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Business Card Scanner To Iphone Contacts

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You Mean Serious Business With These Apps

Scanning Business Cards into Your iPhone

There are quite a few apps out there that are specifically designed for scanning business cards, but these are some of the best we’ve seen, and then some. With these apps, you’ll be able to scan, import contact info, and even organize all of those business cards that you’ve acquired pretty easily, and it’ll all be on your best iPhone.

Even though most things have gone digital these days, business cards will always remain a staple for a lot of people. Whether you’re using an iPhone 13 or a base-level iPad, these apps will help make your life easier.

Added BizConnect Card Scanner to the list.

Card Scanner To Contacts + Ocr

Are you having trouble managing business cards at your busy schedule? Card Scanner to Contacts + OCR application is for you. Scan your business cards effortlessly the application reads the information on the business cards. It automatically fills in the words, so it is effortless to add your business cards to the phonebook. Share the business cards you scanned effortlessly.

In addition to all these features, the feature we liked most, and what makes this application special is the ability to export your business cards to Excel. Scan the business cards you receive after an event or a business trip, and Card Scanner to Contacts + OCR application will create an excel file for you. Thanks to cloud sync, your business cards are synchronized to the cloud, even if your phone is broken or stolen, you will not lose your business cards.

Price: 3 Day Free/Subscription 19.99 USD

Abbyy Business Card Reader

ABBYY business card reader also scans business cards and adds them to your iPhone contacts app instantly. This business card reader can recognize over 25 languages. It has an auto click feature that can capture the business card details accurately.

Moreover, it can autocomplete email addresses and country codes for phone numbers that are missing in the business cards.

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How Does It Work


  • Each user has an individual scanning limit per month this limit is dependent on the user’s plan. The Insightly Pricing Plans Comparison pdf can be reviewed via the Insightly CRM Pricing Plans page for more information regarding the monthly scanning limit for each plan.
  • If a record cannot be created or editing because of an inadequate scan/photo, the scan will not count towards the monthly limit.
  • The business card is required to have the following details for accurate Contact or Lead creation/editing.
  • First name
  • Insightly cannot use a photo of the back of a card.
  • The language on the card must be in English.
  • Bonus: Best Business Card Scanner Machine: Penpower Worldcard Pro Business Card Scanner

    PenPower WorldCard Link Pro Business Card scanner for iPhone 5/5S/5C ...

    Are you some kind of conference god who collects 20 business cards per hour? Or are you organizing a raffle for everyone who gives you their card?

    We hear you. Using an app will take a while to scan all that.

    Last time we checked this machine set you back $135, which isnt a lot if your inflow of cards is more than you can otherwise manage.

    Hiring an assistant is definitely more expensive. And if you already have one, he or she probably has better things to do.

    So dont fret, pick up that credit card, and treat yourself with this pro machine.

    Get the PenPower WorldCard Pro

    Thats it.

    Whether youre using a CRM, Google Contacts, Outlook, Android, iPhone, Excel, theres a business card scanner in this list for every use case!

    And if theres any use case we didnt cover, let us know in the comments. Well add it.

    In the meantime, have a look at our CRM. We promise: youll come for the business card scanner and youll stay for everything else.

    We hope you liked this post. If you did, spread the word!

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    Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Iphone And Ipad 2022

    While a lot of things have gone digital these days, the same can’t be said for business cards. Perhaps you need a business card to refer to a specific person at a local business, or you’re at a conference again and need to network with other people in your industry. Regardless of the situation, a business card is just a convenient thing to have or give out so that others know how to reach you. Plus, some of them just look amazing.

    But what do you do once you have collected a bunch of business cards? You’ll want to add these contacts into your current iPhone, like the iPhone 13, but it’s a pain in the butt to do it all one by one. Here are the best business card scanner apps for your best iPhone and iPad.

    Best For Small Business: Haystack


    • No CRM integration with individual plan

    • No analytics with individual plan

    Small businesses need more robust functionality than a free scanner app designed for individuals, but usually dont have the budget for enterprise-level apps with high price tags. Haystack is a great compromise that meets small businesses where they are, which is why it wins for the best business scanner app for small businesses. It also has plenty of handy integrations and other features designed to help small businesses easily share and receive contact information.

    Haystack comes with a free individual plan, as well as a paid business plan for $7.95 per month. The free plan comes with unlimited contacts and business card shares. The business plan features everything in the free plan, plus extra perks like CRM integration, customizable templates, and app analytics. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

    Integrations include CRM software like Salesforce, Hubspot, Evernote, SugarCRM, and Pipedrive and productivity tools like Trello, Airtable, Calendly, Asana, and more. The app features a simple, user-friendly interface, along with the ability to add email signatures and curate links for digital business cards.

