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Hilti Ps 1000 Concrete Scanner

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Concrete Scanner Hilti Ps1000 Detection Possibilities

INTRODUCING the Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan radar detection system

We often answer questions about the possibility of locating objects in concrete with the Hilti PS1000 GPR. These are usually questions about what GPR is and is not capable of locating, at what depth reinforcement or prestressing cables can be detected, how clear the image of localized objects is, or simply whether it is possible to accurately measure the thickness of e.g. a reinforced concrete slab or a wall.

In previous blog posts we have briefly discussed the differences between Ferroscan and the X-Scan PS1000 as well as the structural scanning modes available in the PS1000 GPR. This time, we will try to address the most common questions about GPR detection in concrete.

Although Hilti refers the X-Scan PS1000 as a location and detection system, what we are actually dealing with is a GPR concrete scanner with three high frequency antennas. The detection range of this type of GPR is much greater than that of rebar scanners based on the eddy current method such as Hilti Ferroscan or Proceq Profometer. As GPR registers in principle the wave refraction at the point of change of dielectric constant in the surveyed surface, the spectrum of detected objects in concrete is very large. The simplest way to say this is that the X-Scan PS1000 should detect anything in concrete that has a different dielectric constant than concrete.

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Find Objects In Single Layer Formations Up To 6 In Depth

The Hilti PS 50 multidetector can locate rebar, metal or plastic pipes, live wires, wood and more under the surface of structures prior to drilling, coring, sawing or slitting.

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Key Features Of The Ps 1000 X

  • Scans up to a depth of 40 cm in dry concrete
  • Equipped with three radar antennas and an EM sensor to give real time 2D and 3D colour images on its X-Scan display of any embedded object, and clear indication on electrical conduit in high resolution. This means you can mark-up embedded objects, which youve detected, on the spot
  • Includes drill hole indicators with true diameter in top and cross section views
  • You can export scan data directly into a laptop or computer for more detailed analysis, to create and print reports and archive data
  • Our Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan system includes a cordless scanner, tablet and PC software
  • It has 2 scanning modes. Use Imagescan to scan large areas of concrete in a grid pattern to get an easy to read plan view image. Use Quickscan for a quick scan, making it easy to mark up a jobsite on the spot

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Detection Systems Help Pinpoint Hidden Objects In Cured Concrete

Its often difficult to know what lies beneath the surface of a floor, ceiling, or wall when youre working onsite. Our Hilti concrete scanners can help find whats there without the need to physically remove concrete or other base material.

Use our detection systems to locate metal and non-metal objects before you drill, core, saw, or cut.

Pinpoint Hidden Objects In Cured Concretewithout Expensive Specialists

PS 1000 X

Hiring a concrete scanning specialist before cutting, drilling or coring can be costlyboth in terms of out-of-pocket expenses and potential construction delays. Hilti Concrete Scanning solutions give you multiple ways to take back control.

With nondestructive Hilti 2-D or 3-D imaging, the benefits are clear. You can detect metallic and nonmetallic objects in real timeso you can drill, cut or core with less risk of costly damage to wiring, pipework or structural reinforcement. Plus, you can perform concrete scanning tests on your own termswithout unnecessary costs or delays.

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Hilti Cordless Concrete Scanners

At Hilti we offer a range of detection systems to find hidden rebar, pipes, live wires and other embedded objects in concrete and base materials.

It just depends what youre working on whether youre searching for rebar, need to find a live wire or need to scan a huge structure.

Our Hilti cordless detection tools and systems provide non-destructive solutions for structural analysis and hit prevention before drilling, coring, cutting and sawing.

Avoid Hitting An Embedded Object And Damaging Drill Bits

Our range of cordless detection tools and systems are shock, dust and water-resistant, and can help:

  • Find metal and non-metal embedded objects in concrete, bricks, masonry and other base materials
  • Perform non-destructive structural inspection of rebar estimate depth of concrete cover, location and dimension of rebar
  • Find metal and non-metal pipes, such as PVC
  • Identify live wires to help locate electrical conduits
  • Find wood, structural steel reinforcement, post-tension cables , pre-stressed tendons , concrete beams and more
  • Discover complex layouts of multiple embedded objects over large areas, which is particularly useful for large structures such as bridges or tunnels
  • Accurately detect the exact drill hole entry or exit point and easily determine the drill bit length required based on the measured slab/wall thickness

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Scanner For Large Areas And Multiple Layers Of Concrete

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Detection System

Our Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan system can analyse wide areas of concrete and detect objects in multiple layers of concrete.

It can detect hidden rebar, pre-stressed tendons, post-tension cables, metal and plastic pipes, wood, electric and glass fibre cables up to a depth of 40 cm.

Combine With Hilti Profis Software For Detailed Analysis

Hilti PS1000 X-Scan – 3D Concrete scanner

You can export scan results to our Hilti PROFIS Detection software for a more detailed analysis of your scan. This provides:

  • Full data processing into 3D models, including 2D and 3D plan views or cross-sectional images.
  • Combine data from our Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan Detection System with X-Scan data for depth calibration and material classification.
  • Grid coordinate entry, distance markers and drill hole markers including export function.
  • Export to Hilti PROFIS Anchors software and 3D model software, such as AutoCAD, Trimble, SketchUp, Structures and Revit.
  • Create a wide range of reports and documentation.

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