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Best Free Document Scanner App

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The 7 Best Scanner Apps For Android And Iphone

Top 5 Free Document Scanner apps 2020 | CamScanner Alternatives and How to Use them

You don’t need a physical scanner if you have a smartphone! With these Android and iOS apps, scanning is at your fingertips.

Gone are the days of taking documents to the library to scan or spending a bunch of money on a scanner for your home. You can find many applications for Android and iOS that put scanning at your fingertips no matter where you are.

These seven options are some of the best scanner apps for Android and iOS, with other handy functionalities besides scanning. They are smart enough to adjust and correct items for you and let you save them where you need to, making them perfect for both business and personal use.

Scanner App: Pdf Document Scan

For a straightforward document scanning, saving, and sharing, you cant go wrong with iScanner. Courtesy of the wide compatibility, the app makes sure you can scan a variety of things including fax papers, paper notes, receipts, and more. As for the scan quality, its at par. Moreover, the app lets you choose from three scan qualities: low, medium, and HD.

Another feature that makes iScanner a really useful tool is the ability to let you store your scans as multipage JPEG images and PDF files. Perfect for the times when you have to handle a ton of scans and need to keep them organized. Not just that, the app is also quite good in terms of turning an image into text using OCR technology.

Price: Free

Office Lens By Microsoft

Office Lens is another best free Android scanner app developed by Microsoft for scanning documents and whiteboard images. You can quickly capture any document and convert images to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files.

It also allows you to save your files to OneNote, OneDrive, or your local storage. The app is relevant for both business and school purposes. Apart from English, it also works in German, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. The best part? Its completely ad-free and does not contain any in-app purchases, which makes it one of the best scanner apps on Android.

Why should I install Office Lens?

  • Quick and easy to operate.
  • Great for both school and business purposes.
  • Ad-free app

App Installs: Over 10 millionGoogle Play Store Rating: 4.7

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Notebloc Pdf Scanner App Scan Save & Share

With the Notebloc PDF Scanner App Scan, save & share app, you can scan any document with your mobile devices camera.

It has rich functionality and a nice design. There is also a wide range of extra features. They will help you to improve the scanning process and keep the image quality high.

Advantages of the application Notebloc PDF Scanner App Scan, save & share:

  • Built-in free optical character recognition
  • Branded cloud for document storage and access from anywhere
  • Scanner to text format
  • Built-in image editor

The application requires registration. You can register with an email or any social network account.

The main interface of this application includes a camera. But, if you close it, you will be taken to the main menu where you can view the latest scanned documents. You can also view a general list of files.

In the menu on the left, you can view all the necessary parameters. You can allow files to be transferred over the network. It allows you to scan files that have already been uploaded to the device. It is also possible to save the original images and select a language for recognition.

In the camera of the app, you can enable auto-recognition of text, set up the flash, and open the gallery for scanning.

Best Document Scanner Software For Pc In 2022

The best free document scanner app for iPhone and iPad

What seemed difficult till five years back can now be done easily in the year 2022. Importing files, arranging them in multiple configurations or performing varied types adjustments, all possible in one-single click.

One of these tasks is document scanning. What took really long to scan small files can now be done in short time periods. One can seamlessly scan documents, archive letters, receipts, and much more, into digital copies, for various purposes. This helps reduce unnecessary paperwork and helps organize information systematically.

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Can You Use Your Phone As A Document Scanner

As long as your phone can run apps and has a good quality camera, you can use it as a portable document scanner. All you need is a document scanning application. Some phones even have a built-in document scanning option. However, if you want advanced features like OCR and image optimization, itd be best to use a document scanning application.

Best Ocr App For Quick Mobile Scanning

Microsoft Lens is straightforwardthat’s what drew me in. If you give the other apps on this list a shot, you’ll notice that a lot of them require you to sign up or give you a tour before you can even scan your first document. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that approach, Microsoft Lens skips all of the fuss and lets you get right to scanning.

The other side of that means that the app is fairly bare-bones. Microsoft Lens doesn’t put much emphasis on file management. There’s no ability to create folders or sort and filter your scans. On the iPhone, once I finished editing my documents, the app took me straight to the export options, which included either saving the document to the iPhone Photos app or other compatible apps. That said, Microsoft users will enjoy the ability to save documents and import them into other Microsoft apps, including OneDrive, OneNote, Word, and PowerPoint.

