of inkmakes inkjet prints prone to smudging, bleeding, and moisture damage
  • Inferior print speeds compared to laser printers
  • Requires regular cleaning to maintain print quality.
  • Lower print volume compared to laser printers
Brother DCP-J152W
HP OfficeJet 4620
Canon Pixma MG3520

Piezoelectric Or Piezo Print Heads

This technology is patented by EPSON and creates high quality prints. It uses an electric charge paired with piezo crystal to spray out the inks when the user commands.

A crystal is located behind the nozzles ink reservoir, where a vibration is caused electronically. During the electric charge, the crystal experiences an inward vibration and the nozzle throws out the ink in small amounts.

When the electric charge causes an outward vibration, the nozzle pulls the ink back to the reservoir to replace the ink sprayed out.

Now that we have understood the types of systems involved in industrial inkjet printers along with the technologies.

Let us walk through together different types of inks which inkjet printers use.

A Brief History Of Inkjet Printers

If you want to understand how an inkjet printer works, you might want to explore innovations like the moveable metal type, that was pioneered in the 15th century, or the typewriter, that was created in the 1860s. Both devices work by striking a writing surface with letter-shaped objects.

Early printers mimicked thisgolf balls or daisy wheels spun at high speeds to strike the paper once the right letter or symbol was aligned. As technology progressed, using dots to create symbols and letters led to the dot matrix printers of the 1990s, which used a few dozen tiny needles that struck a ribbon, which subsequently printed onto paper. While this was an adequate initial printer, the next innovation was the inkjet printer.

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What Is A Inkjet Printer

The inkjet printer, a printer head has nozzles that place the ink on the printer. Inkjet uses liquid ink to spray characters on to the page. Non-impact printers do not strike any ribbon or paper to pro duce the image. Instead, they use ink spraying, elec trostatic magnetization or heat process to produce the required image.

As the inkjet printers do not use any ribbon and the ink is directly released to the paper, the image looks much smoother than the image generate using a dot-matrix impact printer.

Could Your Production Line Benefit From A Tij Printer

ELECTRONICS GURUKULAM: How inkjet printer Works?

Based on the information we have discussed here, the right question to ask is no longer, How does thermal inkjet printing work? Instead, you should be asking yourself, Is a thermal inkjet printer right for me? If you look at your production facility and see a need for reliably scannable codes but not the requirement of a high-speed, industrial printer like a CIJ printer, then a TIJ printer is likely right for you. However, if you arent sure that this product type will best suit your operation, our printing experts are happy to help point you towards the right printer and ink for your unique operation.;

To learn more about how thermal inkjet printing works or to find out which inkjet printer model is right for you, contact InkJet, Inc. today by dialing .

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How Do Laser Printers Work: The Laser Printing Process


How do laser printers work? What is the laser printing process all about?

Quick answer: Laser printers use an electrical charge to attract toner particles to a transfer roller. Toner particles are pressed onto a piece of paper, while heat and pressure from the fuser unit permanently fix the image onto the page.

This video below outlines how laser printers work. As you’ll see, it is a complex dance of data, static electricity, and light. Well go into more detail about how laser printers work below.

Image Quality And Color

  • The main reason for selecting an inkjet printer over other printers is the quality provided by them. These are preferred for high-resolution printing which is as high as 1400 dots per inch. Dots per inch represents printed dots and space between them and is the most familiar measure of resolution.;
  • They print quality text and graphics in both black and white and color included photos. Color of the image provided is vivid and bright. Exceptional tone and shade can be seen.

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Ink Is The Hidden Cost Of Inkjet Printing

Artwork: Printing a modest 2025 pages a week, you can expect to spend twice as much on ink each year as you spent originally on your computer. So, over 10 years, you’ll spend 20 times more on ink than you spent on your printer. Based on real figures for a typical popular printer.

Inkjet printers are extremely cheap to buy; even all-in-one printers, with scanning and basic “photocopying” built into the same machine are remarkably inexpensive. Before you marvel at what a great deal you’re getting, take a moment to ponder how printer makers can afford to do this: they earn their money not from the printers but from the inkjet cartridges you’ll keep feeding into them forever more . Considering that inkjet cartridges are little more than tiny plastic boxes with ink-filled sponges inside, they’re very expensive. The printers themselves seem designed to use as much ink as they possibly can with endless nozzle-cleaning maintenance routines .

