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3shape E3 Scanner For Sale

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What Is Lidar And Lidar Mapping

A Labs experience with its New 3Shape E Scanner

LIDAR is a remote sensing method used to detect objects in 3D space. An accurate and effective surveying method, it uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances similar to the operation of a radar system.

The measurements or data collected can be used to create 3D data including point clouds, topographical models, and maps of both surface terrain or environmental elements and man-made structures or objects.

LIDAR mapping technology started off with laser scanners being mounted to planes and evolved with the integration of GPS, enabling accurate geospatial 3D measurements.

Advantages Of 3shape Scanners

  • With the help of an articulator holder, articulators can be inserted into the e-scanner in order to scan the bite directly.

  • The scanning process starts immediately as soon as the model has been inserted into the scanner.

  • High scanning speed and thus higher productivity.

  • With the all-in-one scanning function of the D2000, two models can be scanned at the same time, so that the upper and lower jaw, all inserted stumps and occlusion information can be recorded with one scan.

Shape The Apple Among Dental Scanners

3Shape is basically an open system. STL files are created from construction data. Laboratories are thus free to choose their partners and suppliers. The compatibility and operation between 3Shape’s own products – such as the TRIOS intraoral scanner and the 3Shape design software – is more user-friendly than using the design software in combination with third-party products. While other software houses only sell the software, 3Shape also supplies the associated desktop scanner with the software.

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Shape E3 Red E Scanner

The 3Shape E3 Red Scanner was engineered with high productivity and affordability in mind. the E3 is a high performance scanner that is ideal for implant bar accuracy.

The 3Shape E3 Red Scanner was engineered with high productivity and affordability in mind. the E3 is a high performance scanner that is ideal for implant bar accuracy.

The E3 Features:

  • Latest Technologies Blue LED and multi-line scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy
  • Auto Start For High Productivity No need to press a button starts scanning as soon as you place the model inside
  • Fast Scanning Amazing scan speeds let you complete more cases in less time
  • Reliable Impression Scanning Scan impressions directly without pouring a model, saving time and costs
  • Best Value For Your Money Get advanced scanning features and CAD design workflows at an affordable price

The Fascination Of Cad/cam Technology


BEGO offers a number of systems made up of various scanner models combined with leading CAD software systems for the dental laboratory tailored to your needs. This allows digitalization of models and conventional impressions and design of the corresponding restorations.

The scanner, PC, and software are assembled and set up for you by our trained technicians. The purchase price includes a training of your technicians in addition to other valuable services. You can start working on your first design immediately after installation of the workstation and take advantage of the material and product diversity as well as the outstanding cost effectiveness of the BEGO CAD/CAM technology right from the beginning. The coordinated system consisting of a scanner as well as scanning and modeling software guarantees you the highest level of quality. You have the choice between the Partner or Basic package.

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Get To The Perfect Fit First Time With Texture Scan

Help the modeler get the best point of departure with the unique texture scan feature. It reflects the actual impression in real color to support in identifying and highlighting the challenging areas for special care or any changes to the impressions . Get the first fit right and improve your customer experience and net delivery speed.

Shape E4 Lab Scanner Ultimate Productivity For Labs

The 3Shape E4 lab scanner scans full arches in just nine seconds, two seconds faster than when launched last year to make it 3Shapes fastest scanner ever. Its unprecedented scanning speed helps to deliver efficient die-in-model scanning for superior productivity, as well as extremely high accuracy for even the most precision-demanding cases.

The E4 has been very popular with dental technicians looking to either trade up an old 3Shape scanner or add more capacity to their labs. Sunrise Dental Laboratory, Lab Owner, John Wilson says: The new E4 scanner is hands down the most convenient, intuitive, and the fastest unit we have ever used. If your lab is ready to upgrade, I cannot recommend this scanner enough 3Shape does it again!

New 3Shape E4 Ultimate productivity with our fastest scanner ever

3Shape is renowned for making very fast scanners, and the E4 is the fastest and most accurate scanner we have made to date. 4 x 5 MP cameras enable very high accuracy, powerful impression scanning, and scanning of dieswhile they reside in the model to reduce scan steps and save time.

