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Best Free Online Antivirus Scanner

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Is It Safe To Use A Free Antivirus

Top 5 Best FREE ANTIVIRUS Software in 2022

If you choose an antivirus program from a trustworthy company, then yes. All of the brands on this list here are perfectly safe to use the only difference between their free and paid versions is that the paid software includes additional features, like a VPN, a password manager, and parental controls, as well as better customer support options.

Yes You Already Have A Free Antivirus On Your Pc But It Isnt Good Enough

Your Windows computer already comes with Windows Defender which, as we saw in our full review, is a decent free antivirus. But the problem with Windows Defender is that its rarely updated, it doesnt include additional internet security protections, and it frequently has vulnerabilities that dont get fixed . Plus, Windows Defender consistently ranks below the top antivirus scanners in our independent lab testing. Thats why I always recommend keeping your PC as safe as possible with third-party antivirus software.

All of the free antiviruses listed here are significantly better than Microsofts Windows Defender antivirus. The free downloads on this list are from top-notch cybersecurity companies that are offering their premium antivirus protection for free. These are some of the top antivirus and anti-malware engines in the world and our independent lab tests have confirmed that these antivirus engines are much stronger, faster, and better than Microsofts Windows Defender.

And some of the free programs on my list also include additional cybersecurity protections. Avira Free Security for Windows is particularly generous with its free offerings, but even Aviras free plan has some annoying limitations that dont exist on its paid plans.

However, if youre just looking for a simple free malware scanner with a couple of decent web protections that can improve on Microsofts Defender, then all of the products on this list will be good enough for you.

Wrapping Up What Is The Best Virus Scanner And Remover

The best virus scanner and remover is the BullGuard online virus scanner tool. Nevertheless, all the online free virus scanners and removers we enumerated above incorporates diverse features. Hence, users should opt for their ideal online virus scanners and remover based on preference their needs.

In as much as online free antivirus scanners are useful, they are not to be used as a replacement for traditional offline antivirus engines.

In the rapidly changing world, the number of threats to the security of your PC is also rapidly increasing. In order to stay protected from all these threats, you need to use an efficient anti-virus software. You can check out our list of the best protection tools against hackers for your digital devices protection.

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Safetydetectives Known Vulnerabilities Scanner Free Online Scanner

When it comes to fully online cybersecurity tools, the SafetyDetectives Known Vulnerabilities Scanner is among the best. Its a quick and secure way to find out if you have any unsafe programs running on your computer and if any of your programs need a security update.

The tool was developed with the support of the CVE database , the worlds largest database of known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. When a developer or cybersecurity researcher discovers a vulnerability in any program, they work first to develop a fix. After this potential threat has been eliminated, it gets reported to the CVE, so that any user can be aware of the vulnerabilities in their software and download the update to patch up their security.

The SafetyDetectives vulnerability tool checks your browser and operating systems settings against the CVE database, and it recommends fixes based on these vulnerabilities.

This tool is hosted entirely by the SafetyDetectives website, so theres no need to download anything, and the scan completes in seconds. Most hackers exploit systems that arent up to date the Known Vulnerabilities Scanner will make sure you are as secure as you can be, without downloading any software .

Trendmicro Housecall For Home Networks

Best Free Online Virus Scanners for 2020

TrendMicros HouseCall for Home Networks will scan your home network to alert you to any security vulnerabilities. Itll let you know if theres security issues with your WiFi router, any smart devices, phones, or computers anywhere on your home network. HouseCall for Home Networks is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

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Eset Free Online Virus Scanner

Use the ESETs one time scan which is a free online virus scanner & removal tool provided by ESET. It is a small approx 14 MB utility which will ask for the permission to install a small utility and then scan the system powered by its cloud technology. It also remove the threats if any found during the scan.

Can Any Website Help Get Rid Of Infections On My Computer

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to get rid of infections on your computer may vary depending on the type of infection and your computers operating system.

However, some common methods for removing infections from your computer include using a virus removal tool, repairing or replacing damaged files, and clearing your browsers cache and history. If you are unsure how to remove an infection from your computer, please consult a professional.

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Are There Websites That Can Remove Viruses From My Computer

No. Antivirus software needs to be downloaded and given permission to erase files from your computer. Any website that is claiming to remove viruses from your computer is being dishonest. Thats why I recommended Nortons Power Eraser its a free, simple download that can detect and destroy malware and adware on your computer.

Individual Malicious File Scanners

Best Online Antivirus Cloud Scanners 2014

Individual malicious file scanners differ from an online antivirus scan in that you provide a single file sample, instead of scanning your entire system for malware or otherwise. The onus is on you to scan a file before executing it on your system, rather than quarantining after the infection takes place.

