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How Do I Get My Printer Online Again

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How Do I Stop My Printer From Going Offline

Printer Offline – How to Get the Printer Back Online

How to Keep a Printer From Switching to Offline

  • Open the Start menu and click Control Panel.
  • Double-click the Printers and Faxes or Printers and Devices icon.
  • Right-click the icon for the printer that keeps switching to offline mode and choose Properties from the contextual menu that appears.
  • Go to the Ports tab at the top of the pop-up window.
  • How To Hard Reset My Printer

    If youre having some printer issues, then hard resetting your printer may help you fix your printer.

    To hard reset a printer, you have to unplug the power cord in your printer to turn it off. You dont have to press the power button to turn it off. Just unplug and leave it that way for at least two minutes.

    Afterward, connect the power cord back to your printer and make sure that your printer is connected directly to a wall outlet and not a power extender.

    Press the power button to turn your printer on and see if everythings fixed.

    Those are the steps to hard reset your printer successfully.

    How To Change A Hp Printer From Offline To Online

    Windows has a printer setting that allows you to use your printer when it is offline. The setting allows you to save the documents you want to print when the printer isn’t connected to your computer when you change it back to online, the computer sends the documents to the printer. Changing from offline to online sends print jobs directly to your Hewlett-Packard printer without waiting. Your printer must be connected to your computer before you can change the setting from “Offline” to “Online.”

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Right-click the icon for your Hewlett-Packard printer. It may be labeled with HP or Hewlett-Packard as part of the device name. If it does not, you may have to click the printers in the window without manufacturer names to see the details of each. At the bottom of the window, next to “Manufacturer” it says “HP” or “Hewlett-Packard.” Click the “See What’s Printing” option.

    Step 3


    • Make sure there are no paper jams, empty cartridges or hardware problems.

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    Why Does My Printer Keep Going Offline In Windows 10

    Your printer might appear offline if it cant communicate with your PC. Your printers built-in menu should show which network its connected to, or check your printers manual for more info. Verify that your printer is not in Use Printer Offline mode. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners.

    One Smart Way To Get The Printer Back Online From Offline

    How to get HP printer online
    • To get your printer online, go to the settings and after that select Printers. Right-click the Printer option and click on Use Printer Online.
    • Check if there are some print jobs. If yes, then remove them. Double click on the printer you want to select.
    • Select the Printer Menu and click on the Cancel all documents option.
    • If there were any print jobs or , it may have caused the error and made the printer go offline. In this case, try printing again to make the printer come online again. Print a page as the test to check that there are no errors now.
    • Find the printer and switch that to Printer Off and then, again turn it on again.
    • Check and make sure there should be no print jams.
    • Again, check the network connectivity and also wireless connections. Make sure every connection should be properly working. Reboot your computer or device.
    • In case, if it does not work, you will need to do the re-installation of drivers.

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    How To Get Epson Printer Online

    One of the more common problems faced by Epson printer users is the computer showing the Printer Offline when it is actually on and ready to print. When your Printer shows Offline, it generally indicates it cannot communicate with the computer. If you are facing a similar problem with your Epson printer, here are some quick solutions to resolve the issue.

    How Do I Get My Printer Back Online

    The steps listed below have been sorted into an order that takes into account how easy the step is to complete and the likelihood of it resolving the issue.

    As tempting as it may be to skip some of the early steps I would implore you to trust me that all steps are worth the time they would take to perform. The fact is that your USB cable is much more likely to get tugged out of the printer than the driver to cause an obscure conflict on your PC.


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    Why Does My Hp Printer Say Its Offline When It Is Not

    Your printer might appear offline if it cant communicate with your PC. Your printers built-in menu should show which network its connected to, or check your printers manual for more info. Verify that your printer is not in Use Printer Offline mode. Select Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners.

    How To Get Printer Online

    How To Get Your Printer Online

    This is really problematic whenever you are trying to print some useful document on your Printer. But your printer says printer is offline message. You will see printer will not print anything and you have no idea why you are not getting any prints out from your printer. Check out this useful article about how to get printer online back from offline status.

    There is a number of reason your printer can go offline. In many cases, there might be a connectivity issue while sometimes powered down the printer. In most of the cases, you can get the printer back online by just following a few steps from your windows. But even if you are not able to get back your printer online status, there are few more troubleshooting steps you can use to get your printer online.

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    How Do I Get My Hp Printer Back Online

    This issue often occurs due to the lack of communication between the two devices.