In terms of OCR, the receipt and certificate were mostly accurate, with a line or two missing. And while the book was a bit of a Final Boss for most apps, Microsoft Lens was able to step up to the challenge. It still had a few issues with accuracya few missing words and lettersbut it was still mostly readable.

Price: Free

iScanner price: $9.99/month or $19.99/year

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Choose The Scanner App Thats Right For You

Many companies offer monthly subscriptions, while others have annual fees. If youre not ready to commit, you can pay for one month of service and decide later if you want to renew. File storage is another important consideration. If you dont have a lot of storage space, you might want to look for an app that backs up your files in the cloud or works with a third-party storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Top 7 Free Scanner Software For Windows 10

5 Best Free Document Scanner Apps For Android of 2022
  • ScanSpeeder – Can add text to images
  • VueScan – High scanning quality
  • The most advanced and thus enterprise-focused options are presented by Adobe but there are others on the market that you can rely on. Below, you will find a substantial list of options that are rich in features and collect satisfactory user reviews. You can find programs for personal and professional use easily.

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    Do Not Need To Purchase A Scanner Anymore

    This app rocks. It is a tad bit pushy on trying to get you to pay to unlock additional features, but overall the amount of capability it provides out if the box, free, is excellent. Before, I was taking pictures via phone camera app of all my documents and then painstakingly uploading to my computer, reducing image sizes, and grouping pictures into pdfs and still the end result pdf file sizes were frustratingly large and the quality subpar. With this app, I can easily batch scan each document into its own collection, it automatically identifies the document portion within the image and crops to it, applies a filter that tremendously enhances readability, and then offers several export options at which point I choose to airdrop as pdf to my Mac pc. And the resulting pdf is a reasonable size. Id highly recommend giving this app a try for your scanning needs, its free. The one downside is without paying you get a watermark at the bottom right of the doc, but personally that doesnt bother me too much.

    More Android Document Scanning Apps

    In addition to the document scanning apps listed above, there are plenty of others to consider. Here we’ll feature some of the best of the rest available for Android phones:

    Clear Scan is a free PDF scanning app, which allows you to quickly scan any text or image into a PDF file. The app includes an edge detection feature to prevent your images looking skewed, and scanned files can be easily saved to cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. While the app is free it does contain advertising, though this is generally unobtrusive.

    TapScanner is another free PDF scanner that easily handles images and documents, with an autodetect feature to ensure that any images is properly aligned. In addition to saving as PDF or PNG files, TapScanner also contains an OCR function to covert images to text, and supports over 100 languages. Although the free version contains ads, you can remove these for a monthly or yearly fee.

    Microsoft Office Lens is specifically targeted at taking images of whiteboards, notes, and documents, which can then be saved to PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files. These can then be saved to the cloud via OneNote or OneDrive. Office Lens is free to use and comes with no ads, though more properly integrates with the paid-for Microsoft 365 office suite.

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    Why Use Scanning Software

    The simplest of reasons have made scanning technology be counted on by many. Scanning programs are easily available, provide quick access, save time and avoid the hassle.

    Here are some of the attractive perks of using the scanner programs for Mac:

    • These free scanning software for Mac allow you to scan the documents and images into electronic documents.
    • You can store the scanned documents without too much hassle.
    • Almost every scanner software for Mac enables easy sharing.
    • Allows editing the texts and images with ease.
    • These tools are free to use and save your time.

    Now, without beating the bushes, lets straight away move on to our top best scanning software for Mac 2022 below and then have a look at the rest.

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    Handy Scanner Free Pdf Creator

    Best scanning app for iPhone

    Handy Scanner is a scan to PDF tool that allows you to scan documents using your Android phone or tablet. Export features are accessible in the app. You have the ability to choose whether you like PDF or JPEG format when you share it via Dropbox, Google Drive, email or Bluetooth. Plus, Optical Character Recognition is available when sharing documents to Google Docs.

    Upon launching the app, you can see the home screen containing images of the documents that were previously scanned. To take a photo, just click on the camera icon on the lower left. The app allows you to take multiple scans. Settings such as flash and grid can be found on the lower right while you are scanning a document. When scanning is finished, just click on the check button. Then, the app auto-detects the borders of the page. Post-processing filters like print-ready, black and white, grayscale, color and contrast enhancement are available too.


    • After snapping a photo and saving it, you can edit the image by selecting borders and applying filters.
    • Aside from taking a photo within the app, you also have the choice to import photos directly from your gallery. The imported photos can be cropped and filters can also be applied to make the images look better. These photos can be scanned to PDF with this scanner.


