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Can I Print From My Phone To My Printer

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So Why Cant My Android Device Find My Printer Even When Theyre On The Same Network

How to Print from an Android Phone or Tablet

Short answer: Honestly, thats just the way it is

There are so many printers on the market, all with manufacturer-specific quirks, that a universal solution to print from them is kinda hard to do. Googles solution is Google Cloud Print, which comes preinstalled on many new Android devices, or you can download it manually from .

Then its just a case of adding your printer to the list. Open Google Cloud Print, tap on Settings, then on Printing.If your printer is on the same WiFi network as your Android device, it should show up in the list and add itself.

Then you can print from some apps by tapping the that usually indicates more options, to find and tap on the Print option. This wont work with every app though, but theres a trick if your app wont let you print, take a screenshot by holding the Power and Volume Down buttons, then print the screenshot from the Photos app.

What do you think? Have you ever had issues with printing from an Android device? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our or .

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Connecting A Printer To An Android Device

Google Cloud Print used to be the go-to service for connecting your Android device to a printer, but it was shut down at the end of 2020. Fortunately, there’s an easy option included in the Android operating system the Default Print Service.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

Android’s Default Print Service basically tells your phone or tablet to find printers on the same Wi-Fi network. The printer must support it as well, but the good news is every major manufacturer is on board.

To avoid any issues, you need to stay connected to the same Wi-Fi access point throughout the process. Often you’ll have multiple Wi-Fi network points, and sometimes a device will go hunting for the best Wi-Fi signal which means your smartphone may hook up to a different access point without you even knowing. If you find you can’t print, check that your smartphone is on the Wi-Fi access point you expect it to be on.

To connect your phone via the Default Print Service, go into the phone’s settings, search for “printing”, then select it from the results. Next, tap Printing in the list of Connection preferences, select Default Print Service and turn it on. A list of compatible printers on the network should appear. Select your one from the list.

Your phone should automatically detect printers on the same network.

If your printer doesn’t appear in the list then you have three options.

Brand specific services can find their printers on the same network.

Connecting via Bluetooth

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How To Print From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

As Android technology progresses, so does your ability to get everything done right from your Android phone or one of the best Android tablets. Google has designed a cloud printing app that works with your printer connected either to your wireless network or to your computer via USB. Here’s how to set up Google Cloud Print within Chrome on your computer and how to start printing directly from your Android device.

Water Transfer/hydrographic Printing On Phone Cases

How to Print to ANY Printer from iPhone, iPod, iPad via ...

Known as water printing or hydrographic printing , this is a 3D decorating process. Your manufacturer is able to print complex patterns such as carbon fiber, wood grain, and camouflage onto your phone cases.

Before the water printing begins, your phone cases will be pre-treated with an appropriate primer and base coating. Your manufacturer will carefully place a polyvinyl alcohol hydrographic film , over the waters surface in the dipping tank. This film is water soluble and will dissolve after an activator solution is applied.

Your phone cases are then dipped into the tank where the surface tension will allow the pattern to curve around any shape. The pattern is able to transfer onto your phone cases through chemical components. The activator softens the pre-treated layer, allowing the ink to form a bond with it.

Your phone cases are then removed, washed, and hung to dry.

Finally, your phone cases will be treated with a clear topcoat. This will improve the covers durability, making it resistant to UV and protecting it against scratches and daily wear and tear.

What Cases Can be used with this Printing Method

The hydrographic printing process can be used for a wide variety of phone cases, including, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and metal. If your phone cases can be dipped in water, it can be printed on using this process.


  • Can be very cost effective


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Print From Your Galaxy Phone Or Tablet

We keep everything on our phones these days, but sometimes its nice to have a physical copy. Your phone offers multiple ways to print emails, documents, or your favorite photos to share with your friends. Print wirelessly from your phone if you cant connect to a printer or use Samsung DeX if youre working on a presentation for school.

Note: Most printers will need to be configured to work wirelessly. Contact your printer’s manufacturer for help setting up your printer.

Use The Printers Cloud Service

Many printers now have a cloud print component. For instance, Epson printers include an Epson Connect service that allows you to print from anywhere by sending an email directly to the printer. Yes, it has an email address that you likely created during the printers initial setup process.

You can use any email client to print, or take the shortcut and use the manufacturers app in this case, the Epson iPrint app for Android. Well use this as an example because its the printer we have on hand.

Note: The printer must be connected to the internet to print from a remote Android device.

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How To Print From Iphone Ipad And Ipod Devices

Apple® devices come with AirPrint® software built in, making it easy to print photos and documents from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device without needing to install any other software. AirPrint software comes with many printer models and Apple has an extensive list of compatible printers.