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    Business Card Scanner Apps For Iphone

    Business card scanner apps for iPhone is a way better solution to keep your contact organized and paper free. These visiting card apps can convert the contact information to digital and make them easy to share. We have come up with a couple of iPhone business card apps for you to follow. Consider fundamental factors such as Accuracy results, transcription technology, integration while choosing the right app. Equipped with this information you can find an app that works best with your entrepreneur life.

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    The 5 Best Business Card Scanner Apps Of 2022

    Scan Business Cards To Evernote And Add To iPhone Contacts

    Have stacks of business cards you want to scan quickly? Need an app to manage all your company’s contacts? Want to create customized cards as a marketing and sales tool? Today’s business card scanner apps offer more than just simple scanning. They can help you become more productive, better organized, and always prepared to exchange contact details no matter where you are.

    To help you find the right business card scanner software, we tested several dozen appsincluding the ones already included in your phone, CRM apps with card scanners, and those designed with both general and specific users in mind. We cut our list down to five this year because a lot of the options are starting to share many of the same features.

    Here are our picks for the five best business card scanners. Click on any app to learn more about why we chose it, or keep reading for more context on business card readers.

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    Scanning Your Business Cards

  • Open the ScanBizCards app and tap on the Scan icon
  • The app will launch the camera to scan your business card
  • You can scan both the front and the back of the card
  • You can edit fields if you see any errors or wish to make changes. Once youve verified that all the fields are accurately scanned, save your contact.
  • Best For Quick Digitization: Microsoft Office Lens

    Microsoft Office Lens

    The largest software company in the world, Microsoft makes some of the best productivity-focused digital products and services. One of them is Office Lens, an app that makes quick work of digitizing business work.

    A full-featured document scanner app, Office Lens not only lets you scan business cards, but also documents, whiteboards and posters. The app is extremely easy to use and automatically recognizes content with astonishing accuracy. It might not have advanced CRM integration or manual transcription support like some other business card scanner apps, but Office Lens packs a lot of features for a free app.

    There are multiple capture modes in the app, including a Business Card mode. Once selected, it can extract contact information from a scanned card and save it to your address back. The details are also saved to Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking service.

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    01 Evernote Business Card Scanning

    Evernote makes it easy for you to remember more about the people you meet. The business card camera captures the clearest possible images of your business cards and saves everything into a contact note. Business card scanning is an Evernote Premium feature. Basic and Plus users can get 1 year of business card scanning for free when they connect Evernote and LinkedIn.

    How To Scan Business Cards Into Iphone Contacts

    PenPower WorldCard Link Pro Business Card scanner for iPhone 4/4S (incl ...

    If youre in business then you will be receiving lots of business cards on a regular basis? Of course it can be tricky remember who is who and where you got that card from, or even locating the one card you want from among the stack in your wallet.

    A great way to save paper, save admin and keep your contacts up to date is to scan the business card straight into your contacts. One of the easiest and most powerful ways to do this is to download Covve.

    Covve has just released its AI-powered business card scanning engine on iOS and Android: Business Card Scanner by Covve.

    In addition, Covves sophisticated address book app will scan business cards and will also continue scanning the web for any additional info on the contact, including picture, social profile links, job changes and even important news affecting your contacts and their companies.

    This can be done by doing the following steps:

    Open the Covve app and go to Contacts.

    Hit add/scan, this will open the camera with a scan field.

    Place the business card in front of the camera and the details will be automatically imported using our unique scanning technology.

    The details will be placed into the contact record and you can edit details or add a note about who they are etc.

    Covve will then update you when it finds new info in the web.

    Another option is Google Lens app. This multi-functional camera based app uses OCR to capture the text and make it readable by your contacts app.

    You just need to follow these steps:

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    Create And Enrich Contacts And Companies Instantly

    Scanning contacts into HubSpot takes three simple steps. Grab that pile of business cards from your last trade show, open the HubSpot app on iOS or Android, and click create contact. From there, HubSpot will automatically parse the data on the card and map it to the right HubSpot properties. Once the contact is created, you get all the power of HubSpot behind it – automatic contact-company association, the ability to send tracked follow-up emails, calling, tasks and much more.

    Executive Faq On The Best Hubspotscanner App

    How do I get started?

    First, your organization must be in the US and using HubSpot. The first ScanContacts user in your organization, ideally your HubSpot administrator, needs to install the ScanContacts app from App Store or and register the organization. Team members can then download the iOS or Android app and start scanning. If you have trouble using the app, feel free to contact us at .

    Who makes the app?