    • Also, the free app only lets you take photos of up to twenty documents.

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    Why Free Scanner Software

    You have a bountiful of reasons to acknowledge that have accelerated the need of document scanning software for PC and mobile phones and have vanquished the hustle and bustle of to-dos. Here are the results that can prompt you to ease yourself with this helpful and quick tool.

  • The first and most important reason to install a scanner software free is that using it rids you of the baggage of physical documents and more or less, aids in the contribution towards the environment.
  • With free scanner software you can preserve the documents you cannot afford to cast off.
  • Scanner software for PC or mobile phones will help you in effortlessly editing the documents.
  • It favors efficiency and promotes easy sharing.
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    Best Free Scanner Software In 2022

    By Eva Williams 2 days ago, Apps and Software

    Want to find the best free scanner software to scan various documents, images, and texts by using external devices like slide scanners? Our collection will help you make the right choice by comparing free programs for Windows and Mac, describing their functionality, and evaluating the pros and cons of each option.

    Youll find software suitable for simple document scanning, working with film negatives, as well and proper structuring of the scanned files.

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    Doc Scanner Phone Pdf Creator

    The Doc Scanner Phone PDF Creator application has all the basic functions inherent in such applications.

    There is various color presets to help you get the best possible display of your document. Use the ability to export to PDF in high quality.

    Besides, the application can work with multi-page documents and has built-in editing tools. They allow you to crop pages, customize fields and add annotations.

    In Shooting Mode, the app Doc Scanner Phone PDF Creator will display a hint on the screen when you need to rotate the camera for better capture.

    The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you to activate multi-page scanning or the flash. You dont have to press the camera button at all to scan successfully. The app will determine the borders of the document.

    The automatic detection of borders works perfectly in this application. This process is quite fast, accurate and generally superior to other applications.

    In the scanned document view, there is a large + button. It allows you to instantly return to the camera mode to scan new documents.

    You can also switch between modes without even pressing this button. Just make a top-down or top-down swipe or vice versa to return to the library.

    Best Document Scanning Apps Of 2022

    Best Document Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

    The best document scanning apps make it simple and easy to archive your files as digital PDFs, using nothing more than a mobile device.

    In this day and age, only rarely is physical paperwork a necessity. The best document scanning apps can help you transition to a paperless office, converting paperwork into PDFs for digital or online document storage .

    However, for document scanning you don’t need to invest in OCR software and hardware but can instead simply use apps that are readily available for mobile devices.

    This means being able to scan anything from work invoices to receipts, and the beauty of scanning apps is that they don’t just create a PDF copy, but also allow you to edit the file as required before saving – that way you really do have only a copy of your documents and the information you need from them.

    Some apps offer additional services, often for a small fee, in order to allow you to do even more with your scanned files. This might include document editing and management and/or cloud storage to help you better manage your digital archives.

    Here we’ll look at a range of the best document scanning apps currently available.

    When it comes to scanning documents for digital file storage, chances are you are going to want to save in a portable document format-a PDF file. Adobe Scan is a dedicated scanning app from Adobe, the creators of the PDF file, so expectations are high that this should deliver on most user needs.

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    The Best Document Scanner Apps: Conclusion

    All the Android scanner apps specified in this blog are some of the best available in the Google play store. These scanner apps available for Android have features like scanning documents, detecting edges, and text recognition. Which scanner Android app did you like the best? Do let us know in the comments section below.

    Get Your Own Android Mobile App

    Converting your idea into an Android app is easy with VerveLogic. We are a leading Android app development company that can help you receive a robust and functional mobile app. We have a team of professional Android app developers delivering a mobile app that is built after great research. We aim at providing 100 percent client satisfaction. Do contact us today.

    Looking for some more Android Apps? Do check out our list of Top 20 Best Translator Apps for your Android Device that you must download, if you have to translate often or you are traveling to a foreign place.

    Best Android Scanner Apps Of 2021

    Since the world is moving towards the age of digitalization, scanning documents has become a regular task for many. While there are professional scanners available in the market, similar tasks can be done by mobile apps with ease. This blog presents to you some of the best document scanner apps that you can download in 2021.

    Among the many scanner apps for Android, we have shortlisted 10 for you. All these Android mobile apps are full of features and can be worked on with ease. From supporting OCR to having powerful editing features, all the Android apps we have listed are some of the best scanner apps for Android.

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