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How Do I Get A Fax Number For My Printer

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Fax Through Online Fax Solution

How to get a free fax number and receive faxes to your email address

Even if you own an ordinary printer, or if you dont even own a printer, CocoFax will help you send and receive faxes successfully. Cocofax is one of the biggest online free fax service providers in the market. Their high-end fax system is capable of sending and receiving faxes without the need for a printer or fax machine.

Getting A Toll Free Fax Number From Phone Provider

Your local phone provider will be able to offer service to get a toll-free fax number through them. This toll-free fax number will either complement your local fax number or be your primary fax number.

The benefits of using a major phone provider for a toll-free fax number is that you can frequently have everything organized through one provider however, many people have found that using a forwarding number or an online fax provider is the better option for the long run.

What Do I Need To Send A Fax Using A Printer

To send a fax without using a fax machine, apart from an active landline phone line, all you need is a printer with a fax capability. Some devices come with the option and a special fax button others may have an option to add this feature independently later. So if you have a printer without a visible fax option, all is not lost yet.

If there is no fax button, check your printer for a telephone jack , which will mean that it can be connected to a phone line and used as a fax machine without any problems.

You can also check the product information. Many of the modern printers come with the possibility to have a fax kit installed additionally. To get it done, simply contact a producer or your local office equipment supplier.

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Fax Setup For Hp Printer Model

HP DJ Fax Setup
  • Hp fax test number

Simple, clean approach of HP Faxes

We find hp fax setup approach to be clean and minimalist. All of the required basic options are on the market right from the instant of hp fax set up. Users trying to find a minimalist approach can find HP Faxes direct approach to be easy.

Why Choose HP Faxes?

01 We provide support for all types of HP Faxes which include hp fax setup, Driver installation for hp fax, Send & Receive Fax and Troubleshooting support by our HP Faxes Technician Experts.

02 Our highly skilled HP Fax Experts will provide you a One-Stop Solution for all of your Faxes issues.

03 We will guide you through the process of Hp fax setup on Fax and help you to Setup, Driver Installation for hp fax, Sending and Receiving Fax, Troubleshooting your HP Fax.

How it Works !


Fax With An Online Fax Service

How Do I Transfer My Fax Number to an Online Fax Service ...
  • Optimizing documents for fax transmission
  • One can fax one document to a mass of recipients
  • Status of faxes made available and exportable to the archive folder
  • Saves costs to a huge extent
  • Invite team members to your corporate account and collaborate with them at no additional cost.
  • Seamless integration with slack, google product, and other apps.

CocoFax works to empower businesses with excellent servicing, to help them go greener, smarter and quicker. It understands that your fax information is confidential, and needs to be protected from every other eye. And thus, it makes use of technology, such as two-factor authentication, biometric security measures, web application firewalls, DDOS protection to protect your data.

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How To Get A Free Fax Number Online With Ifax: Step By Step

Now, lets jump right into the step-by-step guide on how to get a free fax number. The following steps are for iFax. However, this process can give you an idea of what you might see with other fax service providers.

1) Upon clicking on Start Faxing Now or Get Fax Number Now, you will need to complete the account creation process.

2) To create your free fax number, you will need to select Country, City and/or Area Code, and then choose your desired fax number.

3) Next, you can review the subscription charges and free trial plan information and conditions related to it. More importantly, all of these services allow you to cancel the subscription anytime.

4) Once you have read the free trial plan and have made an informed decision after reviewing the features, you can move further by providing your financial information to confirm the purchase of your fax number.

Why do I need to provide my financial information if I am getting a free trial?

This information is necessary once your free trial has run out. After your free trial, your financial information on file will be charged with the subscription price you selected. It is important to note this can be canceled at any time.

Receive Fax Online Using Cocofax

Once youve registered with CocoFax, you can easily access the received faxes on the CocoFax dashboard. Indeed, you will also receive the email copy of the fax on your registered email ID, with the fax document added as an attachment.

You can even print the fax document easily, without keeping the device active 24×7. As you might see, receiving a fax is much easier than sending it. Moreover, you dont even need to make any investment in hardware, thus this is considered to be an ideal method of faxing. The most important feature of this technology is that you can check your faxes through your smartphone easily.

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Why You Should Get A Free Fax Number Online

Today, faxes can be sent via encrypted channels online and using only a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. By partnering with an online fax service, you can send and receive faxes for free and even select your own free fax number with your chosen area code. This faxing solution is more secure, affordable, environment-friendly, and easy to set up and use.

