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How Do You Know If A Printer Needs Routine Maintenance

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Why Should I Call Printer Repair Expert

PRINTER REPAIR: How To Do Maintenance On Your HP LaserJet M525C MFP

There are many reasons why you need to call an expert, below are some of it

  • Printer not working
  • Fonts being printed is of poor and unreasonable quality
  • Printer warranty expires
  • The printer is skipping pages
  • The printer stopped working after printing a few pages
  • Printer manufacturer support not available
  • In need of routine maintenance for your printer

Equipment Maintenance Best Practices Basics Objectives And Functions

The main aim of prompt equipment maintenance revolves around maintaining top functionality and minimizing breakdowns. Maintenance management of mechanical equipment includes repair, replacement and servicing of tools. It ensures their operational viability and prevents fluctuations in the production process.

The evolving nature of many industries is calling out for better equipment maintenance practices. In todays age, even a minor downtime can lower the overall efficiency of machines and lead to major production losses. In financial terms, the average cost of unplanned downtime is $260,000 per hour. Thus, its critical for organizations to design a robust maintenance strategy.

Failure to do so can result in the following consequences:

  • Loss in production and resources
  • Possibility of project subcontracting
  • Material wastage from unused resources
  • Overtime labor due to unexpected downtime
  • Early disposal of machinery and equipment

But there is a way out! You can avoid these shortcomings by laying down a few basic objectives for your equipment maintenance program.

  • Set internal quality and usage standards: This helps the staff to streamline maintenance based on the asset type, so that assets are operated in the right manner and there are less chances of misuse and downtime.
  • Stick to deadlines: To complete daily tasks within deadlines, adhere to your maintenance plan. Completing tasks also minimizes any waste of repair resources.

Less Expensive In The Long

When you buy a printer, your business has to spend more money at the moment of acquisition. But, if you take good care of the printer, you will not have to buy another one for a long time.

If you lease a printer, you will be paying each month to use it. Those monthly lease payments will exceed the one-time cost of purchasing your own.

Another long-term benefit of buying a printer is the ability to sell the printer. If you decide that you want to upgrade or go paper-free, you can sell the printer and recover some of the original cost.

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Workflow Standardization And Increased Productivity

There are many wrong ways to do a job, but there is only one way to do a job right in the minimum required time. Outlining steps technicians should take during a PM improves productivity, helps new people to do the job properly with minimal supervision, makes it easier for one technician to jump in and finish the job that someone else started, and, most importantly, improves the overall quality of work. Use SOPs to standardize maintenance work across the board.

Open Up Your Photocopier

The Ruhof Team Verification Is a Critical Step in the ...

Of course, the outside of your copy machine isnt the only thing that youll need to keep clean!

Youll also need to make sure that dust hasnt built up on the inside of your machine, which can cause jams and seriously throw a wrench in your workday.

If you ignore the internal parts of your copier for too long?

They could end up getting so damaged that youll need to replace them.

About once every two to three weeks, open up your copier and wipe down the parts with a dry, lint-free cloth.

If you really want to get into the nooks and crannies of your copying machine?

Invest in a can of compressed air, and go to town!

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How To Prepare A Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Checklists can be a great tool to standardize routine tasks that have to be run regularly. In the same fashion, a preventive maintenance checklist can be used to streamline a variety of preventive maintenance tasks.

However, preventive maintenance checklists are only useful if created with a purpose and include all of the necessary information.

To ensure your PM checklists are practical to use, continue reading this article as we:

  • briefly discuss the main benefits of preventive maintenance checklists
  • list information sources you want to check before creating them
  • outline information that should be included on a preventive maintenance checklist
  • look at a few examples used in practice
  • show how you can easily create maintenance checklists using Limbles PM Builder

Maintenance Screen Shots Mac

You will likely find utility and maintenance controls in System Preferences » Print & Fax » Set Up Printers.

Choose your printer in the printer list and click Utility near the top of the screen.


Older Epson models

Canon Printers

Some Canon printers also have additional cleaning features. As you can see below, this model has a bottom plate and roller cleaning option.

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Characteristics Of A Good Pm Checklist

1) The steps are communicated clearly and concisely

Having too much information can be just as confusing as having too little. Finding the balance can be tricky. In general, a good PM should be simple enough for a new maintenance technician to follow with minimum supervision.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Avoid writing long paragraphs. It doesnt look great in a CMMS and it definitely doesnt look better on paper . Instead, consider breaking it into multiple short steps.
  • If something needs a detailed explanation, consider using a diagram or a picture instead .
  • Every step should have a purpose. If it doesnt have a purpose, it probably shouldnt be included on the checklist in the first place.
  • Be precise. If an asset has 2 evaporator coils and you have a step called check the evaporator coil, that is obviously not precise enough. Which one should the technician check? Maybe both? If they have to ask around, your checklist could be more precise.