However, you can figure out if a file is malicious and what is wrong with it, while helping security researchers update their definitions.

Again, an individual malicious file scanner is in no way a replacement for an antivirus suite on your device.

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Start A Virus Scan Quickly With A Standalone Tool

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An on-demand virus scanner is an antivirus program that you run only when you want to run itit doesn’t protect you from viruses and other malware all the time like a traditional antivirus program.

So what good is one? These types of antimalware tools are great when you think you might have some kind of virus or other malware but the antivirus program you’re using now hasn’t caught it. Sometimes, a really nasty piece of malware will prevent your installed antivirus program from running properly, in which case one of these tools can come in handy.

Below is a complete list of the very best free on-demand virus scanners available. Many of these programs even come in a portable version, meaning no installation required!

In many ways, online virus scanners are similar. If none of these tools work because your computer won’t even load the operating system, consider a bootable antivirus tool.

  • Catches all sorts of malware.

  • Easy to understand how to use.

  • Supports many languages.

  • Beginning a scan is easy through the context menu.

  • Premium features are free for a limited time.

  • Lots of features are missing in the free edition.

  • Asks often if you want to upgrade to the paid version.

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular free on-demand virus scanners. In our experience, it has found more malicious files than any other virus scanner we’ve used.

  • Many features are reserved for the pro version.

  • Always shows a large ad.

Paid Antivirus Vs Free Online Scanner

An online virus scanner can be used to identify threats quickly without committing to a paid service. However, as we discovered, very few cloud-based scanners actually exist, apart from the SafetyDetectives Vulnerabilities Scanner. In any case, an online scanner can never replace a full security suite.

At best, online scanners provide vulnerability detection, a basic overview of the problem, and guidance on solving the underlying issue. But they do not provide the ability to actually resolve the problem.

If you want to ensure that your device and files are safe, we recommend installing a highly-rated, premium antivirus.

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Norton Power Eraser Best Downloadable Virus Scanner And Virus Removal

Nortons full-suite antivirus software is one of the best on the market. And Nortons Power Eraser is a streamlined version of their antivirus scanner, offered as a free online download. Its a thorough and effective antivirus scanner it found several PUPs and malware files during my testing, and it safely removed all of them from my computer.

The software is very minimal, so its super easy to use. After downloading, it gives the option for either a full rootkit scan or 1 of 4 advanced scanning options:

  • Unwanted Applications Scan. Scans all program files for PUPs and offers to remove them from the system.
  • Reputation Scan. Scans a designated folder for known malware files, based on Nortons malware database.
  • System Scan. Scans only the operating system for vulnerabilities.
  • Multi-Boot Scan. Advanced version of the System Scan for computers with multiple operating systems.

The rootkit scan took about 90 minutes and found 100% of the malware I had cached on my computer. And it only took a few seconds for the Reputation Scan to identify and delete malware in the individual folders I selected.

Check For Viruses Online With These Scanners

Virus scan (Antivirus): Appstore for Android
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We independently research, test, review, and recommend the bestproductslearn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Using one of the best free online virus scanners could potentially protect your computer from danger. You can upload files to these websites to see if they can be a threat to your computer’s health . Online scanners can be considered on-demand virus scanners and should be paired with other anti-malware programs and services for the best protection.

Some allow plugins to check your websites with ease, while others check emails as well. MetaDefender Cloud can be added as a Chrome plugin, while VirusTotal has an email option to make sure you’re safe on every corner of the internet. The best online virus scanners let you relax and know that your computer is secure.

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Best Free Online Antivirus To Scan Windows Computer Gets Infected


Antivirus to Scan Windows Computer gets Infected Virus is a computer program that can corrupt the computer system and it can easily be transmitted from one computer to another by means of agents like external memory drives, different websites, Bluetooth devices etc. Besides this, there are other malware such as computer worm, Trojan horses, rootkits, spyware and different adware.

Computers such as PCs, laptops are always prone to so many malware and viruses, whether it is connected to Internet or not.

To protect the computers from viruses there are a lot of anti-viruses and other software, but it sometimes fails to check the encounter of malware into systems. In this way sometimes the so called computing device turns into a junk box, not letting you carry on with your works, in spite of the fact that antivirus software was pre-installed. The main reasons are

The antivirus might have been out of date .

The update process is not maintained properly.

Unexpected renewal cost after some days.

The software might have some security glitches.

To overcome these problems, it is preferred to scan computers online. Also, periodic online scanning is a good idea for those that run antivirus applications on their computers because those applications are frequently slow to catch threats.