Double the speed
  • The E4 scans a full arch in 11 seconds which is 2 times faster than the E3s 22 seconds.
Double the accuracy
  • The E4 delivers an accuracy of 4 microns compared to the E3s 7 microns accuracy.
Double the cameras
  • 4 x 5 MP cameras enable scanning of diesin the model omitting extra steps for scanning dies individually.
High precision impression scanning
All the features from E1, E2, E3

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Shape Software Packages And Modules

3Shape offers two different software packages. The LabCare Package and the Basic Package. With the LabCare package, laboratories benefit from free support and training, as well as regular software upgrades. With the basic version, on the other hand, support is chargeable. There are no software upgrades here, the purchase version remains permanent. Software modules


Exact Metrology Is An Iso 900: 2008 And As9100 Certified Company

3Shape E Scanners for dental labs

Exact Metrology, with facilities in Cincinnati, OH, Moline, IL and Milwaukee, WI and affiliated offices throughout the country, is a comprehensive metrology services provider, offering customers 3D and CT scanning, reverse engineering, quality inspection, product development and 2D drawings. The company also provides turnkey metrology solutions, including equipment sales and lease/rental arrangements.

Exact Metrology offers a complete line of portable scanning and measurement technologies as well as contract measurement for 3D laser scanning services, reverse engineering services, non-contact inspection, metrology services, and 3D digitizing. The companys newest equipment includes a CT Scanner, the first in America being used for metrology rather than medical testing. Exact sells and rents metrology equipment solutions, in addition to providing testing as a service and application software training.

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Portable 3d Scanning Solution With Handheld 3d Scanner

SCANTECH portable 3D scanning solution caters to the need for flexibility and high precision. Our portable 3D system has handheld 3D scanners with CMM, 3D software, ScanViewer to enable measurements. Besides, Scantech 3D scanners can measure tough-to-reach and complex geometrical features with precision and reliability.

Scantech applications of 3D scanners are broadly categorized into dimensional measurements, inspection, and reverse engineering, quality control, 3D printing. SIMSCAN 3D scanner and PRINCE 775 3D scanner find opportunities in the measurement of complex structures by providing fast, flexible, and reliable performance as opposed to CMMs capability.

The 3D laser scanners have the capability to digitize the parts and run inspections on digital copies of samples. This optimizes metrology operations and integrates them into CAD-centric design-through-manufacturing processes. The method proves to be extremely fast, provides deep insights, and enables flexibility and automation.

Our 3D scanners have been designed to accelerate the time-to-market with your product development workflows, all while helping you meet your quality control requirements in non-contact 3D measurements technology. Discover how our affordable 3D scanners can help you gain a competitive edge, cut the time and costs associated with product development, and optimize production processes.

Shape E3 Buy Now Or Later

  • Thread starterNDA

silly question….why the E3? i ask because i am in the same position, but the E3 isnt really on my radar.

i want D1000, but my friends from Germany offer to choose medit or something not 3shape .. dont know what to do

silly question….why the E3? i ask because i am in the same position, but the E3 isnt really on my radar.

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New: Our Dental Platform

With TRIOS also comes 3Shape Unite: a new open platform that brings world-leading dental companies, solutions and labs together, enabling you to manage all your cases with choice and ease, from TRIOS scan to treatment completion.

Enjoy the freedom to effortlessly expand your digital dentistry offering with built-in Unite Store apps for clear aligners, chairside solutions, design services and much more, or simply work with your preferred lab with next-level app-based efficiency.

Leica Absolute At960 Tracker

3Shape E scanners E2 ScannerPrice

Since we represent only the best brand manufacturers like Artec, Brown & Sharpe, Breuckmann, EnvisionTEC, Faro, GOM, Hexagon, Leica, Metronor, Mitutoyo, NDI, ProCon CT, Romer and Surphaser, we sell only the best used CMM equipment, used 3D laser scanners, CT industrial scanners and metrology equipment.