2) The steps are laid out sequentially

Step-by-step checklists should always present a list of actions to be followed in the exact order in which they should be completed.

3) The information is regularly updated

Creating a PM checklist is not something you should just set and forget. Here are a few reasons why you need to update PM checklists regularly:

What Does Printer Maintenance Mean

How to access MAINTENANCE MODE / Service Menu on a Brother Printer

Just like any other item that has working mechanisms, a printer will require periodic maintenance. Performing such processes will keep failure from happening and will allow your printer to provide great results each time.

But, what does printer maintenance means? How often should it be performed? And how to tell if a printer needs maintenance?

A printer maintenance process makes reference to cleaning and other operations meant to keep the printer functioning right. When it comes to printers, cleaning should be done both on the outside and inside.

So, before starting anything, read the users manual of the printer you own. The manual will tell you how to properly remove any mobile parts, for proper cleaning.

Also, each manufacturer will have its own set of recommendations when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

Other operations related to printer maintenance are connected to refilling or changing the printers toner or ink cartridges, replacing rollers if the case, or replacing the drum.

However, when it comes to changing parts, you should not do this part unless it is necessary. Errors on the printers screen or serious malfunctions will tell you if parts are defective.

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Importance Of Computer Maintenance

Computers play a vital role in your daily life and you can use a PC to do many things, for example, surf the Internet, watch movies, play games, deal with work, etc. PC maintenance is very important to ensure your computer runs smoothly.

If you have ever lost important files due to hard drive crash, spending much time in removing a nasty virus or frying a CPU since you didnt clean the fan, perhaps you clearly know why you need to maintain your computer.

Prevention is better than cure! If you take some time to perform some basic PC maintenance tasks, you can not only make sure the machine has optimal performance but also lengthen the devices lifespan. Otherwise, the few minutes that you didnt spend on desktop/laptop maintenance could become hours of unnecessary work in the future.

Now, lets look at the computer maintenance steps that you should do on a regular basis and how to do them effectively. Firstly, you should know its types.

Dealing With The Cartridges

Refilling your ink cartridges regularly is also one of the very important factors. Since the refill cartridges are a little costly, people often buy the cheaper ink cartridges. Eventually, which spoils the printer and the print-out quality.

So, always tend to buy the best quality ink cartridges that will keep your printers and print outs quality up to the mark.

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How To Clean And Maintain And Care For Your Photo Inkjet Printer

Learn how to clean and maintain and care for your photo inkjet printer

Inkjet printers may look like little plastic boxes with some electronics crammed inside, but they are actually very sophisticated pieces of hardware. Witness the print head zipping back and forth while spraying drops of ink the size of a red blood cell and hitting the mark with that drop thousands of times a second. Get the idea? Printers need care and should be taken care of to get consistent print quality, paper feed, and longer print life.

Printer Roller And Feed Mechanism Cleaning Tips

Kathryn Mlodzienski How To Plan A Budget Friendly Wedding ...

If you use your printer often, and especially if you use double-sided inkjet papers, proper maintenance of the feed rollers is important. Paper leaves behind dust as it runs through your printer. Double-sided papers leave inkjet coating behind, which can be slick. You will eventually notice inconsistent feeding or sometimes your printer will not feed at all.

Also, ink over-spray can build up on the rollers below the print head. This results in black streaks, usually on the back of your paper.

Follow the steps below and any feed or streaking issues should disappear.

NOTE! Red River Paper assumes no liability if you follow these cleaning steps. If you are careless in cleaning your printer, damage could occur. We have been cleaning our printers in this manner for 18 years with no problems to date.

What you will need:Bottle of rubbing alcohol Alcohol pads

If you can find it, ethyl alcohol pads seem to work better and are easier on rubber and plastic parts.

First, look down the feed tray of your printer – see image below.

Canon printer note!

Because Canon printers do not have an on demand paper feed button, you will not be able to reach the entire roller.

When running the alcohol soaked sheet through, you will have to make a print – we suggest a text document with only one line or character.

If you are having trouble with ink streaks on your paper, try this:

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Why Is My Hp Printer Not Responding To My Computer

Make sure the correct ink or toner cartridges are installed, and that the printer has sufficient ink or toner for your print job. Make sure no error messages or blinking lights display on the printer control panel. Resolve any errors before you use the printer. Restart the printer to clear any error states.