To scan your computer online you should follow these steps-

How Do I Know I Can Trust A Virus Scanner

There are a lot of fake cybersecurity companies looking to profit off of your data. I included large, reputable companies like Bitdefender and Norton on this list because they have a long history of respecting data privacy for their millions of worldwide users. VirusTotal discloses their business model on their homepage they are able to provide free antivirus scanning because they are paid by cybersecurity companies to gather information on global malware trends.

In short, all the products listed here can be trusted 100%.

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Viruses That Affect Windows Computers

While there are literally billions of malware attacks reported annually, trojans and adware are consistently the most common types of malware found on Windows computers.

Trojans look like other files with extensions like .exe and .doc but once downloaded, trojans can initiate a backdoor attack to steal user data, to incorporate a Windows device into a botnet, to give a hacker direct access to a computer, or to simply crash and erase the entire OS.

Because hackers are constantly developing new malware for Windows, its crucial that your antivirus uses a malware database thats consistently updated. Nortons malware database is always up-to-date, with no need for users to worry about downloading or installing database updates.

How I Rated The Top 5 Free Online Virus Scanners:

Top 5 Best FREE ANTIVIRUS Software
  • Ease of Use. Ive tested all of these cybersecurity tools to make sure they are simple to use and wont clutter your computer with bloatware or annoying notifications.
  • Usefulness. Its true most of the free online virus scanners are worthless. Every item on this list either scans and removes malware or provides you with useful information to help you protect your computer.
  • Efficiency. One of the reasons I was looking for quality online antivirus scanners was that my computer simply couldnt handle the strain of another CPU-intensive program. All of these cybersecurity products are super lightweight and wont over-burden your computer.
  • Price. All of these products are 100% free. They dont hide their functionality behind a paywall, like a lot of supposedly free antivirus tools do.

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What’s The Best Online Antivirus Tool

If you want a rapid online scan with great results, try F-Secure Online Scan. It is easy to use, takes minutes, and hits the majority of malware.

These free online antivirus scanners are great, but they are not an effective preventative against malware. They do not offer real-time scanning and protection. In the modern world, that’s going to lead to a world of pain.

You don’t have to shell out a fortune for antivirus software. You don’t have to shell out anything if you don’t want to! There are many free and excellent antivirus and antimalware tools. Check out our recommended security tools and antivirus apps, but keep in mind that these aren’t enough to protect you from code-signed malware.

Norton Best Overall Windows Antivirus In 2022

Norton is by far the best Windows antivirus in 2022 and while it doesnt currently have a free plan, it offers a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee, which gives you 2 months to try it out and see if its right for you.

In addition to providing perfect malware detection against all known and emerging cyber threats, Norton also has excellent phishing protection, a smart firewall with tons of customization options, and online banking and shopping protection.

It also comes with a wide range of quality extras, including:

  • VPN maintains fast speeds, works with streaming sites like Netflix, and has extras like Tor support and split-tunneling.
  • Password manager generates, saves, and auto-fills logins, audits password security, and has an automatic password changer .
  • Parental controls filters inappropriate content, limits device usage, and monitors YouTube and Hulu usage .
  • System optimization tools removes unwanted files from Windows and web browsers, improves boot time, and defragments hard drive.
  • Dark web monitoring scans dark web forums, data breach databases, and credit reports in real-time.
  • And much more

Norton is also very easy to use across all operating systems, offers coverage for up to 5 devices, and doesnt cause any system slowdown it even has a gaming mode, so you can uninterruptedly play games while it runs in the background.

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Malwarebytes Free Minimalistic Virus Scanner

Malwarebytes Free is a good choice for users looking for a simple antivirus scanner that they can install and forget about. Malwarebytess virus scanner uses a virus database as well as heuristics to catch all types of malware and it performed pretty well in my tests, detecting around 90% of the malware files I hid on my PC. However, it did miss a few well-hidden files that competitors like Norton, Bitdefender, and TotalAV detected.

Apart from the scanner, Malwarebytes Free also comes with a browser extension that protects against a wide range of threats, including malware, ads and trackers, scams, and PUPs. One of the things I like the most about this extension is that all of the protections are turned on by default, so theres nothing for you to do .

In my tests, Malwarebytess browser extension blocked the majority of risky sites I attempted to visit, scoring a 90% phishing detection rate. However, the extension wasnt as accurate at blocking ads I visited dozens of sites filled with ads, and Malwarebytes blocked only around a third of the ads.

What Are Vulnerability Scans And Penetration Testing

The 6 Best Free Online Virus Scanners of 2020

With the number of threats that networked environments face nowadays, it is important to develop at least a basic understanding of the cybersecurity measures that you need. Among such measures are vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, aside from the must-have presence of a program for a free online antivirus scan. Both methods offer different levels of protection that you need to understand so you will know why you need to invest in them.

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