One of the more popular used 3D scanning equipment items we sell is a used CMM . This equipment is often found on a shop floor because it can be placed wherever your process needs it. We get requests for four types of a used CMM: 1) Used bridge CMM 2) Used gantry CMM 3) Used cantilever CMM and 4) Used horizontal arm CMM. Your used CMM will measure the geometry of physical objects by sensing discrete points on the objects surfaces with a mechanical, optical, laser or white light probe.

Most of our inventory has only been used for a limited number of hoursso it operates as if its practically new.

If you dont see Exact-ly what youre interested in give us a call and well try locating it for you. For example, if youre looking for a used Zeiss CMM or a used Faro Arm, we may have access to one or something similar from another resource. And we always have more used scanning equipment in transit which simply hasnt been processed yet for inclusion on our site.

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Today The Most Typical Components Of A Lidar System Include:

  • Laser
  • Position & Navigation Systems
  • LIDAR Mapping puts it all together and combines laser ranges with position and orientation information generated from integrated GPS and IMU scan angles and calibration dataresulting in a dense, detail-rich group of organized points known as a point cloud. Each point combines to create a 3D representation of the target object or area.

    LIDAR and LIDAR Mapping are often associated with large scale scanning done by plane or helicopter to survey large plots of land. LIDAR, LIDAR Mapping and terrestrial LIDAR can also mean the same thing as laser mapping, long range or Leica HDS . And some people simply use the term long range scanning to cover LIDAR and LIDAR Mapping.

    No matter what they mean to you, theres a need to start with 3D Laser Mapping and a Scanner. Here is a partial list of scanning equipment and software that we use ourselves at Exact Metrology or sell/rent to customers for such long range scanning services:

    Shape E4 Dental Lab Scanner


    Four cameras save you time by scanning dies in the model instead of individually. You can even scan impressions instead of producing a gypsum model or combine impression and die at the same time.5MP cameras5MP cameras are super high definition cameras. They record 5 megapixel images with enhanced camera sensors, meaning you get superior image clarity and can do high-precision scanning.

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    Sell Us Your Used 3d Scanning Equipment

    Exact Metrology is always looking to add to our Used Equipment Inventory. Well pay cash for any used equipment you might want to sell. Even if you dont want to purchase any equipment from us, well purchase from you.

    Of course, if you are looking to upgrade your equipment, we would be happy to discuss a trade-in of your used 3D Scanning equipment as well.

    Is 3shape E3 Scanner Is Suitable For Impression Scanning

    3Shape E scanner – Single Crown Model Scanning
    • Thread starterAditya Sawant

    Congratulations, you have an excellent scanner there. Trade you my D1000 for your E4? I’m sure Alien milling also likes the free promotion you gave them

    DreN4do said: Sorry buddy. That scanner is going nowhere. Lol. As far as alien milling. They were one of the sponsors of the LMT LAB DAY WEST. Got some free stuff from them and got to meet one of the owners. Great guy

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    No Subscription Basic Package

    A subscription with 3Shape Dental System is completely optional. The Basic package comes without a subscription and offers limited services free of charge.

    There are no free upgrades and you get the software version corresponding to the year of purchase.

    Support is available on a pay-per-case basis.

    Why A Lab Scanner

    A solid CAD/CAM system that combines scanning with design software is the only way to meet the future demands of your customers. 3Shape lab scanners provide high ISO documented accuracy, high speed and many advanced scanning features. From the affordable E1 scanner to the high performance E4 and D2000 scanners, 3Shapes scanner portfolio offers a solution perfectly matched to the needs of your lab.

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    Shape Further And Advanced Training

    3Shape offers the “Online learning hub” for further education and training and the constant expansion of knowledge. Numerous case studies and blog posts can be found on this platform. In addition to on-demand webinars, virtual classes in small groups of up to 6 people and individual training courses, 3Shape also offers free training videos on its own YouTube channel. There is also the option of attending classroom courses with a maximum of 10 participants in 3Shape’s own rooms.

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