Artwork: Switching from Arial to Times New Roman uses about a quarter less ink, according to Consumer Reports. But don’t get too carried away: saving money on ink won’t save money in your company if it takes people longer to read things.

What’s Different About Inkjet Printing

How Does an Inkjet Printer Work?

Inkjet printers were really an evolution of dot-matrix printers.Instead of metal needles, they use hundreds of tiny guns to firedots of ink at the paper instead. The characters they print are stillmade up of dots, just like in a dot-matrix printer, but the dots are sovery tiny that you cannot see them. Different types of inkjet printerfire the ink in various ways. In Canon printers, the ink is fired byheating it so it explodes toward the paper in bubbles. This is whyCanon sells its printers under the brand name “Bubble Jet.” Epsonprinters work a slightly different way. They use an effect called piezoelectricity.Tiny electric currents controlled by electronic circuits inside theprinter make miniature crystals jiggle back and forth, firing ink injets as they do so. You can think of inkjet printers very simply as afiring squad of nozzles rattling off millions of dots of ink at thepaper every single second!

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How Do Traditional Inkjets Work

In a traditional thermal inkjet printer, ink is fed in to thousands of tiny reservoirs in the printhead from the cartridge, then heated rapidly by a tiny resistor, which causes the ink to form a bubble. This bubble then propels the miniscule droplets through a nozzle on to the page, where each forms an equally miniscule dot. These dots form the lines, characters and subtle gradations of colour that we see in a finished printout, whether thats a simple letter, a 20-page report packed with charts and graphs or a family photo.

In black-and-white prints, dots of black ink, placed precisely in microscopically controlled quantities, create crisp, black text and smooth lines. In full-colour prints, coloured dots of up to eight different coloured inks are layered accurately in patterns or directly on top of one another, creating the impression that there are millions of different colours on the page.

Its clever stuff, but the traditional inkjet has its limitations. The printhead is very small and can only deposit ink on a tiny section of the paper at a time, which means that the printhead has to travel right to left then left to right across the sheet, printing one line of dots at a time. When the line is finished, the paper transport mechanism the mechanism that pulls paper in to the printer, under the printhead and in to the output tray moves the paper in to place for the next line.

Advantages Of Inkjet Printer

The inkjet printer creates excellent print quality. We can use some glossy paper types to achieve the feel of photographs. So, inkjet printers are great as they are less expensive to purchase and produce high-quality prints.

In conclusion, the Inkjet printers working is a combination of many parts working together, and it is not as simple as it looks. I hope next time you print, you will know what is happening behind the scenes. Happy printing.

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Use An Inkjet Printer For:

  • Office printing: Use an inkjet printer for basic office print jobs, like contracts, manuals, and emails.
  • Thermal printers cannot print high-quality photographs, making inkjet printers the ideal solution.
  • Temporary signage: Print short-term notices, announcements, and reminders designed for short-term use .

What Am I Using It For

Ink vs. Toner Cartridges: How Are They Different?

One way to decide whether to buy a laser or an inkjet printer is to look into what you want to do with it. If color is not important to you, then its a no-brainer. A laser printer will be more cost-efficient and faster. But if you want to print out your kids computer artwork in color or print the occasional photograph, then youre probably in the market for an inkjet.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Thermal Printer

There are several reasons to consider a thermal printer for your facility. Here are a few advantages of investing in a thermal printer:

  • Durable: Labels and signs created with thermal printers last longer and stand up to a wider variety of weather conditions than those printed with ink.
  • Versatile:;Thermal transfer printers can print documents, labels, and signs that meet various needs, including durable arc flash labels, text- and graphics-based floor marking, and labels meant for extreme conditions such as cold storage.
  • Less maintenance: With fewer moving parts, thermal printers tend to last longer, are easier to maintain, and run more reliably than inkjet printers.