  • To start, connect your iOS device and printer to the same WiFi network. Ensure that your printer is compatible with AirPrint.
  • Open the app that you want to print from.
  • To find the print option, tap the apps share icon.
  • Scroll down and select Print.
  • Choose your printer, and then select Print.
  • From here, you can select your options and decide how many copies you want or if you need to print single-sided. If your printer is not compatible with Cloud Print or AirPrint, you can try downloading a separate app. Most printer brands come with their own app Samsung also has its own printing app that you can use.

    Print From A Samsung Tablet

    Guide To Print From Phone To a USB Printer

    Printing from a tablet is just as easy as printing from your mobile device. If you have a Samsung printer, simply download the Samsung Mobile Print App and follow steps 1 to 7 listed earlier. There are other ways of printing from a Samsung tablet or mobile device including Mopria Print and Google Cloud Print, most printer manufacturers also have their own mobile printing apps. These platforms give Android users a simple way to connect to various other printers.

    Google Cloud Print Most current printers will be Google Cloud Ready without the need to be registered with a laptop or PC, but there is a simple set-up process for classic printers. A Google Cloud Print app is free to download from the Google Play Store for Android devices and once installed will allow you to print any document to your Google Cloud Print connected printer.

  • Step 1 Open the document you want to print within its app.
  • Step 2 Once in the app, select Options
  • On Google Chrome, select > Print
  • On other apps, select Print
  • Mopria Print The Mopria Print Service is another easy-to-use app which makes printing from any Android device as simple as tapping a screen. This service allows users to connect to any Mopria certified printer without the need for additional set-up. The Mopria Print App is available to download for free from the Google Play store or directly from the Mopria website.

  • Step 1 After installing the Mopria Print App ensure that the app is allowed on enabled on your device.
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    Print Through Your Email

    You can also print through your email on your Android phone. The first thing you need to set up like the previous method above is your printer email.

    After setting up your printer email:

    • Open your email app on your phone.
    • Go to Compose Message.
    • Input your printer email address as the recipient.
    • You can choose to put a subject body.
    • Attach the file you want to print to the email and press send.
    • The printer will print the attached documents.

    Use The Printers Plugin

    Install this if youre using an older device with Android 4.4 and newer. We didnt need a plugin with Android 10.

    Step 1: Make sure your Wi-Fi printer and Android device are connected to the same local network.

    Step 2: On the Android device, pull down the shade and tap the gear icon. This opens the settings panel.

    Step 3: Tap Connected Devices.

    Step 4: Tap Connection Preferences.

    Step 5: Tap Printing.

    Step 6: Tap Add Service.

    Step 7: Tap on your Printer manufacturers plugin, such as HP Print Service Plugin, Canon Print Service, or Epson Print Enabler.

    Step 8: Tap Install.

    Step 9: The manufacturers print service should now appear on the printing page. Swipe to close the Settings panel.

    Step 10: Open the File you want to print and then tap the three-dot menu icon located in the top right corner of the related app. Again, we used Google Photos.

    Step 11: Tap Print on the roll-up menu.

    Step 12: Tap on your Printer.

    Step 13: Tap the blue Printer button to finish. If you see a pop-up confirmation, tap OK.

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    Use Google Cloud Print To Print From Android Device

    Thanks to the development of Android technology, mobile devices have come with the ability to connect to printers. That means you don’t need to print out your Android files from laptop or desktop. For example, you can use service to take printouts from your Android device. This service links your printer to your Chrome account and smartphone. With it, all you need to do is just to register a printer on your computer. As simple as it sounds, the process can be a bit complex and confusing, which is why I’m here to guide you.

    The most straightforward way to use this service is to add your printer to Google Cloud Print. Doing so ensures that you can access your printer from any device and from wherever you are signed into your account: at school, baseball park, coffee shop, or your couch. This step is best done using a computer that is on the same network as the printer. Once adding your printer to Google Cloud Printer, you can print from your Android device without limitation. Noteworthy to mention, most computers are compatible with Google Cloud Print but there are still a few that don’t make the list. So before proceeding, it is imperative for you to check whether your printer is compatible.

    Here are the steps for your reference:

    Step 1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your PC and then sign in to your Google account.

    Step 2. Open “Menu” in Chrome and click “Settings”.

    Step 3. Tap on “Show advanced settings” and select “Google Cloud Print”.

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    Hp Colour Laserjet Pro

    How do i connect my phone to my epson printer ...

    The LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer is a fast and versatile machine with USB, Network and Wireless connectivity as standard. This HP printer supports mobile printing via these connections and is also compatible with Windows and Mac.