  • Secure: Most online faxing services are highly encrypted, using 256-bit SSL or similar systems, to ensure that only the sender and receiver of the document can access it. Many are also HIPAA, GDPR, and GLBA-compliant*.
  • Affordable: Faxing online means theres no need to pay for paper, a fax machine, and its maintenance. You can also send and receive faxes even when you are not in the office.
  • Environment-friendly: Faxes are saved as electronic files, eliminating the need for paper and equipment. They can also be signed electronically.
  • Easy to set up and use: All you need to do is download an online faxing app and be connected to the internet to start sending and receiving faxes.


In this article, we look at how to get a free fax number online using iFax.

A Note On Wireless Printers And Faxing

How to get a fax number?

A wireless printer still requires a landline phone line to fax. The wireless part of the printer is how it communicates with computers in the building. Wireless printers use WiFi and sometimes Bluetooth to communicate with computers and smartphones.

Sometimes people purchase a wireless printer with fax capability expecting it to be able to fax without a phone line as they associate the word wireless with cellular phones. This is a common mistake, and a topic we receive many questions about. Unfortunately, we know of no way to make a wireless printer fax without a landline phone line.

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How Do I Get A Fax Number For A Printer

Your fax number is the phone number of the phone line attached to your printer. If youre not sure what your fax number is, call 1-800-444-4444, a toll-free line operated by MCI, to find out.

Alternatively, if you dont have a phone line, you can get toll-free and local fax numbers by signing up for eFax.

To see for yourself why eFax is the best faxing solution available, today!

How Can I Send A Fax From My All

If your MFP device supports the Scan to Email feature, to fax your scanned documents directly from your all-in-one device:

  • Make sure the outgoing email address already set up on your all-in-one printer device is the same as your FAX.PLUS username.
  • Open the scanner lid, place the document you wish to fax, and close the scanner lid
  • On the printer control panel, choose the Email option.
  • In the To field, type the destinations fax number followed by .
  • Send your email.
  • If your all-in-one printer/scanner device doesnt support the Scan to Email feature, you are required to first download the scanned document in your hard drive and then fax the document from the FAX.PLUS Web app or email portal.

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    Can I Fax From My Printer Without A Phone Line

    To send a fax from a regular printer, you have to be connected to a phone line, as your device needs to have a fax number assigned. However, necessity is the mother of invention, and it simply wasnt possible for tech companies not to come up with a solution for wireless faxing.

    Some of the modern printers allow you to send and receive faxes wirelessly, through a digital process. To provide that, a printer needs to be equipped with a wireless network card.

    When you want to send a wireless fax, you have to make sure that your computer and printer are connected to the same network. The good news is that you only need to set it up once your printer will remember your networks settings in the future.

    How do you send a wireless fax?

    • Set a document in the tray to make it possible to identify on the receiving end,
    • click the fax setting and enter your recipients number,
    • press start the printer will scan and send the document through the network.

    In case your printer doesnt have a fax tray, you will need to scan each page independently. It is time-consuming but entirely possible.

    Hp Fax Printer Support

    How Do I Reset My HP m1136 Printer?
    Prompt Service

    We are here to deliver service which can fulfill the users need depended on the Customers Printer Requirement.

    User Satisfaction

    The service we provide for the user is the measure how we team up between their needs and reactions to exceed expectations Customers desires.

    Instant Support

    In our quest of continuously trying to improve our customer service with the best specialists available in the industry.

    Assured QoS

    It is our main goal to outshine the client requirement by giving them continuous calls with adaptable moment reaction to make your work simpler.

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    Does Your Printer Have Fax Capability

    Many multifunction printers have fax capability. Some can have it added later.

    The easiest way to tell if a printer has fax capability is if it has a fax button somewhere on it. Most printers with a scanner have options for copy / scan and sometimes fax.

    The second way to tell is if there is a telephone jack on the printer. A telephone jack means that the printer can connect to a phone line.

    The third way to tell is simply by checking for product information. Many commercial level multifunction printers have a fax kit that can be added to give fax capabilities to the machine. Contact your local office equipment supplier to see if a fax kit can be added to your multifunction printer.

    Skip The Printer And Fax Online

    Yes, there is an even faster and more comfortable way to send faxes using your computer or smartphone!