How Does Thermal Inkjet Printing Work

One of the most popular categories of industrial inkjet printers available today, thermal inkjet printers are compact, cost-effective machines that are built to create high-resolution codes on a variety of substrates. Coming in a host of makes and models that emphasize different advantages , TIJ printers can meet the needs of the modern production line without compromising quality. However, depending on the unique needs of your enterprise, there is a possibility that an alternative machine, such as a continuous inkjet printer or high-resolution case coding printer, may be better suited.;

To provide clarification on the subject, this article will detail the basics of the question, How does thermal inkjet printing work? as well as profile what benefits arise from the drop ejection printing process used by these machines. With this information, you should be able to determine which of these devices is right for you.;

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What Are The Main Parts Of An Inkjet Printer

With the front of my printer open, you can clearly see all the important bits:

  • Plasticgears driven by an electric stepper motor turn rollers that advance the paper through the printer.
  • A flexible ribbon cable carries printing instructions from the electronic circuit inside the printer to the moving cartridge.
  • Plastic and rubber rollers pinch the paper tightly so it can be moved through the printer with absolute precision.
  • A sturdy metal rail guides the printer head as it moves back and forth.
  • Spiked wheels at the front of the printer help to grip the paper securely and move it precisely.
  • The print cartridge prints from left to right then reverses the print information and prints backwards from right to left. This is known as bidirectional printing and allows pages to be printed much faster.
  • Easy To Use And Reasonably Fast

    How do Inkjet Printers work?
    • They can be used even by students for various purposes like printing photos and making projects. These printers provide better color with not so complicated operation.
    • They are reasonably fast with the capacity of printing 20-30 papers per minute. It is because they take little to no warm-up time and start providing printed documents as soon as you operate them.

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    How Does A Piezo Inkjet Printer Work

    Piezo inkjet printers use the Drop-On-Demand printing technique, which means the printer carries the ink in a chamber located in the printhead. This printing technique is also used by thermal inkjet printers.

    In order to apply ink on a surface, piezo inkjet printers use the so-called piezoelectric effect. This effect consists in creating a voltage on the surface of a piezoelectric material by deforming it. As a result, the printing nozzle is momentarily deformed, exerting a high pressure on the ink and making the printhead eject an ink droplet. The polarity of the voltage is then reversed so that the ink stops flowing from the nozzle.

    There are two modes in which the piezo inkjet printers apply ink: the bend and the shear mode. In the first case, the ink is drawn and forced out of the chamber via the nozzle by a two-way expansion. The second mode achieves the same result, only that pressure waves are used instead, consuming less energy.

    Where Is Printer Ink Stored

    The printer ink is held in a cartridge, identified by a unique cartridge number. Different inkjet printer models work with different ink cartridges.An ink cartridge is classified as standard-yield or high-yield depending upon the amount of ink it holds.High-yield Epson or Canon printer ink cartridges, for instance, can print more as they hold more ink. Consumers who print frequently often buy high-yield ink cartridges to reduce printing costs.A typical inkjet printer for professional use utilizes a black plus three-color ink system. The three primary colors include cyan, magenta, and yellow. The primary colors produce all other printable colors through blending. Photographers, graphic designers, and others who require high-quality prints, use inkjets that have four, five or more color-inks.Most inkjet printers have a separate black ink cartridge. An inkjet printer may use a single cartridge that houses all colors or it may have separate ink cartridges for all colors.Inkjet cartridges also have microchips and other small, electronic components that help control the ink spray and measure the amount of ink left.

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    Input And Output Trays

    Most current printers work by pulling paper in from the front, running it around the drum or roller, and then popping it out to the output tray. However, if youre printing on heavier stock, you dont want to bend the paper; in that case, you may want to look for a printer that has an input tray coming from the back of the printer, so that the paper is pushed through on a straight line.

    Some printers also allow you to have more than one paper tray in front, letting you choose different colored paper, for example, or having one tray hold letter-sized paper and the other hold legal-sized.

    You also want to know how many sheets of paper your input and output trays are capable of holding. If you plan to, say, print out a 200-page manuscript, you dont want an output tray that is only capable of handling 50 pages, or you could find 150 of your pages strewn over your floor.

    Kind Of Print Jobs To Use Your Inkjet Printer

    Ink jet and thermal printers

    The ink tends to be pricey compared to toner, so printing large volumes of black text is not the best option. Here are some things you can print with your inkjet printer:

    • Paper that requires a slow print speed
    • Duplexing label sheets

    Dont use an inkjet printer for:

    • Long print jobs
    • Glossy paper

    Final Word

    The article has a short overview of how does an inkjet printer work. Now that you understand inkjet printer operation, you can improve its efficiency by finding the best ink cartridge and technology to create high-quality and durable images and text.

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