    Key Features

    • Print, Scan, Copy and Fax Capability
    • Up to 27ppm Colour and Mono Print
    • USB, Network and Wireless Interfaces
    • Up to 600 x 600 dpi Print Resolution
    • 250 Sheet Input Tray + 50 Sheet Multipurpose Tray

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    Is 46 Photo Actual Size

    4×6: 4×6 prints measure approximately 4 x 5 . This is the standard size in the photofinishing industry because this print size mirrors the aspect ratio of most digital cameras viewfinder. 4×6 prints are perfect for framed photos, cards and for a physical backup of any of your favorite digital images.

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    How To Print From Android

    The majority of Android phones are preinstalled with Google Cloud Print. If your Android phone doesnt have one, you can download Google Print manually. You will then have to add your printer on your device under the same shared Wi-Fi network.

  • Launch Google Print from your Android Phone
  • Go to Settings, select Printing, and then locate and add your printer
  • Launch the app youre printing from and then tap the three dots indicating additional options .
  • Locate and select the Print option
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    Printing From An Android Or Ios Device Via Email

    Some printer brands have a pretty nifty feature that lets you email documents, photos and webpages to your printer. All you need to do is set up an email address for your printer, and then when you hit send, it automatically prints your document. You don’t need to be at home for this to work as long as your printer is on and connected to the internet.

    But how do you set it up? That depends on the brand of printer as each has its own specific process. Some, such as HP, require additional software. Others require product registration and they may allocate an email or allow you to create one yourself. You can find the details at the below links.

    Where To Print Documents When You Dont Have A Printer

    How to Print from Android Phone to Canon Printer | Android Print Tutorial

    Robert Hayes Robert is a freelance editor and writer living in Colorado. Read more May 15, 2021

    Tech gurus and prophets have been predicting the death of the printed page for a long time. They believe that everything will be done online, or everyone will have a paperless office, or everything will be managed in the cloud.

    Theres no denying that there are fewer printers than there used to be. The rise of networks and ubiquitous Internet access have reduced the need for printed documents, or at least, has reduced the need for people to have a printer of their own. Not to mention, printers are a fairly antiquated technology and those who use them frequently have many difficulties that have yet to be updated.

    Many processes and procedures still rely on printed information on physical papers, but what has changed is that many people no longer have an inkjet or laser printer. People tend to use tablets and smartphones now and dont have a desktop machine at home or work with a standalone printer.

    It isnt just businesses that have moved away from using paper documents. Colleges and universities, high schools, and even middle schools around the globe have moved to digital learning, using laptops and tablets in class to replace printed documents and handouts. Turning in papers and other homework assignments is becoming an electronic process through sources like email, Web applications, and class-wide dropboxes.

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    Printing In The Ups Store

    The UPS Store, for example, has more than 5,000 locations across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and most of them offer copy and print services. According to their website, The UPS Store offers copies, printouts in black and white or color, single-sided or double-sided printing, multiple page sizes, and even lamination and binding for those that need a nice report or essay. UPS also allows you to upload your documents online, and gives you a printing estimate based on your document.

    Once youve submitted your file, youll be given an estimated time , and you can go pick it up from the store when youre ready. In our testing, the prices were pretty competitive, giving us a color print for around 40 cents per page and a black and white document for 15 cents per page.

    Call your local UPS store to get their current prices. There are plenty of document file types supported for printing through UPS, including PDF, .doc, .jpeg, and even Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Our article about discusses the advantage of converting documents to PDF, and how to do it.

    H Ow To Print From An Android

    In the past, you might have used Google Cloud Print to print from your Android device, but it was unfortunately retired in late 2020. You can still print on Android devices 9 and up.

  • To start, open the Settings app on your device.
  • Select Connected devices, then Connection preferences, then Printing.
  • Then, select Add a print service and enter your printers information.
  • From your apps, you can then select print. Not all apps support printing, but you can print screenshots.
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    Can I Print At Office Depot And Officemax

    Like UPS and FedEx printing opportunities, most major office supply stores provide printing services that may suit you just fine. Though stores like Office Depot, OfficeMax , and Staples exist to sell paper, printers, and other similar printing materials, they offer all sorts of printing options for you to use at your disposal. Office Depot, for example, offers same-day printing pickup for most basic documents, as long as you place an order before 2 PM local time on their business days. Since they also offer mobile uploading through their iOS and Android apps, you dont have to be on your computer to upload a document.

    Prices through Office Depot and OfficeMax are pretty cheap. A double-sided page in black and white gave us an estimated price of just 9 cents, beating even the library in our area. Even full-color pages were just 42 cents each when double-sided. Its pretty easy to find an OfficeMax or Office Depot location near you, but you can also choose to have the product shipped to you for an additional cost. And while were focusing on document printing for the sake of this article, you can print out numerous types of projects using Office Depots printing software found online.

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