    FaxBurner offers a free online fax service available to everyone who has access to a mobile device, either iOS or Android-based, or a computer. All you need to do is set up an account via the FaxBurner app or website.

    To send a fax, simply request a fax number, which will be assigned to you for the following 24 hours. Once youve got an account and a number, your device will work as a fax machine, allowing you to both send and receive faxes, which are converted into emails, using PDFs, as well as stored on your mobile device and in the cloud.

    Premium accounts give you a permanent fax number as well as a higher allotment of pages to send and receive.

    The app is highly intuitive. If you want to send a fax, simply click compose a fax, send a photo or a PDF to your unique fax email address with your recipients fax number as a subject , or fax from the app directly. To receive a fax, use your free number, and you will be notified via the app and your email.

    An online fax service is not only more convenient, its cheaper too. Modern printers with a fax capability tend to be quite expensive to buy and maintain. They also require toner, paper and a monthly phone bill. Like all devices, they are also prone to malfunctions and other errors that can be avoided by taking your faxing online.

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    Send A Fax To Reply An Email Or A Fax

    Sometimes you need to send a fax as confirmation or when you receive a specific email, it is easy with a digital eFax because you just need to send your fax as email attachment, in the field “To:”, type the fax number, followed by, The email must be sent from the email address associated with your account. Here how to reply fax: Add an action to reply email and define the fax file attachment, now each time a fax will be received, it will send a reply to the number you specified. You can contact us for more information on this setting ».

    How To Get An Online Fax Number

    Find Your Printer Name or Number | HP Printers | @HPSupport

    To get an online fax number, the best place to start is our guide to faxing online.

    All online fax service providers provide you with a fax number when you sign up for their service, with some offering local and toll-free fax numbers.

    For more information on getting an online fax number, see our guide to faxing online.

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    How To Send Fax Through Printer Using Printer Driver

    Step 1: Start by making sure that you have made all the necessary connections, like telephone lines and computers with your printer.

    Step 2: Install the printer driver on your computer either using the CD provided with the printer or downloading its driver from the internet.

    Step 3: Now open the document which you want to fax. Go to the File option, over there select the print command or press Ctrl+P from the keyboard.

    Step 4: Select fax as the printer driver, in the print menu.

    Step 5: Then, enter the receivers fax number in the field provided. After filling in the details, hit the Send button.

    Step 6: The printer is automated to dial the receivers fax machine to transfer your fax. When the fax is delivered you will receive the confirmation. The printer might also print you a confirmation page.

    Send A Wireless Fax From Your Cellphone

    For even more flexibility and portability, you can also send and receive wireless faxes on your cellphone.

    There are a few ways to do this. If you only fax rarely, there are mobile apps that charge a fee per fax or per page. But if you fax often, youll find a subscription service to be much more affordable.

    With the eFax mobile fax app, you can fax documents from your phone wherever you are, day or night. You could fax from a mountaintop, as long as you had cell service!

    The mobile fax app has the same basic operation as the online portal. But its optimized for a mobile phone or tablet.

    The app allows you to eSign important documents right from your phone without printing them. You can fax documents that are stored on your phone, or documents in cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud.

    You can also send wireless faxes by email from your phone, just like you would from your computer.

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    How Do I Get A Free Fax Number

    With eFax, you can select your own fax number with the local area code of your choosing. Or you can opt for an 800, 888, 877 or other toll free area code to present the image of a big company. No matter which type of fax number you select, youll be able to use it to send and receive faxes wherever you are.

    What If I Cannot Send Or Receive Faxes Or I Get An Error Message

    How Do I Get My Brother Printer to Scan To My Computer

    Most fax problems are related to the landline telephone connection, incompatible phone equipment, poor line quality, or certain fax settings.

    A fax report might identify issues with the printer, phone line connection, or fax settings. You can print a fax report from the Fax or Setup menu on the printer control panel, and then search HP Customer Support for steps to resolve the issue.

    If the printer or a fax log report displays a text alert or a 3, 12, or 15-digit numeric error, search for the error for steps to resolve the issue.

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    How To Send A Fax Using The Document Feeder

    Once the fax feature has been added to the printer, select the fax feature and operate the printer as you would a regular fax machine.

    Put the document in the feeder, dial the number you want to fax, and then press the send button.

    The fax machine will attempt to connect a receiving fax machine. Once the connection is made, the fax will transmit.

    When the fax transmission is completed, you should receive a confirmation page that details the time, date, and the number of pages of the transmission.

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