    Some guidance for HP users in this case are:

  • Switch on the printer.
  • If it doesnt turn on automatically, then follow the steps explained ahead.
  • Unplug the power cord from the printer
  • While it is unplugged from the printing device, unplug the power code from the router too.
  • After a minuter connect the power cord to the router
  • After the router turns on, plug in the cable of the printer, and it should now be connected to the network.
  • You can also try the following steps if it still does not work:

    • Check if the system is in airplane mode.
    • If it is in airplane mode, then disable it quickly.
    • Switch off the windows firewall for some time.
    • Do check if there is any paper jam.

    Why Is My Printer Not Responding To My Computer

    Outdated printer drivers can cause the Printer not responding message to appear. However, you can fix that problem simply by installing the latest drivers for your printer. The simplest way to do that is to use the Device Manager. Windows will try to download a suitable driver for your printer.

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    Make Printer Online Using Device Manager

    If you prefer using Device manager, you can follow the steps below to make printer online on your Windows computer.

    1. Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manager option in the WinX menu.

    2. On Device Manager Screen, click on the Action tab and select Devices and Printers option in the drop-down menu.

    Note: If Devices and Printers option does not appear, retry again after sometime.

    3. On Devices and Printers screen, right-click on the Offline Printer and select See whats printing option in the contextual menu.

    4. On the next screen, select the Printer Tab and click on Use Printer Offline option to remove the check mark on this item.

    5. Wait for the printer to come back online.

    Once the printer comes back online, it should start printing whatever was in the print queue.

    How To Fix It When Your Printer Is Offline In Windows

    How do I get my printer back pause to online.

    If you use a printer with a Windows computer, and the printer status is offline, try these troubleshooting steps in the order we present them, from simple to more complicated.

  • Plug in the printer and turn it on. It’s important to check that the printer is operational.

  • Reboot the computer. Restarting a computer solves many errors and problems. Give this a try and see if it solves the offline printer problem.

  • Power cycle the printer. As with many electronic devices, turning a printer off and on again often fixes problems, including a printer that appears offline. Turn the printer off, unplug it, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. Turn it on and try again. If it still shows offline, continue troubleshooting.

  • Check the network connection status. If the printer is wireless, it needs a network connection to your PC to work. If your network is offline, you’ve likely found the problem.

    When other devices in your home or office are online, your network is up.

  • Make sure the printer is connected to the network or computer. If the printer isn’t properly connected to the network or computer, it won’t respond. If the printer physically connects to the computer, make sure the cables are securely plugged in. If it’s a wireless printer, check its network connection status.

    Some printers have an option to test wireless connectivity. Check the printer manufacturer’s website to find out if your model has this ability. If so, run a connectivity test to ensure it’s properly connected.

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    What Causes Dell Printer Offline

    There are several possible causes for your Dell printer offline message such as the computer software being updated, a connection issue between the hardware of the printer and PC , the printer may need firmware updates, or the printer driver on the PC needs an update.

    However, the most common reason for this issue and the one Im going to focus on fixing in this article is the issue caused by a miss communication between the PC, Wireless router and printer through its WIFI connection that cause the i.p address to change. This issue has 3 possible causes or a combination of all:

  • The computer is turning off the wireless adapter to save power.
  • The Firewall / antivirus software is causing the communication error.
  • Network information is missing in the printer settings / incorrect i.p address.
  • Printer Driver Installation Help

    Weve identified where you can safely get your printer driver. These are the main support websites of major printer manufacturers. We dont advise using third-party providers to get your printer driver for your security and privacy.

    HP Support Printer Driver Download

    Epson Support Printer Driver Download

    Canon Support Printer Driver Download

    Brother Support Printer Driver Download

    If youre able to get your printer back online and print a document, then thats great. You did a good job fixing your printer offline issue.

    If you were not able to print any document and the printer offline error message still shows, then follow the troubleshooting steps below.

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    The Meaning Behind The Printer Offline Error Message

    The Printer Offline error message is one of the most common errors received by Epson printer users. Though it can seem ominous, the error is usually not indicative of the end of days for your printer.

    A printer typically shows an offline error message if it is experiencing a setting error, connectivity issues, or has outdated drivers or software. While all of these problems require different solutions, they can often be performed efficiently without a costly repair bill.

    Why Do Printers Go Offline

    How to Get Your Printer Online in Windows 10

    Well, there is an issue in this regard which is mostly faced by the windows users.

    The issue is that it shows an offline message on only one machine, and all other computers have an online signal.

    Well, you might be thinking that this issue could be an IP address issue, but in reality, it is not.

