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Bello Digital Belly Fat Scanner

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What Bello Claims Did We Find

This Digital Scanner Measures BELLY FAT | Future Blink

Answering, Does Bello really work, requires that we look at what Olive Healthcare Inc. claims their first portable digital belly fat scanner can do for you. The manufacturer suggests that the science behind Bello & Fitto can measure: deoxygenated hemoglobin, oxygenated hemoglobin, lipids, and water.

They state Bello uses NIR scanning, which is supposed to be more accurate than bio-impedance analysis devices. According to the Olive Healthcare Inc. website, Near-Infrared Spectroscopy is safer than other radiation-based scannings like Computed Tomography , Dual Energy X-ray Absorptivity , or Magnetic Resonance Imaging .

Olive Healthcare Launches Digital Belly Fat Scanner Bello On Indiegogo

Digital belly fat measuring device, Bello by global bio-health company, Olive Healthcare Launch on US crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and participate in CES 2020 Target US market with its CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree product

Olive Healthcare Inc. announced that Bello, honored with CES 2020 innovation awards, will make its first global debut on Indiegogo , one of the worlds largest crowdfunding platforms on Jan 7 and meet with customers at CES 2020.

The worlds first portable digital belly fat scanner, Bello uses its patented near infrared technology to provide accurate measurement of abdominal fat within 3 seconds anytime, anywhere. Based on ones health status, it also provides a personalized guide for nutrition and fitness activities through its mobile app. With Bello, people could easily track and manage abdominal fat, which is a major risk factor for developing metabolic syndrome, to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

Olive Healthcare Inc. CEO Paul Han stated that there is a greater demand for daily fat management devices like Bello in the United States, where one-third of adults have metabolic syndrome, and obesity affects around 40% of adults. He also said, We will improve the quality of life for our customers by raising awareness about the importance of visceral fat management and helping them manage metabolic health more efficiently with an affordable solution like Bello.

Visit Bello CES Booth: Sands, Halls A-D-45522

What About Bello And Weight Loss

You might find yourself asking, Does Bello really work? The first portable digital belly fat scanner keeps track of several health markers, but can the Bello 1 or 2 devices scan your belly twice to help you lose weight?

Maybe.Obesity Reviews published a meta-analysis that concluded that overall evidence suggests smartphone applications may benefit users attempting self-regulating diets for weight loss. It also pointed out no statistical change in weight loss between apps and other self-monitoring systems.

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Bello // Digital Belly Fat Scanner

Product Description

Excess visceral fat storage in the belly is a significant risk factor for metabolic health complications of obesity such as diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease. It also causes more inflammation compared to fat around the hips and legs. But belly pinches, tape measures, and smart scales don’t measure visceral fat. Bello is a cutting edge portable device that provides you with accurate and consistent measurement of your belly fat anytime, anywhere.

Using its patented near-infrared technology, Bello directly measures abdominal fat to provide metabolic health information on top of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Press the button on top to turn it on and pair it with the Bello app via Bluetooth, then scan your belly in just 3 seconds to receive real time measurements, along with insights into your current status and potential risks.

To help you manage your waistline and reach your health goals, the Bello app will also provide you with professional guides on top of your health status analysis, including your Bello Fat Level and Metabolic Health Index. Use your customized Bello score to track your progress, and follow the curated diet and activity guides to develop healthy habits for lasting change.

Product Details
  • 3.2″L x 1.8″W x 3.6″H
  • OriginSouth Korea

Registered But Cannot Use Device

Bello // Digital Belly Fat Scanner

v1.6.1 Allowed me to finally setup a new account. With high hopes, I ventured into the app… I was able to answer the questions alright, however I could not perform the TWO required scans.Again, there is no scroll-bar along the side so I can only Im just seeing the top of the screen. After performing Scan #1, I cannot proceed any further. If I go back to the previous screen, all I can do is Scan #1 again.PLEASE add a scroll-bar to the App, so those with smaller iPhones can use our new Bello units.UPDATE: 1)My font is set to the smallest size selectable, it has no be usable. effect within the Bello ap, 2)My iPhone does not have an option to select between Zoom or Standard and FYI, Zoom is turned OFF on my phone, 3)My BOLD is tirned OFF.Again, if you would simply add a scroll-bar I think the app would be usable.2nd UPDATE: Its been 2 weeks now with NO update -and- NO more suggestions or help. I purchased and received the Bello device over a month ago now…yet to-date, I have not been able to perform a SINGLE Scan simply because the developer refuses to add a simple scroll-bar that would allow ALL users w/smaller screen phones to use their new Bello scanners.

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Bello Customer Service And Reviews

Bello reviews for Olive Healthcare Inc. are currently unavailable on sites like Trustpilot or Yelp.

The research team found only one source of customer feedback for the Bello. Amazon has the product listed as 3.8 out of 5.0-stars from over 100 customer ratings. Customers have not left Bello reviews on any retail sites.