Update Windows System And Programs

One of the best ways to make sure your PC is at the best state is to keep your operating system up-to-date. For the Windows system, Microsoft always keeps rolling out updates and security patches to improve the overall user experience.

You can go to Windows Update, check for available updates and restart the PC to install them. Besides, ensure you install the latest driver software.

Additionally, you should update critical programs. Just go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest version of your program to install.

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Four Signs Your Hp Printer Needs Repair

Printers dont always last as long as wed like them to. Nearly 75% of all printers bought new or swapped out since 2016 have been because they either stopped working as they needed or because they stopped working altogether. If your printer is acting up, before you go and throw your old HP printer in the trash, consider contacting a printer repair company to see if your problems can be fixed. In many cases, HP printer repaircan solve a variety of problems that would otherwise cause owners to scrap their old units.

Signs You Need HP Printer Repair

  • Lines and Ink BlotsLines and ink blots on documents can quickly ruin them and make them both illegible and unattractive. When lines like this start appearing and you cant seem to make them stop, its tempting to just toss the unit and buy another one. However, these issues may be caused by loose or broken ink rollers, a problem that can easily be fixed by an HP printer repair service. If this is the case, a technician will be able to replace the broken rollers or tell you if there is an underlying issue going on in the printer.
  • If you have noticed any of these signs in your printer, its could be time to invest in some HP printer maintenance, especially if your printer is fairly new. While printers arent designed to last forever, with the proper upkeep and repair, you can keep your unit performing well into the future.

    Maintenance On Your Schedule

    How to Replace a T6715/T6716 Maintenance Box (Epson WF-4725DWF)

    All equipment needs routine maintenance, and its your responsibility to do it for any equipment your business owns. While this is relatively straightforward and for the first twelve months all maintenance occurs, over time theres a chance your printers will miss a routine check or two, and before long theyll just stop working. This is not the case when you lease a printer or other hardware systems.

    When you sign a lease, the lease includes regular maintenance, thats usually at an added cost.

    The leasing agent still owns the printer, they want to be sure it stays in top condition. You have no control over maintenance costs, which add up substantially over time.

    Scheduled maintenance will happen as directed, but if the machine breaks, most leasing agents do not send help quickly. You will have to wait until their repair person is available. This could take days, as their people are out on scheduled maintenance visits.

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    Does Windows 10 Have Printer Maintenance

    To get to the printer maintenance settings in Windows 10: From the Start Menu select Settings. Then Devices, Bluetooth, Printers, Mouse. Scroll to the bottom of the screen!!!! Double-click Devices and Printers. Your printers should be listed (just like the old days Double-click the printer you wish to maintain.

    Keep An Eye On The Driver Installation

    Most people often neglect this factor but this can also affect the quality of your printout. Some manufacturers offer an automatic update option yet some dont. Hence, you need to do the manual update for those who dont.

    Keeping the printer software up-to-date eliminates many loopholes in printing and improves the printing software.

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    Use A Disk Space Analysis Tool

    To keep your PC clean and free from un-required data, understanding what is on your computer is helpful. A disk space analysis tool can scan your PC and show you all your data.

    Here you can use MiniTool Partition Wizard since it offers a feature called Space Analyzer to scan your disk, let you know what is taking up your space, and easily and intuitively display the result.

    What Does A Printer Maintenance Kit Do

    MacBook keyboard repair program: What you need to know ...

    A maintenance kit is a set of replacement parts for a printer. Each printer has a preset maintenance interval, which occurs after a certain amount of pages are printed. The maintenance interval lets the user know that its time to install the maintenance kit so that the parts within the printer do not get overused.

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    Get Better Printouts With A Printer Maintenance Plan

    A laser printer that produces low-quality printouts can be quite a nuisance. Whats worse, it can negatively affect your productivity. However, this can be avoided if you have the best printer maintenance plan.

    If your printer is constantly producing low-quality printouts even with regular maintenance, then you need a new cartridge. Create a free account and get a 10% coupon on your next ink and cartridge purchase. Use coupon code: INKTONERSTORE10

    Choose An Appropriate Support System

    Companies can opt for either a manual or a computerized system when it comes to picking an equipment maintenance software. A software might seem costly as it needs some upfront investment involving subscription fees, but it comes along with many benefits.

    Equipment maintenance software allows you to mass import asset data on to a cloud based platform. You can schedule each item for recurring service periods. This automates repair reminders and makes items unavailable for check-out to your employees.

    In comparison to a manual maintenance system, an online system has quick response time and easy access to all asset information, in turn, reducing average downtime duration.

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