    The solution to this issue is much more straightforward but a bit stranger too.

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    Solution : Checking Your Vpn Connection

    The HP Printer Offline issue often appears when the printer is connected to a VPN. Below mentioned are the steps to troubleshoot the problem concerning VPN connection

  • Try accessing your printer once after disconnecting from VPN
  • In case you want to use both VPN and your printer you can connect your printer and computer with a USB cable
  • You can also try reconfiguring your VPN configuration and getting local network access for fixing your HP Printer going offline issue
  • Physically Checking The Printer And Cables

    • Check that both ends of the USB cable are properly inserted. And, if the printer has networks, then check the proper insertion of Ethernet cables. And, ifyour printer has a wireless connection, then check for the internet connection and printers connectivity to the router.
    • If the printer is connected with the help of a cable, try inserting the cable in different sockets on your computer.
    • To make sure that there is no fault in the cable, you can check by using another cable.

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    Advanced Steps On How To Change Printer Status To Online

  • Reset WiFi routerUnplug your WiFi router from its power source. Wait two minutes and reconnect your WiFi router.
  • Reconnect all your devicesThis step can be skipped if your devices were able to reconnect automatically. If not, then check each of them and see if you have internet access.For connecting your wireless printer to your WiFi, follow step #4 of the previous section.Once connected, it will show your printers IP address after the setup is done.If your printer is already connected, click on the wireless icon to check for your printers IP address. Take note of that one, well be using that later.
  • Access your WiFi setting using your computerOpen the Run application again. Type in cmd and click OK. It will open a black window on your screen. Dont worry, we are not hacking your computer or making any major changes to it. Were just trying to get your WiFis IP address, so you access its settings.Once youre on your cmd window, type in ipconfig. It will show you a list of IP addresses, look for the phrase default gateway. The number next to that phrase is your internets IP address.To access your WiFi settings, open any web browser, and type in on the address bar the IP address of your WiFi.It will prompt you to your WiFis gateway login page, have your username and password ready.Check our FAQ section at the end of this article for a more detailed version of this step.
  • If This Doesn’t Work You Will Have To Reinstall The Drivers

    How to Change a Printer from Offline to Online

    To reinstall the drivers go to “Settings” then “Printers” and select the printer.

    Right-click on the printer and choose “Properties”.

    Under the “General” or “Details” look for the driver button, select it and choose the driver again.

    You may also have to download the driver from the printer manufacturer’s website.

    Reinstall the printer. Under “Printers” in the “Settings” menu, go back select the printer.

    Delete the printer from the menu and reinstall it again through the “Add printer” wizard.

    Use the latest printer driver from the printer manufacturer’s website.

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    When Does The Printer Go Offline

    Failure to connect with your computer is the primary reason for your printer to go offline. Depending upon your printers age, version of drivers being used and the compatibility with the attached computer, the reason for this issue varies from case to case.

    The most common and primary reason for this issue to arise is due to missing or outdated driver updates. Printer drivers are important piece of software that assists in proper functioning of its hardware. Failure to do so causes the printer to perform sluggishly, creating frequent problems with respect to printing.

    Another common reason associated with this issue is the prolonged inactivity of your printer. If a printer is idle for many hours, chances are it may enter into sleep mode. This is just an efficient way of conserving power in modern day printers, if they are not used for most time of the day. The simple way to wake your printer is by pressing power button for 1 second. This will ensure your printer is active before it receives any print command.

    Get My Epson Printer Back Online

    Is your Epson printer turned on and connected to WiFi but still not showing up on your device as a printer option? You have likely run into one of the most common issues that Epson wireless printer owners face: The dreaded offline error.

    Luckily, while there is nothing more frustrating than your computer refusing to communicate with your printer, it is also a problem that is typically easy to fix. This article will outline the solutions you can use to get your Epson printer back online.


  • 4 Epson Printer Support
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    Solution : By Adding A Second Printer

    In case any of the above solutions didn’t work for you and the HP printer offline error is still there on your Windows 10 computer you can try adding a second printer. This can be done by using the following steps

  • Open the Control Panel and click on Devices and Printers
  • Once you find your printer, right-click on it and click on Remove Device
  • Now click on the ports tab and select the Add Port option
  • Select the Standard TCP/IP Port option and then click on the New Port option
  • After the printer Port Wizard tab opens click on Next
  • Enter all the details that are asked for in the tab by referring to your printers manual
  • Once all details are mentioned click on Next. This will add a second printer which will be connected
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