    ScanContacts is made by Sansan, Inc., Japanâs leading provider of business card-based contact management solutions. Sansan is committed to turning encounters into innovation. Sansanâs a popular company in domestic and foreign media, owing to its unique solutions for companies and businesspeople. We use AI, machine learning, and deep analysis to facilitate communication and success.

    Can the app be safely integrated with HubSpot?

    Yes, it sure can. HubSpot allows the app to be carried on the HubSpot Marketplace, which is where you can download it. Not only that, Sansanâs namesake product, which creates a proprietary corporate database of business card assets, has a simple integration with major CRM and MA platforms.

    Is my business card data secure? Can anyone else access it?

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    Perfect For What I Need

    I looked at a bunch of apps, and finally decided on this one. I am quite satisfied! The scanning of both Japanese and English characters is fine, and I dont mind that I have to revise sometimes. It syncs with my Mac and iPhone Contacts quickly, and is easily exported for backup. I love that I can connect to LinkedIn and Facebook, and that the persons photo can sometimes come up . Love it! The only feature I would like is if the business card scanned image can be exported along with the other data in the csv file, if that is even remotely possible. I know I can save a picture of the card in my phone, but I prefer not to. Thanks again for creating this!

    Best Business Card Reader App For Companies Or Teams

    Android Phone | How to scan business card details to mobile contacts

    While not as well-known in North America, Japanese-based Sansan is a company with a business card scanner footprint of 7,000+ companies across 60 countries. The app is designed for teams and companies who regularly acquire a good deal of contacts and want the ability to share and manage them internally.

    For this purpose, several features stand out: multiple card scanning with the app human transcribers for reduced data entry and better accuracy contact management functions, such as departments and permissions and bulk actions, such as email, reminders, and sharing. And for those wanting to avoid paper, they now offer virtual cards for contactless sharing.

    Scanning multiple cards is easy: just arrange up to four cards vertically, and when the blue circles stop on each card, press the shutter. Accuracy is solid, and then you have the human “digitization” to proof and edit the fields if needed. I found the digitization took around 12 hours per batch on average , but you can begin working with a contact right away.

    Within a contact, you can add notes and tags, share the card with a colleague via text or email, and see which of your colleagues are already connected to them. You can also create lists and send bulk emails from customizable templates from your web account. Once sent, you’ll be able to track the number of emails opened .

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    How To Create Contacts From Business Cards On Your Iphone And Export As Csv / Excel

    One of the most common challenges with business cards leads is that youll either need to manually key in contact data from cards into a CRM or Excel sheet , or youll need expensive physical card readers and scanners to save contacts into a digital format. A faster, more convenient, and cost-effective way to create contacts from business cards is to use a contact management software. If you use an iPhone, you can find many different contact manager apps on the App Store to save, export, and manage your contacts.

    If you want to create contacts from business cards on your iPhone or iPad and save the contacts in Excel / CSV format, heres an easy way to do it.

    Creating Contacts from Business Cards on Your iPhone and Exporting to an Excel File
  • Go to the Apple App Store and look for an app that lets you scan business cards. This will allow you to create contacts on your phones address book that you can then export to any CRM systems through various file formats. You can do a broad search using the search term business card scanner or business card reader.
  • There are many different contact management software apps available on the App Store. Pick an app thats popular and reliable. A good way to verify that is to check the number of reviews and average ratings of the app. Also, if you can find a free to download app, theres no reason to purchase one. ScanBizCards Lite is one of the top-ranking apps in this category. And its free.
  • How to Create and Export Contacts

    Leadtools Business Card Scanner App

    The LEAD Business Card Scanner App for iPhone, iPad, and Android extracts all the information on any business card and saves it to a virtual card holder with lightning speed. By using the app, you can quickly capture information from business cards to share, add to contacts, and store easily onto your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The best part? It’s completely FREE.

    • Automatically scan, read, and store an UNLIMITED number of business cards for FREE
    • Highest quality recognition and superior accuracy
    • No commercial ads
    • Read contact information from the business card’s text, barcode, or both
    • Capture both sides of the card to get all the information
    • Scan the card at any orientation. The application automatically detects the orientation angle, text, and barcodes
    • Automatically focuses on the business card, captures the picture, detects the card edges, and crops any unnecessary background
    • Automatically formats phone and extension numbers
    • Add notes, events, referrals, and reminders to contacts
    • Easily create groups and manage them: add, remove, rename, and share contacts
    • Search to find contacts of interest
    • Easily add business cards to your phone’s list of contacts
    • Export contact information to your database and CRM
    • Supports VCARD and MeCard digital business card formats
    • Navigate to contact addresses in Map

    Try for yourself here:

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