Olive Healthcare Inc. Contact Information:

4th floor, 12 Beopwon-ro 11-gil

Munjeong-dong, Hanyang Tower

Phone number: +82 2 522 2220

Fax number: +82 2 522 2230

Are There Potential Bello Side Effects

There are no listed or reported side effects from the near-infrared technology used in this portable device in Bello reviews from customers. The near-infrared radiation used to decode your belly fat is a technology used in several medical scanning procedures like NIR imaging.

Health Physics suggests that the body of research and data on health scanning using various types of radiation is limited, though.

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Whats The Bottom Line On Bello

Bello, the first portable digital belly fat scanner, is a device that could help you decode your belly fat. Does Bello really work for weight loss? It is a tool that helps you monitor health markers like adipose tissue and water in your body. You will not experience weight loss by using the device independent of lower calorie intake or exercise.

Working on making lifestyle changes for weight loss will significantly change the readings on the Bello scanner. We suggest a program like Noom that comes with coaches and support groups to keep you on track. Even the CDC calls Noom a healthy option.

For a limited time, you can check out the weight-loss program as part of a free trial offer to see results for yourself.

Can You Cancel My Subscription

Abdominal CT Techniques â Radiology | Lecturio

No, we can not cancel customer subscriptions they have with retailers. Our website functions as a source for researched information on dietary supplements and devices like the Bello Body Fat Analyzer. Please note that the Bello does not have a subscription fee.

  • The scanner is easy to use
  • It takes three key measurements
  • Incorporates the 9 Block Therapy health program


  • Must do a two spot scan
  • It requires an app to provide information
  • The data can be hard to read on small phones

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Does Bello Work Bello Benefits

The metabolic health index at the top of the app grades you on your current body fat data inputs. The journal ofMetabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders concludes that focusing on reducing things like epicardial, liver, subcutaneous, and visceral fats might improve health compared to lower Body Mass Index .

A total percentage of body fat is one data point collected through the Bello scan. It could be a more accurate measurement for obesity compared to using BMI. For example,The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concludes that BMI can overestimate obesity compared to fat percentage in athlete scouting.

Visceral fat is the fatty tissue found deep inside your abdomen and surrounding organs. It is also one of the targets of a Bello scan. Reducing this fat could be a strategy to delay age-related conditions and increase longevity. That potential treatment strategy highlights a review byAgeing Research Reviews.

Subcutaneous fat is the jiggly fat just under your skin and is a marker measured by Bello. It is associated with obesity in older populations and acts as a source of inflammation in those with joint conditions.Osteoarthritis and Cartilage note that patients achieving a 5% reduction in body fat weight have better inflammation markers.

How To Use Bello: Directions

The Bello body fat analyzer is simple to use once set up. You start by downloading the app from the Apple or Google Play store. Next, you sign up for an account on the app through your Apple ID, Google account, or email account. That will help the app collect and analyze your data.

The next step is pairing the portable device with the app by entering the six-digit code the device displays. It will indicate a successful pairing.

You must take two readings to decode your belly fat using near-infrared technology. The device will prompt you to Scan upper belly, so you place the device an inch above your belly button and activate it . You can repeat the steps for Scan lower belly after placing the device one inch below your belly button and activating it.

Results will display on the app after both scans. The summary page on the app provides information for the scan and compares it to previous entries .

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The Relationship Between Bello And The Better Business Bureau

Our research team did not find a company profile listed for either Bello or Olive Healthcare Inc. on the Better Business Bureau website. It is not BBB accredited and does not have a BBB rating. There are no company or Bello reviews, and no complaints are listed over the last three years or closed in the previous 12-month period.

Who Makes Bello

Bello // Digital Belly Fat Scanner

Olive Healthcare Inc. is a South Korean-based company formally known as Infit & Company. The privately held company specializes in monitoring equipment. Sung Ho Han founded Olive Healthcare Inc. in May of 2016.

It has developed wellness and medical devices, including Origo, Bello & Fitto. Mr. Han continues as Chief Executive Officer as of the time of our research.

Scroll below for one of the best products weve seen over the last year.

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What Is Bello

As the first portable digital belly fat scanner, Bello provides information on your metabolic health index, body fat percentages, and other biomarkers that you enter to help track your health journey.

  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences The metabolic health measurement relates to visceral and subcutaneous fat at the scan points. One published article highlights how therapeutic approaches targeting adipose tissue improve obesity-related health markers.
  • International Journal of Obesity According to a 2017 review and meta-analyses of current data, losing visceral fat is linked to losing subcutaneous fat. No system targets one or the other, but subcutaneous fats tend to be greater in volume and decrease more quickly during weight loss.
  • Medicine One marker that the Bello app helps track is daily calories. A June 2016 article highlights how higher calorie intakes can affect the body in participants with metabolic syndrome issues more than dietary patterns.

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